A Prescription for Fascism: Justin Raimondo
Boy President in a Failed World?: Tom Engelhardt
Condi Kills an EU-Iranian Agreement: Gordon Prather
Rethinking Churchill: Ralph Raico
Slavery in the Service of Liberty: Scott Horton

The State acquires power... and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates.
Frank Chodorov
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Updated July 11, 2005 - 11:28 PM EDT
Chertoff: US Probing Sleeper Cells
Officials Probe Zarqawi Link in London Attack
Blair Rules Out Bomb Inquiry
Secret Plan to Pull Troops Out of Iraq in 9 Months
Allawi: This Is the Start of Civil War
'Dangerous Enemy Combatants' Escape US Afghan Base
22 Afghan Police, Soldiers Die in Upsurge of Taliban Attacks
11 Iraq Soldiers Killed as Diplomats Promised More Protection
UK Terror Alert Highest Ever, as Police Fear More Attacks
Boy President in a Failed World?
by Tom Engelhardt
Condi Kills an EU-Iranian Agreement  by Gordon Prather
The Warmonger's Guide
to the Galaxy
 by Bruce K. Gagnon
Rethinking Churchill  by Ralph Raico
Slavery in the Service of Liberty
by Scott Horton
Judith Miller: The Luckiest Martyr
by Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair

