Politics of Creative Destruction: Chris Moore
Smokescreen Using Srebrenica: Nebojsa Malic
Fake Optimism in Washington: Norman Solomon
War Is the Health of What?: Scott Horton
'Bush's Brain' Besieged: Jim Lobe

I can tell you this: If Iím ever in a position to call the shots, Iím not going to rush to send somebody elseís kids into a war.
George H. W. Bush
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Updated July 14, 2005 - 11:00 PM EDT
'China Would Nuke US Over Taiwan'
MPs Wonder: Is Iraq Factor in Bombs?
Report: UK Blast Mastermind Identified
British Police Hunt Fifth Bombing Suspect

Talabani: Jaafari Monopolizing Authority

Democrats Want Bigger Army

Experts: Suicide Bombings Will Spread West

Bombers Strike Near Baghdad's Green Zone
Root of the Rove Controversy Is the War in Iraq

Report: Abu Ghraib Tactics First Used at Gitmo

The Fake Optimism of Washington's Warriors
by Norman Solomon
The Politics of 'Creative Destruction'  by Chris Moore
Ashcroft, 9/11, and Government as Victim  by James Bovard
War Is the Health of What?
by Scott Horton
Rove's Defense Crumbles
by David Corn
Downing Street's Dead End
by David Michael Green

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US to Restructure Homeland Security Department

General: Iraq Not That Dangerous

Iran Slams Rumsfeld Over Israel Bomb Accusation

'Bush's Brain' Besieged

Lebanon Has That Civil War Feeling Again

Arabs Want Democracy, but Not Invasions

Poll Suggests Drop in Bush's Personal Credibility

Aid to Foreign Militaries

Govt Exposed Americans to Biowarfare Test


Candy and Death for Baghdad's Children

The War Goes On

Car Bomb Kills 32 Children as They Mob US Patrol Handing Out Candy

Subject: Staying Alive

Analysts Urge US Forces to Attack Anyone Crossing the Syrian Border

US Claims to Have Captured Key Zarqawi Aide

Data Shows Faster-Rising Death Toll Among Iraqi Civilians

On Iraq-Jordan Border, Various Roles Play Out in Desert

Security Incidents in Iraq, July 13
Iraq Today

Judge: Saddam Investigation 80% Complete

Iraq Sunnis Raise Rights Abuse Allegations

Turkey Asks Iraq to Extradite Two Suspects

Threats Driving Shi'ites Out of Homes, Government Seen Powerless to Protect Them


Sharon Vows Revenge for Suicide Bombing

Danger on Two Fronts for Sharon's 'Peace' Plan

Israeli Army Seals Off West Bank, Gaza

Israel May Start Targeted Assassinations Again After Bombing

Israel Imports More North American Jews

Jerusalem Clerics in Fist Fight

Leaving Gaza

Timing of Gaza Closure Was Defined by Settler Council

Police Nab Gaza Withdrawal Protesters Attempting to Block Jerusalem Roads

Debris From Gaza Homes Razed in Pullout May Be Sent to Sinai

Gaza Strip Closed to Israelis to Preempt Mass March


Palestinian Poet Lashes Out at Militants

Foreigners Abducted in Gaza in Bid to Pressure PA; Released Hours Later

Israeli Troops Reoccupy West Bank's Tulkarem


US Says 19 Militants Killed in Afghanistan

Taliban Gunmen Kill Fourth Pro-Kabul Afghan Cleric

Afghan Poll Body Bars 17 From Election


Tehran Pressures EU as Nuclear Talks Near

US Warns Iran on Nuclear Program, Iraq

Rice Tells Syria to End Islamic Jihad Support

Syria Wants Lebanon as Ally in Talks With Israel

Middle East

Lebanon Attack May Be Linked to Hariri Inquiry

Egypt's Opposition Groups Unite

Jordanians Indicted in Terror Plot

Morocco Jails Western Sahara Activists

Moroccan Press Defies Government Crackdown

South Asia

India: Militant Camps in Pakistan Endanger Peace Process

Eight Killed in Kashmir Fighting

Attacks Won't Make India Review Relations With Pakistan

Tamil Tiger Rebels Warn They Could Resume War


Rice Claims Credit for Korean About-Face

Rice Voices US Approval of Diplomatic Approach to North Korea

Kim: North Korea's Goal Is Nuclear-Free Peninsula

Will South Korea Proposal Energize Nuclear Talks?

