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Kurdistan: A Gangster State: Justin Raimondo
Friedmans on Military Intervention: David Henderson
Peace Takes Time: Aaron Glantz
How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran: Jorge Hirsch
Bush's Botched War on Terror: Klare/Engelhardt

We need a type of patriotism that recognizes the virtues of those who are opposed to us.
Francis John McConnell
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Updated January 9, 2006 - 11:17 PM EST
US 'Missed Signs of Rebellion'
28 US Troops Killed in 4 Days in Iraq
Suicide Bombers Kill 28 at Iraqi Ministry
US Missile Blamed as 8 Pakistani Villagers Killed
Can Sharon's Deputy Champion Israel's Middle?
Sharon Breathes on Own, Responds to Stimuli
Iraqi Cabinet Talking Directly With Militant Groups
MPs Leaked Bush Plan to Hit al-Jazeera
US Lawmakers: Iraq Needs Progress for US to Keep Spending
Iraq Replaces Afghanistan as Terrorist 'Nerve Center'
Requirement to Report on Secret Detainees Threatens to Block Intel Bill
How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran  by Jorge Hirsch
Bush's Botched War on Terror
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
The Squawkers Should be Congratulated  by John Bomar
Peace Takes Time  by Aaron Glantz
Aid to Israel Is Out of Hand
by George Bisharat
No Rest for 'China Threat' Lobby
by Gregory Clark

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Zarqawi: Bin Laden Ordered Rocket Fire at Israel
Zarqawi Denounces Arab States as US Agents
Doctors to Awaken Sharon
Israel Allows Palestinian Campaigning in E. Jerusalem
Karzai Invites Contact With Taliban Head
CIA Cracks Down on Leaks
British General: Blair Should Be Impeached for War
Results of Iraq Election Probe Due Monday
US Troops Descended From Helicopters in Raid on Sunni Clerics' Iraq Office
Today in Iraq
US Troops Seize Award-Winning Iraqi Journalist
Hussein-Era Symbols Disappear Under Edict
Student Extremism Rises in Iraqi Universities
US: First Saddam Trial May Be Over by June
Iraqi Widows Feel Lost in Land That Cannot Provide
Kurds Nominate Talabani for Iraqi Presidency
Iraq: Counting the Costs
Attacks Continue
Five US Marines Killed in Western Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 9
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 8
Iraq Occupation
12 Dead in US Copter Crash in Iraq
Fatal Helicopter Crashes in Iraq War
For Veteran US Troops, a New Challenge in Iraq
Marine Battalion Taking Third Tour to Iraq
For Returning Unit in Iraq, a Battle With Doubts
Hostage Crises
French Hostage Found in Iraq After Takers Abandon Car, Police Say
Joy After One Hostage Escapes but Fears for Briton Grow
French PM Thanks US for Help in Hostage Release
Bombing Kills Student in Eastern Afghanistan
Afghan School That Taught Girls Torched
Musharraf Says India Aiding Balochi Rebels
Indian PM Invited to Pakistan
North Waziristan Cease-Fire Extended
Left to Protest Against Bush’s Visit to India
North Korea Demands Billions for South's 'Torture' of War Prisoners
Japanese Spy Satellites Target Korea
Fears of Renewed Conflict Affect Economies of Sri Lanka, Nepal
Suspected Maoists Set Off Bomb in Municipal Building in Nepal
Sri Lankan Navy Bans Fishing at Night
United Nations' Burma Envoy Quits
EU Troops: Woman We Killed in Bosnia Fired on Us First
The New Crimean War
Austria Aims to Revive EU Constitution
UN: Ethiopia Follows Border Order, but Not Eritrea
Border Tension Between Ethiopia, Eritrea Continues
Peacekeeper Killed in Darfur Raid
Annan Concerned at Slow UN Deployment to Sudan
UN to Keep Pressure on Rebels Before Congo Vote
Chad Official Denies Mass Arrests Were to Increase Army Recruitment
Nigeria Army Cautions Politicians Against Divisiveness
Baptism of Fire for Ivory Coast's New PM
Haiti Sets New Date for Election
Haiti's Elusive Polls
UN Officials Vows Crackdown in Haiti
Violence Displaces Millions in Colombia
Colombia Says FARC Playing Politics With Hostages
Venezuela to Expand Fuel Discounts to Low-Income Americans
Torture Verdict Against Salvadoran Generals Reinstated
NSA Spying on Americans
Sen. Specter Wants AG's Testimony on Spying
35 Years Ago: Supreme Court Ruled President Can't Tap Citizens Without Warrants
As It Was 30 Years Ago, NSA at Center of Uproar Over Surveillance
Secret's Out: NSA Is Listening to America
Senator: Leaking President's Secret Spying Makes US 'Significantly Less Safe'
NSA's Methods Spur Controversy
Domestic Spying Issue Likely to Dominate Politics in 2006
Torture, Rendition, Detention
Bush Quietly Undercuts Laws With Bill-Signing Statement
Torture Ban Still Faces Political Interpretation
The Origins of the Rendition Program
Swiss May Have Known About Secret CIA Prisons
Inquiry Launched Into US Base Claims
Egypt: US Has Secret Bases in Romania for Grilling Suspects
Gitmo-Held Canadian Teen Faces First Hearing After Years in Isolation
US Military
Mom Buys Body Armor for Son for Christmas
VA Phones Dispense Questionable Answers
Pentagon Urges Growth in SoCom
Fort Bragg Paratrooper Dies During Training
The War at Home
Montana Law Students Seek Pardons for World War I Seditionists
Antiwar Rally Reflects Changing Attitudes
Sheehan Urges Supporters to Take Action
Battles of Britain
No Murder Charge for British Special Forces Soldier
UK Report: Al-Qaeda Recruiting Suicide Bombers With Infectious Diseases
ElBaradei 'Loses Patience' as Iran Breaks UN Seals
Iran Poised to Resume Nuclear Research
Iran Admits Kidnapped Soldiers Held by Sunni Militants
Iran Accuses US of Supporting Kidnappers
Russia and Iran in Nuclear Talks
Britain Allowed Nuclear Cargo to Be Sent to Iran
Israel's Political Future
Poll: Israeli Voters Divided, but Olmert Leads
Olmert Likely to Lead Kadima Party
Following Criticism From Kadima, Peres Backs Olmert Leadership
Olmert Seen as More Open to Negotiations
Peace Prospects After Sharon
Likud 'Prince' Who Dreamed of a Two-State Solution
Ariel Sharon
Bush-Sharon Alliance Was Strong Despite Friction
Settlers Shed No Tears for Sharon
Sharon's Trip Toward Peace
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Talks of Possibly Forming Government
With Sharon Ill, Palestinians Face Own Travails
Palestinians Urge Olmert to Negotiate
Abbas One Year On: Security Chaos, Political Uncertainty
'Acre Has a Right to Exist Only if It Has a Permanent Jewish Majority'
Israeli AG Urges Compensation for Arabs Whose Olive Trees Were Cut Down
Two More Embassies Close in Jordan
Jordan Will Not Hand US Citizens Over to ICC
Middle East
Saudi Bid to End Lebanese-Syrian Rift
Assad Pays Surprise Visit to Egypt
Gunman Who Shot Pope John Paul to Be Freed From Turkish Prison

Justin Raimondo
Kurdistan: A Gangster State

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Alan Bock
Ukraine: More Than Gas at Stake

Charles Peña
Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Ivan Eland
Chatting Up the TSA

Praful Bidwai
Nuclear Clouds Gather
Over Asia

Nebojsa Malic
Troubles Yet to Come

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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