Sarai State of Affairs: Ivan Eland
Abusing America's Fear of Terrorism: Juan Cole
WMD Postmortem: Gordon Prather
Preemptive Nuclear Strikes?: Jim Lobe
Gitmo Cases May Go to Civilian Courts: W. Fisher

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Updated September 13, 2005 - 10:52 PM EDT

US: 'Patience Running Out' With Syria

Talabani: US Can Withdraw 50,000 Troops

US Applies Capricious Justice in Iraq

Election 5 Weeks Away, Constitution No Closer

Pentagon Foresees Preemptive Nuclear Strikes

Bush Hits Career Low in Approval

Abusing America's Fear of Terrorism  by Juan Cole
Britain Now Faces Its Own Blowback  by Michael Meacher
What Victor Davis Hanson Does to History  by Werther
Katrina Unwags the Dog
by Laura Rozen
Defenseless on the Bayou
by Dave Kopel
WMD Postmortem  by Gordon Prather

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Bush Appoints New FEMA Chief

Support for War in Iraq Dips Among Christians

Americans: Iraq War Affected Katrina Response

US 'Losing Ground' in Iraq, Say Americans

Arms Fair Criticized for Using Iraq War to Market Weapons

Tymoshenko Predicts Regaining Ukraine Post

Afghan Poll Body Bars 28 More Candidates
Roberts Objected to Iran-Contra Funding
Gitmo Cases May Go to Civilian Courts
Iraq Mounts New Raid on Guerrillas in Tal Afar
The War Goes On

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 1, Injures 17

Iraq Insurgents Offer Bounties for Officials' Deaths

Rockets Cause Minor Damage to US Consulate in Basra

Iraq PM Jaafari Visits Rebel Town of Tal Afar

US Denies Poison Gas Accusation by al-Qaeda in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 13

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 12

Iraq Last Week

Hostages in Iraq
Kidnapped Turk in Iraq Freed

Militants Hold Lebanese Man for Alcohol Sales to Occupying Troops in Iraq

Hostage Held in Iraq Makes Internet Plea

Iraq Today

Saddam's Lawyer: Upcoming Trial a Political Gimmick

Iraq Dangles Contracts in Return for Russian Friendship

Kuwait Seeks Death Penalty for Saddam


Iran's Strength Is Becoming Bigger Problem for US

Iran and Russia in Nuclear Talks

Iran Insists on Right to Make Nuclear Fuel

Middle East
Saudi Arabia to Set Up Government Rights Watchdog

Yemen in Security Pact With Bahrain

Minister: Yemen Curbed al-Qaeda Attacks at Home


Egypt Rights Groups Lists Litany of Election Flaws and Abuses

Egypt Denies Killing Palestinian on Gaza Border


Turkey Arrests Man in Possible Assassination Attempt

Kurdish Rebels Kill Five Turkish Soldiers

Taking Back Gaza

Next Step Is Statehood, Says Abbas

Palestinians Celebrate Freedom in Gaza

Palestinians Take Over Settlements

Palestinians Rush Into the New Gaza

Palestinians Celebrate New Era in Gaza Strip

Palestinians Savor the Return of Gaza

Gaza Looters Settle Old Scores

PA Begins Demolition of Empty Gaza Synagogues

Jordan: Gaza Will Become Prison Unless Crossing Points Opened

Reporters Banned From Gaza


Gloom in West Bank Despite Israel's Gaza Pullout

Hamas Vows Resistance Will Go on After Gaza Pullout

Palestinian Shot at Egypt-Gaza Border


In a Change, World Leaders Clamor for Meetings With Sharon

Israel Still Calls the Shots After Pullout

Musharraf Praises Gaza Pullout

Israeli Judge Rules Against Agriculture Ministry for Stealing Palestinian's Sheep

