Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran: Justin Raimondo
Changing the Subject: Frank Rich
Emasculating Nonproliferation: Gordon Prather
Blair's Bombs: John Pilger
An Unwinnable Conflict: Patrick Cockburn

Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated July 25, 2005 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraq Insurgents Still Strong After Vote
US Concerned Insurgents Infiltrating Iraqi Police
US-Iraqi Task Force to Set Terms for US Exit
Effort to Charge London Suspect Was Blocked by US
Neocons Turn on Blair for Being 'Soft on Terror'
85% of Brits Say Bomb Blasts Linked to Iraq War
Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bomb Attack
Fresh Suicide Attacks in Central Baghdad Kill 14
Poll Shows Americans, for First Time, Divided on Use of A-Bombs in 1945
Desperately Trying to Change the Subject  by Frank Rich
Spirit of J. Edgar Hoover Lives On
The State (SC)
Unocal Sale None of Congress' Business  by Alan Reynolds
Blair's Bombs  by John Pilger
Newsflash: Freedom Is Free
by Brad Edmonds
Emasculating Nonproliferation
by Gordon Prather

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Military Makes Up 'Terrorist' Quotes
Researchers: Suicide Bombers Are Not Crazy
AG Gonzales Responds to Rich's '12-Hour Gap' Charge
Poll: Iraq War Made US Vulnerable, Say Americans
Iraqi FM Tells Turkey Not to Pursue Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Corporal Pleads Guilty in Murder of Iraqi Policeman
Met Chief Defends 'Shoot-to-Kill' Policy, Acknowledges More People Could Be Killed
Straw Backs Down on Denial of Iraq Link
N. Korea Plays Deal-Maker Ahead of Nuclear Talks
Suicide Truck Bomber Kills 40 at Baghdad Police Station
Today in Iraq
Has Iraqi Civil War Already Begun?
Sunni Politician: Govt-Linked Militiamen Involved in Assassinations
Iraq al-Qaeda Posts New Video of Slain Egypt Envoy
US Offers Forecast on Iraq Insurgency
Iraq Seeks Electricity From Neighbors
Iraqi Constitution
Sunnis End Boycott of Constitution Draft Body
Allawi's Secular Bloc Threatening to Boycott Iraq's Constitution Committee
Foreign Minister: Iraq Will Recover Despite Sunni Boycott
Iraq Vows to Protect Sunni Constitution Writers
Iraqis Prepare for Referendum, Elections
Iran Acknowledges Human-Rights Violations in Prisons
Iran Slams Chirac's Comments on Tehran's Nuclear Program
Palestinian Interior Minister: Gaza Talks Ended in Failure
Gaza Pullout Uncoordinated; Deadline Looms
Sharon Blames Pullout Foes for Illness Hoax
UAE to Build Town for Palestinians at Site of Gaza Settlements
Israeli Group Marches to Support Gaza Pullout
Israeli Officer Who Cursed Pullout Foes Will Stand Disciplinary Trial
Sharon Vows Harsh Gaza Response
Sharon Adviser: No al-Qaeda Attacks on Israel Imminent
2 Israelis Are Killed and Then 2 Palestinians
Israel Responds With Force to Couple's Deaths in Gaza
Israelis Disarm, Arrest Would-Be Suicide Bomber
Would-Be Palestinian Bomber Apparently an Embarrassment for Abbas
Israeli DM Demands PA Take Steps Against Hamas
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ambassador-Designate to US Says His Country Is Fighting Terrorism
Saudi Court Upholds Jail Terms of Reformists
Middle East
'Fragile' Lebanon Needs Time on Hezbollah-Hariri
Bahraini King Passes Controversial Law for Political Associations
US Soldier Killed in Firefight in Afghanistan, Another Wounded
New US Tactic: Employ Poor Afghans
Hoping to Leave Afghan Jail, Soon
Poorly Planned National Assembly Polls Threaten Afghanistan's Democratic Rebirth
Howard Firm on Troop Commitment to Afghanistan
Pakistan Premier Vows Efforts to Halt Infiltration Into Afghanistan
Pakistani PM Pledges $100 Million Grant for Kabul
Pakistan's Musharraf Squeezed Between Global Terror and Local Anger
Hundreds Booked Under Pakistan Anti-Terror Act for 'Blocking Road'
Pakistan FM: Gas Pipeline With India to Go Ahead
India to Use Air Force Against Kashmiri Fighters
India to Continue Iran Pipeline Talks Despite Deal With US
Death Toll Mounts in Nepal Insurgency
Nepalese Police Battle Protesters, More Than 24 Hurt
In North Korea Talks, a Glimmer of Hope
South Koreans Weigh Burden of Massive Assistance for North
Diplomats Set Modest Goals for N. Korea Talks
Two Koreas Call for Substantial Progress at Talks
US: Korea Nuke Talks Going to Take Time
Expectations Low for North Korean Nuclear Talks
Missiles on the Table as North Korea's Children Starve
Thousands Mourn Korea's Last Imperial Heir
