The Seeds of Fascism: Ran HaCohen
US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play: Leon Hadar
Playing the Soviet Part: Charley Reese
Managed Democracy: Ramzy Baroud
'War of the Worlds': Chris Moore

Whether or not patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, national security can be the last refuge of the tyrant.
Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe
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Updated July 3, 2005 - 11:07 PM EDT
US/UK Aid Funds Iraqi Torture Units
Grim World of New Iraqi Torture Camps
Rove Identified as Leaker in Plame CIA Case
Egypt's Ambassador Kidnapped in Iraq
Bush’s War on Two Fronts Takes Its Toll
US Talks: But Are These the Real Rebel Leaders?
Missing GI in Afghanistan Found, Hunt Continues for Others
US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play
by Leon Hadar
Managed Democracy: Washington's Prospective Policy in the Mideast
by Ramzy Baroud

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Bob Burnett

'War of the Worlds'  by Chris Moore
Playing the Soviet Part
by Charley Reese
Re-Checking Saddam's List
by Gordon Prather

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Albanian Exit Polls Favoring Opposition
US Planes Bomb Suspected Taliban Compound Where US Military Team Is Missing
Iraqi President: Kurds Must Be Able to Return to Kirkuk Now
War of Nerves
Iraq Ambassador Attacks US for Cousin's 'Murder'
US Forces Free Top Sadr Aide After More Than a Year
Help From France Key in US Covert Operations

