The Reality Gap: William S. Lind
WMD – Not!: Gordon Prather
Dominoes or Dominance? Gareth Porter
The Once and Present War: Nebojsa Malic
Anti-Muslim Crimes on the Rise: Jim Lobe

Every nation has its war party...It is commercial, imperialistic, ruthless. It tolerates no opposition.
Senator Robert M. La Follette
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Updated May 12, 2005 - 11:21 PM EDT
Bolton Heads to Senate Without an OK

European Officials Warn Iran on Nuke Activity

40 Iraqis Killed in Bombing, Over 400 in 2 Weeks

Bush Asked to Explain UK War Memo

President Not Told of DC 'Threat' Until It Was Over

Luis Posada and US Terror Hypocrisy  by Robert Parry
US Media Clears Path for More 'Preemption'  by Kaveh Afrasiabi
Weapons of Mass Destruction Not!
by Gordon Prather
From Baghdad to Brasilia
by Pepe Escobar

Our New Model Army
by Christopher Westley

Dominoes or Dominance?
by Gareth Porter

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Report: Anti-Muslim Crimes on the Rise

Security Whistleblowers Demand End to Retaliation

Rights Group: Repatriated Egyptian Detainees Face Torture

Seymour Hersh: Iraq 'Moving Towards Open Civil War'

Ex-Mossad Chief Says US May Still Find WMD in Iraq

S. Korea Takes Soft Approach to North

Chalabi Eyes Relief From Fraud Verdict

Abuses Lead to One-Day Suspension of Army Recruiting


Anti-American Protests Spread in Afghanistan Over Koran Desecration

Iraq Today
Violence Kills 79 Across Iraq

Japan Considering Iraq Exit Strategy

Iraqi Women Defy Threats, Play Softball

Tikrit Mandates Carpooling...to Stop Terror Attacks

Violence, Underfunding Threaten Iraq's Universities

Press Ponders Rising Iraq Violence

The Demise of a Hard-Fighting Marine Squad

Dispute Over Baghdad Building US Paid $20 Million to Renovate

Iraq Insurgency

Insurgents in Western Iraq Fight to Finish

Governor of Iraqi Province Seized by Insurgents

Militant Group Claims Tikrit Bombing

US Troops Surprised by Stiff Resistance From Insurgents

Military Analyst: Iraq Is al-Qaeda's Last Stand

Iraqi Rebels 'Shifting Towards Syria'


Possible Hamas Election Victory Splits Israeli Officials

Gazans Penned in Poverty

War Possible as Israeli Far-Right Plans to Oppose Gaza Pullout

Rights Group: US Policy on Palestinians Hypocritical

Israeli Army: Militants Fired Rocket From Lebanon at Northern Town

Netanyahu Slams Gaza Pullout

Israeli Debate Continues Over Fate of Settlers' Abandoned Home

Middle East

Egyptian Lawmakers to Allow Election of President, but Limit Challengers

Egypt PM: Relations With US Troubled

Israeli DM: European Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program Will Fail

Top Clerics Blast Iran Regime as Vote Nears


Karzai: Terrorism Defeated in Afghanistan

Violence Blocks Aid Delivery in Afghanistan

Four Afghans Killed in Riots Over US Koran 'Desecration'

Karzai: Afghan Police Overwhelmed by Protests

Pakistani Consulate in Jalalabad Torched

The 'Talibanization' of Central Asia

South Asia

US to Keep Military Aid to Nepal on Hold

UN: Nepal's Rugged Terrain Hinders Rights Monitors

Bomb Blasts Kill Eight in Kashmir

Congress Approves $150 Million Military Package to Pakistan

US Panel Wants Pakistan on Religious Freedom Blacklist

India Starts Flexing Economic Muscle


Somali Militias Deploy Against Reported Ethiopian Incursion

Zimbabwe to Free Mercenaries; South Africa Will Demolish Their Homes

Russia and Her Neighbors

Bush Speech in Georgia Likely to Antagonize Russia

Dagestan Bombing Kills Cop


Lawmakers Seek Access to Former UN Oil-for-Food Investigator

Senate Report: Galloway Received Iraq Oil Allocations

Battle Over Bolton
The Bolton File

Bolton Office E-Mails Show Intimidation, Intel-Twisting

Going Nuclear on Bolton

Rice Underscores Support for Bolton

As Vote Nears, Focus Is on Bolton's Actions

Sen. Chafee Says He'll Reluctantly Back Bolton

Battle Over UN Post Is Bigger Than Bolton

Final Duel to Decide Bolton's Nomination to UN Post

Bolton's Nuclear Blunder Hindered Anti-Iran Efforts

State Dept. Report Could Hurt Bolton

US Military

US Towns Brace for Wave of Base-Closing

Closure Information Available for Affected Bases

Army War College Could Be Closed

Former Sheriff's Deputy in Ohio Admits Faking Going Off to War

Court-Martial Set for Sailor Turned Antiwar Activist

Abu Ghraib General Criticizes Demotion

Abu Ghraib Victim's Statement Barred at US Trial

Military Uses Threaten to Derail Alaska-Canada Railroad Link

America's Hired Guns: A Pot of Gold or Death

United States

White House Wants Oil Prices Cut in Half

Cessna Flyover Causes White House, Capitol Evacuation

Americans Overseas Found Still Vulnerable

Ridge Reveals Clashes on Raising Alert Levels

Report: Anti-Muslim Bias Soars in US

Vapor of Deadly Nerve Agent Detected From Weapons Stockpile in Kentucky

PATRIOT Act Absent From Federal Rights Abuse Claims

Critics Ask Congress to Temper PATRIOT Act


Anti-bin Laden Fatwa Backed by Terror Suspect in Spain

Terror Suspect Seized in Saudi Arabia

Terror Suspect's Attorneys Link FBI to Alleged Torture by Saudis

The Terror Watchlist's Tangle

Arab-South America Summit

Arab-South American Summit Condemns Terror Attacks in Iraq

South Americans and Arabs Condemn Israeli Occupation, Call for Trade to Lift World's Poor

East Asia

Taiwan Opposition: Peace With China Only Choice

North Korea Claims Nuclear Fuel Move Completed

US Wants Change in China Currency Policy

EU Offers China Hope on Arms Embargo

Taiwan Officer Is Accused of Selling Secrets to China

US Counting on China in North Korea Efforts


Romania Asks Balkan Leaders to Help Free Hostages

Spanish PM: Troops Will Never Again Be Sent to War if Citizens Oppose

EU Retains Visa Restrictions on Russians

Dutch Narrowly Split on EU Constitution

Dissent Rises in Germany Over EU Vote

French Group That Opposes EU Accuses Media of 'Brainwashing'

Austria Ratifies EU Constitution


America's Global Fifth Column

The Once and Present War

True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home

With a Whimper?

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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