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That ought to make the War Party very happy.

For 10 years we've been on their case, exposing their lies and telling it like it is – reporting news the "mainstream" media won't, for fear of being condemned as "unpatriotic." And now it's going to come to an end, because for all the millions spent on war propaganda, not even a small fraction of that amount is available to the advocates of peace. Unless, of course, you act now to save

Without your contribution, we'll be folding up our tent and waving "Goodbye."

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Updated August 5, 2005 - 10:27 PM EDT

Deadly Hits Put New Pressure on Bush

Key Constitutional Meeting Delayed as 10 Killed
NBC: Iran Shipping Iraqi Rebels Powerful Bombs

AIPAC 'Crossed the Line'

Blair Announces New Deportation Measures

Al-Qaeda Links Iraq to London Bombs

New Iraq Constitution Omits Rights

Violent Week Leaves at Least 27 US Troops Dead

Iran Rejects 'Unacceptable' EU Nuclear Offer

Who's Behind the Coming War With Iran?  by Scott Horton
Zen and the Art of Iraqi Regime Change  by Sheldon Richman
A Few Obscenities for Tony Blair to Chew On  by Gwynne Dyer
Cheney's Deadly 'Last Throes'
by John Nichols
The Value of Amnesia
by Michael Kinsley
Disengaging From Responsibility
by Alon Harel

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AIPAC Indictment
New Poll: 59% in US Say War Not Worth It

Rumsfeld Says Syria 'Not Behaving in Wise Manner'

London Mayor: Withdraw From Iraq to Protect Britain

Bolton Warns Iran and Syria Over Iraq's Border

Al-Qaeda Threatens Tens of Thousands of US Military Dead

Experts: War With Iran Probably Not Imminent

Marine Deaths Prompt New Calls for US to Leave Iraq


Jewish Terrorist Lynched After Killing Four Israeli Druze on Bus

The War Goes On

34 Killed as Iraqi PM Unveils Security Plan

Three More Members of Georgia Unit Killed in Iraq – 11 in Two Weeks

Chalabi's Top Aide Assassinated in Baghdad

Marine Killed by Small Arms Fire in Ramadi

Elusive Sniper Shoots Dread Into Hearts of US Troops

Sniper Kills NYPD Officer in Iraq

Battle for Control of Western Iraq's Routes Escalates

Sudden Spike in Deaths Blamed on Operations in Iraq's 'Wild West' Area

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 5

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 4

Iraq Today

Iraq Constitution Panel Proposes Some Limits on Role of Clergy

Constitution Committee Member Says Iraq's Political System Will Be Parliamentary

The Beirut Symposium – Readying for a Liberated Iraq

Once-Liberal Basra Trades Cultural Freedom for Security

Jaafari Unveils Plan to Improve Border Security

Iraqis in Kuwait to Discuss Border Issue

US Military Says Suicide Attacks in Iraq Are Down


US Warns Iran Against Resuming Nukes

EU3 Aim to Give Iran Nuclear Proposals Friday

Fresh Clashes Erupt in Kurdish Region of Iran


Mauritanian Army Dissolves Parliament

Mauritanian Colonel Named New President After Coup

Annan Insists on Return of Mauritanian Dictatorship

Mauritania Shrugs, Gets Back to Business

Oil Explorers Jittery After Coup, but Junta to Respect Rights

Gaza Pullout

Gaza Pullout Tests Limit of Dissent

Israel Mobilizes for Moving Day in Gaza

Zionists Suffer 'Crisis of Faith' on Eve of Settlement Pullout

Gaza Protest March Blocked Again

Israeli Rightists Suspend March on Gaza Settlements

Qureia to Israel: Leave Gaza and Leave Us Alone

'If All Proceeds as Planned, We Will Succeed'


Sharon: Shooting a 'Sinful Act by a Bloodthirsty Terrorist'

