Why Did Terrorists Strike London?: Ivan Eland
Media Toll Mounting in Iraq: Aaron Glantz
China Tests US Free-Market Rhetoric: Emad Mekay
'Coddling' at Gitmo?: William Fisher
Rove Under Fire on Capitol Hill: Mitch Jeserich

My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military.
General Smedley Butler (USMC, Ret.)
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Updated July 12, 2005 - 10:58 PM EDT
More Say Iraq Has Reduced US Safety
Report: US War Has Killed 39,000 Iraqis
Bomber Died in London, Raids and Arrests Made
White House 'Maintains Confidence' on Rove
Iraq: Troops Can Withdraw From Some Cities
Iraq Shi'ites Campaign for Foreign Troop Pullout
Iraqi Commandos Accused in Deaths of 10 Sunni Tribesmen
US Troop Reduction in Iraq 'Linked to Local Conditions'
3 Killed, 90 Hurt in Suicide Blast at Israeli Mall
Israeli Minister: Barrier Meant to Ensure Jewish Majority in Jerusalem
Another Success for al-Qaeda's Best Recruiter  by Daniel Benjamin
Media Death Toll Still Mounting in Iraq  by Aaron Glantz
Deceits Enervate an Iraq Exit
by Doug Bandow
Rothbard Nailed the GOP Drift
by Bill Steigerwald
Blair's Blowback  by Gary Younge
As We Sowed, So Do We Reap
by Eric Margolis

