Disengagement's Foreplay: Ran HaCohen
A Costly Education for America: Chris Moore
In Praise of Kevin Benderman: Norman Solomon
Is America's War Winding Up?: Pat Buchanan
No Stinking Badges: Gordon Prather

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Updated July 30, 2005 - 9:54 PM EDT
Iraq: Costs and Craziness Soaring
Iraqi Speaker Warns Troops Not to Attack Tal Afar
Bush Plans to Sidestep Senate on Bolton
Defense Team Says Saddam Attacked; US Denies It
US Vets Slam Iraq Mini-Series as 'Pure Hollywood'
Official Kidnapped, 11 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Hawks Losing Influence in 'Business-Like' Korea Talks
Russia Furious Over US TV Interview of Chechen Rebel Chief
Is America's War Winding Up?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Four Powers Behind the 'al-Qaeda Conspiracy'  by Matthew Parris
Pouring Gasoline on the Fire of Global Terrorism  by Bob Herbert
A Costly Education for America
by Chris Moore
In Praise of Kevin Benderman
by Norman Solomon
No Stinking Badges  by Gordon Prather

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Bush Approval at All-Time Low of 44%
Ariz. Guard Blogger Critical of Iraq War Is Punished
Soldiers Going From Iraq to Afghanistan Get More Than They Expected
MI5 Links Iraq to Extremists in UK
US Evicted From Air Base in Uzbekistan
US Army to Vacate 13 Bases in Germany
UN Expands List of al-Qaeda-Linked Groups
Pakistan Says It Will Expel All Foreigners From Madrassas
Today in Iraq
Why Did a US Marine Gun Down a Cousin of Iraq’s UN Ambassador?
Iraqi Kurds Demand Say Over Northern Oil Fields
Dutch Man Charged for Planning Iraq Attacks
Army Charges 11 'Night Stalkers' in Abuse of Captives
Iraq Constitution Chief Will Consult Factions, Seek Compromise
US Officials: Cash Couriers Supplying Iraq Militants
Attacks Continue
Two US Marines Killed in Clash With Insurgents
44 Iraqi Recruits Killed in Suicide Blast
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 30
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 29
Iraq Occupation
US Groups Call for More Federal Funding to Promote Democracy in Iraq
UK Military Police Chief Denies 'Over-Zealous' Methods in Iraq
GAO: US Contractors Spent $766 Mllion on Iraq Security
Soldier in Iraq Records Country-Music Hit
The New Iraq
Iraq Is the New 'Epicenter' of Global Terrorism: Al-Qaeda Expert
Saddam Hussein Questioned About Shi'ite Uprising
Sheraton Baghdad – Fading Symbol of Iraq's Woes
Dispirited Iraqis Turn to Reality TV
Global Iraq Fallout
Philippine Diplomats Pulled Out of Iraq
Court Rules: UK Parliament Can't Use New Law to End Long-Running Antiwar Protest
UK Ex-Soldier Wins Stress Damages
El Salvador Troops to Stay in Iraq Another Year
Taliban Threat Unnerves Clerics in Afghanistan
Two GIs Injured in Afghanistan Apache Helicopter Crash
NZ Troops in Afghanistan Face 6-Day Delay
Martin Says Sending Combat Troops to Afghanistan Is Canada's Responsibility
Pakistan Promises to Arrest Extremists
Entangled in Terror's Net
Pakistan Soldiers Raid Madrassa
US to Make Initial F-16 Shipment to Pakistan
Pakistani Troops Kill Militant in Shootout
Pakistan Signs ASEAN Anti-Terror Pact
One Killed, Six Captured as Pakistani Troops Clash With Militants in North Waziristan
Indian PM: Deal With US Won't Limit Nuke Program
Poll: 87 Percent in India Favor Military Conscription
Explosives Found in India Train Blast
Militants 'Slit Hindus' Throats'
13 Killed in Kashmir Attacks
After 16 Years of Conflict, Kashmir Sees a Chance for Peace
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Taking Stock of the Tamil Tigers
Norway Sends Top Envoy to Save Sri Lankan Peace Process
Guerrillas Torch Three Buses in Central Nepal
India Criticizes Jailing of Former Nepal PM
N. Korea Nuclear Talks Extended
North Korea Getting High Marks From US
Hill Hints US Willing to Allow North Korea Peaceful Nuke Power
North Korea Nuclear Talks Enter Uncharted Territory
US Vows to Exhaust Korea Nuclear Talks
Reclusive North Korea on ASEAN Charm Campaign
South Korea on Alert After Terror Suspect's Visit
Sony Pictures Edits Out References to North Korea in Stealth
US Lawmakers Fear China's Growing Influence in Africa
US to Raise Concerns With China Over Ties With Zimbabwe
Taiwan Signals Easing of Travel Ban
Chinese Villagers Seize Party Chief
Possible Coup Brewing in Fiji
Chiefs Back Fiji's Amnesty Bill
Philippine Military Official Warns Troops
UN Airlifts Uzbek Refugees
Russia Summons US Envoy Over Basayev Interview
Basayev Plotting New Attacks
Russia Says No Territorial Concessions to Japan
Russia to Scrap Rusting Arsenal
Irish Republican Army
IRA Weapons to Go in Weeks
The Watchtowers Start Coming Down as Belfast Reflects on IRA Statement
UK Army Prepares Withdrawal of 5,000 From Northern Ireland
Talks on Devolving Power to Northern Ireland to Open
To Some in Ulster, Celebration of IRA Pledge Is Early
The First Steps on the Long Path to Power-Sharing in Northern Ireland
Change Made IRA's Choice Simple
Victim's Painful Journey to Peace
IRA Must Do More, Says Sister of Murder Victim
Poland Recalls Ambassador as Relations With Belarus Worsen
Poland Urges EU Action Over 'Crisis' With Belarus
France Ejects 12 Islamic 'Preachers of Hate'
Berlusconi: 'The Euro Has Screwed Everybody'
Odd-Fellow Coalition Roils German Politics
Two Bombs Explode on Spanish Roads After Warning Call From ETA
NATO Hails Karadzic Wife Plea
Italian Senate OKs Anti-Terror Measures
Australia Possible Terrorist Target
Aussie Sub Fleet Riddled With Risks
Weekend Reviews
Middle East Paradigm Shift
Henry David Thoreau and 'Civil Disobedience'
Tim Robbins at War
Investigation in London
Three Remaining London Bombing Suspects Captured
Italy Nabs Suspect in London Bombings
Have the Police Found a 'Fifth Bomber'?
London Bombing Planner Claimed to Be Caught in Zambia
UK Plays Down Role of Briton Held in Zambia
Suspect's Trail Was Left by Mobile Phone
Two Weeks of 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Interrogation Awaits Suspects
Radical UK Muslim Questions Tactics of Bombers
Force Grapples With Constraints on Interrogation
London Residents Felt Police Pressure
London Bristles With Police
Inquiry Starts Over Use of Taser on Bombing Suspect
Brazilian Did Not Wear Bulky Jacket
Homeland Security
US Judge Reduces 'Va. Jihad' Sentences
US Senate OKs PATRIOT Act Renewal
Detroit Business Leaders Warn Homeland Security Border Measures Will Harm Economy
Homeland Security Lists Few Toxic Threats
Congress to Cut Airport Screeners, Longer Waits Predicted
US Military
For Combat-Weary Marines, Each Stint Adds to the Strain
Landstuhl Hospital Boosts Security in Wake in London Bombings
General: Space Superiority Doesn't Mean Weaponization
Military Studying 'Green' Bullet
Female Marines Oppose Restrictions on Their Service
Senate Approves More Money for Veterans' Care
Geren Nominated to Be Acting Secretary of the Air Force
The War at Home
Rice Proposes State Department Shuffle
New Rules for US Agencies Aim to Prevent Another WMD Fiasco
UN: US Late in Filing Rights Report
A Note From Monica Benderman
Four Years Later: Owners of the PA Site of 9/11 Crash Finally Get Their Property Back
The 10 Lost Lives of the Black Cat
Imprisoned NY Times Reporter Praises Staff at Detention Center
Iran 'Ready' to Confront US, Israeli Attacks
US Says It Has No Evidence Iranian Leader Took Hostages
US Wants Response to Iran Allegations
Iran Insists New President Not Involved in US Embassy Seizure
Hunger-Striking Iranian Journalist Near His Death
Security Council Extends UNFIL Mandate in Lebanon