Bus Shooter Was IDF Deserter, Close to Kach Activists

Israel to Build 72 More Housing Units in West Bank

Gunmen Seize Local Fatah HQ

Artist Strikes at Israeli Wall on the West Bank

US Kept in the Dark as Secret UK-Israel Nuclear Deal Was Struck


Jordan Says Gaza Pullout Must Extend to West Bank

Jordan Dismantles Two Terror Cells

Jordan Uncovers al-Qaeda Plot to Attack US Troops


130 Killed in Sudan Riots

Khartoum Suffers Third Day of Ethnic Violence

Eyewitness: Khartoum Violence


Indian PM: No US Role in Iran Pipeline Project

India Denies China Containment Role in US Ties

Seven Killed in Kashmir Fighting

US Military Contractors Expect Booming Sales to India, Pakistan


Sri Lanka Rebels: Truce Pointless if Killings Go On

Peace Effort With Philippine Rebels Breaks Down


Bush Vows to Sustain Aid for Colombia Drug War

Colombia Warlords Testify About 'Friends' in Congress

Chavez Denies Aiding Colombian Rebels

UN to Investigate Alleged Haiti Massacre

European Report: Haiti Not Ready for Elections

Russia/Central Asia

Islam, Islamophobia Both Growing in Russia

Report: Uzbek Request to Vacate Base Not New

Al-Qaeda Speaks

Al-Qaeda Says Sharia Must Be Only Law in Iraq

Al-Qaeda Threatens More UK, US Attacks

Al-Qaeda to West: It's About Policies

Analysts: Al-Qaeda Tape Is Attempt to Keep Control of Splinter Groups

Bush Responds to al-Qaeda Tape, Saying War Will Continue

Al-Qaeda Is Now an Idea, Not an Organization

Bin Laden Spiritual Adviser May Be the Senior Partner

The War at Home

ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Review Case of FBI Whistleblower

Reporters Committee Urges Court to Order Abu Ghraib Photo Release

New Information May Reveal Miller's Role in the Rove/CIA Scandal

London Aftermath

NYPD Says London Bombers Used Everyday Components

London Commuters Shun Transport System

Two Women Charged in London Bomb Probe

Mass Police Clampdown in London

All Roads Lead to Pakistan for Team Hunting Bombers

Reports: British Army Involved in Shooting of Innocent Brazilian

US Military

Lawsuit Forces Release of More Casualty Images

Energy Secretary: Giant Laser Might Not Be Needed After All

US Military to Increase Domestic Surveillance

Soldier Pleads Guilty in Afghanistan Abuse

Military Aims to Remove Stigma From Seeking Therapy for Post-Combat Stress

Soldier, Wife Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Two Iraq Veterans Stationed at Fort Hood Kill Themselves

Homeland Security

Poll: Americans Want More Security, but Not Police State

Homeland Security to Conduct Gas Tests in NY Subways

US Man Gets Terror Charge for Speaking Highly of Pakistan Camp

New York Police Sued Over Subway Searches

US Challenged Over 'Secret Jails'


Rebel Attack Kills Eight in Afghanistan

One US Soldier Killed, One Injured in Afghanistan

Canadians Tear Down Afghan Base of 2 Years to Head South

General: No Success in Search for bin Laden

Taliban Kill Afghan Spy Official in Volatile South

General: NATO Can Take Over Afghan Security in 2006

Afghanistan Agrees to Accept Some Gitmo Detainees

US to Gradually Hand Over Afghan Detainees


Ten Days of North Korea Talks, 2,000 Cups of Coffee

North Korea Wants Right to 'Peaceful Nuclear Activities'

China's Big-Foot Diplomacy


Beijing to Clamp Down on Foreign Media

China Finds Few Friends in US Congress

Pentagon to Keep Eye on Joint Sino-Russian Military Exercises

Chinese Company May Have Trouble Bidding on Aussie Oil Company

Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Loyalists Hold on to Guns Despite IRA Move

Northern Ireland as Divided as Ever Despite Peace

Blair Defends Concessions to IRA


59% in Poland Say Bring Troops Home Now

Countries Across Europe Expel Imams

Czech Muslims Under the Glass

Italian Intel Report Warns of Attack Risk

Evicted Croatian Serbs Remember War

French Dispute Threatens Turkey's EU Ambitions


Pakistan Court Blocks Plan for Taliban-Style Laws

Pakistan Rejects Indian Charges of Militant Infiltration

Five Soldiers Killed in North Waziristan Blast

In Other News
Refuse a Search: Police Group Recommends 'Shoot-to-Kill'
They'll Be Watching You

Oil-for-Food Probe to Charge Director


AIPAC Spy Nest Exposed

Constitution: How's Chances?

Remembering the Storm

Free the Diplomats

Ivan Eland
The Politics of Troop Withdrawal

Ran HaCohen
Disengagement's Foreplay

Praful Bidwai
US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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