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'Good News' From Iraq: Justin Raimondo
Time to Talk to Tehran: Patrick J. Buchanan
US Headed for Confrontation With Iran: Leon Hadar
Military Confidence in Bush Hits New Low: Jim Lobe
Judging Libby: Christopher Deliso

There's no difference between one's killing and making decisions that will send others to kill. It's exactly the same thing, or even worse.
Golda Meir
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Updated January 4, 2006 - 11:08 PM EST
Airstrike on Home Enrages Iraqi Officials
53 Iraqis Die in Attacks at Funeral, Elsewhere

Sharon Suffers 'Significant' Stroke

Bush Says US Will Start Cutting Iraq Troop Levels

Iraqi VP Says New Govt Unlikely Before April
Sunnis Bargain for Iraq Role as Allawi Fades
Sunni Islamists Eye Alliance With Radical Shi'ite Cleric
Iran to Resume Nuclear Research
Secret Services Say Iran Trying to Assemble Nuclear Missile
Israelis Bar Palestinian Candidates From Campaigning in East Jerusalem
US Headed for Confrontation With Iran  by Leon Hadar
Stacking the Deck to Save the Administration  by Christopher Deliso
Sorry, Neocons: Reality Isn't Optional  by William Norman Grigg
Time to Talk to Tehran
by Patrick Buchanan
Twin Crises of 2006  by Robert Dreyfuss
America's Nuclear Ticking Bomb
by Jorge Hirsch

