Negotiations Now!: Justin Raimondo
Signs of Decline: Alan Bock
Maniacs on Pedestals: Scott Horton
They Died for Their Country: Engelhardt/Loeb
Memo to the Iraq War: Norman Solomon

I've been immersed in it too long. My spirit is wobbly and my mind is confused. The hurt has become too great.
Ernie Pyle
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Updated July 1, 2005 - 10:54 PM EDT

8,000 Iraqis Killed in 6 Months

Iraqi Shi'ites Seek Autonomy in Oil-Rich South

Gunmen Kill Sistani Aide Outside Mosque

House Members Request Downing Street Minutes

Four Navy Seal Team Members Missing in Afghanistan

GOP Senators: Recruiting Suffers From War Criticism

They Died for Their Country
by Tom Engelhardt and Paul Rogat Loeb
Snipers With Children in Their Sights  by Chris McGreal
For the Last Time, Iraq Wasn't Behind 9/11  by Susan Taylor Martin
Maniacs on Pedestals  by Scott Horton
Memo to the Iraq War
by Norman Solomon
Return to the Big Lie  by John Nichols

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GOP Lawmaker: Saddam Linked to 9/11

Groups Say Terror Lists Are 'Arbitrary'

US Freezes Assets of Two Senior Syrian Officials

Documents: Iraq War Began Secretly in Mid-2002

Army to Use Fewer Reservists in Iraq Rotation

Canadian's Lawyers Call for Charges in Rendition Case

US Reaches Afghan Copter Crash, All 16 GIs Dead

Blair 'Astonished' by Coverage of Memos


June One of the Deadliest Months
for US Troops in Iraq

The War Goes On

Gunmen Storm Northern Iraq City

Blast Hits Near Japanese Base in Iraq

Two Polish Troops Injured in Grenade Attack in Iraq

US: Most Suicide Bombs in Iraq by Foreigners

Slain Iraqi Reporter Brought Courage and Realism to War Coverage

Iraq Today

Baghdad Mayor Threatens to Resign Over Lack of Funds

Iraq's Oil-Rich South Calls for Autonomy

Sadr Stays a Cut Above the Rest

Baghdad to Basra, Driving Iraq's Train of Fear

Jaafari Predicts Syrian Cooperation

Rise of Fanaticism in Israel

Israel Confronts Its Extremists

Sharon: Radical Gangs Trying to Terrorize Israeli Society

Sharon Condemns Savagery of Jewish Extremists

Stoning Attack on Palestinian Youth Sickens Israelis

Jewish Fanatic Stabs Marchers in Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Evicting Settlers

Israeli Army Storms Jewish Outpost in Gaza

Israeli Security Forces Evict Jewish Protesters in Gaza

Settlers on Rampage as Troops Begin Gaza Evacuation

Israel Warns of 'Zero Tolerance' for Protesters

Israel Seals Off Settlements

Pullout Opponents Periodically Blocking Entrance to Jerusalem

147 Arrested in Pullout Protest, Five Officers Hurt


Israeli Forces, Hezbollah Clash Again on Lebanon Border

Sunken Road or Sealed Train? How to Connect Gaza

Israel Delays Qalqilyah Handover

Israel Denies Palestinian Reports Troops Nabbed in Nablus

Italy Takes on the CIA

Italy Asks US to Explain CIA's Role in Kidnapping

Italy Denies It Knew of CIA Kidnapping

More Questions on Missing Italian Imam

Middle East

Despite Banning, Saddam's Last Novel Highly Sought After in Jordan

Egypt, Israel to Sign Landmark Gas Deal

Police Assault Cairo Demonstrators


Pakistani PM Calls for End to Rights Abuses in Kashmir

Suspected Rebels Kill Five in Indian Kashmir


US Launches Training in Gulf of Guinea

Cops Kill 10 Protesters in Congo Opposition Crackdown

Zimbabwe's Forced Urban Removal

US Military

South Florida Vets' Backing for Bush on Iraq Is Gone

Were Maine Soldiers Exposed to Agent Orange?

Counter-Recruiting Workshop to Inform Public of Their Rights

Troops Put Lives on Line for US Citizenship

Army Recruiting Might Get Even Worse

Sailors, Airmen Saying No Thanks to Army Offer

Soldier Ties Up Interstate With Suicide Threat

F-18 Crashes Into Building on Colorado Base


At Hearing, Gitmo Wins Praise and Criticism

Gitmo Thorny Issue for Dems on Committee


US Lawmakers Flock to Support Iran Sanctions Bill

Bush Says Wants Answers on Iran Leader's Past

How Iran's Reformers Lost Their Political Way

Ex-Iran Hostages Say New Leader Was 79 Captor

Former US Hostages Disagree: Was Ahmadinejad There?


Hezbollah Sends a Message... to Beirut

Lebanon's New Prime Minister

Syria Sets Sights on Tourism to Revitalize Moribund Economy

White House to Tighten Syria Finances


Mood of Anxiety Engulfs Afghans as Violence Rises

Aussie FM: More Troops Possible for Afghanistan

United States

Lawsuit Filed Over US Man's 'Near-Terrorist' Name

A Subcontractor's Short but Lucrative Existence

Time Will Surrender Plame Notes

Bush Plans to Double African Aid


Chávez Uses 'Oil Diplomacy' to Build Regional Influence

Venezuela's Chávez Stages US Trade Fair as Governments Clash

Time Up for Plan Colombia's $3 Billion Failure?

Two Iraqis Held Trying to Cross Mexico Border


Uzbek Opposition Leaders Reportedly Unite

Azerbaijan to Be Second Country to Recognize Turkish Cyprus

Senators Hold Off on China Tariffs at Behest of Greenspan


Now Luxembourg Struggles to Persuade Voters to Nod Through EU Constitution

Europe Proposes Ban on Torture Equipment

UK Vet Is Convicted of Kidnapping Five Children


How to End the War: Negotiations Now!

Signs of Decline

The Mask of Power

Negotiations with Iraqi Rebels Are a Good Start But Not Enough

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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