Philippine Military on Highest Alert Before Arroyo's Address
New Push to Impeach Arroyo
Philippine Opposition Files Impeachment Complaint Against Arroyo
Manila Abuzz With Coup Talk
Russia, Pakistan Want to Join East Asia Summit
Oil Moves by China, India Challenge US
Japan May Advance Missile Shield Date
Romania Moving Closer to Base Access Deal With US
Appeal of Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' Starts to Fade
One Dead in Dagestan Train Bombing
Pressure Is Growing on Muslims in Italy
Spain Court Backs Argentine Trial
Television Report Will Detail Aussie Govt Bullying of Intel Officers
Australia Mulls New Security Laws
Prominent Aussie Cleric Accuses Howard of Fear Tactics
Investigation in Egypt
Egypt Arrests 70 in Hunt for Bombers
Egypt Probe Seeks Ties to 2004 Blasts
Egypt Police Hold Bedouins in Search for Bombers
Police Drawing Outlines of Egypt Attacks
Police Struggle to Identify Egypt Bomb Victims
On Edge
New Bomb Scare as Egypt Hunts Down Resort Attackers
Small Bomb Explodes in Cairo
Egypt Denies Reports of Latest Resort Blast
Egypt Reacts
Egypt Unites Against Bombers
Bombings to Boost Mubarak’s Image as Man in Crisis
Slain Militant's Son Disowns Egypt Bombers' Tribute
In Egypt's 'City of Peace,' a Day of Sorrow and Unease
Tourists Leave Bombed Egyptian Resort
Egypt Expects Quick Tourism Recovery
Shooting in London
Friday's Shooting: The Key Questions
Debate Rages Over 'Shoot-to-Kill'
Shoot-to-Kill Policy Is Based on Israeli Model
British Stick to Shoot-to-Kill Policy Despite Killing Innocent Man
The Hard-Working Son in Search of a Better Life
Final Minutes of the Innocent Man Mistaken for a Terrorist
Family of Dead Brazilian Mystified How Police Mistook Him for Bomber
'He Was Law-Abiding. We Blame the Government for His Death'
British Police Assure Brazil Slaying Will Be Investigated
Investigation in London
British Inquiry Connects Two Sets of Bombers
Third Man Arrested in Failed London Attack
Pakistani American Aiding London Probe
Bombers 'Probably' Still in Britain
Police Believe Bomber Cells Met Up at Rafting Center
Did a Fifth Bomber Lose Nerve and Dump Bomb?
Britain Reacts
London's Muslims Voice New Fears: Afraid of Militants, Afraid of Police
Blair May Recall Parliament if Bombings Continue
Back on Tube, Britons Hold Their Breath
Attacks Worry UK Tourism Industry
UK Military
UK Ministers Accused of Double Standards Over Arms Exports
Facing Manpower Shortage, British Navy Will Allow Women on Warships
War on Terror
Jihad Without Borders
The Rise of a Jihadi Suicide Culture
Pope Asks God to Stop Terrorism
Homeland Security
Use of Video Surveillance on the Rise
Bush Admin, Congress Battle Behind the Scenes on 'Data Mining'
Long Island Police Ask Citizens to Spy on Everybody, Report Anything Suspicious
The War at Home
Senate Panel to Examine Use of Cover by US Spies
Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal and What It Reveals
Villainous Arab Wrestler to Be Removed From Show After Complaints
Colombia Offers to Buy Coca Crops From Peasants
Uribe Seeks International Support for Militant Demobilization Bill
France Negotiating With Colombian Guerrillas for Hostage's Release
New Latin-Focused TV Station Transmitting
US Politicians Bash Chavez' New Latin America TV News Network
US-Venezuela Ties Continue to Suffer
Venezuela's Demand to US: 'Respect' / Chavez Wields Oil Supply as Potent Weapon
Cuban Activist Reports Dissidents' Release
Former Ecuadorean President a Wanted Man

Haiti Likely to Extend Voter-Registration Deadline Because of Low Turnout

Rebel Group Claims Sudan Military Raiding Villages in South Darfur
Sudan Cabinet Holds First-Ever Meeting in South
Villagers in Sudan Fight Dam Dictators
South Africa Might Pay Zimbabwe's Debt
Zimbabwe's Future: Made in China
Zimbabwe's Bustle, Business Evaporate With Fuel Shortage
Africans Turn Up Heat on Mugabe
Gunmen Assault Ivory Coast Police Stations
Clinton Expresses Regret in Rwanda
Guinea-Bissau Votes to Choose President

Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran

Common Sense About India?

The Price of Empire

US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

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A Roving Ethical Problem

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

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Laowai and Zibenren

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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