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Antiwar GI Arrested in Iraq
Rove Under Fire on Capitol Hill
US Poll: Iraq Support Caused London Attack
Rwandan Rebels Burn 39 Villagers Alive in Congo
Kurds Link Suspects to International Networks
Iraq, Internet Fuel Growth of Global Jihad
China Oil Bid Tests US Free-Market Rhetoric
Huge Manhunt After al-Qaeda Suspects Escape From High-Security US Prison in Afghanistan
Pulling Out of Iraq?
Forces in Iraq Deny Pressure to Speed Up Pullout
Some Signs Point to US, British Troop Cuts in Iraq
Australia Says No Plans to Take South Iraq Control
UK Defense Chief Plays Down Iraq Withdrawal Report
Iraqi Minister: Troop Pullout Would 'Take Country Into Hell'
Roh Opposed to Early Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Divided Over Operation Lightning
Iraq Seeks Shake-Up of Saddam Court
Zarqawi Slams Mentor's Criticism of Iraq Attacks
Iraqi Committee Releases 280 Detainees
'They Put Us in a Cell and Forgot Us'
UK Defense Chiefs Oppose Trying Troops in Iraq for Misconduct
UN Envoy to Iraq Meets With Sistani and Sadr
Attacks Continue
Eleven Iraq Soldiers Killed as Diplomats Promised More Protection
Two Marines Killed in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 11
Iraqi Suicide Bomber Began With a Diatribe
Iraq's al-Qaeda Claims Attack on Bahraini Envoy
Battling the Insurgents
US Troops Kill 10 Iraqi Insurgents
Iraqi Security Forces Detain Seven Egyptians
US Soldiers Detain Suspected Bomb Makers in Iraq
The New Iraq
Sunni-Shi'ite Muslim Conflict in Iraq Invades the Home
Quieter Than Bombs, Iraq's Foul Water Also Kills
US Signs Agreement to Boost Trade With Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Cleric Warns Saudis Against Travel to Iraq
Egypt Tries to Recover Slain Envoy's Body
Body of Last Navy Seal Recovered in Afghanistan
700 US Paratroopers Deployed to Afghanistan
Uzbekistan Raises Andijan Death Toll
Foreign Diplomats Tour Site of Uprising in Eastern Uzbekistan
Pakistan Alarmed by Indo-US Defense Deal
Eight Islamic Militants, Indian Soldier Killed in Kashmir
Kashmiri Anxiety Over UK Attacks
Row Over Integration Rocks Indian Province
Maoist Rebels Urge Talks With Nepal's Pro-Democracy Alliance
Nepal Rebels Urge UN Mediation
UN Envoy Begins Talks in Nepal in a Bid to End Maoist Revolt
Nepal's Maoists Release Journalist After 56 Days of Captivity
North Korea Links Nukes to US Threats
North Korea Takes Pride in Arsenal
US Open to Ties With North Korea
US Sees No New North Korea Concessions
China Key to New North Korea Talks
Fate of North Korea Nuke Talks
North Korea Lured by Hopes of a Sweeter Deal
South Korea to Offer 500,000 Tons of Rice to North Korea
North, South Korea to Forge First Rail Link Since War
US, Japan Map Strategy for North Korea Talks
Bush Adviser Helped Law Firm Land Job Lobbying for CNOOC
Paypal Set to Do Business in China
Arroyo Digs in as Unrest Mounts
Former Philippine President Calls for Arroyo Resignation
Vatican Silences Philippine Bishops
Aceh Rebels Drop Secesssion Demand
Hopes High for Peace Deal on Aceh
Rice Takes Heat for Avoiding ASEAN Trip
Kyrgyz Poll Hailed as 'Progress'
Rice Calls for Greater Pressure on Burma Regime
Japan, Russia to Begin Next Phase of Nuclear Sub Dismantling Plan
Malay Muslim Separatists Take Up Beheadings
Tension Grows Between Thai Security Forces and Muslim Locals
Russia Investigates Former PM Kasyanov
French Nuclear Forces, 2005
Islamist Accused of Killing van Gogh Offers No Defense
Shootings Blamed on Loyalist Feud
Nicaragua Heading Toward Impeachment
Nicaragua's Bolanos Dismisses Impeachment Bid as Dirty Politics
Bomb Wounds 14 in Trinidad's Capital
US Says Cuba Has Declined Disaster Aid
Colombia President Seeks Help Against FARC Rebels
Attacks in London
London Police Say Death From Attacks Will Rise; First Victims Named
Islamic Leader Had Warned of Attack
Bombing a Political Boost for Blair
London Bombs Suggest Local but Well-Equipped Cell
With No Leads, British Consult Allies on Blasts
Brits Wait for Word on Suspects
Camera Phones Key in Hunt for Killers
Muslims in Britain
UK Crackdown on Muslim Clerics Who Preach Hate
UK Muslims 'Feel More Vulnerable'
Archbishop of Canterbury Warns Against Making Muslims Scapegoats
Britons React
Poll: Britons Say Iraq Support Left Country Vulnerable
Blair May Speed Up Tightening of Terror Laws
Britain Sticks to Autumn Timetable for New Anti-Terrorist Law
BBC Edits Out the Word Terrorist
Americans React
Newspapers Warn of Threat to America From 'Londonistan'
Bush: London Bombs Meant to Scare US
Bush: No Retreat in War on Terror
US Reversal: Ban on Troops in London Lifted
US War on Terror
'Terrorist' Prisoners Speak Arabic Without Fear of Translation
High-Tech Antiterror Tools: a Costly, Long-Range Goal
House Judiciary Chair Proposes Permanent PATRIOT Act
Feds Fear Air Broadband Terror
Reassessing 'What If' Factor at California's Nuclear Power Plants
'Coddling' at Gitmo, or Just Humane Treatment?
CNN Video Censored at Gitmo
US Methods for Withstanding Torture Being Reversed on Gitmo Detainees
Plame CIA Leak Case
No Doubt: Rove a Key Player in Plame Case
McClellan Holds Tongue During Intense Grilling
McClellan Fields Questions on Rove
Democrats Seek Firing in Leak Case
For Time Inc. Reporter, a Frenzied Decision to Testify
A Tough Call, and Then Consequences
Paper Withholds Leak-Based Articles
US Military
War's Wounded Roll Their Message Into Washington
Pentagon Confirms Iran-Contra Figure in Senior Job
Part-Time Forces on Active Duty Decline Steeply
After Test Failures, Pentagon Revamping $92b Missile Defense System
US Army National Guard's Recruiting Woes Deepen
Directed-Energy Weapons May Be Ready to Go
Army Studying 1st Infantry Divisionís Unusually High Rates of TB Exposure
The War at Home
New Mexico Governor Could Take Prominent Position in Wen Ho Lee Lawsuit
Judge Lets Iraq Whistleblower Suit Proceed
Director Stone Making 9/11 Film
Bochco Says He Skirts Iraq War Politics in TV Drama
Iranian President Warns West Not to Behave Like Landlords
Iran Press Blame West for Blasts
Syria to Ease Delays on Lebanon Border
Israel, Syria, Jordan Asked to Aid UN Hariri Probe
Israel Plans to Seek More Aid From US
Palestinians Rage at Proposed Fence Across Jerusalem
Cash Injection Into Gaza No Easy Fix
New Arrivals Fight West Bank Plan
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Renews Call for Anti-Terror Center After London Bombings
Saudi Arabia Seizes Eight Terror Suspects

First Female Saudi Pilot Prepares to Fly as Women Wait for Driving Law

Middle East
Arabs Fear Fallout of Bombings in London
Arab Legislators Discuss Arab Woes
Report: New al-Qaeda Cell Settles in Somalia
Somali Invasion Facilitator Killed in Mogadishu
Zimbabwe Razing Garages, Cottages, Chicken Coops
Date Set for Zimbabwe Shanty Town Crackdown Report
Church Leaders Shocked by Conditions in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Detainees Halt Strike
Burundi's Likely Leader Emerges
Ivorians Agree on Disarmament Plan
Land Invasion in Kenya
In Other News
Hiroshima Devastation Heralded Three Weeks Earlier in US Desert
Competing Plans Threaten UN Reform
New Zealand Regrets 'Mitterrand Sabotage'

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