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A Clear Strategy – for Disaster: Ray McGovern
Smear Pattern: Paul Sperry
Words and Reality: Charley Reese
Neo-Crazies Planning Beyond Iran: Gordon Prather
Arab World Hostile, Fearful Toward US: Jim Lobe

The State thrives on war – unless, of course, it is defeated and crushed – expands on it, glories in it.
Murray Rothbard
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Updated December 3, 2005 - 10:27 PM EST
14 GIs Die After Worst Attack Since Aug.
Bush: Marines Sacrificed 'For an Important Cause'
Senator, General Defend Iraq Propaganda Plan
Pentagon: Not Sure if Paying for Stories Is Legal
Report: CIA Killed Top al-Qaeda Man in Pakistan
19 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Bombing, Ambush
Bush Adopts British Colonial Model for Iraq
Rice Set to Take Hard Line on CIA Prisons Claim
Arab World Remains Hostile, Fearful Toward US
A Clear Strategy – for Disaster
by Ray McGovern
It's Propaganda (Shock, Horror)!
by David Isenberg
Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran  by Gordon Prather
Smear Pattern  by Paul Sperry
Words and Reality  by Charley Reese
The Unnatural Disaster  by Geov Parrish

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CIA Leak Ruling Has Mystery, 8 Blank Pages
Fitz to Plame Leak Court: Keep Some Grand Jury Records Sealed
Senate Intel Committee Stalling Pre-War Intel Report
Former NSA Director: US Presence in Iraq Fuels Terrorism
Fewer Bombings Don't Mean Less Bloodshed in Iraq
Iraqis Doubt Bush Plan as Insurgents Flex Muscle
Alarm as Kurds Drill for Oil
All Quiet on Haifa Street – Now That US Soldiers Have Gone
Iraq Elections Expected to Herald a Shake-Up in the Balance of Power
Today in Iraq
US-Led Iraq Coalition Steadily Eroding
Iraqi Journalists Condemn US Military Media Tactics
US, Iraqi Forces Begin Major Operation in Ramadi
Shi'ites, Sunnis Protest Together in Baghdad Against Military Raids, Mass Arrests
In Iraq, Fears of a Civil War
Leaving Najaf, One Step at a Time
Election Security to Be Boosted in Iraq
Iraq Says Troops Have 'A Long Way to Go'
Deadly Dangers and Hope in Iraq’s New Army
Trying Saddam
The Dictator, Dressing Down the West
Saddam's Lawyers Seek Judges' Names
Attacks Continue
The Perils Facing UK Contractors on World's Most Dangerous Road
Major Attacks Against the US-Led Coalition in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 3
Hostage Crises
Kidnappers Threaten to Kill Iraq Activists
Ultimatum for German Iraq Hostage Has Expired: Report
Germans in Iraq: 'Everyone Knows the Risks'
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland Says Iraq Mission Strains Budget
Belgian Police Charge Five for Terror Recruiting
Belgium Says France Endangered Terror Raid
British Army Pays $1.8 Million to Harmed Iraqi Families
UK Minister Visits Basra
Whitewash Feared in Oil-for-Food Scandal
Turks See Opportunities in Iraq
Japan's Defense Chief Heads for Iraq
India Unveils Naval Blueprint for Indian Ocean Dominance
India, Pakistan Peace Bus Returns
Maoist Rebels Extend Nepal Cease-Fire by One Month
Nepali Parties Hail Extension of Cease-Fire
Thousands Rally for Democracy in Nepal
King's Car Stoned by Nepalese Protesters
Bangladesh Faces 'National Crisis' After Serial Bomb Blasts
Bangladeshi Police Question 58 in Attacks
Bangladesh Police Find Five Bombs, Arrest 20
North Korea
Negotiator Impatient With North Korea Talks
North Korea Sets Nuclear-Program Conditions
China Envoy: North Korea Ready to Scrap Nukes
North Korea Charged in Counterfeiting of US Currency
UN Envoy Claims Torture Widespread in China
China Looms Large in Taiwan Poll
Journalist Shot Dead in the Philippines
97 Held Over Bangladesh Bombings
UN Council Approves US Bid for Myanmar Discussion
Azerbaijani Opposition Calls Off Protest
US Nuclear-Powered Ship to Be Based in Japan
US Backed Timor Invasion
Jemaah Islamiah Splinter Group Plots New Attacks
Demonstrations Feared in Kazakhstan
Russia Annoyed at Poland Missile Shield Plan: Paper
