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Bin Laden Returns: Justin Raimondo
Dealing With Iran: Alan Bock
Double-Edged Peace Pipes: Ann Berg
Iraq Has Most Minorities at Risk: Jim Lobe
Just How Big Is the Defense Budget?: W. T. Wheeler

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Updated January 20, 2006 - 11:11 PM EST

Another Grim Week in Iraq

Shi'ite Bloc Wins Most Seats, No Majority
Israel Spy Case: Pentagon Analyst Gets 12 Years

Justice Dept. Backs Bush on Spy Powers

ElBaradei Rejects EU's Request to Condemn Iran

Cheney: Iraq War Not a Precedent for War on Iran

CIA 'Warned Its Operatives to Stay Out of Italy'

France 'Would Use Nukes' in Event of Terror Attack

Double-Edged Peace Pipes
by Ann Berg
Intelligence Agencies, Not Citizens, Need Scrutiny  by Sanford Gottlieb
PATRIOT Act Loses Steam as Americans Reassert Their Freedom  by David Weigel
Hiding Behind the Troops
by David Corn
The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq
by Ron Kovic
In Praise of Leaks  by Julian Sanchez

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Iraqi Elections Results

US Rejects bin Laden Truce Offer

Full Text of bin Laden Tape

Bin Laden Tape Won't Raise Security Level

Suicide Bomber Wounds 20 Near Old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Suicide Attack May Disrupt Palestinian Vote

PA: Suicide Attack Was Bid to 'Sabotage' Palestinian Elections

Iraq Tops Nations With Minorities at Grave Risk

US Downplays Italy's Withdrawal From Iraq

Despite Iraqi Requests and Possible Help to Kidnapped Journalist, US Refuses to Release 2 Female Prisoners

Former German FM Defends Iraq Spy Mission

US Poised for Radical Reform of Foreign Aid

Italy Will Withdraw All Troops From Iraq by Year's End
The War Goes On
23 Dead in Double Attack on Baghdad Street

Shi'ite Cleric Sees No End to Insurgency in Iraq

Witness: Officer Said Interrogation Rules 'Flouted' at Iraq Camp

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 20
Hostage Journalist

Iraqi Officials: Calls for Release of Women Prisoners Not Related to Kidnapping

Calls Mount to Free Hostage US Reporter

As Muslims Speak Out, Appeals Intensify for Reporter's Release

Muslim Americans Seek Reporter's Release

Analyzing the Video of the Kidnapped Journalist

Iraq Today

Despite Problems, Group Praises Iraq Vote

International Report: Fraud Marred Iraq Elections

Iraq: Power Shortages Continue to Affect Millions

Iran Frees Iraqi Border Guards

Tariq Aziz Asks Croatia for Asylum


US Senator Seeks to Stop Gasoline Exports to Iran

Sen. Clinton Calls for Iran Sanctions

Hillary Clinton Says White House Has Mishandled Iran

Looming Iran Showdown Gives Oil Trade New Worry

Syria Supports Iran in Nuclear Standoff


Dutch Commander Criticizes US Military in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Amnesty International Condemns the Killing of Civilians in South

UN Promises Five-Year Plan for Afghanistan

Bid to Reconstruct Afghanistan


Syria Criticizes US Move Against Damascus Official

Lebanese Stay Away From Syria as Tensions Rise

Lebanon Plays Down Saudi Mediation With Syria

Hezbollah Calls for Arab Intervention in Lebanon


Pakistan Probes 'al-Qaeda' Deaths

Pakistan PM: US Air Strikes Won't Hurt Joint Terror Effort

US: Pakistan Is 'Valued Ally' in Terror War


Musharaff DMZ Plan Finds Favor in Kashmir

India Rejects Musharraf Proposals on Kashmir

Ten Injured in Attacks in Kashmir


Nepal Govt Detains 52 Politicians, Activists

Phone Service Cut, Mass Arrests Aim to Foil Nepal Protest


India, US Hold Crucial Talks on Civilian Nuclear Deal

Terror Arrests Raise Alarm in India


Death Threat for Oilfield Hostages

Ransom Is Not Enough for Nigerian Kidnappers

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Descends Back to War

UN to Consider Sanctions Against Ivory Coast

Plea Fails to Halt Ivorian Unrest

Ivorian Leader Calls for End to Anti-UN Protests

Main Points of UN Peace Plan for Ivory Coast


Senior US Diplomat Visits Disputed Ethiopia Border

After Civil War, Sierra Leone Is Rebranded as a Holiday Paradise

In Other News

Egypt Frees Sudanese Detainees

Up to 15 Police Officers May Face Charges Over Menezes Shooting

Australian Oil Firm Boasted of Close Iraq Links


Spying on Americans

Democrats Ready for Unofficial Wiretap Hearings Friday

Justice Department to Declare Warrantless Wiretaps Legal

Administration Lays Out Legal Case for Wiretapping Program

Cheney Says Domestic Surveillance Vital

War at Home

Google Refuses Demand for Search Information

'American Taliban' Father Urges Clemency

City Still Unsure How to Act on Veteran's Antiwar Sign

Congressman Demands State Dept Stop Mexican Military Incursions

US Military

Retired Military Ask Bush to Ban Torture

Family of Slain Soldier Still Can't Get a Straight Answer Out of Army

DynCorp Has Lost 26 Employees in Iraq War

Blair Sweats CIA Flights

Blair Faces Demands for CIA-Flight Inquiry

Blair Fails to Shake Off Rendition Dispute

UK Insists It Has Acted Legally Over CIA Flights

UK Doubts Legality of CIA Flights

British Seen Tied to Secret CIA Flights


Some Deadly Attacks in Israel, 2001-06

Suicide Bombing Poses Challenge to Olmert

Israeli Army Ends Military Closure on Jewish Areas of Hebron

Israeli Jets Scrambled After El Al Plane Wrongly Thought Hijacked

Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility for Tel Aviv Explosion

Annan Assures US: Map of Palestine Was Not Meant to Be Anti-Israel


Hamas Is Winning Supporters in an Old Stronghold of Fatah

Police Raid Hamas Campaign Offices in East Jerusalem

Hamas Supports Christian Candidate

Can Moderate Abbas Weather Hamas's Rise?

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Man Throwing Firebombs in West Bank


Public Unrest Increasing in China

China Puts Journalist on Trial for Exposing Corruption

Taiwanese Airline Begins China Flights

Taiwan Highlights Chinese Threat

North Korea
China Hosts Nuclear Talks With US, North Korean Envoys

Rice Pushes for Renewed North Korea Talks


Azerbaijan Warns Armenia: Withdraw From Disputed Region or Face Attack

Escaped Philippine Mutineers Call on Soldiers to Overthrow Regime


Russia Hits Out at Criticism of Democracy Record

Ukraine Demands Russia Halt 'Illegal' Troop Movements in Crimea

EU Warns Serbia Over Mladic Hunt

Australia Arrests Suspected Serbian War Criminal

Slovak Peacekeeper Plane Crashes After Leaving Kosovo

Spain Civil War Archives to Be Returned to Barcelona


Bolivia's New President Is No Che Guevara

Morales' Rise Inspires Andean Groups


Rights Group Slams Venezuela on Courts

Cuba Begins to Prepare for Post-Castro Era


Justin Raimondo
Bin Laden Returns

Alan Bock
Dealing With Iran

Charles Peña
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Ivan Eland
'War on Terror' Continues to Create Terrorists

Praful Bidwai
Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

Nebojsa Malic
Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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