Guantanamo Inmates Defy American Guards

3 Blasts Rock Kosovo Capital
Ahmadinejad Denies He Was Among Radicals at Embassy
Today in Iraq
Iraq Constitution Panelists Accused of Ba'ath Links
Suicide Bombs on Police Targets Kill 25 in Iraq
Troops Prepare to Plug 'New Weak Link' on Iraqi-Syrian Border
Tension Rises Anew Between Shi'ites and Sunnis in Wake of Baghdad Bombings
Shi'ite Leader Warns Against Iraq Violence
Saddam Seeks Trial Outside Iraq
A Town That Bled Under Hussein Hails His Trial
Iraq Occupation
Dumont Marine Badly Hurt After Suicide Attack in Fallujah
Soldier Shoots Himself Dead in Basra Accident
Soldier Gets Gift of Home Before Heading Back to Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Britain 'Deeply Concerned' Over Reports of Abuse in Iraqi Police Cells
Iraqi Paper Blasts Syrian Minister
EU Wants UN Troops to Replace US in Iraq
Iraqi Diplomat Fights Deportation From New Zealand
Americans Keep Dying
Small-Town Baseball Star Dies in Military Copter Crash
Brooklyn (NY) GI Killed in Iraq After Trip Home for Son's 4th Birthday
Rhode Island Soldier Slain Aiding Iraqi Police in Baghdad
Navy Seal (LA) Was Serving Final Week of Deployment
Bellevue (PA) Reservist Dies Guarding Base
Her Life of Promise Gone (NY)
Navy Seal From New York Killed in Chopper Crash
Apache Pilot (MD) Died 'Doing What He Loved'
Fallen Female Seabee (WA) Fondly Remembered
Body of Fallen Soldier (KY) Returns Home
Soldier From Stafford (VA) Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
NH Man Killed in Afghan Copter Crash
Bomb Kills Louisville (KY) Native in Iraq
Purcell (OK) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Wisconsin Soldier Killed in Iraq
Kentucky Soldier Dies of Non-Combat Injury in Iraq
Killingly Remembers Soldier Killed in Iraq
Fighting in Afghanistan Leaves 20 Dead
Bomb Kills Four Afghan Soldiers
More Taliban Suspects Freed in Reconciliation Drive
Soldier's Quick Thinking Saved Copter, Crew
Suspected Maoist Rebels Kill Three Civilians in Nepal
Nepal's King Hit by Fallout From Royal Coup
South Korea, US Agree to Merge North Nuclear Proposals
North Korea Mobilizes Millions on Farms Amid Talk of Food Crisis
East Asia
US Eyes Bridge Role, Wants China to Back Japan in UN Security Council
Disappointing Turnout at Hong Kong Democracy March
Vatican Hopes to Normalize Vietnam Ties
South/Central Asia
Central Asian Bloc Defends Bloody Crackdown in Uzbekistan
Record 236 People Killed by Bangladeshi Security in Six Months
India Rebels 'Abscond' From Camp
Nine Dead in Kashmir Skirmishes
Leader's Poison Made in Ukraine
Ukraine's Iron Lady Provokes Rift
Memorial Sparks Fresh Row Over France’s Colonial History
In Southern Russian Region, 'Hunt for Cops' Claims 26 Victims This Year Alone
Albania Prepares to Vote Amid Accusations of Fraud and Intimidation
Key Facts About the Albanian Election
Blair: Extremists Win if EU Reform Fails
Karadzic 'Hiding in Montenegro'
Mexico Rally Angers Fox Opponents
Mexico's PRI Poised for Key Victory
Chiapas Exodus Reflects on Zapatista Rule
Chavez Wants to Boost Venezuela-US Ties
Increase in Guerrilla Attacks Tests Colombia's Popular President
Chile, Colombia Agree to Intensify Anti-Drug Cooperation
Weekend Reviews
The Lies Behind the Lies
Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam
Perils of Dominance
Dresden Mon Amour: Germans Revisit the War
Giving Chutzpah New Meaning
Biography Depicts Zarqawi, the Tattooed Criminal
US Military
Army Backtracks on Desertion Numbers, Not Up
Government Study Questions Base Closure Savings
Families Mourn as Names of Crash Victims Emerge
Deadly Attack Puts Focus on Women Soldiers
Oregon National Guard Struggles With Shortages of Everything
Three Alabama National Guard Units Mobilized for Iraq War
Intelligence Czar to Review Army Changes
The War at Home
Feds Increasingly Classify Documents
Bush Administration to Keep Control of Internet's Central Computers
Bush: Troops 'Securing' US Ideals
Reporters Facing Jail Time Plead for Home Confinement
Iraq Aid Worker's Life to Become Hollywood Film
USA Today Calls for US Withdrawal From Iraq, Says Bush 'Lied'
Jenkins Discharged From Army, Looks to Gain Residency
Italy vs. the CIA
Italy Breaks Up Vigilante Group That Hunted Down Islamists
Italy Probes 'Parallel Police'
UK War on Terror
Uranium Missing at UK Site
UK ID Card Battle Heats Up
Academics 'Bullied' Over ID Cards
US Investigators: 1979 Photo Not of Iran Chief
Report: Iran Leader Linked to '89 Vienna Killings
For the Poor in Iran, Voting Was About Making Ends Meet
A Humble Beginning Helped to Form Iran's New Hard Man
US Agents Probe Past of Iran's Leader
For Former Tehran Hostages, a Tangle of Anger at Both Captors and the US
Lebanon Urges UN to Extend Term of Peacekeeping Force
Lebanon PM Begins Tricky Task of Forming Cabinet
Bush Faces Uphill Battle Prodding EU on Hezbollah
Kurds, Emboldened by Lebanon, Rise Up in Tense Syria
Syria Is Hindrance to Mideast Stability: US
Israeli Support for Gaza Pullout Swells Amid Hardliner Violence
Closure on Gaza Lifted; Mass Yesha March Averted
Far-Right Israelis Regroup to Wreck Pullout
West Bank Settlers Left Under Siege
Adamant Netanyahu to Skip Knesset Pullout Vote
MKs Slam Police Failure to Arrest Jews Who Attacked Palestinian Youth
Palestinian Politics
Abbas Invites Militant Groups Into Government
Hamas Considering Abbas's Offer
Hamas Blasts Fatah for Elections Date
Fatah Says It's Committed to Reforms
Fatah Gunmen Storm Gaza Offices to Demand Jobs
Palestinian Leader to Hold Damascus Talks With Militants
Palestinian Official Urges Investments
Sharon Calls Radical Jews 'Thugs'
Israelis, Arabs See Groundbreaking Film
Bomb Blast Hits IDF Patrol Near Gaza's Muwassi Area
IDF Denies Deal on Return of Hezbollah Man's Body
Egypt Judges Denounce Mass Fraud in May Referendum
Cleric's Abduction Makes Few Waves in Egypt
Middle East
Six Dead in Turkish Train Bombing
Libya Accuses Saudi Arabia of Organizing Opposition Conference in London
Blair Lobbies Saudis for Backing on Palestinian Aid Package
African Union Says Incidents in E. Sudan Are Cause for Concern

Annan Criticises Darfur Response

Mugabe Attacks Blair and Turns Back on 'Useless' Commonwealth
Tortured and Dumped: The Fate of Those Sent Home to Mugabe by UK
Africa to Seek UN Council Seats
British-Based Airline Fuelled Congo Terror
Eritrea Row Threatens De-Miners
In Other News
World's Crude Awakening as Oil Hits $60
US Says Earth Is Warming in Bid to Avert Clash

How to End the War: Negotiations Now!

The Seeds of Fascism

Signs of Decline

The Mask of Power

Ivan Eland
Negotiations with Iraqi Rebels Are a Good Start But Not Enough

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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