Iraq: What Are We Fighting For?: Justin Raimondo
Common Sense About India?: Alan Bock
Tax-and-Spend Republicans: Rep. Ron Paul
La Dolce Vita: Tom Engelhardt
China-Bashing for Beginners: Leon Hadar

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Updated July 22, 2005 - 9:43 PM EDT
45 Killed in Egypt Resort Blasts
House Makes PATRIOT Act Permanent
Police Hunting Bombers Kill Man, Arrest One
4 Terrorists on Run After Londoners Cheat Death
US Has Plans for Nuke Strike at Iran
For Two Aides, Leak Case Goes Back to Africa
Pentagon: No Clue When Troops May Leave Iraq
US: Saddam's Nephews Play Key Roles in Insurgency
Bush May Veto Defense Bill if Senate Addresses Treatment of Detainees
Deal With Your Own Militants Before Blaming Us, Pakistan Tells Britain
The Spies Who Came in From the Hot Tub  by Tom Engelhardt
Tax-and-Spend GOP Sends Billions Overseas  by Rep. Ron Paul
The War We Are Not Being Shown
by Arianna Huffington
China-Bashing for Beginners
by Leon Hadar
Think, Christian  by Laurence M. Vance
Judith Miller: Fit to Print?
by Russ Baker

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Iran Sits Pretty in World's Hottest Region
US, Russia Descend Into Mutual Mistrust
Iraq Seen as Weakening Terror War
Syria Says US, Iraqi Forces Fired on Its Border Troops
Syria Says Thousands of Would-Be Fighters Held on Iraq Border
Residents Fleeing Tal Afar
Pentagon: Iraqi Army Unable to Fight Insurgents
Two Arrests Over Latest London Attacks
No Pakistan Arrests Over London Bombings
Failed Bombs Should Give London Police Vital Clues
Iraqi Constitution
Sunnis Snub Iraq Talks in Protest Over Shia Chairman
Don't Write Iraq Constitution Without Us - Sunnis
Kurdish Leaders Offer Redrawn Map to Iraq Assembly
Hopes of Deal on Iraq Draft Constitution Next Month
Attacks Continue
Baghdad Hit by Fresh Bomb Attacks, 14 Killed
Gunmen Kidnap Algerian Envoys in Baghdad
List of Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq
Deadly Attacks Fail to Deter Iraqi Recruits
Grieving Breaks Moment of Silence in Iraq
Silent Street, Broken Hearts
US Acts to Block Hussein Family Assets
TV Airs Tape of Saddam Tribunal Hearing
Saddam Complains About Lack of Access to Lawyer
Saddam Defense Draws Colorful Cast of Characters
Iraq Occupation
Drug, Alcohol Problems Sometimes Follow Troops to Iraq
Sailor Dies From Wounds Suffered in July 15 IED Attack
For Marines in Iraq, Humor Offers Escape
The New Iraq
Flying Iraq's Relatively Friendly Skies
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq and US Uncooperative on Border Control Says Syria
Iraqi Refugees Spur Housing Boom
110 Sierra Leoneans Leave for Iraq
Italy Set to Keep Troops in Iraq
Poll: Italians Steadfast on Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Iran Pledges $1 Billion in Aid to Iraq
14 Die in Afghan Clashes, Including 9 Tribesmen
New Afghan Report Documents Worst Atrocities in Three Decades
Taliban Free Kidnapped Engineers in Kandahar
Afghan Repatriation Passes 2.5 Million
NATO to Expand Security as Afghan Polls Near
US Jails in Afghanistan Hand Out Harsh Treatment
UN: Violence Against Women Still a Huge Problem in Afghanistan
Musharraf Chides Opponents of India Peace Drive
