War Collectivism in WWI: Murray Rothbard
Time to Fire Rove and Libby: Ivan Eland
Pleading Incompetence: Gordon Prather
UN Power vs. US Freedom: Rep. Ron Paul
How the Antiwar Was Won: Philip Weiss

An eye for an eye makes us all blind.
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Updated October 4, 2005 - 11:17 PM EDT
Shia-Kurdish Pact at Risk Over Kirkuk
Ouster Call Brings Rift Into Open
Vote Monitors Throw Out Bid to Favor Yes Side
US Opposes Iraq Constitution Voting Change
5 GIs Killed as US Launches New Offensive
Bush Approval on Iraq Down to 33%
Convicted GI Speaks of Worse Abuse at Abu Ghraib
Think Again … Give Chaos a Chance  by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Empowering the UN, Destroying US Sovereignty  by Rep. Ron Paul
Civil Liberties, National Security, & State Secrets  by John Aloysius Farrell
The Indefatigable Insurgency
by Ehsan Ahrari
War Collectivism in World War I
by Murray Rothbard
Pleading Incompetence
by Gordon Prather

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US Awaits 'Change of Behavior' From Syria
Iraqis Fear Another Spike in Violence During Ramadan
3 Dead as Car Bomb Hits Inside Baghdad Green Zone
Outpost in the Sand
Wrangling Not Yet Over on Iraqi Charter
Iraq Anglican Heads Feared Dead
Ex-Chaplain at Guantánamo Tells of Abuses in New Book
US Pressures Russia on Iran
US Troops in Afghanistan Could Come Under British Control
Protesting Palestinian Police Storm Into Gaza Parliament
Today in Iraq
$25 and a Koran as Inmates Leave Iraq's Abu Ghraib
US Military Denies al-Qaeda Claim Marines Killed
US Helicopters Fire on West Iraq Town
Iraq Constitution Distributed Before Vote
Rumsfeld Says He Will Look Into US Detention, Shootings of Journalists
Iraqi Tribunal Confirms Saddam Trial Date
Attacks Continue
Iraq Oil Minister Survives Bomb Attack on Motorcade
US Soldier Dies in Western Iraq
Sectarian Violence Poses Threat to Iraq's Future
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 4
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 3
Iraqi Schools
Iraqi Schools Increase Security
Ethnic Rifts That Color the Games Iraqi Children Play
Global Iraq Fallout
Saudi Arabia Urges US to Guarantee Unity of Iraq
Arab League Chief to Visit Iraq
Arab Foreign Ministers to Seek Reconciliation Among Iraq Factions
Kuwait Hopes for Arab League Role in Iraq
Washington Salutes Arab League's Promise to Engage in Iraq
Swedish Court Upholds Verdict for Iraqi Terror Suspects
31 Taliban Rebels Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
Major Fraud Alleged in Afghan Election
Afghanistan: Officials Discount Incidents of Election Irregularities
Thousands Protest Death of Afghan Candidate
French Troops to Stay in Afghanistan, Chirac Tells Karzai
Militants Attack Checkpoint in Pakistan
Six Militants Killed in North Waziristan Clash
Pakistan to Counter Indian Influence in Afghanistan
Pakistan, India Sign Missile, Hotline Deals
India, US Ink Pact to Fight Terrorism
India Tests Surface-to-Air Missile
Soldier Kills Three Colleagues in Kashmir
More Than 500 Students and Teachers Abducted in Nepal
Jurists' Body Says Fears New Nepal Crackdown
Bali Terror
Was There Advance Notice of Bali Bombing?
More Bombers 'Could Be Ready'
Bali Bombers Had New Tactics
Southeast Asia on Alert After Bali Blast
Experts See Parallels in Bali and London Attacks
Bali Bombings Show Still Potent Terror Web
Suspected Bali Masterminds Are Notorious
Impact of Bali Blasts Likely Low Compared to 2002
Bali Death Toll Revised Down to 22
Bombers' Severed Heads Are Key to Bali Terror Trail
Police Hunt Bali Bomb Accomplices as Task of Naming Dead Begins
Peace-Loving Balinese Now Demand Vengeance for Bombings
Indian Engineers Build Strategic Afghanistan-Iran Road
Terror Group Threatens South Asia Summit
EU Imposes Sanctions on Uzbekistan Over Massacre
In North Korea's Isolated Tourist Zone, a Temple Rises
US Military
Marines Using Craigslist to Attract Recruits
Gen. Cody: Recruiting Woes Mean Stop-Loss Must Remain
US Army Short on Recruits
US Army Leaders Say 'No Crisis' in Recruitment
Senators Try to Revive Defense Authorization Bill
US Deactivates 'Peacekeeper' Missiles
The War at Home
Cheney: Weakness Led to 9/11
Libby Lawyer Blames Miller for Time in Jail
US Army Brass Tries to Restore Shine to Iraq War
Antiwar Mom Launches New Campaign in Arizona
No Evidence Backs Up Reports of Rescue Helicopters Being Fired Upon in New Orleans
War on Terror
US Blocks Finances of Terror Suspects
FBI Shifting Focus to Anti-Terror Effort
Five Detained Under UK Anti-Terrorism Laws
US Calls for Freeze on Nuclear Cooperation With Iran
Experts: Iran Likely to Defer Nuclear Threat Action Until November
Iranian FM Holds Talks in Kuwait
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Clash 'Humiliates' Palestinian Police
Clash Shows Tension Among Palestinian Factions
Palestinian Parliament Orders Abbas to Appoint New Cabinet
PA Announces Major Shake-Up of Diplomatic Corps
Can Hamas Change Course?
Middle East
Yemen Court Acquits Iraqis of Spying, Bombing Plot
UN to Submit Report on Hariri Murder on Time: Lebanon PM
A Boom Without Bombs
Hundreds of Israelis Return From Sinai Due to Terror Threat
Somaliland Elections Peaceful, Say Observers
Somaliland Says Infiltrator Exposed Terrorists
Reports: Somali Militia Tax Provokes Violence, Six Killed
Zimbabwe Arrests Over 14,000 in Fresh Crackdown
Mugabe Uses UN Food Talks to Defend Seizure of Land
Direct Darfur Talks Amid Violence
Ethiopia's Government Meets Opposition After Strike Cancelled
Want to Check Your E-Mail in Italy? Bring Your Passport.
Italian Anti-Terror Drill Brings Capital to a Standstill
Croatia Gets Tribunal Thumbs-Up
Croatia in EU Limbo
Last-Minute Deal Paves Way for EU Talks on Turkey
Schröder Hints at Bowing Out as Chancellor in a Coalition
Four Suspected Islamists Arrested in New Paris Raid
Spain: ETA Number Two Arrested
Putin Sets Off for EU-Russia Summit
Former Russian Nuclear Official May Face US Trial
US: Colombia Should Fumigate Coca
Policemen Killed in Colombia Raid
In Other News
Haiti Facing Second Election Delay
Picture Power: Casualties of War


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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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