Our Kurdish Problem: Justin Raimondo
From DaNang to Tal Afar: Ron Jacobs
Lynndie Shouldn't Be the End: Orange Co. Register
Where Are the Democrats?: Steve Cobble
Tide Turning on Torture: Jim Lobe

No great dependence is to be placed on the eagerness of young soldiers for action...fighting is agreeable to those who are strangers to it.
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Updated October 5, 2005 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraq Reverses Changes to Voting Laws
25 Killed in Suicide Attack Near Shi'ite Mosque
GIs Seek to Retake Western Iraq Towns
Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight
Israel Expects US Sanctions to Overthrow Syrian Regime
Iran Wants Unconditional Nuclear Talks With EU; US Says It's a Cover
From DaNang to Tal Afar,
Bring 'Em Home
 by Ron Jacobs
Remember the Memo
by Michael Tomasky
If Oil Was the Question, War Wasn't the Answer  by David R. Francis
Let's Get to the Top of Abu Ghraib
Orange County Register
The Missing Apology  by Richard Cohen
West Pointers, Where Are You?
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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White House Losing Ground on Prisoner Treatment
Gen. Odom: US Should 'Cut and Run' From Iraq
Iraqi Police Arrest Armed UK National With Nine Iraqis
US Governors – Even Jeb – Oppose Bush on Military's Relief Role
US Denies Urging Russia to Freeze Nuclear Cooperation With Iran
Pakistan Arrests Taliban's Chief Afghan Spokesman
Iraqi Politicians Still at Odds Over How to Count Referendum Votes
Today in Iraq
Draconian New Law, Aimed at Crushing Resistance, Passed by Iraq Legislature
Iraq: More Civilians Flee al-Qaim as US Offensive Continues
Iraqi Troops Suffer Fatalities Nearly Twice US Rate
Iraq al-Qaeda Calls for More Attacks in Ramadan
In Baghdad, Violence Robs Ramadan of Its Happiness
A Tale of Two Lives Destroyed by Abu Ghraib
Iraqi Constitution
Pollster Says Weary Iraqis Back Constitution
Election Monitors Reject Bid to Favor Yes Side
Iraq's al-Qaeda Calls on Sunnis to Boycott Polls
Attacks Continue
Iraq Violence Leaves 5 US Soldiers Dead
Car Bomb Blows Up Inside Baghdad Green Zone, 3 Dead
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 5
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 4
Regional Iraq Fallout
Iraq Revives Sunni-Shi'ite Tensions Among Neighbors
Iraq Minister Renews Attack on Saudi Arabia
Iran Shrugs Off Saudi Worries Over Role in Iraq
Arab League Chief Deplores Iraq Situation Ahead of Visit
Battle of Britain
UK Troops Will Stay in Iraq, More Going to Afghanistan
70% of Londoners Think Iraq Contributed to Terror
Iraq Intervention Wrong for Majority in Britain
Tory Calls Iraq a Rerun of Suez Crisis
Vote Count Nearly Complete in Afghanistan, Warlords Among Those Faring Well
UK to Send Extra Troops Into Afghanistan, Still Deciding on Numbers
Army: Blackwater Broke Rules in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Karzai Calls for Unified Command of Foreign Missions
Afghan Troops Raid Taliban Base in Southern Afghanistan
Two Killed in Afghanistan Blast
Three Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Editor Arrested for Blasphemy in Afghanistan
Australian Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
France Says Opposes Combining Forces in Afghanistan
Briton Held in Pakistan on London Bomb Charges Wants Chance to Prove His Innocence
Four Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Musharraf Plot
India Probes Killing of Kashmiris for Medals
South Africa-India Weapons Deal 'Cancelled'
Eleven Killed in India's Northeast in Rebel Violence
Ordinary People Nudge India, Pakistan Toward Peace
US to Push Koreans on Nuclear Program
US, North Korea Hold Direct Talks on Nuclear Weapons
US Arms in S. Korea Not 'Fully Mission Capable'