Pakistani President Appeals to Country's Citizens to Fight Extremism
Mass Arrests in Pakistan May Lead to Mass Protests
Detentions Spree in Pakistan Heralds Musharraf
Blast at Pakistan Mosque Near Afghan Border Leaves Two Dead
Pakistan Bans Afghan Truckers' Entry
Pakistan: Indian PM’s Remarks Unfortunate
Pakistan, India to Discuss Easing of Visa Restrictions
India Basks in US Nuclear Deal, but Doubts Surface
Indian PM: Iran Gas Pipeline Fraught With Risks
Indian Leftists Spurn Closer Ties With US
Police Officer and Civilian Die in Kashmir Shooting
Police Launch Car Searches in Kashmir After Bombing
India Warns Pakistan Over Kashmir
North Korea Says US Key to Deal at Six-Party Talks
North Korea Demands US Policy Shift
Hurdles Ahead in North Korea Talks
US Asks North Korea Not to Set Preconditions Ahead of Nuclear Talks
China Calls for Constructive Attitude in North Korea Nuclear Talks
Once Forbidden, English Is All the Talk in North Korea
Japan to Push North Korean Abduction Issue
China Affirms 'No First Use' Nuke Policy
CNOOC Says It Won't Raise Unocal Offer
China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar
Bush Welcomes China's Currency Change
Neighboring Nations Take Cue From Beijing on Currency
Villagers Triumph in Deadly Land Grab in China
Chinese Defector: 1,000 Spies in Australia, Likely Even More in US
Opposition: Over 50 Filipino Lawmakers Agree to Impeach Arroyo
Philippine Groups Work on Caretaker Govt
Indonesia President Wants Army Restraint in Aceh
Indonesian President: Voice of the Militants Should Also Be Heard
Jakarta Embassy Bomber Accomplice Gets Three Years
Thailand Soldiers Raid Islamic School
Sri Lankan Village Counselor Gunned Down as Violence Grows
Myanmar's Generals Build Their 'Xanadu'
Norway Slashes Aid to Nepal
Moscow Center Aims to Stem Nuke Trafficking
Bush Names Career Diplomat Ambassador to Russia
Belarus and Russia Ponder a Soviet Reunion
Schroeder Granted Election He Craved but Is Likely to Lose
German Elections Set for Sept. 18, a Year Early
Trailing Badly, Schroeder Plays Iraq Card Again
Support of US Spurs Terror-Attack Fear in Denmark, 2 Killed
Bush Grenade Scare: Man Confesses
EU Vows to Listen to Citizens After Constitution's Rejection
Hostility Persists on Divided Cyprus
Italy Shuts Airport on Attack Scare
Berlusconi Launches Hate Campaign Against Himself
No Specific Terror Threats Against Canada
Poll: Canadians Not Particularly Ready for Terrorism
Day of Protest Decries Deaths in Haiti
Haiti Kidnap Horror
Tense Funeral for Haiti Reporter
House Members Approve Propaganda Broadcasts to Venezuela
Venezuela Lashes Out at US House Decision on Broadcasts
US to Take War of Words With Chávez on to the Airwaves
Feared Colombian Militias Want Political Party
French in Contact With FARC Rebels
Aid Group Makes Annual Protest Trek to Cuba
London Again
An Echo of Attacks on London
Police Look for Links Between Bomb Attacks
Not Much Damage but Plenty of Uncertainty and Fear
Experts Ponder How London Escaped Repeat of Bomb Carnage
Faulty UK Bombs Imply Sloppiness or Old Explosive
London Attackers 'Meant to Kill'
Theories on the London Bombing
Experts: Latest London Blasts Amateurish
What Happened?
