The Imperial Delusion: Justin Raimondo
Remember Iraq: Alan Bock
The Bloodbath Becomes a Flood: Dahr Jamail
Whence Anti-American Terrorism?: Ivan Eland
America's Jacobin Coup: Paul Craig Roberts

War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder.
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Updated September 16, 2005 - 10:33 PM EDT

US Tempers Its View of Victory in Iraq

Syria Denounces Iraq Attacks, Seeks to Help US

Katrina Erodes Support for Iraq War

A Setback for the Neocons' Iran Agenda

Day 3 of Baghdad Violence Brings Toll Over 200

Pentagon Employee: Atta Papers Ordered Destroyed in 1999

CIA Leak Investigator Warns Against Document Release

Arms to Dictators: US Still Leads the Pack  by Frida Berrigan
America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup  by Paul Craig Roberts
The Bloodbath Becomes a Flood
by Dahr Jamail
Whence Anti-American Terrorism?
by Ivan Eland
William F. Buckley, Saddamite?
by David Corn
Roberts' Rules of War  by Raj Purohit

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Transatlantic Group Calls for Nuclear Deal With Iran

Iran to Share Nuclear Info With Islamic Nations

US Ambassador Says No Decision on Afghanistan Troop Cuts

Rumsfeld Pledges Continuing Afghanistan Presence

US Marine Killed in Iraq Blast

Congress Debates Downing Street Memo on Iraq War

Galloway and Hitchens Slug It Out

Iran's Leader Critical in First US Visit

Military Admits Killing KSU Professor in Iraq


US General Claims Attacks
Show Militants Are Desperate

The War Goes On

US Says Ready for New Strikes Against Iraq Towns

'Who Said There Is No Civil War? It Has Started'

Iraqi Official: 80% of Iraq Secure... Despite Bombs

Timeline: Surge of Iraq Violence

US Wages War of Words in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 16

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 15

Iraq Today

UN to Help Iraqis Print Constitution

A Look at the Final Changes in Iraq's Constitution

Talabani: Iraq Ready to Replace Some Foreign Troops

Saddam's Trial to Focus on Kurd Massacres

Australian Troops to Stay in Iraq

Iraq Fallout

Iraqi Tells Court Martial of Beating at Hands of UK Troops

New Documents Contradict Army Report Denying Systemic Failures in Treatment of Detainees

Group Claims Iraq Media Deaths Not Probed

ACLU Releases Iraq Prisoner Abuse Report Documents

Oil Crisis Empowers Iran's Tough Nuclear Stance

Campaign to Curb Iran's Nuclear Plans on the Verge of Collapse

Ahmadinejad: New Nuclear Proposals Will Be Presented Shortly

Europeans Plead With Iran to Reconsider Proposals

Iran Leader Warns UN Not to Follow US

Iran Protrays US as a Militaristic Bully


India, Pakistan Leaders Vow to Pursue Peace Process

Musharraf: No Deadlock in India-Pakistan Peace Talks

Indian PM Annoyed That Musharraf Mentioned UN Resolution on Kashmir

India PM: No Compromise With Kashmir Terrorists

Five Dead in Kashmir Violence

Pakistan General: Al-Qaeda Base in North Waziristan Raided

India Stamps on Myanmar's Rebels


Nepal's Maoists Free 60 Soldiers

Thousands Protest King's Rule in Nepal

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Seeks India's Help on Peace Efforts

