Theater of the Absurd: Nebojsa Malic
More Blood, Less Oil: Michael T. Klare
Plame: The Bolton Connection: Arianna Huffington
A Threat to All Americans: Anthony Gregory
Promise and Peril in North Korea Deal: Jim Lobe

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Updated September 22, 2005 - 11:25 PM EDT

Bush's Words on Iraq Echo LBJ in 1967

Basra Officials Cut Ties With Britain Over Raid
GOP Senator Says Pentagon Blocking 9/11 Probe

Iran Gains Reprieve in Nuclear Standoff

Russia, China Warn US, EU Over Iran Nuclear Plan

North Korea Nuke Deal Still Alive – Barely

Promise and Peril in North Korea Deal
North Korea Accuses US of Plotting Attack
Radical Roots Take Hold in Southern Iraq
Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection  by Arianna Huffington
A Threat to the Freedom of All Americans  by Anthony Gregory
Padilla & the Death of the Republic  by Tom Gorman
The Next Fake Threat
by Nick Schwellenbach
More Blood, Less Oil  by Michael T. Klare
Negotiations With al-Qaeda?
by Allen J. Zerkin

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More Americans See Iraq War as 'Another Vietnam'

2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

NATO Agrees to Help US in Baghdad

A Turn Inward for US, Europe

Bush Declares 'Solemn Duty' to Quash Terrorism in Iraq

Cindy Sheehan Caravan Stopped by Capitol Police

State Dept: China Must Ease US 'Anxiety'

US Pressures Syria to Fall in Line on Lebanon, Iraq

Report: Oil May Hit $80 a Barrel

Hundreds of Police and Civilians Rally in Basra Against 'British Aggression'
Basra Explodes

British Troops Lie Low in Basra

Despite Smashing Police Station, Britain Still Has 'Strong' Relations With Iraq

Basra Officials Demand British Apology

Five Iraqi Civilians Killed in British Jailbreak

UK Defense Sec'y Meets Jaafari Over Basra Jail Clash

The War Goes On
US Forces Launch Air Strikes on Sunni Town in Iraq

Three US Convoys Attacked in Iraq, Two Troops Wounded

Gunmen Kill Two Iraqis Working for Media

Study Says Only 10% of Iraq Insurgents Are Foreign

Arabiya TV Urges US to Free Its Reporter in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 22