'Someone Left a Bag and All Hell Had Broken Loose'
Passengers Chased Apparent Fleeing Bomber
Screams of Panic as Passengers Stampede to Escape Tube Blast
The Investigation
Authorities Probe Pakistani Linked to Plot in Oregon
London Police Launch Manhunt After New Wave of Attacks
Worldwide Manhunt on for Bombing Aide
Hunt Turns to Ex-Aide of Cleric in London
Mother of Suspected London Bomber Says She Won't Accept Son's Guilt Without Proof
Britain Reacts
London: Not Quaking, but Wondering What Dread Tomorrow May Bring
Britons Seem Less Terrified Than Resigned
Blair Calls for Calm, but the Strain Grows
Little Sign of Market Panic as London Shrugs Off Bombing
The New Britain
The Sidewalks Where Terror Breeds
Bomber 'Had Jihad Dream'
Blair Bid to Use Tapped Evidence in Court
Britain and Jordan Agree on Expulsion of Terror Suspects
UK Military
British DM Is Accused of 'Sneaking Out' News of Defense Job Cuts
RAF to Close Island Radar Station
Homeland Security
America Wrestles With Privacy vs. Security
US Counterterror Agency Criticized on Info-Sharing
Pentagon, Homeland Security Near Agreement on Airspace Authority
Poll: Terror Preparedness Views Shifting in US
In New Security Move, New York Police to Search Commuters' Bags
Govt Backs Off Idea of Civilian Border Patrol
US Teen Gets Prison for Making 'Terrorist Threat'
US Says 52 Guantanamo Detainees Refusing Food
Freed Afghans Decry Guantanamo Conditions
US Discussing Return of Guantanamo Prisoners With Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia
US Military
Military Recruiters Are Seeking Access to Student Lists Before Families Have Been Given a Chance to Opt Out
Admiral Calls on Congress to Fund Stealth Destroyer
Pentagon Concerned About Missile Threat
Missile Defense Tests to Resume in the Fall
DARPA Eyes Robot Dogs on Battlefield
Army Says Fort Campbell Soldier Died From Self-Inflicted Injuries
The War at Home
Cheney: We Cannot Predict Length or Course of the War
Families Who Fought for 9/11 Commission Declare It a Failure
Nearly Half of Americans Believe Nation 'Less Safe' From Terrorists
In American Cities, No Mirror Image of Muslims of Leeds
White House Opposes Bill to Cut UN Funds
Lawmakers Blast Pentagon Over Iraq Report
Florida Antiwar Group: Protests Are Gaining Acceptance
US Deserter Denies Being Propaganda Tool
Lawmakers Met With Iranian Exile Scrutinized Over Intelligence
President-Elect: Iran Won't Seek Nuke Arms
Iran Won't Be Deprived of Nuclear Rights, Says Ahmadinejad
Iran Plans to Launch First Space Satellite
Security Chief 'Is Hariri Suspect'
US: Disband Hezbollah in Lebanon
Syria: 37 Workers Killed in Lebanon Since February
Sharon Vows to Expand West Bank Settlement
Israel Weighs Moving Up Gaza Pullout Date
Israel's Envoy to UN Says Date of Pullout to Remain Unchanged
Rice Urges Increased Efforts to Prepare for Gaza Pullout
Israelis Arrest 300 Protesters
Israeli Army Will Blow Up 30 Synagogues in Gaza
US Planning International Post-Pullout Summit
Palestinian Rocket Lands in Refugee Camp, One Dead
PA Police Fire on Hamas in Gaza
Palestinian Minister: Hamas Attempting Coup
Police Probe Palestinians in Killing of West Bank Boy
UN Security Council Debates Middle East, Israeli Barrier
Trouble Brews Over Homes at Ancient Jerusalem Site
Theater Thrives in Gaza, Despite Restrictions
Jordanian PM Wins Vote of Confidence
Jordan Keeps Zarqawi Mentor in Jail
Yemen Riots Over Subsidy Cut Leave 16 Dead
Tanks Patrol Riot-Hit Yemen Towns
Middle East
Turkey to Amend Anti-Terror Law to Better Tackle PKK
Former Intel Chief Picked as New Saudi Envoy to US
Oman Takes Steps to Safeguard Future Without Oil
NBC News Correspondent 'Dragged From Room' by Sudanese Bodyguards
Sudan Roughs Up State Dept Staff and Press
Rice Fumes Over Rough Sudan Security
Sudan Apologizes for Manhandling of Rice's Aides
Four Clergymen Detained in Zimbabwe Raid
Zimbabwe Devalues Currency 39%
DR Congo
Fears Over New Congolese Rebels
UN Official: Uganda Shelters Congo's Rebels
UN Troops Destroy Rwandan Rebel Camps in Congo
Congo Murder Trial Opens
Somali Town Braces as Reports Rise That Another Militia Attack Is Imminent
Violent Protests Persist in Kenya
'Feeling Is Not Good' After Ethiopia Vote
Australian Official Hopes to Get UK-Style Terror Powers
Australia Backs US Decision to Open Nuclear Trade With India
Australia Reassesses Afghan Effort
Australia Sidesteps US on China

Iraq: What Are We Fighting For?

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