Racial Split Seen in Russian Politics
US Picks Envoy to Spur Kosovo Talks – Diplomats
Kosovo Roma to Quit Toxic UN Camp
If Pushed, Bosnian Serbs Could Seek Independence
EU Ministers Want Terrorism Data Retained
EU to Keep Telephone Records
Belarus House Outlaws Criticism of State
Italy Warns Terrorists May Target Winter Olympics
Belgian Leader Proposes 'United States of Europe'
Last Year's Orange Revolution in Ukraine Is Just a Memory
Critics: Venezuelan Oil Offer Meant to Cover Up Terror Allegations
Venezuela's Opposition Appeal to Observers on Vote
Police Stop Truck Carrying Missile Launchers on Toronto-Area Highway
Faction of Militia in Colombia to Disarm
Bolivia Commander Takes Blame for Sending Missiles to US
Haiti Kidnappers Release US Missionary
Amnesty Demands Crackdown on Death Squads in Brazil
Rethinking the War?
Bush Will Give New Speech on Iraq
Murtha: Military Supports Call for Iraq Withdrawal
Bush's Iraq Plan Lacks Details
Democrats Divided Over Iraq Timetable
Senior Army Analysts Argue Against Early Withdrawal, but Still See 'Bleak' Road Ahead
US Blamed for Confusion Over Iraqi Troop Readiness
CIA Torture Prisons
Scandal of Secret US Prisons Impairs Transatlantic Ties
Europe Ready to Challenge Rice on CIA
Germany Won't Press Rice on CIA Flights
Report: Two CIA Flights Stopped in France
CIA Planes Landed Twice in Istanbul, Says Minister
HRW: Strong Evidence Romania Involved in CIA Secret Prisons
ACLU to Sue CIA Over Prisons
War on Terror
Negroponte: US Safer Than on 9/11
No Major al-Qaeda Ability Seen in US
Pilot Reports 'Missile' Fired at Jetliner Near Los Angeles Airport
9/11 Panel: US Failing on Security Reform
Pentagon Wonders Why No One Is Taking Pictures of the New Gitmo Prison
TSA to Launch New Measures Over Holiday Season
Judge OKs Bag Searches on NYC Subway
US Military
National Guard Dismantles Unit Accused of Spying on Protesters
Romania to Set Up US Air Bases
Congressman Says Pentagon Auditors Found Halliburton Paid $130 Million for 'Unsupported' Charges
The War at Home
NSA Documents on Gulf of Tonkin
Transcript: Sen. John Warner's Press Conference on Iraqi Media
Oversight for Sore Eyes
Senate Pushes for Secretive New Health Agency
State Department 'Weeding Out' War Critics From Overseas Speeches
Republicans Returning Cunningham Money
Cities Voice Opposition to War in Iraq
Taking on Torture: Vermonter Arrested While Protesting US Military School
Report: Iran Buys Russian Surface to Air Missiles
AIPAC Slams US for Willingness to Negotiate With Iran
Syria: Hariri Probe Based on False Testimony
Hariri Probe Is Stacked Against Syria: Ambassador
Mehlis Slams 'Syrian Tactics'
Relations With Syria at 'Point of No Return': Lebanese MP
Israeli Elections
Likud Voters Get Behind Sharon
Abbas Welcomes Change in Israeli Political Landscape
Palestinian Elections
Fatah Calls Off Primary Voting in Two Towns Over Armed Violence
Jailed Hamas Chief to Contest Polls
Bolton: Anti-Israel UN Resolutions 'Meaningless'
Israel Test-Fires Anti-Missile Missile
Israel Says Palestinians Let Militants Back Into Gaza
US Aide to Monitor Rafah Crossing Deal
Gaza Evacuees Said Suffering Rampant Emotional Problems
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Near Gaza Border, Medics Say
Egypt's Ruling Party Close to 2/3 Majority
Opposition Slams Egyptian Police for Blocking Access to Polling Places
Egypt Islamists Cry Foul After Final Election Slump
Muslim Brotherhood 'Won No Seats' in Third Round of Elections
Islamists on Course for More Gains in Next Week's Runoff to Egypt Poll
Middle East
Gulf Presses NATO for Nuclear-Free Zone
Leading Turkey Reporters Charged
Darfur Displaced Say They Still Live in Fear of Attack by Militiamen

Gabon Police Beat Protesters

Australian PM Retreats on Terror Laws
Aussie Terror Suspect Bail Extended
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US Can Head for the Exits in Iraq, but Shouldn't the Flames Be Doused?

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