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Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation: Charles Peña
A Challenge That Can't Be Ignored: P.C. Roberts
Rights Group Slams US, EU Hypocrisy: Jim Lobe
Pak: US Strikes Will Affect Terror War: M.B. Naqvi
Purple Heartbreakers: James Webb

War can really cause no economic boom, at least not directly, since an increase in wealth never does result from destruction of goods.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated January 19, 2006 - 11:12 PM EST
New bin Laden Audio Vows US Attacks
Yesterday: Insurgents Kill 50 in Iraq
Today: 23 Dead in Double Attack on Baghdad
Monitors: Fraud Marred Iraq Elections
Europe Rejects Nuclear Talks With Iran
Iran Dismisses Threat of Sanctions

Govt Agency Questions Legality of Wiretaps

Rights Group Criticizes US, EU Hypocrisy

Google Defiant as Feds Want Search Records

The United States and the Birth of Islamism  by Robert Dreyfuss
A Challenge That Cannot
Be Ignored
 by Paul Craig Roberts
The Perils of Unchecked Power
by Nicholas deB. Katzenbach
Purple Heartbreakers  by James Webb
The Military Recruiter's Lament
by Scott Ritter
Spying on Ordinary Americans
New York Times

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Suicide Bomber Hits Tel Aviv
Pakistanis: US Missile Strikes Will Affect War on Terror

Ex-CIA Chief's Book to Explain Prewar 'Slam Dunk' Comment on Iraq

Veteran Reporter Says 3,000-4,000 Iraqis Killed Every Month

US Memo in 2002 Doubted Niger Uranium Sale to Iraq

US Diplomats Will Be Shifted to Hot Spots

Saddam Court Turmoil: New Judge Branded Ba'athist

Last 4 Bulgarian Soldiers in Iraq Back Home
The War Goes On

Two Dramatic Ambushes Kill 11 in Iraq

Police Recruits Among Massacre Victims Found in Iraq

US Helicopters in Iraq Face Menace of 'Aerial Bombs'

US Denies Report of 'Jumping' Insurgent Bombs in Iraq

Insurgency Grips Iraqi Oil City

1,000 Troops Launch Iraq Operation

Regiment's Rotation Out of Tal Afar Raises Questions About US Strategy

UN Reports Children Used as Combatants in Iraq

Italy to Halve Its Iraq Forces by May

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 18

Hostage Crises

Bodyguards Shot Dead as Kidnappers Seize More Foreigners

African Engineers Feared Kidnapped in Iraq

Iraqi Groups Call for Journalist's Release

Iraq Interior Minister's Kidnapped Sister Freed

Iraq Today

Bush Expresses Confidence Saddam Will Be Tried

Bush Meets Hussein Victims; Vows US Will Finish Job in Iraq

Move on and Join Govt, Iraq President Urges Sunnis

Human Rights in Iraq 'Much Worse' Than Last Year

Female Detainees Set Free in Iraq

Markets Can Soon Pass Judgment on Iraq's Economy

Iraqi Officials Accuse Iran of Kidnapping Coast Guard Patrol

Baghdad Radio Lets Foes Talk Things Out

US Agency: Iraq 'Out of Control'

Rice Dismisses Possibility of More Talks With Iran

France Rejects Iran Request for More Nuclear Talks

Britain Rejects Iranian Calls for Fresh Nuclear Talks

Iran Confident of Escaping UN Referral

Iran Scorns EU Trio's Draft Nuclear Resolution

Europe Backs Away From Threat of Sanctions Against Iran

Israel's Army Chief Rules Out Attacking Iran

Experts: China, Russia Would Fight Iran Oil Sanctions

Latest Developments in Iran Standoff


US Blocks Syrian Intel Chief's Assets

US Ties Syrian Official to Iraq Insurgency

Syria Releases Opposition Politicians

Iranian President Visits Syria

Hezbollah Chief Appeals for Help in Defusing Syria, Lebanon Tensions


Afghans Protest Pakistan After Bombing

Taliban Say 'Hundreds' of Suicide Attackers Ready

NATO to Expand to Southern Afghanistan

Afghan Police Foil Bomb Explosion in Southern Afghanistan

British Troops May Face Suicide Bombers in Afghan Deployment

Shortage of Military Doctors in Afghanistan Critical and Getting Worse


Pakistani PM: US Air Strike 'Unacceptable'

