The Thirty Years War: Justin Raimondo
A Useful Whitewash: Alan Bock
Guerrillas vs. the State: William S. Lind
Put the Marx Brothers in Charge: Michael Scheuer
Victory Will Be Blair's Undoing: Peter Oborne

War is the statesman's game, the priest's delight, the lawyer's jest, the hired assassin's trade.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Updated April 29, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
Attacks Kill 50 in Iraq, Including 3 GIs

Bush: No Timetable for Withdrawal

Italy and US Disagree on Agent's Death

Iraq's New Government Finally Takes Shape

Americans to Bush: Pull Out of Iraq

Admiral: N. Korea Has Nuke Missiles

War Legality Memo Dogs Blair

Tenet: I Regret 'Slam Dunk' Comment About WMD

Put the Marx Brothers in Charge
by Michael Scheuer
More on Gangs and Guerrillas vs. the State  by William S. Lind

The Significance of Pope Benedict XV  by Thomas Fleming

Defending the 'Good' Done in Iraq
by Harry Browne
On Abu Ghraib, the Big Shots Walk
by Bob Herbert
Victory Will Be Blair's Undoing
by Peter Oborne

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Transcript of Bush News Conference

House Narrowly Passes $2.6 Trillion Budget, $50 Billion War Spending Left for Supplemental Bill

Supreme Court Appeal Delays Jail Time in Plame Leak Case

Pentagon Releases Casket Photos in Response to Lawsuit

CIA Report: Saddam Left No Evidence He Wanted WMDs, but He Probably Did Anyhow

Rumsfeld: Earth-Penetrating Nukes Study Makes 'All the Sense in the World'


Chalabi Named Deputy Prime Minister, in Charge of Oil Ministry

Iraqi Politics

US (Mostly) Lets Iraqi Politicians Form a Cabinet

Iraq OKs Cabinet, but Disputes Continue

Key Members of Iraq's New Government

Bush Applauds Iraqi Approval of Cabinet

US Experts Concerned With Chalabi as Iraq Oil Minister

Cabinet Vote Further Marginalizes Allawi

Iraq Today

Blix Found No Sign of Iraqi Non-Compliance

MP Says Saddam Minister in New Zealand

Amnesty: Torture Continuing in Iraq

Lessons of Abu Ghraib

Armed Robbers Raid Wheat Ship at Iraqi Port

Sunni-Shi'ite Tensions Flare in Redrawn Iraq

Since Occupation, Iraqi Women Feeling Less Free

Iraq Attacks

17 Die in Iraq Violence

Militants Say Kill Six Sudanese Hostages in Iraq

Three US Soldiers Wounded in Tikrit Car Bomb

Putin in the Middle East

Putin Pledges to Work With Israel on Terrorism

Putin Hardens Position on Iran

Putin Defends Syria, Iran Sales to Israelis

Israeli Protests Fail to Block Russian Arms Sales to Syria

Israel Scoffs at Putin Peace Talks Offer

Putin Urges Sharon to Boost, Not Pressure Abbas

US Balks at Putin's Mideast Peace Conference Plan


Choking, Stealing East Jerusalem

Israeli Army Looking at Building Barrier in Hebron

Abbas Threatens 'Iron Fist' Against Militants

Abbas Warns Militants He Will Use Force to Keep Truce

Israeli Reservist Killed by Friendly Fire, Not by Palestinian Taxi

Israeli Army Says Fighting Likely After Pullout

Middle East

Iran Says Will Restart Enrichment if Talks Fail

Lebanese Govt Removes Top Pro-Syrian Prosecutor

US to Avoid Confrontation in Lebanon

EU Under Pressure as Iran Lays Down Gauntlet

Palestinians in Lebanon Won't Disarm

Muslim Scholar Urges Halt to Extreme Punishments


Togo Calmer, but Election Discord Continues

Togo Refugees Flee to Benin

AU Meets to Consider Increasing Troops in Darfur

Uganda Offers Rebels Farm Land in Exchange for Weapons

Ivory Coast Edges Near Settlement


UN Prolongs East Timor Presence

China Bank Chiefs Hit at Communist Party Role

Beijing Says Next Hong Kong Chief Will Serve Two Years

Zero-Sum Game on the Caspian


Veterans Still Feel Vietnam Scars

30 Years on, Saigon Tanks Give Way to Trade

Vietnam's Double Anniversary

US Military

Akbar Sentenced to Death for Officer Murders

Akbar: Sorry About the Whole Grenade Thing

Pentagon Moves to Bar CIA 'Ghost' Detainees

Female Troops on the Front Line

Soldier Who Fought Assignment Discharged

War Nurses Make Quick Adjustment

National Guard's New Pitch: Fighting Words

Space, Air Centers to Integrate Capabilities to Better Support Wars

United States

Portland to Boot FBI Terrorism Unit

Amnesty Blasts US for Human Rights Abuse

Interrogations Faked at Guantanamo, Witness Says

Antiwar Clothing Line Grows at Record Speed

Senate Questions PATRIOT Act Uses

US Courts Granted All Requested Wiretaps in 2004

United Kingdom: War Row

Blair Faces Preelection Furor as He Releases AG's Advice on War

Secret AG Memo to Blair on Iraq War (pdf)

Blair's Spectacular U-Turn on Legal Advice Leaves Unanswered Questions


Another Lost Opportunity to Avert 9/11

US Says Lesser Groups Helping al-Qaeda


Five Islamists Arrested in France for Encouraging Fight Against US in Iraq

Italy May Not Endorse US Report on Iraq Killing

Belgian Doctors Bill US for Treating Iraqi Girl

General Denies Kosovo War Crimes


Mexico's President Clears Way for Mayor to Stand in Election

Mexico's Attorney General Resigns Over Election Dispute

US-Funded Colombian Drug War Doesn't Stop Drugs

Rice: US Will Keep Funding Colombia's Drug War

Poll: 54 Percent in Quebec Favor Independence

Growing US Alarm Over Venezuela-Cuba Axis

Rice Lauds Colombia, Slams Venezuela

Haitian Police Kill Five Protesters

'Hello? Chavez Here, Imperialists Want Our Oil'

United Nations

IAEA Postpones Decision on ElBaradei's Third Term

Zimbabwe Rejoins UN Rights Body

Annan: Next UN Secretary General From Asia

Annan Rules Out Veto Powers for New UN Security Council Members

Annan Offers India Seat Without Veto

Oil-for-Food Inquiry Looks to the French Connection

In Other News

Pope Benedict XVI Focuses on His Role in Service of Peace

Priest at Vatican Accused of Spying for Communists in 1980s

Raśl Castro Fulfills Promise to Visit Vietnam General 39 Years Later


The Thirty Years War

A Useful Whitewash

Whitewashing the Holocaust

Evidence that the US May Be Losing the Global War on Terror

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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