TKO by Axis of Evil: Arnaud de Borchgrave
More Galloways, Fewer Colemans: Charley Reese
US Recruiting for the Insurgency?: Keven Zeese
Israeli Arsenal Vexes Nuclear Negotiators

Every nation has its war party...It is commercial, imperialistic, ruthless. It tolerates no opposition.
Senator Robert M. La Follette
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Updated May 21, 2005 - 11:27 PM EDT
Top Brass Implicated in Afghan Abuse
Afghans 'Tortured to Death' by US Guards
Army Report Details Afghan Prisoner Abuse
Report: GI Punished for Koran Abuse
US Tells Syria: Stop Meddling in Lebanon, Iraq
Army Recruiter: Going to Iraq Much Safer Than Staying in US
Bush Does Not Fear Violent Reaction to Saddam Photos
US Squandered Billions of Iraq's Money Just Before Handover
More Manly Galloways, Fewer Slimy Colemans  by Charley Reese
Is the US Recruiting for the Insurgency?  by Kevin B. Zeese
Debbie Schlussel Cheered Her Death; Soldiers Didn't  by Tara McKelvey
Condi-Diplomacy  by Gordon Prather
Are We Even Halfway to Wherever We're Going in Iraq?
by Neil Abercrombie and Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Horses and Barn Doors  by Geov Parrish

