Unraveling the Plame Case: Engelhardt/Schell
A Skunk at the Garden Party: Leigh Saavedra
Footprints: Nebojsa Malic
Thomas Friedman, Liberal Sadist?: N. Solomon
The War Is Over, and We...: Paul Craig Roberts

The right to revolt has sources deep in our history.
William O. Douglas
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Updated July 28, 2005 - 11:23 PM EDT
US Plans Iraq Force Cut as Revolt Rages
Iraqi PM Urges Quick Pullout of US Forces
Kurds Won't Back Down From Federalism
North Korea Rejects US Plan on Arms
12 More Arrests in London Bombing Probe
IRA Says Armed Campaign Is Over
FBI Seeks to Investigate Israeli Envoy in Pentagon Spy Case
Iran Won't Give Up Option to Enrich Uranium
'Universal Democracy' Is Goal in New US Legislation
Unraveling the Plame Case
by Tom Engelhardt and Jonathan Schell
Another Skunk at the Garden Party
by Leigh Saavedra
Thomas Friedman, Liberal Sadist?
by Norman Solomon
Nothing but Scorn  by David Clark
The War Is Over, and We...
by Paul Craig Roberts
The Meaning of Sharm el-Sheik
by Hasan Abu Nimah
Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal  by Roger Morris

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Pakistan Detains 600 in Post-London Crackdown
Report: MI5 Sought to Recruit al-Qaeda Leader
16 Bombs Found in Car Trunk of London Attackers
Senate Shelves Defense Bill to Avoid Embarrassing Bush
Turkish Leader Calls on US to Tackle His Rebels
Reporter Finds US Sniper in Iraq Who Shot Knight Ridder Correspondent
Roadside Bomb Kills Two GIs
Iraqi President Signals End to Night-Time Police Arrests
Overflowing Morgue Testament to Iraq's Mayhem
Today in Iraq
Iraq Police Accused of Torture
Muslim Veil Descends on Iraqi Women
Chalabi Presses Effort to Oust Judge Leading Saddam Investigation
Ba'athist Purge May Stall Saddam Trial
Saddam Asks to Meet With Defense Team Member, No Response
Iraqi Constitution
Iraqi Women Split on Role of Islam in New Constitution
US Think Tank Urges Delay in Iraqi Constitution
US Voices Concern on Direction of Iraq Charter
Attacks Continue
Algeria Confirms Diplomats Were Killed
Five Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded in Two Incidents in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills 5 at Baghdad Hospital
Water Plant Attack Kills Seven Iraqi Soldiers
Mortar Attack Hits Baghdad Bus Station
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 28
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 27
The New Iraq
Tribe, Family Take Priority Over the Law in Southern Iraq
In Basra, One Man Gives the Average Iraqi a Voice
Brits Reconsider Iraq
British DM: Scale of Iraq Insurgency Unforeseen
UK Intel Analysts Admit Link Between Iraq War and Bombings
UK Ministry of Defense Admits 'Vacuum' After Iraq War
British Colonel Expresses 'Concerns' at War Crimes Charges Against Troops
Global Iraq Fallout
Rumsfeld Urges Iraqi Govt to Be More Hostile Toward Syria
US Seeks New UN Condemnation of Violence in Iraq
Kuwait Boosts Security Following Iraqi Border Incident
Britain May Be Left to Hold the Fort in Afghanistan
US Military Moves to Defuse Tension After Afghans Riot Outside Main Base
US Hands Over Afghans After Riots
Three Taliban Fighters Killed in Afghanistan Clash
Neumann New US Diplomat to Afghanistan
Suspect in Killing of Journalist Is Arrested in Pakistan
Pakistan, India Agree to Expand 1974 Protocol on Pilgrims
Rockets Target Military Camp, Convoy in North Waziristan
Five Suspected Rebels Killed as Strike Grips Kashmir
India's Hindu Party Chief to Lose Job After Pakistan Remarks: Analysts
India Begins Exports by Road to Pakistan
Nepal King Under Fire Over Coup
Nepal's Controversial Rebel Road
Daschle Presses Nepal King on Democracy
North Korea Commits to Dismantling Nukes Verifiably
South Korea Proposes Aid to North as It Disarms
