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A Tale of Two Cities: Charles V. Peña
Questionable Assumptions: William S. Lind
The CEO President: Ann Berg
Bird-Dogging Hillary Clinton: Joshua Frank
Terror Net Yields Few Big Fish: William Fisher

Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Updated December 8, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST

Rice Says US Has Banned Torture

Explosion on Iraq Bus Kills 30, Wounds 40

Pentagon May Cancel Some Iraq Deployments

54% Say It Was Wrong to Attack Iraq

Iraqi Insurgents Claim to Kill US Hostage
Terror Net Yields Few Big Fish

Murtha: Military Will Request $100 Billion for Iraq Next Year

US Considers Pulling 30,000 Troops From Iraq

Fitzgerald Presents New Information to Grand Jury

A Forgotten Post-9/11 Hoax
by James Bovard
Why Saddam's Trial Is So Trying for the Coalition  by Brendan O'Neill
Space Weapons and the Risk of Accidental Nuclear War  by Thomas Graham, Jr.
The CEO President  by Ann Berg
All the President's Flacks
by Frank Rich
Bird-Dogging Hillary Clinton
by Joshua Frank

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Arabs Unimpressed by Bush Democracy Drive

Bush Admits 'Fits and Starts' in Iraq Reconstruction

Mixed Messages From Hill on PATRIOT Act Talks

Shooting Puts Air Marshals in Spotlight

Bush's Account of Iraq Reconstruction Unusually Candid

Iraq War Was 'Blatant State Terrorism': Nobel Laureate

Netanya Bombing Scatters Political Questions
Egypt Police Kill Eight in Election Clashes
The War Goes On

Al-Qaeda Deputy Urges Oil-Plant Attacks

Zawahiri Urges Insurgents to 'Unite'

Gunmen Attack Iraq Hospital, Free Insurgent, Kill 3 Police

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 8

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 7

Hostage Crises
Al-Qaeda-Linked Cleric Wants Aid Workers in Iraq Freed

Archaeologist Held Hostage in Iraq

Hostages on Tape: 'Treated Well, Hope to Come Home'