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Poll: Majority of Americans Say Iraq 'Not Worth It'
FBI Probe Clouds Israel Lobbying Group Meeting
Defiant Uzbeks Stage New Protest
US Generals Say Iraq Outlook 'Bleak'
US: More Interventionist Approach to Mideast Policy
US Moves to Reassert Control of Iraqi Politics
New Swedish Documents Illuminate CIA 'Rendition'
Israeli Arsenal Vexes Nuclear Negotiators
Kurdish Women Make a Stand
Saddam in Underwear
Paper Prints More Photos of Saddam in Jail
US Investigates Near-Naked Saddam Photos
Pentagon Condemns Publishing Saddam Photos
Saddam Could Be Tried Within Months: Iraq Minister
Backlash Fear Over Saddam Pictures
No Action From Red Cross Over Saddam Pictures
Saddam's Attorney: Why No Charges?
Saddam to Sue Over Prison Photos
Lawyers Give Split Opinions on the Strength of Saddam's Lawsuit
Sunnis and Shi'ites
Sunnis Close Mosques to Protest Killings
Sunnis, Shi'ites Struggling for Control of Mosques in Iraq
Sunni-Shi'ite Tension Runs High in Baghdad
Baghdad Sunni Protest Deepens Tension
Shi'ites Stage Mass Anti-US Protests
Iraqi Opinion Poll Shows That Reassuring Sunnis Is Vital
Iraqi Insurgents
Bush: 'Backwards, Barbaric' Ideology Motivates Iraq Insurgents
Iraq's al-Qaeda Denies Meetings in Syria
Insurgents Kidnap Four Iraqi Soldiers
Iraqi Politics
Conference to Help Iraq Draft Constitution
US: New Iraq Constitution Will Be Closely Based on Transitional Law
Today in Iraq
Three US Soldiers Die in Iraq Violence
Cleric: Aussie Hostage in Iraq May Be Released
TV Market Booms in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi PM to Visit Syria to Demand Border Crackdown
Jaafari Denies Terrorist Threat From Turkey
Jaafari's Symbolic Trip to Turkey
Iraq Accepts Iran's Call for More Charges Against Saddam
Iran Wants Iraq to Pay War Reparations
Jordan King: Iraq Refused to Deport Zarqawi
Iraq Asks Jordan to Pardon Chalabi
Chaldean Patriarch Denounces US Evangelicals Conversion Attempts in Iraq
Hundreds of Paratroopers Deploy to Afghanistan
Anti-US Anger in Afghanistan Overshadows Karzai Trip to Washington
Karzai Hopes to Throw Out the First Pitch at Red Sox Game
Attacks in Afghanistan Raise Fears of Iraq-Like Ambushes
Destroyed Village Highlights Arms Issue
Kidnapper: Italian Hostage Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Authorities Say Italian Kidnap Victim Still Alive
Pakistan: 82 Percent of Afghan Refugees Unwilling to Return Home
Clerics Strip Fugitive Taliban Leader of Power
Kashmir Leader Suggests Joint Power Projects by India, Pakistan
Musharraf Says He, Indian PM Singh Should Resolve Kashmir in Their Tenures
Religious Divide No Solution for Kashmir - Musharraf
Four Killed in Kashmir Ambush
India Invited Nepal Rebel Leaders for Talks?
Nepal Opposition Gear Up for More Anti-Government Protests
Nepal on Its Knees for Arms
Nepal Rebels Bomb Restaurant, Ransack Radio Station
North Korea
North Korea Gets Aid With No Concessions on Nukes
US Split on North Korea Food Aid
North Korea Plays a Waiting Game on Nuclear Talks
North Korea Will Likely Try to Buy Some More Time
North Korean Ambitions May Spark Asia Arms Race
China & Her Neighbors
China Arms Spending Overstated?
China to Allow Mainlanders to Visit Taiwan - Report
Japanese Policies, US Ties Stir Resentment in China
China Says It Opposes Militarization of Outer Space
China Ready to Counter US Space Plans
East Timor
Last UN Troops Leave East Timor
East Timor Sees Continued Problems Ahead
Mongolian Voters Favor Ex-Communists
France Exposed Islanders to Fallout for Nuke Tests
Russia's 'War on Terror' Tainted by Brutality and Corruption
Thousands Rally in Chechnya to Protest After Russia Acquits Troops of Murdering Civilians
Troops Cleared in Chechen Killings
Russian Government Official Killed in Explosion
Russia Official: Inflation Up 40 Percent
Khodorkovsky Final Verdict May Take Weeks
European Ambitions Hang on French Vote
French Warned on 'No' Vote
Bulgaria Mulls Putting Prizes Up for Grabs for Voters
Germany Deporting Tens of Thousands of Roma to Kosovo
Colombia War Spills Into Ecuador
Gen. Myers: War vs. Colombia Rebels Being Won
Colombian Cops Ambushed by Rebels, 13 Killed
One Vote Saves Canadian PM
British Envoy Slams Canada for Lack of Militarization
Torturing Justice
US Abuse at Bagram 'Widespread'
More US Shame Over Detainees Shackled, Abused and Left to Die
Report: Young Troops Abused Detainees in US 'Camp of Death'
Bush Pledges Action on Torture Claims
US Military Defends Afghan Treatment
Karzai Angry at US Afghan 'Abuse'
The Koran
Human Rights Watch: Religious Humiliation of Muslim Detainees Widespread
Ex-Detainee Says Gitmo Guards Desecrated Koran
Red Cross Raised Guantanamo Koran Abuse Concerns in 2002
Indian Muslims Protest Alleged Koran Abuse
UK Koran Protests at US Embassy
Somali Muslims Protest Over Koran Report
Uzbekistan: CIA's 'Maximum Torture' Destination
US General: Military Operations in Uzbekistan Scaled Back
UN Rights Chief Steps Up Pressure for Uzbekistan Probe
Uzbekistan Rejects UN Inquiry Into Killing of Civilians
Afghan Govt Links Taliban Remnants to Uzbek Turmoil
Group Says Uzbek Toll 1,000
Uzbek Dissident's Wife: He's Not Extreme
Cuban Dissidents Rally in Havana
Cubans Slam US Extradition Farce
Castro's Secret Police Crack Down on Democracy Campaign
Cuba Expels Visiting Politicians on Eve of Dissident Meeting
EU Warns Cuba Over Expulsions
US Tiptoes Between Terror, Castro's Policies
America's Kind of Terrorist?
US Military
Army Shifts to Appeal to Patriotism
Army Addresses Spate of Recruiting Misconduct
Pentagon Presses Ahead With Weaponization of Space
Jointness is Key to Victory in Global War on Terror, General Says
US Army Intends to Be a Major Player in the Video Game Market 'For a Long Time'
US Iraq Veterans Unspoken Epidemic
Officer Guilty of Sending Arms From Iraq
The War at Home
Intelligence Analyst Describes Problems With War Planning
British Memo on US Plans for Iraq War Fuels Critics
Halliburton Meets as Protesters Get Rowdy
Life in the CIA: Once Clandestine, Now Read All About It
Homeland Security
Govt Sued Over 'Political Abuses' as it Seeks Expanded Security Powers
Recruits Must Learn to Guard Border – Fast
Bangor Airport Plays Key Terror Role
Company Wins Homeland Security Contracts to Develop Next-Gen Video Surveillance Technologies
War on Terror
Al-Qaeda Letters Are Said to Show Pre-9/11 Anthrax Plans
Pakistan Says Osama bin Laden Is on Run
Russian Spies Targeted West's Bio-Defenses, May Still Be
Doctors Corroborate Torture Claims in Terror Case
US Warns Syria to Pull Agents Out of Lebanon
Rice Broadens Indictment of Syria
Rifaat Assad to Return to Syria
Lebanon Poll Unites Ex-Rivals
Lebanon to Report All Israeli Border Violations to UN
US to Support Iranís Pro-Democracy Movement
State Dept: US Lacks Support to Punish Iran at UN
Rafsanjani Urges US to Help Thaw Ties
Iran Dissidents Deny Abuse Claims
Iranian Cleric Calls for Reforms
Dissident: Iran Smuggling Graphite for Nuke Work
EU Diplomats 'Aim to Avert Iran Nuclear Crisis'
Rice: Iran Not Immune to Regional Change
Palestinian Envoy Dismisses Israel Pullout
Some Settlers in Gaza Still Plan to Stay Put
Gaza Attacks Threaten to Unravel a Mideast Cease-Fire
Abbas Calls for End to Violence in Gaza
Barak Asks Where Gaza Withdrawal Will Lead
Preparing to Leave a Gaza Home
Abbas Looks for India's Support
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Gunman in Gaza
EU Official Urges Israel to Retain Gaza Free Trade Deal
Middle East
Jordan Presses for Mideast Reform
Israel, Jordan Agree to Jointly Boost Duty-Free Exports to EU
Germany Expels Jordanian Who Raised Cash for Hamas
4,000 Flee Rebel Raids in Southern Sudan

Australia to Send Troops to Sudan

DR Congo
US to Monitor Rebels in DR Congo
UN: 20 Children a Day Die in Congo Camps
No Deal Done in Togo Crisis Talks
Togo Opposition Candidate Suffers Stroke
Ethiopia Call for Unity Goverment
Ethiopia to Hold New Election at Six Stations
Somalia Fighting Frightens Off Government Officials
Uganda Hires PR Agency to Buff Up Its Image
French Troops in Ivorian Sex Row

Uzbekistan: The Revolution Betrayed

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The Palestinian Gandhi

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

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Laowai and Zibenren

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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