President: Sri Lanka Must Become a Federal State

North Korea

US and North Korea Clash at Nuclear Talks

Japan Nixes North Korea's Demand for Reactor

Northern Ireland

Riots Erupt Again in Northern Ireland

For IRA Critics, No Peace in Belfast

Adams: Belfast Rioting Won't Stop IRA Disarmament


Bush Assails Venezuelan Anti-Drug Efforts

Chávez Wants UN Out of United States

US Businessman Joins 17 Other Haitian Presidential Candidates

Former Political Prisoner Sues Castro for Torture

Chile Upholds Pinochet Acquittal Over South American Conspiracy


Darfur Talks Start Despite Split

Russia Set to Withdraw Peacekeepers From Sierra Leone


Milosevic's Wife Arrested for Missing Trial

A Bitter Turn for Orange Revolution

Russian Warplane Crashes in Lithuania

Daughter of Dutch Owner of Company That Sold Saddam Chemicals Released

Former East German Communists Look to Stage Comeback in Election

United Kingdom

UK Arts World Unites for Plea to Pull Troops Out of Iraq

MI5 Chief Won't Share All Secrets With EU

US Military

US Soldier Could Face Execution for Fragging Officers in Iraq

US Soldier Pleads Guilty to Role in Colombia Smuggling

Bush Endorses Plan to Close 22 Bases

Defense Contractor Plans to Drop Interrogation Work

War on Terror

Russia, China, Iraq Urge Stepped-Up Action Against Terror

Guantanamo Hunger Strike Spreads

Little Progress in FBI Probe of Anthrax Attacks

UK War on Terror

Analysis: Brits Focus Power Against Terror

UK Universities Told to Crack Down on Extremism

Britain Plans to Deport Seven, Citing National Security Concerns

Leak Shows UK Home Secretary's Unease Over Plan to Detain Suspects

UK's Broad New Terror Powers Alienate Mainstream Muslims

Lying to War

Leaked UK Memo: Iraq War 'Undeniably a Factor' in Motivating Terror

Laboratory Did Not Reveal Absence of Ricin in Plot Cited by Blair

Saudi War on Terror

Foreigners Blamed for Saudi Terrorism

Tape Claims al-Qaeda Militant on Saudi Most-Wanted List Alive

Two Saudi Terror Suspects Arrested in Kurdish Iraq


Karzai Invites Bush to Afghanistan to Address Parliament

Four Militants Killed, US Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan

Villagers Hesitant to Share Information With US Forces

Two Canadian Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Hungary Seeks to Boost Its Role

Afghan Elections

Candidates in Afghanistan Election Meet

Female Election Candidate Injured in Gun Attack in Afghanistan

Afghan Women Defy Death Threats to Stand in Election

Katrina Aftermath

Parts of New Orleans to Open Next Week

Bush Promises to Rebuild New Orleans No Matter What the Cost (Which May Be $200 Billion)

A Bid to Repair a Presidency

Last Remaining Hurricane Survivors Leave Astrodome

EPA: Whole Neighborhoods Likely to Be Razed in New Orleans Cleanup

United States

First Federal Conspiracy Trial of Antiwar Protesters Since Vietnam Begins September 19

Top CIA Official to Quit Sooner Over Goss Dispute

Grilling Roberts

Deported American Peace Activist Will Be Charged $11,700 for His Detention in Australia

Poll: Bush Rating at Record Low


Out of Gaza, Israel Courts Its Neighbors

Sharon: Next Move Up to Palestinians

Israel's High Court Says Section of Barrier Must Be Rerouted

Israeli Court Upholds Barrier's Legality

Israeli Court Ruling Raises Hope for West Bank Barrier Changes

80 Percent of Gaza Evacuees Still in Hotels Paid for by State

Muslims Warily Reach Out
Musharraf: We're Breaking Taboos With Israel

Qatar Offers Rare Praise for Israel

Yemen: No Comment on Meeting With Israelis at UN


PA Lawmakers Request No-Confidence Vote Against Qureia

Palestinian Officer: Border With Egypt Will Be Permanently Open

Israel, PA Both Fear al-Qaeda Will Sneak Into Gaza

Unrwa: Israel's Pullout Does Not Change Status of Refugees

United Nations

Bush Puts on Brave Face as He Tells UN to Help Rebuild Iraq

Bush, Annan Tout the Role of the UN


The Imperial Delusion

Remember Iraq

Sarai State of Affairs

That Sinking Feeling

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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