US Denies Receiving Any Protest From Pakistan Over Attack

Senior al-Qaeda Members Said to Be Killed in Airstrike

Pakistan Soldier Killed in Mine Explosion


India and Pakistan Begin Third Round of Peace Talks

Pakistan, India to Ease Tensions Over Kashmir

Kashmir Talks Focus on Troop Cuts

Nuclear Foes Skirt Kashmir Issue

Indian Forces Seize Weapons Caches in Kashmir

South Asia

Maoists Bomb TV Tower in Nepal

Nepal Cuts Phone Lines Ahead of Kathmandu Rally

Sri Lanka Sends More Troops North

Ivory Coast

At Least Four Dead in Ivory Coast Unrest

UN in Retreat as Civil War Looms in Ivory Coast

Nigerian Rebels Threaten More Oil Firms

UN: Time to Force Peace Deal in Darfur

UN: Sudan Army Commits Serious Cease-Fire Violation


Police, Students Clash in Ecuador's Capital

Bolivia Leader Sacks Army Head

War on Terror

US Increasing Number of Targeted Killings of al-Qaeda Suspects

Al-Qaeda Threatened Sweden Over Afghanistan Troops

London Police Seized, Then Returned Imam's Bomb-Making Guide

Menezes Shooting Inquiry Complete

Spying on Americans

Civil Liberties Groups Sue to End Surveillance Without Warrant

Leading Conservatives Call for Extensive Hearings on NSA Surveillance

Legal Scholars Disagree on Whether NSA Spying Is Illegal

White House: Gore Doesn't Understand Threat Posed by Terrorists

Gore Speech: Transcript

CIA Gulag/Abuse

EU to Investigate CIA Torture Flights

Docs: British Govt Tried to Foil CIA Flight Investigations

Scottish Party Publishes 'CIA Flights' Dossier

US Military

Army Says It's Not 'Broken' by Iraq War Strains

Fort Drum Soldiers Head for Third Tour of Afghanistan

Children Can't 'Opt Out' of Pentagon Database

Army Re-Enlistment Figures Up, but Recruitment Lags

US Army Raises Maximum Age for Enlistment

Army to Slow Growth and Cut 6 National Guard Combat Brigades

Defense Seeks Mistrial in Soldier's Case

Test Failures Slow US Missile Defense

Navy Shipbuilding Plan Called Unrealistic

The Colonel Who Broke Ranks

The Life of Hugh Thompson

United States

Conservatives Express Reservations About Real ID Act [pdf]

Three 9/11 Workers Die From Exposure-Related Respiratory Problems

Star Witness in Okla. City Bomb Case to Be Freed

United Kingdom

Extent of Soldiers' Injuries in Iraq 'Hidden by Ministry of Defense'

Top Secret UK Navy File Found Lying on a Pub Table


Olmert Reshuffles Cabinet, Expands Authority

Hezbollah: Missing Israeli Airman Likely Dead

Sharon Has Surgery for New Breathing Tube

No Signs Sharon Is Going to Wake Up

Olmert Ready for Peace Talks if Palestinians Disarm Hamas

Embattled Likud Plans to Introduce a New Peace Plan

Abbas Wants Freedom to Pursue Peace Plans

Settler Leader: Olmert Has Declared 'War' on Us

Peres Proposes Talks With Palestinians

Likud Beefs Up Campaign Staff With Schwarzenegger Aide

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Swaps Bullets for Ballots

Fatah, Hamas Agree Not to Carry Arms on Election Day

Fatah Struggles for Unity Ahead of Election

Warm and Fuzzy TV, Brought to You by Hamas

Abbas May Resign if Policies Are Opposed

EU Prepares to Work With Hamas After Palestinian Poll


New Details Blur German Antiwar Stance

German MPs Seek More Answers on Baghdad Agents

Germany Denies Its Spies Helped US to Bomb Iraq

Middle East

Yemen Gets Tough With Kidnappers

Kuwait's Ruling Family Fine-Tunes Succession


Back From China, Kim Jong Il Eyes Ally's Success - and Largess

South Korea Hopes Kim's China Visit Spurs Arms Talks

North Korea Vows to Pursue Disarmament Talks

East Timor

UN: Indonesia Used Starvation as a Weapon in East Timor, Killing 180,000

East Timor Envoy: Unlikely to Seek Prosecution of Indonesian Military Officers


Kosovo Troops Get New Boss

Milosevic Seeks Treatment in Russia

In Other News

Oil Prices Remain Near Highs on Fears Over Iran, Nigeria

World Survey Finds Most People Have Little Faith in Politicians

Australian Wheat Board Head Admits Breaching UN Sanctions on Iraq


Justin Raimondo
Gore Channels Taft

Charles Peña
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Ivan Eland
'War on Terror' Continues to Create Terrorists

Praful Bidwai
Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

Alan Bock
History's Burden in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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