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If Iran Gets Nukes…: Abolghasem Bayyenat
'War on Terror' Keeps Creating Terrorists: Eland
What Noncompliance?: Gordon Prather
Bush Seeks His Enemies' Help in Iraq: Porter
UN Probes Peacekeeping Fraud: Thalif Deen

The next war ... may well bury Western civilization forever.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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Updated January 17, 2006 - 11:08 PM EST
Iran Crisis: World Powers at Odds
Rice Wants Iran Vote as Soon as Possible
Islamists Gain Ground From US Democracy Push
Bush Seeks His Enemies' Help in Iraq
US Tries to Loosen Shi'ite Grip in Iraq
USAID Paints Dire Picture of Iraq Security
NSA Data After Sept. 11 Led FBI to Dead Ends
Pakistani Ruling Party Demands US Apology
Rice: No Apologies for Slaughtering Innocent Pakistanis
Someone to Watch Over You
by William Rees-Mogg
Conscription Isn't 'Service' – It's Slavery  by William Norman Grigg
Could Publication of the Domestic-Spying Story Lead to Indictments?  by Harvey Silverglate
What Noncompliance?
by Gordon Prather
Ahmadinejad: Not Crazy, Cunning
by Tom Porteous
Dubya Makes His War Pitch
by Helen Thomas

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US-North Korea Ties All but Severed
UN Probes Peacekeeping Contracts Fraud
Iran Lifts Ban on CNN
Insurgents Shoot Down US Copter, 2 Killed
UK Troops to Stay in Iraq
Official: Iraq Vote Fraud Minor, Results Friday
Judge Refuses to Drop Murder Charge in Iraqi General's Death
Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror
Missile Deaths Unite Pakistan Anti-US Groups in Outrage
Today in Iraq
US Police to Work in Iraqi Stations Training Recruits
Iraq: 99 Percent of Voting Was Valid
Iraqi Election Board Throws Out Ballots From 227 Voting Centers
Iraq Court Names Replacement for Saddam Judge
Sistani Refuses Iraqi Citizenship, Will Stay Iranian
Temporary Marriages Increasing in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Six Killed in Iraq Bomb Blast
Iraq Islamists Claim Downing US Helicopter
US Wounded Rate in Iraq Down in 2005
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 16
Hostage Crises
Abducted in Iraq: An Update on Reporter Jill Carroll
Vigils a Grim Reminder of Four Christian Peacemakers Missing in Iraq
Christian Peacemaker Returning to Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
In Wake of Attacks, Jordan Turning Away Iraqi Travelers
Iran Coast Guard Kill Iraqi, Basra Governor Says
Iraq 'Bribes' Probed in Australia
At Least 26 Dead in Afghan Suicide Bombings
Afghans Wary of US Presence in Afghanistan
Afghanistan President Urges West to Stay
Suicide Attacks Spread Across Southern Afghanistan
Attacks in Afghanistan So Far This Month
Afghan Bombs Hit NATO Plans for Reinforcement
NATO Eyes 'Plan B' for Afghanistan Expansion
Afghan Bombings Raise Fears of Changing Militant Tactics
Why an Expansion of NATO's Role Has Divided the Dutch
Canadian Role in Afghanistan About to Change as Threats Rise
Pakistani-Afghan Border Security Seems Lax
Pakistan Opposition Vows More Protest at US Strike
Protests Mount After US Missiles Kill Villagers
Police: Suicide Attacks Aided by Some Kashmiri Politicians
Sri Lanka
First the Tsunami, Now the Slide Into Civil War
Thousands Flee Sri Lankan Peninsula Amid War Fears
Women Killed in Sri Lanka Attack
Nepalese Maoists Threaten More Pre-Election Attacks
Curfew Imposed in Kathmandu
  Kim Visit Is China's Worst-Kept Secret
Chinese Police, Villagers Reportedly Clash
China Seals Off Village After Protest Violence
Villagers Vow to Resume Land Protests in China's Guangdong
Mongolia's Ex-Communists Nominate New Premier
Mongolia Says It Will Keep Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan
Mongolia Crisis Sparks Protests
US Fighter Jet Crashes Into Sea Near Okinawa
Tajik Crackdown on Islamic Group
US Envoy Welcomes Asian Moves on Myanmar
Indonesia's Stature Rises
Bangladesh 'Militant' Sentenced
Malaysian Protests Force Review of Religious Laws
In Other News
Oil Higher, Markets on Edge Over Iran, Nigeria
Fiji Meeting Eases Coup Fears
West Seeking Russian and Chinese Help Against Iran's Nuclear Program
Putin: Iran Considering Enrichment Offer
EU Chief: Russia, China Will Agree to Refer Iran to UN
Russia and China Caught on the Iranian Issue
Putin Warns Against 'Abrupt Steps' on Iran
EU3 Begin Drafting IAEA Resolution on Iran
Iran Sets Aside $215m for Nuclear Plants
Egypt on Iran: We Will Not Accept a New Nuclear Power
Up to Iran to Prove Its Nuclear Intentions: Straw
Act Now on Iran: Powell
Sunni Group Vows to Behead Iranians
War on Terror
Gore Says Bush Broke Law in Wiretapping
Two Groups Plan Lawsuits Over Federal Eavesdropping
Gitmo: Chinese Detainees' Lawyers Will Take Case to High Court
British ID Cards Setback as Lords Demand Detailed Report
European Officials Concerned About Muslim Converts
US Military
An Army Death, and a Family Left in the Dark
Marines in Iraq Are Allowed to Skip the Battle of the Bulge
US Govt Urges More Hiring of Veterans
The War at Home
Poll: Concerns Shift From Economy to War
Cheney Begins Middle East Tour
Assad Might Meet Hariri Inquiry Team
Lebanon PM Prefers Death to Peace With Israel
Saudi Arabia Presents Plan for Syria and Lebanon
Surviving Sharon
Sharon Hears Grandson's Voice, Opens Eyes
Sharon's Future Grim
Olmert to Lead Sharon’s Party
Sharon Considered Withdrawing From 92% of West Bank
Palestinian Politics
US: Hamas Election Success Could Hurt Palestinian Statehood
Gaza Gunmen Reject Storing Arms for Vote: Minister
Abbas Rules Out Reelection, Says Can Deal With Olmert
Spain: Hamas Win Will Force a Rethink of Ties With PA
Palestinian Parliament Breaks Up for Election
Palestinian Youth Frustrated by Arafat's Old Guard
Abbas Finds Arafat's Shoes Tough to Fill
Israel to Seal Off Jewish Areas in Hebron
Israel Tries to Quell 'Jewish Intifada'
Mideast Adjusts Without Arafat, Sharon
Israelis Restore Order After Hebron Riots
Shell Evacuates Nigeria Workers
Shell May Pull Out of Niger Delta After 17 Die in Boat Raid
Attacks on Shell Perceived as Political
Nine Killed in Somalia Militia Fighting
Sudan Not Fit to Chair AU, Rights Groups Say
Frenchman 'Had Togo War Planes'
Ivorians Protest at UN Move
Liberia's 'Iron Lady' Pledges Reform
Canada's Conservatives Vow to Boost Defense Budget
Peru May Join Latin America's Populist Tilt to Left
Chavez Blasts Catholic Cardinal for 'Dictatorship' Remarks
White House Congratulates Chile Socialist

Justin Raimondo
World War IV

Ivan Eland
'War on Terror' Continues to Create Terrorists

Praful Bidwai
Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

Alan Bock
History's Burden in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Charles Peña
Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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