Report: North Korean Leader Could Soon Name Successor
South Korea to Repatriate Prisoners to North
Bali Terror
In Indonesia, the Struggle Within Islam
Bashir Condemns Bali Bombings From Jail
Indonesia Doubts Over 'Soft' Terror Solutions
Bali Manhunt Swoops on Muslim Radicals
Two Suspects in Bali Blasts, No Charges
Backpack Bombs Easily Made, Hard to Detect
Blasts Unlikely to Affect South Asian Regional Summit
Angry Bali Locals Demand Executions
Hindus and Muslims Unite in Bali Amid Warning of New Attacks
Taiwan Tells Google It Is Not a China Province
Rice to Visit Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan
Outrage Erupts Over Punishment for Nepal Military Custody Death
Police Raid Kazakh Democracy Group Office
Uzbek Opposition Lauds Sanctions
Bangladesh Suspects Quizzed
Recruiting Crisis
Army Lowers Bar for Recruits
Army Denies Lowering Recruitment Standards
Army Not Punishing Reservists Who Won't Go to War
Senate Gives Nod to Recruiting Older Citizens
Marines: Looking for a Few Good Aliens?
Army Recruiting Hit by Healthy Economy, Iraq
The War at Home
Prosecutor Thought Libby Deliberately Failed to Intervene on Reporter's Behalf
US Policymakers Despair of Iraqi Army
Peace Group Calls for Open Refusal of Taxes for War
New Opera Explores Birth of Atomic Bomb
Miers Briefed Bush on Famous bin Laden Memo – but Newspapers Handle AP Photo From That Date Quite Differently
Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats
Americans Split Over Homeland Security Success
Cheney Greets Marine Units Back From Iraq
Hughes Talking Points Off on Palestinian State
Gaza Sees Calm as Mother Killed in West Bank
Air Raids Terrorized Gaza Residents, Targeted Key Infrastructure
Hamas, Fatah Vow to End Violent Feud
More Israeli Jews Favor Transfer of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs - Poll Finds
Al-Aqsa Claims Attack on Israel Soldier Using Mentally Ill Woman
Hamas Chief: US Has No Right to Interfere in Palestinian Affairs
Saudi Arabia
US Considering $2 Bln in Military Sales to Saudis
Saudi Arabia Cuts US Crude Prices
Turkey Prepares for the Hard Slog Into EU
Turkey's Accession Divides the EU
France Says Turkey Needs to Change for EU
EU Bid Keeps Pressure on Turkey
Opened With a Flourish, Turkey's Kurdish-Language Schools Fold
Egyptian Returnee 'Faces Torture'
US Says Egypt Vows to Treat Guantanamo Inmate Well
Egypt's Opposition Told to Get Its Act Together
Middle East
Muslims Begin Ramadan Amid Political Tension
Lebanon Patches Rifts to Appoint New Security Chief
Ramadan Heralds a Month of Political Debate in Bahrain
Sailor’s Body Recovered After Helicopter Fall
Yemen Claims Progress in Fighting Terror
DR Congo Troops to Uganda Border
Uganda Rebels in Daylight Ambush
Congo Warns Uganda Against Sending in Soldiers
Rwanda's Army Accused of Killing Civilians After Mass Grave of Hundreds Is Uncovered in Congo
Zimbabwe Soldiers Tell of Hunger
Liberia's 'Iron Lady' Goes for Gold
Anger at Gabon Leader's Move for Another Term
Ballistic Missile Defense: Russia Tests New Missiles
Russian Admiral Named Patron Saint of Nuclear Bomber Force
With Lenin's Ideas Dead, Russia Weighs What to Do With Body
Russia Begins Embracing Anti-Communist Martyrs
Panel Identifies Srebrenica Participants
Remains of More Than 200 Srebrenica Victims Found
Attorney Urges War Crimes Trial in Croatia
Protestant Militant Killed in Northern Ireland
French Govt Funds Internet Database on Terror Attacks
Protest at Closure of Belarus Newspaper
Truck Bomb Kills 3 in Colombia
Five Die as Rebels Attack Colombia Police

Colombia Grants Ecuador Ex-Leader Asylum

US Envoy Goes to Nicaragua to Back Embattled Leader
Haiti: Low Registration Raises Doubts Over Election Legitimacy
Venezuela to Ship More Gasoline to US

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