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Indian Wars Not Over Yet: Brown/Engelhardt
Iran's Bomb: Charley Reese
Exalting Sharon: Ramzy Baroud
Forcing the World to Be Saved: William Lind
A Town Becomes a Prison: Jamail/Hamed

Most quarrels are inevitable at the time; incredible afterwards.
E. M. Forster
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Updated January 21, 2006 - 10:06 PM EST
Real Struggle for Power in Iraq Begins
Iraqi Official Slams US Talks With Insurgents
Iran Pulling Foreign Reserves From Europe
Israel Blames Iran, Syria for Suicide Attack
German Govt Says Iraq Probe 'Anti-American'
Pakistan PM: No Evidence of al-Qaeda Dead
Iraq Conditioning Army for Guerilla Warfare
US Forces Close Road, Forcing Iraqi Drivers Onto Killing Field
What Happened to Billions in Iraq Reconstruction Aid?
Our Indian Wars Are Not Over Yet
by John Brown and Tom Engelhardt
Have Peace Activists Ever Stopped a War?  by Lawrence S. Wittner
Exalting Sharon: A Dire Case of Collective Amnesia  by Ramzy Baroud
Iran's Bomb  by Charley Reese
Currency War  by Gordon Prather
Forcing the World to Be Saved
by William S. Lind

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Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova Dead at 61
US Set to Move Diplomats to 'Dangerous' New Ground
Pentagon Analyst Gets 12 Years in Spy Case
Libby's Lawyers Want to Subpoena Reporters
US Officials Doubt Sincerity of bin Laden Truce Offer
A Town Becomes a Prison
Detained Women Cause US-Iraq Conflict
Filipino Lawmakers Act to End Joint Training in Protest of Marines' Rape Case
Analysts: Iran Move May Boost Oil Prices
Iraqi Shi'ites Cheer Poll Results, Sunnis Worry
Iraqi Politics
Shi'ites Look to Coalition After Sunni Gains in Iraqi Elections
Iraq Rebels Plan Bombs, Not Talks After Polls
Iraq's Muslims Divided Over Poll
Horse-Trading Begins After Iraq Election Result
Iraq Election Results Show Sunni Gains
Iraq Set for Grand Coalition?
Iraqi Voting Found to Be Flawed but 'Mostly' Fair
Secular Allawi Has Poor Showing in Iraq
Ex-PM's Party May Hold Balance of Power in Iraq After Results
US Calls on Iraqi Parties to Work Together
Iraq's Kurds Still Set on Independence
Attacks Continue
Bombings Kill 15 in Baghdad
Baghdad Roadside Bomb Kills Four Iraqis
British Man Killed in Iraq
40 British Soldiers Seriously Hurt in Iraq War, 230 Total Injured, According to MoD
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 21
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 20
Hostage Crises
Deadline Passes With No Word of Reporter
Reporter's Kidnapping Shows New Attitude in Iraq
Iraq Sunni Leader Urges US Journalist's Release
Kenya Confirms Kidnapping of 2 Kenyan Engineers in Iraq
Families of Kenyans Abducted in Iraq Plea for Release
Iraq Occupation
Brit Withdrawal Chances Boosted After Iraq Vote: Ambassador
Italy Details Its Proposal to Withdraw Troops in Iraq
Soldier Dies of Illness in Iraq
Zawahiri Lauds 'Martyrs’ in Afghanistan
Expert: Four Deaths a Setback to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan
Experts See Iraq-Style Violence Rising in Afghanistan
Still a War in Afghanistan
List of Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan
Confusion Over Identities of al-Qaeda Leaders Killed
8,000 Pakistanis Protest Airstrike That May Have Killed Terrorists
Anti-US Sentiment Persists in Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Parties Back Restart of Talks
Sri Lanka Appears Set to Resume Civil War
Sri Lanka's Balance of Fear
Mass Arrests During Nepal Curfew
Army Called in to Enforce Nepal Curfew
Day Curfew Follows Political Arrests in Nepal
Four Nepalese Policemen Killed in Attack
China's Official Data Confirm Rise in Social Unrest
China Says Rights Criticisms Come From 'Thin Air'
China Arrests Rise in Restive Xinjiang
China’s Wen Blames Local Officials for Rising Unrest
China and Taiwan Resume Flights
East Timor President Presents UN With Genocide Report
Aceh 'Set for Midyear Elections'
Three al-Qaeda Activists Held in Indonesia
Report: Five Teens Shot by Indonesian Military in West Papua
Australian Labor Party Protests West Papua Killings
US Diplomat: US, India Face Difficult Nuclear Negotiations
Bangladesh Ends 'Militant' Hunt
Nuclear France
Critics Slam Chirac's Nuclear Threats
French FM: Nuclear Threats Not Aimed at Any Specific Country
Police Grapple With Anti-UN Protestors in Kosovo
Detectives Open Mammoth Probe Into 3,268 Killings From Northern Ireland Conflict
Right Group Urges AU Troops to Use 'Deadly Force' in Darfur
African Union Council Prepares for Sudan Summit
Sudan Bid to Head AU Gathers Pace Despite Critics
Darfur Situation Expected to Worsen
Chad Rebel Group Says Sudan Arrests Leader
Congo Battalions Fight Each Other
Congo Fighters Take Villages, Threaten UN Base
Congo Seeking More UN Peacekeepers
Belgian PM Urges European Congo Peacekeeping Mission
Red Cross Staff Leave Congo Pool
Britain Urges Nigeria Not to Use Force to Free Kidnapped Oil Workers

