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Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney by Justin Raimondo
WMD Lies Worse Than CIA Leaks: Scott Ritter
A Criminal Conspiracy: Vega/Engelhardt
The First Jacobin Falls: Paul Craig Roberts
It's Only Torture in the US: Niko Kyriakou

In war, there are no winners.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated October 31, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST
UN Council OKs Anti-Syria Resolution
7 US Soldiers Killed by Bombs in Iraq
US Bombs Near Syria Border Kill 40
Car Bomb in Basra Kills 20
US 'Had No Policy' to Rebuild Iraq
Rush to Stabilize May Backfire in Polarized Iraq
Bush 'Losing Faith in Cheney'
Report: Fitzgerald to Call Cheney to Testify
Two US Soldiers Charged in Alleged Assault in Afghanistan
Bush: Treaty Outlawing Torture Doesn't Apply Beyond US Soil
The 2,000 Dead Aren't the Only Victims  by Rosa Brooks
Focus Should Be on WMD Lies,
Not CIA Leaks
 by Scott Ritter
What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins  by Paul Craig Roberts
Was It Bad for You Too?  by Leon Hadar
All the Vice President's Men
by Juan Cole
The Yes-Man at the CIA
by Robert Dreyfuss

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Today's Syria Resolution Before UN Security Council
Libby Will Be Arraigned Thursday
Addington's Role in Cheney's Office Draws Fresh Attention
Fall of a Vulcan
Rebels Kill Iraqi VP's Brother, US Marine
Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Return to Full Nuclear Freeze
GOP Congressman Now Backs Iraq Pullout
Truth About Torture
Syria: Border With Iraq Difficult to Control
Today in Iraq
The Real Sunnis: Please Stand Up
Sunni Dreams of Uniting Iraq Factions
The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'
Independence for Kurdistan: Goal, Dream, or Just Destiny?
Arab League Says End of Iraq Unrest Hinges on US Pullout
Broad Field to Square Off in Iraq Vote
Iraq Reconstruction Running Low on Funds
US Priorities Set Back Its Healthcare Goals in Iraq
US Inquiry Cites Missteps in Iraqi Reconstruction
US Auditor Urges Anti-Corruption Drive in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US Envoy: Iraq Needs Strong Leadership
Rumsfeld Says US Is Making Progress Against Iraq Insurgency
US Attacks Insurgents Planning Ambush on Base
US Admits It Has Counted 26,000 Iraqi Dead
US Unveils New Prison in Northern Iraq
Attacks Continue
Sectarian Protest Rocks Key North Iraq Province
Suicide Bomb and Shootings Raise Iraqi Death Toll
31 Killed in Iraq in Two Days of Attacks
Gunmen Kill Iraq Cabinet Adviser
Iraqi Minister Wounded in Ambush
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 31
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 30
The New Iraq
An Iraqi City Becomes Turnaround Story
Iraq President Urges Treatment for Saddam Half-Brother
Global Iraq Fallout
Jordan Indicts 15 Over Plans to Join Iraq Insurgency
German Prosecutors Mull Probe in Iraq Oil-for-Food Scandal
Battles of Britain
UK Envoys Notices Lost Phone After Billing for Almost $1 Million in Calls to Yemen and Saudi Arabia
Are Nuclear Weapons a Sensible Way to Spend $36 Billion?
7/7 Bomber Argued With Cashier Shortly Before Blast
Scotland Yard: Shoot-to-Kill Policy Should've Been Disclosed Earlier
Afghan Poll Results Delayed Due to Fraud Complaints
Several Candidates Face Disqualification in Afghanistan
Small US Units Lure Taliban Into Losing Battles
More UK Troops May Go to Afghanistan
Another Girls' School Burnt Down in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Parliament, on the Frontline of a Troubled History
India Bombings
Bombings Are Claimed by Kashmiri Militants
Emergency Declared in Delhi After Bombings
India Blames Delhi Bombings on Group Linked to Kashmir
Residents of New Delhi Defiant After Bombings
Bombers Fail to Derail Kashmir Talks
Kashmir Peace Track Holds
Kashmir Border Opened as Aid Situation Grows Critical
Pakistani Arrested for Deadly Attack on British Soldier
Musharraf: Line of Control Being Made Irrelevant
Crossing Deal Brings Relief on Both Sides of Kashmir
North Korea Pledges to Stick With Nuke Talks
