General Judy's in the Brig: Justin Raimondo
Unnamed and Unnoticed: Coburn/Engelhardt
Can Republicans Save Bush?: Paul Craig Roberts
US Proliferation Rhetoric & Reality: Gordon Prather
Was Jane Right?: L. Reichard White

There is but one evil, war. All the other proclaimed evils such as hate, greed, descrimination, and jealousy are only sub-categories of it.
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Updated July 18, 2005 - 11:09 PM EDT
Casualty of War: The US Economy
Weekend of Iraq Slaughter Kills 150, Wounds 300
After Iraq Attacks, Calls for Militias Grow
Britain Confirms Iraq Pullout Plans
Gunmen Kill at Least 24 in Iraq, US Marine Dies
Egypt: Claims Against Chemist Baseless
Israel Threatens to Invade Gaza Strip
Over 60 Killed as Fighting Flares on NW Afghan Frontier
Can Congressional Republicans Save Bush?  by Paul Craig Roberts
US Proliferation Rhetoric and Reality  by Gordon Prather
Disgrace Outside Their Windows
by Meron Benvenisti
Was Jane Right?  by L. Reichard White
Iraq's Dead Unnamed & Unnoticed
by Judith Coburn and Tom Engelhardt
Fallout From a Needless War
by Owen Harries