US Sticks With Stand North Korea Should End All Nuclear Programs
China & Her Neighbors
Experts Troubled by China Arms Buildup
Report: China Working on Anti-Satellite Systems
China, Vietnam Agree on Joint Oil Prospecting
Dalai Lama Awarded Peace Prize in Germany
Uzbek Refugees to Be Sent to Third Country
Bush Renews Burma Trade Sanctions
Man Killed by Vietnam War-Era Bomb
Sri Lanka PM Seeks Presidency
Philippine Political Overhaul May Remain a Dream
Tojo's Granddaughter Says Japan War PM No Criminal
After 26 Centuries, Is Japan Finally Fit for a Queen?
German High Court Rules a State's Wiretap Law Is Unlawful
Merkel Would Fortify German Links With US
Germany Rejects Italy's Charge on G4 Blackmail
Austria Mulls Charges Against Muslim Leaders for Justifying London Attacks
Austria Steps Up Security
Putin Orders Preventive Strikes Against Terrorists
Russia Threatens Nigeria Over Shipping Dispute
US Military Looks to Romania for New Bases
Montenegro to Pay Croatia First Balkan War Damages
Bulgarian Parliament Rejects New Government
Blair's Cyprus Talks Fail to Unify Leaders
Zimbabwe Continues Evictions, Defies UN
Zimbabwe's Opposition Wracked by Violence, Internal Disputes
Talks to End Zimbabwe Political Crisis Not Seen as Imminent
Zimbabwe Report Discussed at UN
Several Countries Call for UN Action Against Zimbabwe to Halt Slum Destruction
Mugabe's Role in Raids Debated
Border Town Strangled by Ethiopia-Eritrea Tensions
EU Gives Humanitarian Aid to Ethiopia, Eritrea
Ethiopia Announces More Results for Parliament Election
Violence in Ethiopia's East Draws Attention to Somalis' Plight
Anger at Somali Leader's Arrival
Ivory Coast
UN Operation in Ivory Coast on Alert Following Attacks
Ivorian Raiders 'Are Foreigners'
Ugandan Referendum Boycott Call
Ugandan Referendum May Allow Multiple Political Parties
Algeria Arrests Senior Islamist
Nigeria Police Accused of Torture
US Wants Colombia to Get Tough on Rights Abusers
Colombia Seeks Hostages' Release
Latin America's Flickering Democracy
As Did OAS, American Development Bank Resists a Candidate Backed by US
Greenland Accuses Canada of Occupying Disputed Island
Wife of Guatemalan Rebel Killed by CIA Asset Says CIA Operatives Engaged in Criminal Acts Should Be Exposed
Venezuela Plan for Oil Income Will Aid Chávez
Middle East
US Terror Warning for Kuwait
Istanbul's Isle of Diversity
War on Terror
Why Jihadists Target the West
Tourism and Terrorism
Aussie Mufti Urges End to Terror
Investigation in Egypt
In Egypt, People Ask Who Is to Blame?
Egyptians Search for 15 Terror Suspects
Egypt Police Take DNA From Families in Bomber Search
Investigation in London
Bomb Discovery Shows Two London Attacks May Be Linked
How Big Was the London Terror Plot?
Did London Bombers Know They Would Die?
London Bomb Suspect Arrested
Three Women Arrested in London Bomb Probe
Stun Gun Downs London Terror Suspect
Police Release New Photo of Failed Bomber
Shooting-to-Kill in London
Free Holiday for Shooting Officer
London Police Nearly Killed Other Suspects on Seven Other Occasions Since Bombing
Police Admission on Shoot-to-Kill Raises Fresh Concerns
Brazilian's Killing Taught Police a Lesson, Says Family
Protest March on British Consulate in Brazil
Aftermath in London
Leading UK Cleric Rails at Injustice of 'Muslim Bashing'
Blair Wants to Promote 'True Face of Islam'
Amnesty Calls for Probe Into London Shooting
Struggle for a British Islam
UK War on Terror
Blair: New Laws Will Make It Easier to Crack Down on People With Extremist Views
IRA Are Not al-Qaeda Says Blair
UK Party Leaders at Odds Over Detention of Suspects
Britain, Spain, Turkey in Anti-Terror 'Alliance of Civilizations'
Dawn Raids on Birmingham: Safe Haven or Next Target?
Blair to Reject Police Call to Hold Terror Suspects for Three Months
US War on Terror