US Nuclear Negotiator Arrives in South Korea
In Central Asia, US Bid to Be a 'Friendly' Base
Experts: Indonesian Schoolgirl Beheadings Aim to Spark Sectarian Conflict
US, Japan Upgrade Defense Alliance
Where Maoists Still Matter
Russian FM: Cooperation With China Fruitful
Aussie Opposition Leader Won't Argue Against New Terror Laws, Proposes Book Ban
Aussie Labor MPs Deny Split Over Terror Laws
Australian MP: Terror Laws Would Allow State to Terrorize Citizens Who Pose No Risk
Opposition: Australian Terror Laws Being Rammed Through With Little Scrutiny
Poll: Chávez Party Heavily Favored in Venezuela Vote
A Bitterly Divided Haiti Is Lurching Toward an Election
The Investigation Continues
Seeds of Leak Scandal Sown in Italian Intelligence Agency
Italy Defends Spy Chief Over Iraq Controversy
Who Talked? It Wasn't the Special Prosecutor
Going Phrasy With Scandal Buzzwords
Libby to Court?
The Legal Case Against I. Lewis Libby: How Strong?
Known for Discretion, Libby Is a Surprising Figure in CIA Leak
How Libby Got Tangled Up in His Own Web
Libby Set to Use Memory Defense
Libby Had Been 'Cheney's Dick Cheney'
The Journalists
Matt Cooper: What Scooter Libby and I Talked About
High-Profile Journalists Pivotal for Prosecution
Reporters' Credibility Will Be Crucial
Russert Says He Didn't Tell Libby of Plame
The White House
Critics From Both Parties Seek a Shakeup of White House Staff
Democrats Demand Rove's Firing
Bush Faces Calls for Shakeup, Plenty of Advice on Righting the Ship
Bush Resists White House Reshuffle
Is Bush Flying Blind?
US Military
Army Secret Surfaces: Deadly Chemicals at Sea
Despite Iraq, US Military Suppliers Face Earnings Pressure
The War at Home
At 2,000, Iraq's Military Deaths Got the Media's Full Attention
Poll: Americans Say CIA Leak Probe Is 'Serious Investigation'
Poll: Support Grows for Iraq Troop Pullout in US
Poll: Most Americans Say Things in Iraq Going Badly
2,000 Antiwar Protesters March on Boston Common
Death of Syrian Minister Leaves a Sect Adrift in Time of Strife
Tougher International Line on Syria
Lebanese Militia Boasts of Role in Sabra Massacre
Lebanon Tries to Cut Off Palestinian Group
Lebanon Rules Out Attacking Palestinian Bases
Anti-Israel Comment Nothing New: Iran President
UK Discourages Military Response vs. Iran
Analysts: Iran Faces Increased Risk of Isolation
Palestinian Official: Iran Offering Rewards for Rocket Attacks at Tel Aviv
Iran President Calls for Democracy for Palestinians
Al-Qaeda Militants in Gaza: Israeli Official
Officials: Palestinian Militants Agree to Halt Attacks
Concerned Citizen Hacks Israeli Army's 'Rocket Hotline'
Sharon Faces Test of Strength After Gaza Pullout
Israeli Troops Kill Two Islamic Jihad Militants in Shootout
Settlers Submit Police Brutality Complaint to Justice Ministry
Three Gazans Arrested Over Bid to Set Up West Bank Rocket Factory
Rocket Fired Into Israel
Israeli Leader Threatens Islamic Jihad
New Checkpoint to Sever West Bank South of Nablus
Middle East
Bahrain Formally Demands Probe Into Gitmo Torture
Cameraman Severely Beaten by Yemen Police: Al-Arabiya
After Complaints From US and Israel, Jordan Bans Controversial TV Series
Darfur Rebels' Unity Talks Falter
Mediators Try to Salvage Darfur Rebel Meeting
'Lost Boys of Sudan' Try to Rebuild Lives
Ethiopia Warns Opposition Over New Protests
Defiant Ivory Coast Leader Pledges to Stay On

Soldiers Fire on Protesters During Zanzibar Elections

Polish PM-Designate Says Coalition Talks to Go On
Chess Champ Leads Anti-Putin Protest
In Other News
Islamic Feminists Denounce 'Chauvinism'
Atoll Still Scarred by Tests

Justin Raimondo
Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney

Praful Bidwai
India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Alan Bock
A Time for Reconsideration

Charles Peńa
Iraq by the Numbers

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Ivan Eland
Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

Nebojsa Malic
Exposed Agendas

David R. Henderson
What Game Theory Can Tell Us About Terrorism

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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