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London: Suicide Bomber Theory Thrown in Doubt
Pakistan Says UK Is Terrorist Breeding Ground
British Retract Claim on Leeds Arrests
London Bombing Suspect to Remain in Cairo
Report: Bin Laden's #2 Was Trained by former KGB
Police Fear Attacks by a Fifth London Bomber
Rand Think Tank: Suicide Attacks Are Here to Stay
UK Report: Ties to US Made Britain Vulnerable
Studies Cite Seeds of Terror in Iraq
GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets
US Says It Did Not Act on Plan to Intervene in Iraq Election
Iraq Fuel Truck Bomb Devastates Town, Kills 98
Today in Iraq
Sadr: Resistance in Iraq Legitimate
Iraqis File First Case Against Saddam
Official: Iraq Wants to End Its Monopolies
Basra Militias Enforce Strict Islamic Code
Sordid Images on TV Repel the Kurds, but They Raise Some Skepticism, Too
Attacks Continue
Iraqis Stunned by the Violence of a Bombing
Iraqis Helpless Against New Wave of Suicide Attacks
Attacks Continue Sunday: 4 Bombers Kill 22
Security incidents in Iraq, July 18
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 17
Three US Soldiers Killed in Weekend Iraq Bombings
US Soldier Dies After Iraq Car Bomb Attack Friday
Probe Into UK Troop Bomb Deaths
Iraq: A Nation Where Suicide Bombing Is a Fact of Life
The New Iraq
Experts Urge Release of Iraq Scientists
Basra Oil Workers Out on Strike
Iraq Oil Exports Suspended for Few Hours by Strike
Iran-Iraq Rapprochement
Khatami Hails New Era in Relations With Iraq
Iraq-Iran Security Linked, Leaders Say
Iran's Leader Vows to Aid Iraq Stability
Iraq Taps Iran for Security, Commerce
Global Iraq Fallout
UK Army Faces Crisis Over Shortage of Infantry Recruits
Aussie PM: Increasing Carnage in Iraq Should Not Deter Coalition Forces
Karzai Ally Lynched as Taliban Violence Rocks Afghanistan
Four US Soldiers Hurt in Eastern Afghanistan Explosion
Pakistan Says Kills 17 Militants Near Afghan Border
Madrassas Under Pakistan Scrutiny
Pakistan 'Not to Blame for Bombs'
Taliban-Style Law Hits Pakistan's Bomb Inquiry
Musharraf Asks Punjab Minister to Crack Down on Extremists
White House Readies Welcome for Indian PM
Hindu Party Battles an Internal Revolt
Vajpayee Backs Pressured Advani
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger Rebels Warn of Imminent War
Norway: No Plans to Push New Talks on Sri Lanka Aid Deal
North Korea Agrees to Open More Tourist Sites to South Koreans
Gen. MacArthur Statue Spawns Korea Protest
Unocal Deal Tests US Stance Toward China
It Doesn't Matter Who Wins Unocal, World Market Determines Oil Prices
Rage Moves Chinese Labor to Action
China Hails New Leader of Taiwan Nationalists
Thailand Declares Emergency Across Muslim Provinces
Beheadings Raise Tensions in Thailand
After 29 Years, an Aceh Peace Pact
Guerrillas Bomb Biggest Spinning Mill in Nepal
Philippine President Loses 11th Official
Uzbekistan: Journalists Say Harassment Against Independent Media on Rise
Russian Military Helicopter Crash in Chechnya Kills Eight
Russia and Ukraine Say Have Settled Gas Dispute
Spain Joins France on Terrorism
Dead Writer Casts Doubt on Venezuela Poll
Venezuelan Cardinal: Chavez a Dictator
Four Soldiers Killed in Colombia Car Bombing
Haiti's Advisory Council Recommends Banning Aristide's Party From Elections
Guatemalan Police Files Depicting Abuse Found
Chile's Bachelet Takes 48% Lead in Presidential Poll
United Nations
India, US Face Off Over UN Council Expansion
Seekers of UN Council Seats Woo African Ministers
Group of Four Press for UN Change
Vote Delayed on UN Security Council Plan
Investigators Are Clear Who Carried Bombs, but Have Far to Go to Explain More
Pakistan Working on London Bomber's Phone List
Police Seek Bombers' Mobile Phones in Wreckage
Israel Downplays Report That London Bombing Suspect Linked to 2003 Tel Aviv Blast
Would-Be 'Holy Warrior' Casts Light on Dark Links to Pakistan
Forgotten Men Who Became Footsoldiers of al-Qaeda
Family of the Bombers
Uncle of London Bomber Defends 'Desperate Sacrifice'
Bombers' Families Tell of Their Grief and Horror
Egyptian Suspect a Source of Pride to Family, Friends
Muslims in Britain
British Sunni Group Condemns Bombings
British Struggle Against Extremists Could Further Alienate Muslim Youths
One Young Man's Concern on Extremism
Britain Reacts
Britain Looks to Extend War on Terror, at Home and Abroad
Britain's Quandary: Recognizing the Threat From Within
Think Tank: Role in Iraq War Has Made Britain a Target for Attacks
Antiwar Vigil Attracts Hundreds at Bomb Site
Are Britain's Fringe Churches Preaching a Deadly Message?
UK Tories Back Use of Phone Taps to Trap Terrorists
US War on Terror
FBI Terrorism Unit Eyed Web Protest Sites
FBI Bulletin Warns of Terrorism Plot at Texas Border
Large Volume of FBI Files Alarms US Activist Groups
US Ropes Netherlands Into Its War on Drugs
Poll: Americans Resigned to Eventual Terrorist Attacks
US Uses Terror Law to Nab British Businessmen
Plame CIA Leak Case
Rove Told of Plame's CIA Link, Reporter Says
Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story
'What I Told the Grand Jury'
If History Holds, Karl Rove's Job Is Not in Danger – Yet
The War at Home
Bush Loses Some Luster on Credibility
Bill Giving Native Hawaiians Sovereignty Is Too Much for Some, Too Little for Others
US Military
Sardinia Says It's Time for the US Navy to Leave Port
A Marine Colonel's Reading List
Navy Chief Stepping Down
'Military Idol' Opens Competition
Iran Arrests 200 Suspects in Broad Terrorist Sweep
Iran Says US and Israel Snaring Its Atomic Experts
EU May Be Ready to Help Iran Build Nuclear Reactors: Negotiator
Russia May Probe Funding of Iranian Reactor
Syria-Lebanon Feud Heats Up
Syria Travel Boom Despite Trouble
Syria Appoints New Grand Mufti
Israeli Army Platoon Disbanded Over Gaza Rebellion
Nine Israeli Soldiers Refuse to Block Gaza, Two Go AWOL
Exiting Gaza, Israel Fights on Two Fronts
Families Hope to Block West Bank Pullout
Soldiers and Settlers Clash at Kissufim Crossing
Israeli Troops Flood Into Gaza
Abbas Pledges to Do 'Utmost' to Stop Palestinian Rocket Attacks
Witnesses: Israeli Missiles Fired at Car in Northern Gaza
Killing of Hamas Commander Threatens Cease-Fire
Hamas Says Sticks to 'Conditional Calm' With Israel
A Quiet Fear in a 'Village of Traitors'
Bomb in Waist Pack Triggered Turkey Blast, Suspicions Focus on Kurd Rebels
Kurdish Rebels Deny Turkey Resort Bomb

Turkish Police Tighten Security at Tourist Resorts

Middle East
Feminist Cancels Plan to Run for Egypt Presidency
Yemen Leader Rules Himself Out of Polls
Bahrainis Protest Police Brutality
Rwanda Sends More Troops to Sudan's Darfur
Sudan Cabinet Dissolved Ahead of Interim Rule
Opposition Leader Criticizes Sudan Law
Killings in Uganda Cattle Battles
Pressure Grows on Mugabe
Howard Welcomes US Military Clearing Itself of Abuse of Gitmo-Held Aussies
Australian AG Urges Debate Before National ID Card Decision Is Made

Judith Miller: Hearsted on
Her Own Petard

India Moves Toward a New Compact with the United States

In Search of a New Middle Eastern Paradigm


Ivan Eland
Why Did Terrorists Strike London?

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

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Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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