The 'War on Terror' Slips Out of Bush Vocabulary
US Under Fire for Posting al-Qaeda Guide
FBI Faulted on Unreviewed Wiretap Recordings
US Muslim Scholars to Forbid Terrorism
US to Track Foreigners at Border Posts
Would-Be Airport Bomber Gets 22-Year Prison Term
FBI: Fired Professor Used Terror Code
NY Transport Authority Keeps 'Secret Database' of People Who Film Bridges
Radiation Portal Monitors at Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Senate Votes to Move Up Homeland Security Secretary in Presidential Line of Succession
Plame CIA Leak Case
Additional Officials Were Questioned in Probe of CIA Leak
Rove's Backers Use 'Counterspy Defense' in CIA Leak Case
Senate Probe of Prewar Intelligence Stalls
Some Papers Pull Doonesbury Cartoon Over Rove Nickname
Abusing Justice
California Guard Unit Investigated of Abuse of Iraqis
Report: CIA Officials Involving in Iraqi Beatings
Witness: GIs Set Dogs on Iraqi Prisoners in Contest
Guardsman: CIA Beat Iraqis With Hammer Handles
Military's Opposition to Harsh Interrogation Is Outlined
Torture Policy, Scandal Follow Deputy Attorney General Nominee
US Military
Fewer Early Sign-Ups as Army Struggles to Recruit Soldiers
US Military Hits Ammunition Shortages
Pentagon May Scrap Jet Plans
Soldier, Uncle Plead Guilty to Smuggling Guns Out of Iraq
British Hacker Accused of Infiltrating US Military Computers Appears in Court to Fight Extradition
US Army Computers Were 'Shut Down by Hacker'
US Prepares New Round of Civil Aviation Missile Defense Tests
The War at Home
Veteran of Iraq Running for Congress Slams Invasion
Poll: Americans' Views of Islam Warming
Panel: Bush Was Unready for Postwar Iraq
Subcontractor's Story Details Post-9/11 Chaos
Democrats Press Rice on UN Envoy Nominee Bolton
AFL-CIO Calls for Quick Withdrawal of US From Iraq
'Raging Grannies' Risk US Jail in Bid to Be Allowed to Fight in Iraq
Activist: Comcast Blocked E-Mails About Antiwar Event
Flight 93 Memorial in the Works
Jessica Simpson Upset About Missing Iraq Footage
Monks Walk Atomic Flame to Trinity Site
An Iraqi-American Helps to Keep Soulful Music From Baghdad Alive
Right Blasts 'Jihad Jane' Fonda
Defiant Khatami Tells European Union Iran Will Resume Nuclear Conversion Activities
Iran Achieves Solid Fuel Technology
Iranian President Intervenes in Bid to End Jailed Journalist's Hunger Strike
Lebanon's Premier Looks to Heal Rift With Syria
Lebanon Furious at Syrian Blockade
Freeing Geagea May Not Heal Lebanon's War Wounds
Kuwaiti Lessons for Lebanon's Current Predicament
Iran Ready to Help Solve Lebanon's Electricity Problems
Egypt's Political Opening Exposes Frailty of Opposition
Mubarak to Seek New Term
Israeli DM: Pullout Will Take Two to Three Weeks
Israel Tightens Access to Gaza Strip Settlements as Withdrawal Looms
Israel Army Gives Demonstration of Gaza Evacuation
Israeli TV Program Purchased Video of Death Curse Being Placed on Sharon
Israeli Settlers Plan New Mass Rally to Protest Gaza Pullout
Jewish Settlers Rally Forces to Stop Gaza Pullout
Qureia: PA Security Forces Ready to Take Over After Gaza Pullout
If Sharon Only Wants Pullout, He Doesn't Want Peace: Abbas
Army 'To Quit' Gaza-Egypt Border
Israeli Law Limits Palestinian Right to Sue State for Damages
Family Reunification 'Pared Down' for Palestinians
IDF Troops Kill Unarmed Teen in Jenin Raid
US-Israel Crisis Deepens Over Defense Exports to China
US Insists: Mofaz Must Sign China-Drone Apology
US Envoy to Israel Pledges to Speak Out
US Near Proposing New Aid for Gaza Water
PA Defies Calls to Halt Death Penalty, Executes Murderer

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Common Sense About India?

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US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

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