Iraqi Kidnappers Extend Deadline Two Days

Hostage Held in Iraq Is Former Marine

Daughter of US Hostage in Iraq Appeals for His Life

Saddam Trial
Two Witnesses Testify as Trial Continues Without Saddam

Trial Resumes Without Saddam, Adjourned for 2 Weeks

Saddam Trial Hears Evidence of Inferior Cigarettes

Implied Threats in Saddam Trial

Go to Hell, Defiant Saddam Tells Judges

Saddam Tests Trial Judge's Control

Kurds Anticipate Saddam's Execution

Iraq Today

US Admiral to Probe Planted Stories in Iraqi Papers

Bush Cites Progress in Iraqi Cities of Najaf, Mosul

In Cities Bush Cited, Progress Is Relative

US Military Continues Iraq Propaganda Operation Despite Probe

Iraq Closes Border With Syria, Declares Emergency Law

Iraqi Oil Industry in Crisis

Saddam's Bunker a Draw for Tourists in Green Zone

In Iraq, Signs of Political Evolution

Iraq Gripped by Advertising Boom in Election Run-Up


22 Taliban Killed, Five US-Led Troops Hurt in Afghan Fighting

Three Canadian Commandos Wounded in Afghanistan


Egypt's Liberal Women See Veiled Threat in Islamist Rise

Egyptian Police Beat Women Voters

Egypt Ponders the Price of Islamists' Gains

Christian TV Hits Egypt's Airwaves


Relatives of Iran Air Crash Victims Blame Officials

Russia Hits Back at US Criticism of Iran Arms Deal


UN Investigator Stepping Down as Syria Steps Up Attacks

Syria's Market Reforms Dent Socialist Model

Sri Lanka

Tamil Rebels Blamed for Sri Lanka Explosions

Sri Lanka Urges Norway to Save Peace

Civilian Killed in Northern Sri Lanka Attack


Rice Criticizes Russia Over Effort to Limit Role of Activist Groups

Russia Bristles at Nearness of US Deployments

Russia and India Boost Military Cooperation

Ex-Russian PM Plans Democratic Coalition

South Asia

Nepalese King Reshuffles Cabinet

Four Pakistani Soldiers Kidnapped in Tribal Region

Southeast Asia

In Aceh, Trust Rebuilds

US to Reopen Manila Embassy


UN Demands Eritrea Reverse Expulsion of Troops

Eritrea to Expel UN Peacekeepers

After 70,000 Deaths, Eritrea and Ethiopia Prepare for War Again


Chinese Police Kill Two Protesting State Land Seizures

China-Japan Tensions Spark Fears of Escalation

US and China Hold New Strategic Talks


Documents Shed Light on Guatemala's Past

Colombia to Begin Talks With Communist Rebel Group

Watchdog Challenges US Drug War in Colombia

New York Gets Cheap Venezuelan Oil

War on Terror

Al-Jazeera Admits bin Laden Error

Pakistan, Yemen Agreed to Boost Anti Terror Cooperation

Saudi King: Extremists Have Hijacked Islam

Saudi Envoy Says al-Qaeda Still Capable of Attacks

House Votes to Renew Terrorism Insurance

Danish Muslim Group Charged With Funding Terrorism

Two Britons Detained in Azerbaijan on Suspicion of Bioterrorism

Torture/CIA Prisons

Rumsfeld Questions Policies to Stop Detainee Abuses

UN Calls Torture Ban a Casualty of War on Terror

How Common Is US Abuse of Detainees?

US General Knew of Iraqi Jail Abuse

Blair Denies Knowledge of 'CIA Torture'

House Bill Likely to Contain Torture Ban

Rice Signals Shift in Interrogation Policy

Berlin: US Response on German Citizen's Detention 'Inadequate'

Germany's Merkel Under Pressure After Rice Debacle

Poland 'Uncomfortable' With Reports of Secret CIA Prisons

Ramstein Officials Mum About Alleged CIA Flights

CIA Claims Cast Shadow Over Rice’s European Visit

ACLU Files Suit Challenging CIA Rendition

US Attacks UN Official on 'Jails'

War at Home

Bush: US Military Deserves a 'Fair Shot' at Colleges' Best and Brightest

Rove Assistant Reportedly Left White House

Wolfowitz's New Job Turning Him Into Iraq War's Invisible Man

Wolfowitz Acknowledges Questions on Iraq Invasion

Intelligence Design and the Architecture of War

Hillary Clinton Greeted by Antiwar Protesters

Secret ID Law to Get Hearing

Soldier Arrested in Killing of Other Soldier in Iraq

State Dept Kills World-Media Site

Libby Charges 'Serious' for Majority of Americans

A Soldier's Last Impression

War Politics

Carter Doubts US Military Will Ever Leave Iraq

Democrats Lambast Bush Over Iraq Reconstruction

Democrats Try to Unify on Iraq Position

McCain Attacks: Murtha 'Sentimental,' 'Never Been a Big Thinker'

New York Democrats Who Voted for Iraq War Now Seek to End It

To Seize Back the Agenda, Bush Grabs the Bullhorn

Al-Arian Acquitted

Government Loses Key Court Test of PATRIOT Act

Failed Case Seen as Blow to Terror War

As Jurors Debated al-Arian Verdict, Tensions, Pressure Grew

Al-Arian Trial: What They're Saying

For al-Arian's Family, Affirmation Has a Cost

United Kingdom

London Bomb Suspects Due in Court

UK Officer Argues Legal Right Not to Serve in Iraq

Acts of Defiance Against War Turned Ordinary Britons Into Criminals

Playwright Demands War Crimes Trial for Blair

Straw: Kidnap Demands Cannot Be Met

Gunfire 'Caused Fatal Iraq RAF Crash'

New Conservative Party Leader Takes on Blair


South Korea Approves Iraq Troop Cuts

US Looking to Thwart Large Israel-South Korea Arms Deal

US Says North Korea a 'Criminal Regime'

US Stands Firm as North Korea Threatens Boycott of Nuclear Talks


Acting Likud Leader Leaves Party to Join Sharon

Hamas Urges All Factions to Hold Their Fire

One Killed, Six Wounded in Israel Air Strike on Gaza

Palestinian Farmers Mourn Loss of Land to Barrier

Record Number of Women to Contest Palestinian Elections

Israeli Official: Only 35 Percent of Separation Barrier Is Complete


Bosnian Croat Sentenced for War Crimes

Forgiveness Is Bitter Pill for Some in N. Ireland


Justin Raimondo
Putting America Last

Charles Peña
A Tale of Two Cities

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Ivan Eland
TSA Treats for Holiday Travelers

Alan Bock
A Pathetic Performance

Nebojsa Malic
Brave New Numbers

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Sascha Matuszak
Who's the Boss?

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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