Lebanese PM to Make First Post-Withdrawal Syria Visit

Syria Expels Hundreds of Lebanese Managers
UN Committee Urges Syria to Free Political Prisoners
UN Urges Syria to Stop Torture
Egypt Opposition Leader Registers for Poll
Nine Candidates Registered So Far to Run for President in Egypt
Egypt's Top Cleric Rails Against Terrorism
Kurdish Issue Frays Turkey-US Ties
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Car Bomb Blast
Top Police Official Expects al-Qaeda to Target Turkey
Turkey Agrees to EU Customs Union
Vatican & Israel
Vatican and Israel in Rift Over Suicide Bombers
Vatican Rejects Israeli Complaint
Vatican: It Isn't Always Possible to Condemn Anti-Israel Terrorism
Vatican: Pope Won't Be Dictated to by Israel
Mofaz Rejects IDF Call for Pre-Pullout Strike in Gaza
US to Pay Off Farmers in Gaza Settlements for Greenhouses
Police to Ban Pullout Protests Ahead of March
Newcomers Hope to Disrupt West Bank Pullout
Israel Upgrades, Fortifies Crossings From West Bank
Three Soldiers Suspected of Looting Property in West Bank Settlements
Property Market in Gaza Booming
Progress in US-Israel Talks on China Arms Deal
Palestinian Family Releases Two UN Contractors Abducted in Gaza
Palestinian Militants Release Intelligence Officer
More Praise for Sharon From French
Uganda 'Backs' Multi-Party Return
Uganda Denies Report on Arms to Congo
Ex-Rebels Win in Burundi Senate Poll
New Move in Burundi Peace
Drugs, Gems, and Militants Draw FBI to West Africa
Rwanda Frees 36,000 Inmates, Most Genocide Suspects
Kenya Struggles to Tackle Threat of Terrorism
Ethiopia's PM Meets Poll Rivals
Amnesty: Eritrea Detaining Relatives of Draft Evaders
UN Report Details Rampant Sexual Violence in Darfur
Cuba Opposition Concerned About Dissidents
Pro-Cuba Group Says US Seized Canadian Computers
Coca Farmers in Bolivia Reap Fruits of Unrest
Bolivia Peacemaker Optimistic
UN Announces Increased Haiti Force Amid Evidence They Killed Civilians
Territorial Dispute Between Canada, Denmark Moves to Internet
Rebel Blockade Prompts Colombian Army Airlift
US Shuts Consulate in Chaotic Mexican Border City

Over There – Hollywood Joins the War Party

Disengagement's Foreplay

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