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Military Confidence in Bush Hits New Low
Bush Assails Democrats Over PATRIOT Act
Iraq Wants US Choice Out as Chief of Brigade
Billion-Dollar Bunker
Iraq Leaders Set Sights on Unity Government
Iraq Vote Results May Not Come for 2 Weeks
US General Wants Faster Security Transition in Iraq
Ukraine, in Rebuke to Russia, Says It Has Right to Take Gas
White House Cold to Chalabi Leading Iraq Oil Ministry
Today in Iraq
Three Iraqi Survivors Found After Deadly US Raid
Saddam Prefers Death by Firing Squad
Iraq to Give $3bn Worth of Bonds to Saddam-Era Creditors
Iraq Returns to Financial Markets
Cautiously, Iraqis Open for Business
Iraqi Sunnis Deny Report on US Bribing Scholars
Poverty and Fear Dominate Life for Iraq's Gypsies
Iraqi Election
Iraq Electoral Body to Cancel Few Ballots
Fraud Probe Continues Into Iraq Poll Results
International Monitors Review Iraq Vote Results
Iraq Occupation
Iraq: Iranian Mujahedin Said to Be in US Custody
US Allies in Iraq: Valuable but Dwindling
US Checks Reports, Finds 'No Helicopter Crash' in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Nearly 6,000 Killed in Iraq Violence in 2005
Iraq Was Deadliest Place for Media in 2005: Report
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 4
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 3
Hostage Crises
Iraqi Minister's Sister Kidnapped
Ransom Deal 'Likely' for UK Hostages in Iraq
Iraq Militants in Talks With Jordan Over Hostage
Iraq Captors Give New Ultimatum to Kill Jordanian
No News Is Good News for New Zealand Hostage in Iraq
Afghan Security Barrier Order Worries Foreigners
Afghan Aid Worker and Policeman Die in Attacks
Entrepreneurs in Afghanistan's Herat Seek Security
Bangladesh Engineer Killed in South Afghanistan
Report: Pakistan in Talks to Buy Chinese Reactors
Pakistan Denies New Reactor Plan
Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Says He's Monitored
Pakistan Warns India Over Balochistan
Terror Stalks India's Progress
Kashmir Self-Rule Unlikely
Nepal's Maoist Insurgency May Spill Over to India
Blasts Rock Nepal After Rebel Cease-Fire Ends
Nepal Steps Up Security After Rebels End Cease-Fire
US Concerned Over Resumption of Nepal Insurgency
Sri Lanka
Five Tamils Killed in Sri Lanka Explosion
Army Denies Killing Tamil Youths
Sri Lanka Divided on President's India Visit
Focus on Tsunami Overlooks Sri Lanka's War Refugees
Negotiator With North Korea Leaves Post
Bush Administration Won't Lift North Korea Sanctions
South Korea Ships Coal to North
Activist: China Releases Jailed Journalist
Chinese President Looks to Perpetuate Party's 'Marxist' Veneer
US Marines Seek Dismissal in Philippines
Philippines Judge Vows Trial for US Marines in Rape Case
US Embassy in Malaysia Remains Closed
Bali Tourist Numbers Plunging After Bombings
Uzbekistan Hikes Gas Price for Tajikistan
Morales Aligns Himself With Castro, Chavez
Chavez Hails Bolivian Ally With Energy, Aid Deals
Haitian Presidential Candidate Released
Peru Seeks Fujimori Extradition
Big Intel 'Mistakes'
CIA 'Ignored Iraqi Weapons Evidence'
Officials: Error Tipped Iran to CIA Agents
Ex-CIA Agent Says US Missed bin Laden in Afghanistan
NSA Whistleblower: US Decaying Into 'Police State'
NSA Spying: The Book Behind the Bombshell
Terror Research Deemed Ineffective
War on Terror
Secret Surveillance May Have Occurred Before Authorization
Justice Dept to Try to Toss Gitmo Challenges
Debate Over Eavesdropping Grows
DC May Get Bigger Slice of Pork as DHS Bases Grants on Risk
The War at Home
'Marlboro Man' in Iraq War Photo Suffers From PTSD
US Teen Who Went to Iraq Returns to School, Skips News Conference
US Warns Iran Against Resuming Nuclear Research
Iran: Sects, Drugs, and Rock and Roll
True Believers Dial Messiah Hotline in Iran
Ahmadinejad Criticizes Past Foreign Policy of 'Détente'
Pakistan Aiding Hunt for Iranians
Syria Confirms It Received UN Request
US Warns Syria to Let UN Interview Its President
Syrian Intel Chief Linked to Hariri Murder Ready to Quit if Ordered
Palestinian Politics
Palestinian Campaign Starts Amid Threat of Poll Delay
Campaign Clashes Put Palestinian Poll at Risk
Israel Arrests Palestinian Candidate
Hamas Says It Opposes Election Delay
What Is at Stake in Palestinian Elections
Palestinian Gunmen Storm Interior Ministry Office
Israeli Politics
Likud Ministers Ordered to Quit Israeli Government
Police Suspect Israeli PM Took Three Million Dollar Bribe
Sharon to Transfer Power During Procedure
Terror Chief Held Over Kidnapping of British Family
Israel Proposes 'Defense Wall' Through Town of Ghajar
After Israel, Who Can Run Gaza?
Israelis Order Hebron Evictions
Hebron Settlers Attack Army Officials
Italy Blocks Yemeni Operation to Free Hostages
Yemen May Try to Free Hostages by Force Despite Italy
Middle East
7,000 Iraqi Pilgrims Stopped From Entering Saudi Arabia
Egypt to Deport 654 Sudanese Refugees
Russia-Ukraine Gas Crisis
Russia, Ukraine Agree to Resume Natural Gas Talks
Ukrainians Angry About Russia Gas Dispute
Bush Administration Criticizes Russia
Five Rebels and Two Police Killed in North Caucasus
Russian Troops 'Trap' Gunmen in Dagestan
France Divided Over How to Cast Its Colonial Past
Poll: Kosovo Voters Wants Solution to Status Questions
African Leaders Take on Mugabe
Annan Warns Ethiopia-Eritrea Situation in Dangerous Stalemate
Somali Government to Relocate
Rwandan Provinces Redrawn
Libyan Political Prisoners Start Strike
Ivorian Army Patrols After Attack
Congo Opposition Ends Boycott
World War II
Churchill Proposed 'Three for One' Bombing of German Villages in Retaliation for Massacre of Czech Civilians
Brit PM Atlee Sought Quick End to War: Notes

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