The Return of the Body Count: Tom Engelhardt
A Bitter Harvest: Ivan Eland
A Pretext for War: James Bamford/Kevin Zeese
Is Bush a Sith Lord?: Paul Craig Roberts
Brass and Chutzpah: Charley Reese

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Updated May 24, 2005 - 10:34 PM EDT
9 GIs Killed in Last 24 Hours in Iraq
Car Bombings Across Iraq Kill 50
Report: Iraq al-Qaeda Says Zarqawi Wounded
Karzai, Bush OK Long Term US Military Presence
Bush Rebuffs Karzai Over Command of US Forces
Syria Stops Cooperating With US Forces and CIA
Pentagon Analyst Faces New Charges in AIPAC Spy Case
Down and Out With Iraqi Forces: Why GIs Won't Be Coming Home Soon
A Pretext for War
Kevin Zeese Interviews James Bamford
Talk Show Theology
by William Norman Grigg
A Memo and Two Catechisms
by Robert Dreyfuss
Is Bush a Sith Lord?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Base-Closing Blues  by Charles V. Peña
Brass and Chutzpah  by Charley Reese

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Poll: Bush Approval Mark Nears Low
Iraqi Forces Excel at Wearing Hats, Eating Cats, Driving Fast
Senate Panel Set to Debate PATRIOT Act
Pat Tillman's Parents: Govt Lied to Whip Up Patriotism
Battle Spills Over Afghan Border as US Kills 5 Pakistanis
Report Details Role of Moroccan on 9/11
Israeli TV: Soldiers Use Palestinian as Human-Shield in West Bank
Pleasantries but No Change as Bush Greets Karzai
Today in Iraq
Security Chief Killed on Lethal Day in Iraq
Iraqi Govt Does Not Want Timetable for Foreign Troop Withdrawal
Fleeing Iraqi Christians Take Road to Damascus
285 Arrested as US Winds Down Offensive
Attacks Continue
Five US Soldiers Killed in Northern Iraq on Sunday
Al-Qaeda Claims Killing of Iraq Official
Battle for Baghdad's Streets Rages On
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Speaker: Stability Hinges on Giving Rebels Political Role
Shi'ite Cleric to Lead Panel Drafting Iraqi Constitution
Iraqi Cleric Hints He'll Trade in Guns for Politics
The New Iraq
Watchdog Faults Iraqi Management of Oil Wealth
At Least 8,000 Treasures Looted From Iraq Museum Still Untraced
In Baghdad, University Students and Professors Feel the Heat
Global Iraq Fallout
Australian PM Won't Set Timetable to Leave Iraq
Three Romanian Hostages Return Home From Iraq
Karzai Defends US to Muslim Countries
Karzai Defends Poppy Farm Destruction Efforts
US Coalition, Afghans Kill 12 Insurgents
Afghans Left Out of Their Own Rebuilding
Afghanistan: Violence Surges
Female TV Host's Killing Sends Chill Through Kabul
'Friendly Fire' Canadian Victims Honored
Pakistan Invites Separatist Leaders From Indian Kashmir
Indo-Pak Peace Talks Seek Way Off Siachen Glacier
One Hurt in Another Delhi Blast as Security Tightened
Secret North Korean Footage Suggests Nascent Dissent
US Signals Impatience on North Korea Nuclear Talks
South Korea Urges North to Respond to US
North Korea Nuke Test Would Pose Challenges
Russian Official: Prevent North Korean Test
Japan Fumes as China Cancels Official Meeting
China Says Upset by Japanese War Shrine Comments
Japan Closer to Getting UN Seat
US House Panel Moves to Thwart Arms Sales to China
China Hires Net Squad to Sway Opinion
Mongolia Elects New Communist President
Mongolia's New President Vows Cooperation
Maoists Bomb Top Army Man's House in Nepal
US, Indonesia Meet for Key Talks This Week
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin Lashes Out at Baltics and Georgia
Putin: Military Presence in Georgia Not Important for Russia
Georgia, Russia Resume Talks on Closing Russian Bases
Japan's Claim to Islands Groundless, Russia Says
Azerbaijan Alarmed by Russian Plans to Rebase Tanks
Chess Champion Moves to Check Putin's Power
Yukos Verdict Goes Into Day Seven
1,500 Russians Demand Media Freedom
Russia to Spend More on Space Program
Putin Awards George Bush Sr. WWII Victory Medal
Weakened Schroeder Calls Confidence Vote Ahead of Early German Election
A Backlash to Schroeder's Reforms
French Race Enters Last Week With 'No' Leading
EU Leaders Dream Up Secret 'Plan B' to Rescue Treaty if French Say 'Non'
Europe Creates Rapid Reaction Force
Annan Backs Mid-2005 UN Launch of Kosovo Review
Ethiopia Poll Results Trickle In
Ethiopia Opposition Party Threatens Parliament Boycott
