Blowback in Iraq: Justin Raimondo
Multipolar's the Way to Go for US: Leon Hadar
Mr. President, Please Give This Speech: A. Glantz
Save Us From Our Saviors: Sanjay Suri
Loving Big Brother: William Norman Grigg

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Updated July 27, 2005 - 11:24 PM EDT

Jaafari Tells Rumsfeld: Leave Iraq 'Fast'

16 Bombs Found in Car Boot of London Attackers
US Gen. Aims to Sharply Cut Iraq Force Next Year
Poll: Most Believe US Won't Win Iraq War
Islam Dominates Iraq's Draft Constitution
Iraqi Women Fear Democracy Will Crush Freedom
Prosecutor in CIA Leak Case Casting a Wide Net
Four London Bomb Suspects Arrested
Frist Pulls Defense Bill to Avoid Votes on Treatment of Detainees
Al-Qaeda Claims to Kill Two Algerian Diplomats in Iraq
Former Top General: 50,000 Iraq Insurgents Have Been Killed or Caught
Decoupling the Iraq War From Its Obvious Consequences  by John Brown
Mr. President, Please Give This Speech  by Aaron Glantz
Police Response More Frightening Than the Killing  by Sanjay Suri
Multipolar's the Way to Go for US
by Leon Hadar
West's Policies Must Change
by Eric Margolis
The Westmoreland Mindset
by Derrick Z. Jackson

