Karimovís American Fan Club: Justin Raimondo
Who's the S.O.B.? by Jim Lobe
Vanunu Deserves Our Thanks: Daniel Ellsberg
What's American About AIPAC?: Michael Flynn
UK Press Under Blair's Thumb: John Pilger

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Updated May 18, 2005 - 11:11 PM EDT
New Bid to Break Iran Nuke Impasse
AIPAC Indictments Imminent: Probe Predates 9/11
AF Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons
Iraq, Iran Seek to Reverse 25 Years of Enmity
Shi'ite, Sunni Clerics Shot Dead in Baghdad
Zarqawi Tape Justifies Killing Innocent Muslims
Opposition: Uzbek Death Toll at 745
Uzbek Government Denies Killing Any Civilians
Desecration of Koran Had Been Reported Before
What's 'American' About the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?  by Michael Flynn
Vanunu Deserves Our Thanks
by Daniel Ellsberg
UK Press Under Blair's Thumb
by John Pilger
Who's the S.O.B.?  by Jim Lobe
Is George Galloway Beyond the Pale?  by Roy Greenslade
US United the 'Insurgency' It Now Fights in Iraq  by Robert Scheer

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Galloway Testimony at US Senate (video)
Gen. Myers: Afghan Riots Not Connected to Newsweek Report
Why Has 'Downing Street Memo' Been a 'Dud' in US?
US Says 20 Iraqi Militants Killed in Mosul Clash
Iran Vows Not to Use Iraq to Settle Accounts With US
Nuclear Bunker Buster Demonstration (video)
Gaza Moves Into Unsettling Times
US Arrests Cuban Terrorist, Former CIA Operative
Galloway Puts Senators on Defensive on Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Army Opens HQ at Undisclosed Site
Marine-Led Campaign Killed Friends and Foes, Iraqi Leaders Say
Muslim Leader: Australian Iraq Hostage to Be Released Soon
Two Possible Futures for Iraq's Struggle
Bush Congratulates Iraq's Allawi, Stresses Vote Calendar
Sadr: Kick Out the Occupier
US Soldier Killed in Roadside Bomb Attack
The Insurgents
Iraqi Insurgents Post Sniper Training Exercises Online
Iran Says Will Block Militants From Entering Iraq
Purported Iraqi al-Qaeda Statement Blasts Rice
The New Iraq
Iraq Draws Up Plan to Privatize State-Owned Firms
Doctors' Equipment in Iraq: Stethoscope, Thermometers, and Guns
Iraqi Schools Are Running, but Textbooks Lag
Global Iraq Fallout
Minister Calls for Withdrawing Kazakh Troops From Iraq
UK Soldiers' Spoof Iraq Video Crashes Computers
Galloway vs. The US Senate: Transcript of Statement
Galloway: I Won Senate Showdown
Galloway Attacks Senate for 'Mother of All Smokescreens'
Oil-for-Food Probes Expose Cultural Gulfs
Galloway Assault on Capitol Hill
How the Oil-for-Food Program Was Exploited
Holy War Over the Koran
Debate Over Newsweek Retraction of Report Widens
Anger Over Reported Desecration Persists Despite Retraction
Botched Report Puts Newsweek Editor in Front of the Story
Afghanistan, Pakistan Angry at Newsweek
US Long Had Memo on Handling of Koran
White House, Media in Struggle for Credibility
Detainees' Lawsuits Allege Koran Desecration
In Muslim World, Report's Damage May Be Done
Afghan Govt: Criminals, Not Militants, Kidnapped Italian Woman
Aid Worker's Kidnappers Make Contact With Italian Officials
Afghan Women Protest Kidnapping of Italian Aid Worker
Bush, Karzai to Meet in DC Next Week
Winter Didn't Freeze Out the Taliban
Pakistan's Musharraf Is Cozying Up to Old Rivals
Musharraf to Go for Another Term
Libbi 'Confesses' to Two Attacks on Musharraf
Peace Talks Between Rival Koreas Drag On
Soviet Papers Show North Korea Sought Nukes in 1960s
UN: North Korea in Urgent Need of Food
China & Friends
US and EU Turn Up the Heat on China
Taiwan Protests China on Observer Status
China 'Sincere' About Ties With Vatican
China Condemns Confessions Extracted by Torture
Conference on Rights Canceled by Beijing
Foreign Donors Ask Sri Lanka to Push Peace or Risk Losing Cash