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Spain Warned UK 4 Months Ago of Syrian's Bomb Plans
Israel Denies Conflict With Palestinians Causes Terror
Campaign to Demonize Iran Is Gaining Momentum
Two Marines Killed in Iraq
Top US Security Officials Retreat Slightly on Transit-Safety Claims
Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 48 in Iraq
Today in Iraq
UK May Turn Over Iraq Role to Australia
US Commander: Sweep Has 'Mostly Eliminated' Insurgent Capabilities Around Baghdad
Tension, Confusion Between Troops, Contractors in Iraq
Americans Begin New Offensive in Fallujah
Anti-Shi'ite Fervor Stuns Iraqi Community
Iranian-American Filmmaker Freed in Iraq
Attacks Continue
8 Members of Shi'ite Family Slain in Iraq
Iraqi Karate Official's Body Found
The New Iraq
Iranians in Iraq Left Out in the Cold
Iraq: An Upside-Down Place
Iraq Arrests Former Army Officer Accused of Killing Marsh Arabs
Global Iraq Fallout
Jaafari Seeks to Assuage Egyptian Anger
Wife of Slain Envoy Slams Egypt Government
Saudi Arabia Says Ready to Beat Militants From Iraq
Yemen to Send Iraqis Home
UK Demonstrators Call for Troop Pullout From Iraq
Rice Says US Won't Withdraw Its Troops From Afghanistan
Body of Last Navy SEAL Recovered in Afghanistan
Canadians Train for Combat in Afghanistan
Uzbek Unrest 'Threatens Russia'
Uzbek President Mulls Fate of US Military Presence
Kyrgyzstan Leader Looks Set for Landslide Victory
Landslide for Leader of Tulip Revolution
Kyrgyz Election Commission Says Turnout Validates Vote
South Asia
Proposed Social Order Law Called 'Taliban Extremist' in Pakistan
Pakistan: Bin Laden Could Be Anywhere in the World
Rebels Bomb Army Convoy in Restive Northeast India
India Talks Tough With Nepal King
Vacation in Nepal? Beware Guerrillas
US Open to New Terms in North Korea Talks
Rice: Nuke Talks With North Korea Only a Start
Korea Breakthrough Reached Over Dinner
South Korea Sees Progress as Key to New Arms Talks
US Voices Fears Over Chinese Military Build-Up
Rice Calls for China-Taiwan Talks
Google Facing Search Engine China Quandary
Defecting Chinese Diplomat Shows 'Proof' of Spying Claims
From Bombs to Boats: Vietnam Sifts the Debris of War
US, Vietnam Eye Closer Bonds 10 Years After Normalizing Relations
Bishops Give Battling Arroyo Big Reprieve
Four Killed in Sri Lanka Attack on Tamil Tiger HQ
Framework for Iran-Pak-India Gas Pipeline Being Finalized
Aceh Peace Process Heads for Critical Point
Iran Should Soon Resume Sensitive Nuclear Activities: Top MP
Militia Commander Takes Over Iran's Police, Crackdown Announced
Syria Border Curbs Mar Lebanon's Economy
Lebanon Moves Closer to Forming New Cabinet
London Plays Host to Debate on the Future of Lebanon
Bomb Attack Wounds 20 in Turkish Resort
Kurdish Rebels Claim Responsibility for Turkey Attack
Luxembourg's Voters Approve EU Constitution
Luxembourg Leader Hopes EU Charter Revived
Official: Net Closes in on Bosnia Suspects
'New Srebrenica Grave' Discovered
Sudanese Ex-PM Slams New Charter
Sudan Lifts Emergency Law, Except in Darfur, East
Zimbabwe Opposition Lapsing Into Despair; Archbishop Has Resorted to Praying for Mugabe's Death
Report: Propping Up Somali Transitional 'Government' Only Hope in Preventing Terror
Ethiopian Expats Slam Crackdown Against Dissenters
Congo Rising From Chaos, Isolation
Burundi's Former Rebels Pick Leader for President
Logistics, Violence May Delay Haiti Vote
Haiti's Ex-Prime Minister in Limbo
London: Who Did It?
Global Terror Probe Turns to Morocco Connection
British Moroccan Claims Innocence in London Bombings
Who Was Behind the Bombings? The Four Key Theories
Juan Cole: Unlikely to Be by British Muslims
Police Seeking Syrian Suspect
Police Say Mastermind Is Sure to Have Fled Before the Blasts
The Investigation
Attacks More Sophisticated Than First Feared
Terror Probes Find 'The Hands, but Not the Brains'
30 Key al-Qaeda-Linked Terror Suspects Identified by UK Police
UK Police Make Three Anti-Terrorism Arrests, Not Necessarily Related to London Attacks
UK Home Secretary Warns of Further Atrocities Unless Bombers Are Tracked Down
Detectives Trawl Videos in Hunt for Killers
Britain Appeals to Public for Help With Evidence
Officials Defend Birmingham Evacuation
Searching and Waiting
Search Goes on After 21 Dead Are Recovered From Tunnel
20 More Names Added to the List of Those Missing
The Long, Agonizing Wait for Information
As Hope Starts to Ebb, Families Press Their Search
Officers on Piccadilly Wreckage Face 'Extraordinary Horror'
Muslims in Britain
Arab Newspaper Slams UK Muslims for 'Aiding Terror'
Mosques Attacked by Arsonists as Asians Fear Surge of Race Hate
A Defiant Islam Rises Among Young Britons
The Aftermath
Londoners Brace for Another Era of Terrorist Hits
London Has a Reputation as Both a Bastion in the War on Terrorism and a Haven for Extremists
Life Continues Return to Normal in London
Day of Contrasts in London
UK Religious Leaders Unite to Defy Terror
Crowds Pack London Churches to Mourn
Al-Qaeda's Strategy
The New al-Qaeda: Local Franchises
London Attack Shows al-Qaeda's Strategy
Global Fallout From London
Mosques in UK, US, New Zealand Attacked
French Experts Blame 'Tolerance' for London Attacks
Putin Warns of Threats to Democratic Societies
Terror Planning 'Unfinished Business' in Australia
India Shocked by Attacks on Mosque, Sikh Temples in Britain
New Zealand PM Condemns Attacks on Mosques
Plame/CIA Leak Case
Newsweek: Rove Outed CIA Agent
Rove Told Reporter About Plame but Didn't Name Her, Attorney Says
The War at Home
Critics Say Attacks Justify Early Opposition to Iraq War
Poll: Americans Fear London-Style Attack
After Flagging Support, a Second Wind for Bush
Gasoline Prices Surge to $2.33 Per Gallon
UN Eager for Progress, and a US Envoy
Lawmakers: California Firearm Bill a Threat to National Security
US Military
Parents Worried About Iraq War Resist Military Recruitment Strategies
Loss Puts Unwanted Light on Seals
Military Pushes Back 'Phaser' Program to at Least 2006
Israel to Ask US for $2.2 Billion in Pullout Aid
Official: Pullout Will Not Begin Before August 17
Israeli AG Urges Rabbis to Help Curb Violence Against Police
Aid Plan Pitched for Palestinians as Pullout Date Set
Abbas Hails Progress on Gaza Airport, Safe Passage Talks
Palestinians Seek EU Help to Stop Settlement Spread
Likud Rebels Recruiting Drive Falls Short of Expectations
Israeli President Calls for Start of Final Status Negotiations
Leading Palestinian MP Quits Over Security Crisis
Cabinet OKs Jerusalem Barrier
Barrier to Separate 55,000 Palestinian Residents From Jerusalem
Palestinian Population Rises 3.4 Percent
Jerusalem Mayor Tries Balancing Act
Losers Seek to Overturn Jeddah Local Poll Results
Security Guard Shoots Palestinian Teen in Family Vineyard
Palestinian Farmers at the Gate to Nowhere
Palestinians in Jenin Fire Upon Moshav Within Green Line

A Prescription for Fascism

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Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

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The US Government Should Stop Meddling in the Oil Market

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The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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