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Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Say US Can Still Use Bases
Pentagon Probes Use of Fake Quotes in Iraq News Releases
5 GIs Killed, 5 Wounded in Two Incidents in Iraq
Former Bush Aide Turns Critic as Iraq Inspector
Ahmed Chalabi Emerges, Again, as Powerful Leader
Police Say London Bombers Ready to Strike Again
US Tries a New Approach in Talks With North Korea
Children of the Orange Revolution's Extravagant Ways
50 'Taliban' Killed in Afghanistan Clashes
Afghans Hurl Stones at US Troops, Try to Break Down Gate at Base in Bagram
Today in Iraq
US Sending All Types of Doctors to Iraq
Is Iraq Heading for Civil War?
US Knows of About 10 Leaders of Iraq's Insurgency: Pentagon
Iraq's al-Qaeda Says Will Kill Algerian Envoys
Iraq's 'FBI' on Shoestring Budget
Iraqi Constitution
Emergency Constitution Summit Set for Iraq
Kurds 'Up the Ante' in Iraqi Constitution Talks
Constitution May Reduce Women's Rights, Iraqi Campaigners Say
Drafters of Iraq's Constitution Grapple With Dual Citizenship
Attacks Continue
Bombing Kills 4 US Soldiers in Baghdad
Gunmen Kill Up to 17 in Baghdad Bus Ambush
Intelligence Officer Assassinated in Basra
In Baghdad Quarter, Killers Don't Hide Their Faces
  Security Incidents in Iraq, July 27
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 26
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland and Iraq Discuss Troop Cut
Poland Determined to Keep Troops in Iraq: PM
Kuwait Defends Right to Build Oil Pipeline on Borders With Iraq
Bush Meets With Iraqi Province Officials
Panel Completes Inquiry on UN Oil-for-Food Official
UK Peace Tax Group Loses Court Case
Omar Calls for Afghans to Topple Karzai Govt
Franco-British Flight to Return Rejected Afghan Immigrants
US Says Taliban on the Run in Afghanistan, but Group Is Far From Vanquished
More Canadian Soldiers Head to Afghanistan
Central Asia
Rumsfeld Secures Temporary Deal in Central Asia
Rumsfeld Calls Tajikistan 'Solid Partner' in Terror War
US Gains Use of Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Links Fate of US Base to Afghanistan
Uzbek Refugees Are Forced to Wait Out Diplomatic Storm
Musharraf's al-Qaeda Claims Are Dismissed
Foreign Militants Hide Out in Waziristan
Pakistan Says No to Joint Control of Controversial Dam in Kashmir
Pakistan Clerics Explain 'Jihad'
Pakistan Needs Decisive Push Against Indigenous Militants: Analysts
Tragedy Averted in Indian Kashmir as Police Seize Powerful Car Bomb
India Test-Fires Short-Range Missile
Indian Strikes Turn Violent Again
Tea Estates in Eastern Nepal Closed Amid Guerrillas' Threats
Nepal's Ex-PM Jailed for Corruption
US: We Won't Hit North Korea First
North Korea 'Ready' to Seek Nuclear-Free Peninsula
North Korea Talks Enter Day Two, Mood Upbeat
US Ready to Help North Korea Energy Needs
S. Korea Accepts Resignation of US Envoy
China Acts to Ease Fears Over Nuclear Arms Policy
Don't Expect Yuan to Rise Much, China Tells World
EU Likely to Lift Arms Embargo on China
Lawmakers Discuss Arroyo Impeachment Rules
Arroyo Fails to Inspire Press
Arroyo Plan Seen as a Diversion
Would-Be Bombers Sought in Philippines
ASEAN Relieved as Myanmar Junta Skips 2006 Chair
Japan Urged to Consider Female Monarchs
Cambodia: Police Brutality During Forced Return of Montagnards
Irish Republican Army
IRA to Renounce Violence in Favor of Political Struggle
Sinn Fein Out of IRA Command, Govt Says
First World War Grenades Found in French Park
Belarus Expels Polish Diplomat
Van Gogh Killer Sentenced to Life
Grenade Suspect Charged With Terrorism
EU Plan to Curb Terrorism Funding
Russia to Fund Program to Destroy Chemical Weapons
Aristide's Party to Run in Haiti Elections
Kidnappings Spiral in Haiti
Mexico Judge Rejects Arrest Order for Ex-President
Missile Defense: No Thanks, Neighbor
US Defense Official: Bolivia a Target of Cuba and Venezuela
Danny Glover: Latin Station Won't Demonize US
Cuba Commemorates Castro's Revolution
Colombia Rebel Group Wary of Gov't Peace Overture
In Other News
Vatican's Clash With Israel Poses First Diplomatic Challenge for New Pope
Italy Accuses Countries on Council Seats
Investigation in Egypt
Egypt Had Warning Before Deadly Attack
Egypt Says No Pakistanis Involved in Resort Bombings
Bedouin Help Sought to Solve Egypt Blasts
Egyptian Bomb Suspect Identified
Investigators Identify Body of Suspected Suicide Bomber in Egypt Attacks
Investigation in London
Police Debate if London Plotters Were Suicide Bombers, or Dupes
Two Militants Place Suspect at a Camp in Pakistan
British Puzzle Over Suspects' Motives
Two Blast Suspects Went on Bonding Trip
Plastic Vessels May Link Two Sets of London Bombings
Failed London Bomber Duo Lived on UK Welfare
London Bombing Suspects From Somalia, Eritrea
London Bomb Suspect Was Convicted Robber - Papers
Police Build Details of Suspects' Trail
British Keep a Wary Eye on Pakistan
'No Impunity' for Shoot-to-Kill
Eight Bullets Demands a Heavy Burden of Proof
British Ambassador Apologizes for Brazilian's Shooting Death
'Shoot-to-Kill' Old Debate for UK Forces
Brazilians Plan Mass Protests for London Shooting
Tony Blair
Blair: Iraq No Excuse for Terror
Blair: Attacks Won't Change Iraq Policy
Blair: World Slept After 9/11
Blair Support Soars in Wake of Blasts
Britain Reacts
In Britain, a Divide Over Racial Profiling
US Muslim Youth Speak Out Against Terrorism
UK MPs Call for Deportation of 'Voice of al-Qaeda'
Web Site Fights Terrorism With Defiant Optimism
UK War on Terror
Muslim Leaders Asked to Help Close Intelligence Gap
Stricter Anti-Terror Laws Advance in Britain
Britain, Israel in Anti-Terror Talks After London Bombings
Blair Meets Opposition Leaders to Discuss British Anti-Terror Laws
France, UK Share 'Jihadist' Lists
US War on Terror
US Officials Retool Slogan for Terror War
Report: Bin Laden Planned to Poison US Cocaine Supply
'Suspicious Pakistanis' Prompt US Flight Diversion
New York Says Sorry for Handcuffing British Sikh Tourists
US Military
US Military Plans to Screen Returning Troops for Combat Disorders
Missile Defense: The Test of Reality
Plan to Shift Army Units Is Complete, Officials Say
US Considers New Nuclear Generation 60 Years After First Bomb
Remains of 2 US Pilots Returning From Vietnam War
Missile Sales Boost Lockheed
US Military Eyes Bomb Neutralizers
Marines Set for Another Tour in Iraq
Torturing Justice
Witness: Dogs Bit Abu Ghraib Detainees
Testimony: Abu Ghraib Dog Tactics Came From Guantanamo
Plame CIA Leak Case
GOP Concern Acknowledged Over CIA Leak
Muslims Call Comments by Radio Host 'Hate-Filled'
Iran May Resume Nuclear Work if EU Proposal Delayed
Iran Body Seeks Suicide 'Martyrs'
Syria Says US Pressure Won't Break Its Will
Documents Detail Ties Between Syria, Iraq
Syria Shuns Charges of Having Weak Border
Lebanon Ex-Warlord Freed After 11 Years
Palestinian Security Forces 'Dysfunctional' but Improving: US General
Sharon's Son to Be Tried in Likud Funds Scandal
More US Aid for Palestinians Has Strings
Jerusalem OKs Neighborhood Construction
Hamas to Ease Off Attacks in Gaza
Middle East
Bomb Attack Derails Train in East Turkey, None Hurt
Yemen to Cut Fuel Prices After Riots
Sudan's Peace Remains Uncertain
US Names Special Representative for Sudan
China Bails Out Zimbabwe
Britain Presses for Security Council Meeting on Zimbabwe's Demolition Campaign
Mbeki Opts for Quiet Diplomacy in Dealings With Zimbabwe
Somali 'President' Lands in Jowhar
US: Algeria's Salafists 'Greatest Threat' to West African Security
New UN Envoy Named to End Western Sahara Impasse

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