Iraq Falls Apart: Justin Raimondo
Tired of Empire? Alan Bock
A Terrorist Comes Home to Roost: Jim Lobe
The Coming Shi'ite Showdown: Gareth Porter
John Bolton's Yellowcake: Ray McGovern

War is not its own end, except in some catastrophic slide into absolute damnation.
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Updated May 13, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
CIA Drone Kills al-Qaeda Man in Pakistan

Iraqi Border Town Resisting US Forces

180 US Military Bases Listed for Closure
Chalabi Would Reject Pardon From Jordan
Head of Abu Ghraib Speaks Out

Blair Backs Possible UN Action on Iran

Beijing Amends 'One China' Edict

A Terrorist Comes Home to Roost

So Much for National Security in the Public Interest  by Eric Mink

The 'Greatness' of American Diplomacy  by Christopher Deliso

Pat Tillman and Nicola Calipari: Why Trust the US Government?
by Rhonda Chriss Lokeman

The Coming Shi'ite Showdown
by Gareth Porter
Bolton's Yellowcake  by Ray McGovern
Four Bloody Lies of War, From Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003
by Harvey Wasserman

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Dozens Reported Killed in Clashes in E. Uzbekistan

Indignation Grows in US Over UK Prewar Documents

I'm Going to Give Senate Both Barrels, Says Defiant Galloway

House Subcommittee Blocks 'Bunker Buster' Funding

Colombians Seek US Response to Troops' Smuggling Plots

States Might Challenge Real ID Law

Accidentally Declassified Pentagon Report Reveals Grim Truth About Iraq


Senate Committee Rebuffs Bolton
for UN Envoy

Iraq Today

Experts: Iraq Verges on Civil War

Jordan: Royal Pardon for Chalabi Might Require Restitution

Report: Living Conditions in Iraq 'Tragic'

Chaotic Iraq a Convenient Route for Afghan Heroin

Iraq Has Plenty of Oil but No Gasoline

Iraqis Soldier on Without Power, Water, Jobs, Sewers

Death and Violence in Iraq

40 Killed in Baghdad Car Bombing, Over 400 Killed in 2 Weeks

Tally of Civilian Deaths Depends on Who's Counting

Insurgents: An Unseen Enemy

US Denies Copters Downed in Iraq

Insurgents Gun Down Iraq's Military, Police Leaders

Iraqi Barbers in the Firing Line as Fanatics Target Western Symbols

Japan Seeks Clues to Fate of Iraq Captive

Three GIs Killed in Iraq Attacks

Abuse and Torture

Global Torture Ban Under Threat

US Army Reservist Pleads Not Guilty in Abu Ghraib Case

Lawyer: FBI Ignored Terror Suspectís Claims of Torture


Iran Leaves Door Open for Nuclear Discussions

Europeans Warn Iran Not to Resume Nuclear Work

Brinkmanship in Iranís Nuclear Potboiler

Iran Decides to Restart Part of Uranium Enrichment Program

Britain, France Warn of Action if Iran Resumes Nuclear Work

Iran Follows Its Own Nuclear Line

Battle to Keep Iran Nuclear Talks Alive


Palestinian Vote May Be Delayed Because of Hamas Wins

Palestinians, Not Hezbollah, Blamed for Rocket From Lebanon

Hamas Rejects Election Delay


US Anglicans Eyeing Divestment Criticize Israel's West Bank Policy

Gaza Settlers Protest on Israel's Independence Day

Middle East

European Court Says Kurdish Leader's Trial in Turkey 'Unfair'

Yemen Gets US Security Assistance

Beirut's Sectarian Rifts Threaten Election Deadline

Kuwait Lists Charges Against Hussein, Aides

Mauritania Using Terror as Excuse for Repression

Gulf States Taken to Task for Failure to Safeguard Women's Rights


Bush to Host Karzai for First Time

NATO Reiterates Long-Term Commitment to Afghanistan

Afghan Army Starts to Relieve US Forces

Three Killed as Afghan Protests Over Koran Spread

Rice: US Will Never Tolerate Disrespect for Koran

Afghan Election Candidate, Driver Killed in Taliban Attack

East Asia

China's Panda Diplomacy Rejected

US Official Says North Korea Wants to Be a 'Pakistan'

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Accuses Foreign Agencies of Using NGOs to Spy

Georgia Warns of Blockade if Russian Bases Not Closed

Il Papa

Pope Re-Commits to Peace and Human Rights

Benedict XVI Urges New Diplomatic Ties With Vatican

United Nations

European Politicians Deny New Oil-for-Food Allegations

US Congress Names Saddam Oil Payout Recipients

Battle Over Bolton

Setback for Bush Over Bolton Nomination

The Bolton File

Little GOP Enthusiasm for Bolton

Republican Senator's Attack on Bolton Puts UN Nomination at Risk

US Base Closures
List of US Bases Set for Closure (.pdf)
N. California City Asks Govt to Close Its Military Base

Rumsfeld: Base Closures to Save $48.8 Billion

Pentagon to Suggest Forces Share Facilities at Some Bases

Dozens of Closed Military Bases Are Heavily Polluted

Top 10 Polluted Former Military Bases

Recruitment Crisis

US Army Confronts Misconduct by Its Recruiters

Recruiters Accused of Intimidating Young People

Only About Half of DC Men Register for Draft

US Military

'Milbloggers' on the Rise

House Panel Votes to Ban Women From Some Combat Support Jobs

Despite Restrictions, Combat Is a Fact for Female GIs in Iraq

Air Force Removes Chaplain From Post for Complaints

Pork Flies: Pentagon Decides Not to Kill C-130J

Pentagon Report: Acquisition System Still Corrupt

Sailor Who Refused to Go to War Gets Hard Labor

FBI Nabs Troops, Officers in Drug Sting

House: Interim Storage Needed at Nuke Dump

Killed Soldier Wed Three Days Before Going to Iraq

United States

Outgoing NY Times 'Public Editor' Blasts Paper's Iraq Coverage

DC Police Were in the Dark About Errant Plane

Lawmakers Pursue Lifting of DC Flight Ban

A Slow Revival at Ground Zero

US Soldiers, Cops Expected to Plead Guilty in Border Drug Sting


House Backs More Anti-Terror Funds for Cities at Risk

Pakistan Says Not to Hand al-Qaeda Member to US

E-Mails Show Detroit Terror Case Was Weak

House OKs Risk-Based Terror Funds Formula

Air France Flight Diverted in US, Man Detained

US Orders Jemaah Islamiyah-Connected Indonesians' Assets Blocked

Wired Iraqi Prisoner Photo Done 'in Jest'


AU Meets to Discuss Invasion of Somalia

Darfur Factions Sign Cease-Fire Deal

Togolese Flee Country in Fear

UN Soldier Killed in Congo Ambush

South Asia

Children Wounded in Kashmir Attack

US Urges Nepal to Adopt Democracy

Musharraf Rules Out Change of Government

US Pushing Bhutto, Sharif to Abdicate Pakistan Leadership

Sri Lanka Vows: No Return to War


Bosnian Serb Officer Denies Key Role in Srebrenica

Chirac Ally Had Oil Contracts From Saddam

German Lower House Backs EU Constitution

Blair Presses Ahead With ID Card Plan


Iraq Falls Apart

Tired of Empire?

The Once and Present War

True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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