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Nuking Iran With the UN's OK: Jorge Hirsch
Troubles Yet to Come: Nebojsa Malic
NSA Spied in Iraq War Push: Norman Solomon
NK Reform Halt May Bolster Bush Hardliners: Lobe
Nour Case Strains US-Egypt Ties: William Fisher

There are no warlike people--just warlike leaders.
Ralph Bunche
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Updated December 28, 2005 - 11:22 PM EST
Iraqi Soldiers See Civil War on Horizon
Kurds in Iraqi Army Proclaim Loyalty to Militia
Insurgents Back to Business in Iraq
Iraqi Prisoner Grabs Guard's Gun, Kills Eight
CIA Probes Renditions of Terror Suspects

Two US Troops, Afghan Civilian Killed in Afghanistan

N. Korean Reform Rollback May Bolster Bush Hardliners

Pentagon Has Yet to Ban Contractors From Using Slave Labor
Are You Being Searched?
by Julian Sanchez
NSA Spied on Diplomats in Push for Iraq War  by Norman Solomon
By Surrendering Our Liberties, We Hand Victory to Terrorists  by Raymond Daniel Burke
Bush's Secret Surveillance State
by Anthony Gregory
'The Law Is King'  by Sidney Blumenthal
No WMD – and No Second Thoughts  by Helen Thomas

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Nour Case Strains US-Egypt Ties

Rice Authorized NSA to Spy on UN Security Council in Run-Up to War

US Allies Reducing Troop Levels in Iraq

Protesters Call for Iraq Unity Government

How Useful Is US Propaganda in Iraq?

Rockets 'From Lebanon' Hit Israel

Israel Attacks Militants Near Beirut

Putin's Liberal Economic Adviser Resigns, Saying Russia 'Not Free'


Sunnis Lead Mass Iraq Poll Protests

The War Goes On

Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Copter Crash, Attacks

Violence Defies Reason for Many in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 28

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 27

Iraq Occupation

Poland Postpones Full Pullout of Troops From Iraq

Most Japanese Want Iraq Troops Home Soon

Iraqi Politics

Iraq Opposition Parties Promise Civil Disobedience Unless Another Election Is Held

Iraqi Government Talks to Begin

Iraqi Poll Winners Woo Rivals

Iraq Expat Voters Shun Chalabi

Tensions Flare in Iraq as Election Votes Counted

Iran and the Poetry of Protest

Iraq Today

Torture Jails Force Ouster of Iraq Interior Minister

Iraqi Army Lacks Armored Vehicles

Animosity Between Kurds, Arabs Dates to Seventh Century

US Raises Doubts Over Iraq Prison Control

Women, Children Found in Karbala Mass Grave

Iraq Mass Grave Thought to Be From 1991

Finally, All the World Can Be His Stage

Sen. Specter Scolds Iraqis for Handling of Hussein Trial

Ex-Hostage's Iraq Return Angers Her Rescue Team


US Sanctions Chinese Companies for Selling Materials to Iran

Mossad Chief: Iran Seeks Multiple Nuclear Bombs

Iran Cleric Protests Shutdown of Satellite TV


Karzai: Iran's Help Has Contributed to Afghanistan Development

Two Foreign Troops Injured in Roadside Explosion in Afghanistan

Journalists Still Under Threat in Afghanistan

Afghans Try Ex-Intelligence Chief

Afghanistan Hints at Demanding War Compensation From Russia

Middle East

Some Muslims Shifting Tactics on Radicals

Syria, Russia Sign Deal for Oil Refinery

Saudi Suspect Kills 5 Police, Then Caught

Arab League Inaugurates New Parliament

Lebanon Arrests Syrian Over Beirut Bombing

Australian Jailed in Kuwait for Terrorism Offenses

Six Sentenced to Death in Kuwait for Planned Attack on US Troops

Sri Lanka

Blast Kills 10 Soldiers in Northern Sri Lanka

Tamils Accused of Wanting War After Mine Kills Troops

Closing Door for Peace Talks in Sri Lanka


Pakistan FM Warns India, Nepal Finalizing 'Secret Extradition Treaty'

Pakistan Denies Any Military Operations in Balochistan

Pakistan Bans Export of Nuclear Products


Indian Forces Kill Kashmiri Militant Leader

Eviction Fury Rocks Indian Cities

Gujarat 'Mass Grave' Unearthed


Three Killed in Nepal Fighting as Truce Nears End

Nepal to Hold Elections Despite Rebel Threat

War at Home

Bush Was Denied Wiretaps, Bypassed Panel

Bush's Counsel on Spying Now Under Close Scrutiny

Lawyer Says Rendition 'Part of a Larger Pattern'

Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts

Frustration Over Iraq Vote Unlikely to Trouble Hillary Clinton

US Military

Pentagon Snooping Fits California's Post-9/11 Pattern

Guard Turns to Pizza, iTunes for Recruiting

United Kingdom

MI6 Man 'Recalled Over Torture Claim'

Greece to Investigate July 7 Torture Allegations

Hicks Concerned UK Citizenship Won't Get Him Out of Gitmo


Israel Fires at Gaza Offices, Bridge

US Defends Israeli Firing on Gaza

Israel Remains Vague on Palestinian Election Position

Hamas: True Democracy, Israeli Occupation Can't Coexist

Sharon's Doctors Go Public to Calm Israeli Poll Jitters

Al-Arabiya TV Requests Israel Lift Travel Ban on Journalist

Abbas Struggles to Repair Rift in Fatah

Fatah Puts Finishing Touches to Palestinian Poll List

Israeli Settlers Start Wave of West Bank Outposts

Munich Mastermind Spurns Spielberg's Peace Appeal


Russia Warns of 'Fatal' Consequences for Ukraine as Dispute Escalates

Ukraine Vows Retaliation Against Russia in Natural Gas Dispute

Democracy and Iran Tension to Test Russia's G8 Lead

Is Russia Fit to Become the Next G8 Leader?

Kremlin Reasserts Control of Oil, Gas


Serbia Closes in on Key Suspect

Euro MP Faces Turkey Insult Probe

Europe's Space Race With US Begins

Pen vs. Sword in Belarus


China Gives No Ground on Democracy for Hong Kong

Indonesian President 'Under Increased Threat'

Aceh Rebels Officially End Struggle

Philippines: Four US Soldiers Charged With Rape

History, Myth, and the Shifting Sands of Iwo Jima


US Sees Burma as 'Test Case' in Southeast Asia

As Scrutiny Grows, Burma Moves Its Capital


Chad: Sudan Planning New Attack

Uganda Army Kills Seven Civilians

US Takes Terror Fight to Africa's 'Wild West'

Sudan Village Engineers Its Own Comeback

DR Congo

UN Aims to Pacify East Congo for Vote

UN Soldier, Three Congo Troops Killed by Rebels


Colombian Paramilitaries Accused of Breaking Truce

Colombia Rebels Kill 24 Soldiers Destroying Coca Fields

Peace Effort, Justice at Odds in Colombia


Justin Raimondo
'Democracy,' Iraqi-Style

Nebojsa Malic
Troubles Yet to Come

Ivan Eland
Bush's Presidency Most Resembles That of LBJ

David R. Henderson
Let's Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Alan Bock
Toward a Peace Culture

Charles Peņa
Syriana: It's Not About the Oil

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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