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The New Iraq War Strategy: Michael Schwartz
Peace and Prosperity in 2006?: Rep. Ron Paul
Chatting Up the TSA: Ivan Eland
Political Folly Awards of 2005: Tom Engelhardt
Nuclear Back-Scratching: Gordon Prather

No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.
A. J. P. Taylor
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Updated January 3, 2006 - 11:23 PM EST
US Air Strike Kills 14 in Iraqi Family
US Society Marked by Reality of War
Support for Bush Drops Among US Military
US Military Shuts Down Soldiers' Blogs
Muslim Scholars Paid to Aid US Propaganda
Iraq Oil Exports Hit Postwar Low
Iraq Must Rebuild Itself After $10 Billon Fund Is Exhausted
Peace and Prosperity in 2006?
by Rep. Ron Paul
The Political Folly Awards of 2005
by Tom Engelhardt
Big Brother Is Watching and Listening to You  by Eric Margolis
I'm a Soldier, Not a Spy  by Grant Doty
The Year in Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Nuclear Back-Scratching
by Gordon Prather

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Report: Sharon Seeks to Ditch 'Road Map'
UN Wants to Question Syrian President Over Bombing
US Military Still Runs With Dreaded Wolf Brigade
US Checks Reports, Finds 'No Helicopter Crash' in Iraq
Sunni Group Agrees on Iraq Gov't Outline
Economy in Iraq Goes in All Directions
White House Will Continue to Track Visitors to Web Site
Bush Defines Phone Intercepts as 'Limited'
Book: CIA Ignored Info Iraq Had No WMD
Russia Restores Most of Gas Flow Despite Ukraine Dispute
Iraqi Politics
Chalabi Likely to Be Big Player in New Iraq Government, Despite Controversy
Iraq Oil Minister Resigned Under Pressure
Iraq's Main Sunni Arab Group Meets Kurds
Attacks Continue
19 Killed in New Wave of Death
Turkish Envoy to Iraq Wounded
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 3
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 2
Iraq Occupation
Four US Civilian Contractors Killed in Accident in Iraq
US Air Force's Role Changing in Iraq
US Military Hospital Plays Key Iraq Occupation Role
US Cedes Duties in Rebuilding Afghanistan
Afghanistan Orders US, UN to Remove Security Roadblocks
Australian Afghanistan Deployment in Doubt
Three Killed in Explosion in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Police to Launch Renewed Offensive Against Illegal Drugs
25 Women Among Karzai's 400 Bodyguards
Radical Pakistani Clerics Ignore Islamabad Decree on Madrassas
Indian Troops Kill Most-Wanted Rebel in Kashmir
India's Opposition Party Picks New Leader
South Korea Signals Increased Efforts Toward North
South Korea Leader Reshuffles Cabinet
Aceh Peace Deal: Now for the Hard Part
Indonesia Tries Five Alleged Muslim Militants
Taiwan Stocks Fall as Chen Vows Tough China Stance
Rebels Refuse to Extend Nepal Truce
Ex-Inmates Describe Torture in Burma
Some in Sri Lanka See Civil War on Horizon
Russia-Ukraine Gas Crisis
Russia Promises to Boost Gas Supply as Europe Is Sold Short
Moscow Has More Than the Price of Gas on Its Mind
Russia Accuses Ukraine of Diverting Gas
Turning Off the Pipes Threatens to Leave Putin Out in the Cold
Germany Warns Russia Over Ukraine Gas Blockade
Mixed Results for Chile's Pinochet in Court Ruling
Chevron Fights Ecuador Rights Abuse Allegations
Colombian Rebels Bomb Oil Wells, Energy Tower
Kidnapped US Journalists Freed in Haiti
Mexico Welcomes Zapatista Tour
In Other News
Bolton Plans to Restart Stalled Efforts to Restructure UN
Chirac Plans to Lift State of Emergency
War on Terror
Commander Claims US Stopping Terrorism in East Africa
New Rules Set for Giving Out Anti-Terror Aid to Cities
9/11: A Special White House Slide Show
London Bombs Cost Just Hundreds
Alleged al-Qaeda Aide Said to Have Faked Death
The War at Home
US Rep. Murtha Says He Wouldn't Join Military Now
McCain: We're in Iraq for a While Yet
Fla. Teen Vows to Share Iraq Trip Details
Dad Helped Florida Teen Get Iraq Visa
US Military
The Pentagon's Homegrown Theater of War
Great-Grandmother Returns to Oklahoma After Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan
Pentagon to Boost Foreign-Language Skills
Families See Good and Bad in Trend
Palestinian Politics
Abbas Threatens to Delay Vote Over Jerusalem Dispute
Abbas Rejects Bids by Fatah Candidates to Withdraw
Hamas Looms as Key to Peace Process
Kidnapped British Aid Worker in Gaza Feels 'Betrayed'
Israeli Air Strikes, Unrest Pummel Gaza Strip
Two Militants Killed, One Wounded in Gaza Airstrike
Palestinian Police Storm Offices in Gaza Strip
Israel: Anti-Aircraft Missiles Smuggled Into Gaza
Palestinian Police Battle Gunmen in Gaza
Car Explodes in Gaza, One Killed
Palestinian Militant Charged With Plan to Attack Dimona Reactor
Israel Death Toll Lowest in Years Due to Militant Truces
Sharon to Undergo Heart Procedure on Thursday
Iranian Kurds Form Reformist Front
Iran Closes Women's Publication
Yemenis Threaten to Kill Hostages
Yemen PM Rejects Talks With Kidnappers
Sudanese Released in Egypt
Egypt's Sudanese Despair After Killings
Egypt Cabinet Gets First Veiled Minister
Death Squads Return to Business on Darfur's Killing Fields
Sudan: Civilian Deaths Almost Double in Darfur, Annan Says
Uganda Election Rival Released on Bail
13 Dead in Foiled Ivory Coast Attack
Congo Opposition to Contest Poll

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