US Calls for Release of Nigeria Hostages

Ivory Coast
Colonel Covered Up Murder of Ivorian Civilian by French Troops
Ivorians Lift 'Siege' on UN Base
UN Fears Tragedy in Central Africa as Armed Groups Attack Civilians
Al-Jazeera Mulling Harare Office
Bin Laden's Message
US Officials See No Indication of Impending Terror Attack
Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape
Security Boosted After bin Laden Message
Analysts Pore Over bin Laden Tape Clues
US Wrong to Sniff Blood in bin Laden Tape: Analysts
Author 'Amazed and Amused' by Book Plug From bin Laden
Interrogation & Detention
Officers Say Interrogation Rules Unclear
Trial Illuminates Dark Tactics of Interrogation
Straw Says No More Cases of CIA Flights Over UK
US Charges Tenth Gitmo Detainee 
Spying on Americans
White House: Warrantless Spying Confirmed by Congress After 9/11
Congressmen Question Justice Dept's Rationale for Wiretaps
ACLU Rejects Legal Basis for Warrantless Wiretaps
Bush Leads Defense of NSA Domestic Spying
War on Terror
US Indicts 11 for Acts of Domestic Terrorism
Guantanamo Inmates 'Helped With London Bombs Inquiry'
Hamza Denies Advocating Attack
Human Rights 'Key to Winning Terror Battle'
Rights Group: Terror War Has Led to 'War on Minorities'
Frequent Fliers to Get Security Pass
Space Technology Leads to Dirty Bomb Detector
US Military
Pentagon Enlists Sesame Street to Help War Families
African Officers Study at US War College
Army Signs Emergency Body Armor Contract
The War at Home
Conservative Newspaper Endorses Call to Withdraw From Iraq
Privacy Experts Condemn Google Subpoena
Rove Camp 'Frustrated' by Uncertainty in CIA Leak Case
Rove: Security Will Be Focus of 2006 Campaigns
Ind. Man Denies He Spied for Iraq
Iraq War Vet Avoids Prison for Son's Death, Has to Pay for Funeral
She's on Activist Duty Now
Iran 'Wants Nuclear Compromise'
US Says Iran Facing Growing Isolation
State Dept. to Iran, Syria: Get in Step
Russia Says Iran Ready to Discuss Uranium Enrichment Proposal
Russia Rejects Israeli Plan for Sanctions Against Iran
Italian Minister: World Must Confront Iran
Chirac Speech Not Expected to Hit Iran Talks
Iran Calls for Oil Output Cut
Hamas vs. Fatah
Hamas on the Brink of Critical Role in Political Mainstream
Peres: Israel Ready for Talks if Hamas Disarms
New-Look Hamas Spends £100k on an Image Makeove
Poll: Fatah Holds Slight Lead Over Hamas
Disgruntled Fatah Members May Split Party
Hamas Holds Large Pre-Election Rallies Across Gaza
Hamas Vows to Fight on After Election
Ahmadinejad Meets Radical Palestinian Chiefs in Syria
Most Israelis Back Unilateral West Bank Pullout: Poll
Where US and Israel Disagree
Sharon Likely Off Respirator by Week's End: Aide
Israeli Labor Party Platform: East Jerusalem Neighborhoods Could Be Ceded in Peace Deal
Several Wounded as Israeli Troops Break Up West Bank Barrier Protest
Funeral of Israeli Arab Man Killed by Police Fire Ends Peacefully
Kuwait PM Agrees to Take Over for Ailing New Emir
Kuwait Oil Reserves Only Half Official Estimate
Middle East
Crude Reaches Four-Month High
Yemeni Soldiers, Shi'ite Rebels Killed in Clashes
Man Who Shot John Paul II Back in Jail
Right-Wing Fighters Lay Down Weapons in Colombia's Largest Disarmament
Gunmen Accusations Cloud Colombia Election
Danish Firm's Rebel T-Shirts Draw Colombia Protest
US: Venezuela Overspending on Military
US Allows Cuba to Play in World Baseball Classic
Blow to Pinochet in Rights Case
Truce Ends in Mexico's Presidential Race
Poll: Canadian Conservatives Lead as Elections Near
Weekend Reviews
Jarhead: a War Movie Without a War
Engage or Enrage
America at the Gate of Despair
Postcards From the Front

Justin Raimondo
Bin Laden Returns

Alan Bock
Dealing With Iran

Charles Peña
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Ivan Eland
'War on Terror' Continues to Create Terrorists

Praful Bidwai
Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

Nebojsa Malic
Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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