Police in Zimbabwe Arrest 9,000 Traders at Flea Market
Zimbabwe Communities Report Widespread Crop Failures
EU, NATO Vow to Coordinate Support for Darfur Force
Africa Union Wants Gear for Use in Darfur
Belgium Calls for Calm in Congo, Polls to Go Ahead
In Congo, Lives Too Wretched to Merit Aid
EU to Send Military Experts to Congo
Former Militants Reborn in Bogotá
EU Official Kidnapped in Colombia Found Safe in Venezuela
Brazil Wary on Nuclear Cooperation With Venezuela
Castro Foes Outline Reform Vision
Toe Tags Offer Clues to Uzbeks' Uprising
Uzbek State Media Rail Against Threat of International Probe
Questions Remain About Uzbek Death Toll
EU Threatens Action Unless Uzbeks Allow Inquiry
Scores of Uzbeks Expelled From Kyrgyzstan
Uzbekistan: Rights Defender in Andijan Arrested
Uzbek Witness Tells of Brutality on Both Sides
Koran Controversy
Karzai Denies Article Prompted Riots
Bush Administration Accused of Hypocrisy Over Newsweek, Koran Allegations
Pakistan to Raise Koran Desecration Issue With Visiting US Official
GIs Face Murder Charges
Judge Rules on GI's Murder Trial Testimony
An Iraqi Police Officer's Death, a Soldier's Varying Accounts
Guardsman Says Iraqi Shooting Self-Defense
Court-Martial to Begin for Navy Seal
US Soldier to Face Trial in Iraqi's Death
US Military
US Military Going for Bigger Bases Abroad
Study Warns of Ground-Based RF Threat to Satellites
AIPAC Rejects Palestinian Request to Butt Out of US Aid Bill
Iran Sends AIPAC Delegates Into Interactive Dystopia
Pro-Israel Lobby Claims to Weather Espionage Allegations, Gain Support
The War at Home
Kevin Sites: Show the Shooting in the Mosque
Ex-FBI Whistleblower Mulls Congress Bid
Democrats May Extend Iraq War Memo Probe to London
Iranian 'Terror Cult' Supporters Gather in California
Students Protest Outside Military Recruiting Stations
Peace Protesters Rally at Vandenberg AFB
'Homeland Security'
Effectiveness of $10 Billion Biometric ID System in Doubt
Hearing Will Determine if Real ID Act Violates Habeas Corpus
F-16s Intercept Cessna in Restricted Airspace
Senate Briefly Recesses After Plane Scare
Homeland Security Weighs Plane Shootdowns
Watch Where You Point That Camera
Congress: Tens of Thousands of US Troops on Border Could Stop Illegals
War on Terror
Pennsylvania Man Accused of Trying to Sell Bomb to al-Qaeda
US Judge Refuses to Move Professor's Terror Trial
Germany Arrests Suspected al-Qaeda Link
Militant: Bin Laden, Zarqawi Plan Islamic Caliphate State
UN Verifies Syrian Military Left Lebanon
Full Syrian Withdrawal Questioned
US House Wants Pro-Syrian Officials Out of Lebanon
Iranian Ban on Two Reformist Candidates Is Reversed
Europe Must Remain Firm in Iranian Talks, US Insists
Iran Nukes Replace Old Military
Changing the Islamic Republic's Nuclear Interests
Sharon Firm on Gaza Pullout Schedule
Israel Picks Soldiers for Gaza Withdrawal
Sharon: Israel May Leave Gaza-Egypt Border
Palestinians Present Israel With Troop Plan During Pullout
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Threatens to Break Truce as Abbas Considers Delaying Poll
Egyptian Intelligence Officials Try to Settle Hamas-Fatah Dispute
Abbas Heads to US, Wants Bush to Pressure Israel
Bush to Press Abbas to Crack Down on Terror
What Abbas Wants From US
Palestinian Police Shoot to Protect Abbas
Sharon Sets Israeli Terms Before Abbas Visits US
American Think-Tank Looks Ahead to Palestine, 2015
Peace Dividends for Palestinian Investors
US Lawmakers Defend Bush Mideast Policy at Jordan Summit
Egypt Nixes Idea of Outside Vote Monitors
Laura Bush Endorses Mubarak's Ballot Plan
Saudi Arabia
US Impatient With Saudis Over Charity Funds

Saudi Arabia Shelves Plan to Let Women Drive

In Other News
Time Runs Short for Arms Conference
UN Forces Using Tougher Tactics to Secure Peace
Pacifist New Zealand Adds Muscle to Its Military
Reporting From the Battleground
West Africa: Terror Hotbed?
War, Not Weather, Top Cause of Hunger – UN Agency

Our Uzbek Problem, and Theirs

The Harvest of Messianic Foreign Policy: Anti-US Radical Islam

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Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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