Southeast Asia

40,000 Take to Streets and Demand Arroyo Resignation

Aceh Peace Talks Take Leap Forward...

...or, Aceh Peace Talks Stumble


Critics See Security Threat in China Oil Bid

US Companies Enable China Censorship


Mexico Says It Won't Sign Immunity Pact for US Troops

Mission Creep in Latin America - US Southern Command's New Security Strategy

UN Urges Colombia to Break Paramilitary Ties

Argentina Admits Failure in 1994 Bomb Probe

Chile Congress Reforms Pinochet Constitution


Burundi's Rebels Extend Attacks

Tribal Clash Over Water Leaves 70 Dead in Kenya

Investigation in London

French Say London Bombing Suspects Were Arrested Then Freed

UK Denies Suspects Arrested

Four London Bomb Suspects Named

Police Won't DNA Bombers, Since They Had ID

Bath Filled With Explosives Found at 'Operational Base' of Terrorists

Tracing Source of the Explosives May Reveal Connection to al-Qaeda

Pakistan Says It Thwarted Earlier Attack in UK

Madrid Experience Points to Group of Foreign Ringleaders

Muslims in Britain

UK Muslim Leaders Condemn Attackers

Britons Favor Tracking Muslim Activities

Britain Faces 'The Enemy Within'

In Britain, A Homegrown Threat

For Britain's Muslims, a Fear Realized

UK Clerics Face Prosecution for Backing Terror

New Wave of British Terrorists Are Taught at Schools, Not in the Mountains

Experts: Britain's Suburban Middle Class a Likely Source of Terrorists

Britain Reassesses Threat of Local Islamists

Britain Rules Out Mosque Surveillance

Bombers, Families, Cities

'I Cannot Explain This. He Was Proud to Be British'

Bomb Suspect's Family 'Shattered'

How a Graduate Turned to Jihad

The Boy Who Grew Up to Bomb the Number 30 Bus

Neighbors of London Bombing Suspect Shocked

Britain Reacts

Home Secretary 'Shocked' Bombers Were British

UK Terror Police Will Use Shoot-to-Kill Policy

Tube Question: Will It Happen Again?

Europe Terrorized

UK Urges EU to Trade More Freedoms for Security

EU Ministers Agree to Step Up War on Terror

France Restores Border Controls After London Bombs

Poll: Italians Believe Terrorist Attack Is Imminent

Italy Detains 174 People in Terror Sweep

Italy Jails Two Over Attack Plot

Police Sweep Italian Islamic Areas, Seize Documents

Dutch Police Hold Youth After Explosives Find

Europe Speeds Up Plan to Clamp Down on Suspects

Plame CIA Leak Case

Uproar Has Roots in Rove's Vast Reach

Key Questions at the Center of the Leak Controversy

Timeline in Leak of CIA Operative's Identity

Leak Inquiry Includes Iran Experts in Administration

Time's Matthew Cooper Expected to Testify


First Responders: Citizens, Not the State

Can Islam's Leaders Reach Its Radicals?

Aussie Police: Extremists Unlikely to Launch Attacks Here Since They 'Have It Too Good'

Virginia Cleric Given Life Term for Seditious Speech


Pentagon Not Punishing Gitmo Prison Chief

Gitmo Treatment 'Degrading' for '20th Hijacker'

Military Outlines Cases of Abuse at Gitmo

US Military

National Guard Criticized for Anti-Islam Poster

Antiwar GI Released, Still 'Under Investigation'

US Working on Deal That May Give Troops More Access to Bulgarian Bases

Veterans Don't Want to Give Peace Pole a Chance

Homeland Security

Senators Propose Curbs on PATRIOT Act

Homeland Security to Lift 30-Minute Rule at Reagan Airport

Nation's Top Cyber-Security Post Elevated

Man Held After Mentioning Bombs, Bush on CB Radio

United Nations

US Urges UN States to Snub 'G-4' Resolution

US Urges Delay on UN Shake-Up

Debate to Expand UN Security Council Intensifies


Iraq: The Phony 'Withdrawal'


Why Did Terrorists Strike London?

Terror Strikes Again

Praful Bidwai
Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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