'Soldiers Killed' in Nepal Clash
UN Extends Role in East Timor
NATO's Warmaker Robertson to Return to Balkans as 'Peacemaker'
Spain Approves Limited Talks With ETA
'No' Campaign Regains the Lead, French Poll Shows
Russia Says It's Set to Reduce Nuke Arms
Beslan Siege Gang Survivor Goes on Trial
Relatives Cram Beslan Siege Trial
Africans Refuse Foreign Hand in Darfur
Sudan Summit Agrees to Resume Talks
Darfur Summit to Open in Libya Without Rebels
Sudanese Women Demand Greater Inclusion in Southern Peace Process
Sudan Sets Conditions for Normal Ties With Eritrea
Big Gains for Ethiopia Opposition
Ethiopia Victory Claims Condemned
Guinea Bissau Promises Calm
Freemasons Condemn Togo Election
Opposition: Uzbek Victims Shot in Back of Head
Uzbek Govt Puts Death Toll at 169, but 'No Civilians'
Slaughter 'Signals End of Karimov Regime'
Fear Stalks Streets of Uzbek Massacre City
In Uzbekistan, Families Caught in a Nightmare
Uzbek Protesters Strike Outside Embassies
A Dictator Who Thrives With His People Under the Boot
Uzbeks: We Taught the Govt a Lesson
Leader: 'Uzbek Opposition on Way to Velvet Revolution'
Uzbeki Relations With US, Russia Tested
US Military
Dueling Views on Army Size: Congress vs. Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld Defends Base Closure Suggestions
Rift Over Recruiting at Public High Schools
The Deadly Drive for Women Warriors
More Objections to Women-in-Combat Ban
Torturing Justice
Two GIs Said to Stage Mock Executions in Iraq
Jury Sentences Abu Ghraib Abuser to 6 Months Prison
Soldier Apologizes for Her Abu Ghraib Abuses
The War at Home
FBI Memo: Protesters Subjected to 'Pretext Interviews'
Journalists Criticize Post-Sept. 11 Media
College Ad to Protest Bush Visit
Homeland Security
Option of Plane Shootdown Was Kept Open
Match on No-Fly List Diverts Jet
War on Terror
Terror Suspect Can Be Sent to US, British Judge Rules
France Jails Three for Helping al-Qaeda Kill Afghan Leader
Prosecutor in Failed Detroit Terror Case Quits
Blair Introduces National ID Card Plan
Syria Cracks Down on 'Islamists'
Syria Heralds Reforms, but Many Have Doubts
Hariri Takes on Slain Father's Mantle in Polls
Hariri Announces Powerhouse Beirut List
Unity Avowed on Iran After Iraq Split
Canada to Limit Iran Diplomatic Contact
Israeli Intelligence Chief Set for Showdown With Jewish Extremists
Foes Rehearse Protests Over Gaza Withdrawal
Young Israelis Protest Gaza Pullout
Some Gaza Settlers Agree to Move to Israel
Despite Poverty, Many Palestinians Want Israeli Buildings Demolished
Palestinian Politics
US Security Envoy Praises Palestinian Reforms
Palestinian Court Orders Local Revote
Abbas Arrives in China, Says Hamas Could Become Part of Future Government
Japan Gives $100m to Palestinians
Diplomatic Turf War Grips Israel
'Aqsa Attack Plotters' Released
Israeli Forces Kill Hamas Gunman in Southern Gaza
Israeli Ambassador to Visit Pollard in Jail
Israelis 'Hopeful' on Release for US Spy Pollard
Israel: Palestinian Weapons Come From Egypt, Libya, Yemen
Egypt Parties Oppose Election Law

Tel Aviv Official Says Egypt Maintains Plans for Attack on Israel

Saudi Arabia
Saudis Say They Have Enough Oil for Globe
Saudis Jail Academics Who Petitioned for Reforms
European Push for Retrial of Kurdish Leader Roils Turkey
Kurdish Rebels Threaten War in Southeast Turkey
Eight Dead in Violence in Southeast Turkey
Middle East
Jordan Indicts Eight for Planning Attacks
Australia Denied Access to Citizen Jailed in Kuwait
Colombian Rebels Expand Their Activities
Colombia: Immunity Treaty With US Troops Is Invalid
Venezuela Gives Rebel to Colombia
In Other News
Latin States Seek More Control of Oil
China Opposes Proposal to Expand UN Security Council

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