Breaking Routine in Bil'in


Indian Maoist Rebels Kill 13 Villagers

India, France to Negotiate Nuke Pact


Pakistan Offers to Erect Afghan Border Fence

Pakistan Raids North Waziristan, Near Afghan Border


Timeline: Sudan's Long Path From War to Peace

Struggle Over Oil Delays Sudan Unity Govt


Unlike Most of Africa, 'Chaotic' Somalia Gets GSM Roaming

Warlord President's Militias Block UN Aid Work in Somali Town


After Shattering Civil War, Liberians See Hope at Polls

Africa's Peace Seekers: Betty Bigombe

Ivory Coast's Ex-Leader Returns

United Nations

UN Members Undercut Annan's Reorganization Plan

War on Terror

'Hank' Steps Out of the Shadows to Take Over US Counter-Terrorism

British Businessman Jailed for 47 Years for Aiding Terrorists

UN Struggles to Agree on How to Define Terrorism

Two Terror Suspects Seized in Mecca

Blair Hopes to Push New Terror Resolution Through UN

UK Terror Police Told to 'Single Out' Blacks and Asians

A Radical Vows to Fight Britain's Expulsion Plan

Australia's Howard Says Terror Threat Shows Need for Tougher Laws

US Military

Despite Good August, US Army to Miss Recruit Goal

Poll: Floridians Less Likely to Enlist in Military With War On

Marine Corps Unveils High-Tech Humvee

US Jury Indicts Dutch Citizen for Plotting Attacks on Troops in Iraq

United States

Bush's Sinking Ratings: A Timeline

Antiwar Sentiment Swells in Florida, With Many Wanting Troops Home Within Year

Hundreds Join Sheehan in Pittsburgh (PA) Rally Against Iraq War

Syria Beseiged

Syria Agrees to UN Questions About Hariri Killing

Syria Reluctant to Hand Over Hariri Suspects

Syria Denies Allowing Militants Into Iraq


NATO Chiefs to Mull Options in Afghanistan

Former Afghan Ambassador Released From Gitmo

'Suicide Bombers' Held in Kabul

Afghan Candidate Calls for Expulsion of NGOs

Afghanistan: Concern About Keeping the Gun Out of Sunday's Election

Donkeys, Camels Help Afghani Vote

Katrina Aftermath

Orleanians Stream In, Stay Despite Evacuation Order

New Orleans Continues to Stir Back to Life

45 Bodies Found at New Orleans Hospital


American Peace Activist in Australia Held in Solitary Awaiting Deportation

Australian Senator: US May Have Pressed for Arrest, Deportation of Peace Activist

Australia Opposition Leader: Peace Activism Is No Reason for Deportation

Aussies to Hire 500 More Full-Time Spies


Debate Polarizes Over China's 'Peaceful Rise' Policy

Howard Urges US to Not Be So Hostile Toward China

China Eases State Secrets Control

Northern Ireland

Violence Flares in Northern Ireland

Bombers and Roadblocks Take Belfast Back to Darkest Days

Protestants Riot in N. Ireland for Third Day


Archbishop of Greece: 9/11 Was 'Divine Wrath'

Croatia Reopens War Crimes Trial

France, Britain Strike Turkey Deal

Questioning EU's Will, US Panel Backs NATO

UK Seeks Emergency Rationing Powers as Gas Stations Run Dry


Truce Between Bolivian Troops, Coca Growers Set to Expire

US Bars Cuba From UN Conference

Iran, Venezuela to Plan Cement Factory Project


North Korea Nuclear Talks to Resume

Russia Struggles to Keep Grip in Caucasus

Kyrgyz Nomads Embrace Voting in Afghan Election

EU Peace Monitors on Way to Aceh


FBI Analyst Accused of Spying for Philippines Officials

Imelda Marcos Fights Auction of Her Precious Jewels


Katrina, Iraq, and the End of 'National Greatness'

Sarai State of Affairs

Katrina and 9/11: Criminal Incompetence

That Sinking Feeling

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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