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 21

Iraq Today

Saddam Lawyers Reject Trial Date

Hussein Will Not Be Allowed to Represent Himself at Trial

Sadr Spokesman Accuses Zarqawi of Dividing Shi'ites

Shi'ites Fleeing Sunni-Dominated Neighborhoods of Baghdad

Iraq's Democracy Dilemma

UN: Food Operations in Iraq at Risk

US Says Iraqi Forces Showing Signs of Progress

Power Supply Improves in Baghdad


US, Afghanistan Squabble Over Resurgent Taliban

Taliban Vow to Step Up Attacks

The Opposition Face of Afghanistan

Outgoing Cabinet Extends German Troop Mandate in Afghanistan


Darfur Rebels Claim Killing 80 Soldiers

Sudan Army Says Rebels Killed in Darfur

Former Sudan Rebels Question Power-Sharing Arrangement

Sudan Official Vows Army Will Retake Rebel Town

Rebels Leave Darfur Town

Middle East

Syria 'Satisfied' With UN Hariri Probe

Algerian Activists Slam 'Scandalous' Referendum

Lebanese President Should Resign, Prime Minister Says

Europe Backs Turkey Declaration


Indonesian Warship Fires on Chinese Fishing Boat, Killing One

Parliament Reelects Koizumi Japan's PM

Thousands Hold Nepal Peace Rally

Hostage Thai Soldiers Beaten to Death

Central Asia

Media Blamed as Uzbek Coup Trial Begins

In Troubled Region, Monks Build Site for Peace


Japan's World War II Chemical Shells Recovered in China

US Says System in China Can't Last

China Gets Tougher on Foreign Media

China's Model for a Censored Internet


Ugandan Army Accused of Brutality

Nigerian Rebels Threaten Oil Wells After Leader Detained


Political Crisis Deepens in Ukraine

Ukraine Leader to Resubmit PM Choice

Kuchma and Aides Accused of Ordering Killing of Journalist


Bolivian Presidential Candidate Would Oppose US-Backed Coca Eradication

Left and Right, Colombian Guerrillas Terrorize Venezuela Border Region

US: Good Relations With Venezuela Depend on Chávez

Sheehan vs the War Machine

Antiwar Protesters Hope to Turn Momentum Into a Movement

Sheehan, Supporters Descend on the Capital

Sheehan Heads to White House Ahead of Weekend Demonstration

Soldiers Back From Iraq Support Cindy Sheehan's Antiwar Stance

US War at Home

Iraq War Expenses Raise Questions in US

War Opponents Target Military Recruiters in High Schools

Pentagon Pulls Article on Preemptive Use of Nukes From Web Site

War on Terror

UK Opposition Leader Plans Attack on Terror Laws

Paris Getting New Plans to Deal With Bomb Attack

Yemen Immigrant Found Guilty of Funneling Funds to Terrorists

Detecting Terrorists Through Brain Scans

Zarqawi-Linked Jordanians Deny Plot to Attack Tourist Hotels

Katrina Aftermath

Support for Bush Iraq Policy Dives After Katrina

Bush: Feds Required by Law to Pay for Hurricane

Blackwater Down

Lynndie England Trial

Lynndie England's Court-Martial to Begin

Judge: Prosecutors Can Use Lynndie England's Statement

Lynndie England's Lawyer Says Army Is to Blame

United States
GAO: Pentagon Overstating Costs of Operations
Senate Panel Briefed by Spy Manager Who Quit

Heart of US Oil Industry Braces for Arrival of Rita

North Korea

Bush's New Tilt Toward North Korea

Rice: US Prepared to Discuss Light-Water Reactor for North Korea

North Korean Draft Pact Suggests Big Shift by US


US Presses IAEA for Action on Iran

Aussie FM Urges Iran to Give Up on Nuclear Power

Moment of Truth Looms for Europe on Iran

Iran May Resume Uranium Enrichment

EU Stance Jeopardizing Energy Deals, Warns Tehran

Iran Won't Leave Nonproliferation Treaty

Iran Gets Reprieve in Nuclear Standoff


German Parties Rule Out Deal to End Deadlock

Schroeder to Meet Merkel, but a Meeting of Minds Is Unlikely

Greens Wreck Merkel Coalition Hope

London 7/7 Fallout

US Official Doubts al-Qaeda Claim on London Attack

Met Chief Thought of Quitting After Brazilian's Shooting

London Police Chief Says Soldiers Could Be Retrained as Armed Cops

Egypt Human Rights Body Rejects UK's Extradition Proposal


Sharon Could Quit Likud, Says Israeli PM's Aide

Israel Sticks to Threat to Sabotage Palestinian Vote if Hamas Wins, Despite US Plea

Rice Urges Israel to Aid Palestinian Election

Inquiry Panel Member Slams Probe Into 2000 Police Killings of Israeli Arabs

Israel Sets International Border With Gaza

Gaza Evacuees Plan to Move to New West Bank Settlement


Hamas Could Change Vow to Destroy Tel Aviv

US Grapples With Growing Political Clout of Hamas

Palestinians to End Armed Rallies

Abbas Dismisses Plea to Disarm Militants

Palestinians to Build Housing on Gaza Ruins

Israel: Al-Qaeda Ready to Infiltrate Gaza


Iraq: The Battle of Basra

Theater of the Absurd

Democratic Hallucinations in Afghanistan and Iraq

Remember Iraq

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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