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When Two Worlds Collide: Vega/Engelhardt
Military Medicine on Trial: David DeBatto
Dreary Old Clichés: Alan Bock
Relying on Informants: Charley Reese
President Bonkers Bolton: Gordon Prather

Whoever wants peace among nations must seek to limit the state and its influence most strictly.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated February 4, 2006 - 10:52 PM EST
Iraq War Is Costing $100,000 Per Minute
Pentagon Lays Out 'Long War' Strategy
IAEA Refers Iran to Security Council Over Nukes
US General: We Can Beat North Korea
Pentagon Sees China as Greatest Potential Rival
Navy Construction Battalion Building Permanent Iraq Bases
Bodies of 14 Iraqi Men Dumped in Baghdad
FBI Chief: NSA Spying Hasn't Caught Any al-Qaeda Agents
When Two Worlds Collide
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
How Do They Know Who Is a Terrorist?  by Charley Reese
Democracy, Hypocrisy, and US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
In Search of Peace  by F.A. Harper
Military Medicine on Trial  by Dave DeBatto
President Bonkers Bolton
by Gordon Prather

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23 Killed in Afghan Fighting, Coalition Planes Called In
Goss: Leaks on Secret Prisons Hurt US Terror War
Judge Sets Trial for Libby in CIA Leak: January 2007
More Allegations of Libby Lies Revealed
Friends Raise $2 Million for Libby Defense
You're Still Paying for the Spanish-American War
Daniel Ellsberg: Invitation to Today's Demonstration
US Intel Chief Has No Fix on bin Laden
Al-Jazeera Succeeding Under Pressure
Pentagon Wants 10 Percent Cuts in Nukes
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Conduct Security Crackdown
Attack Jolts Iraq Oil Business as Civilian, Troop Tolls Rise
Iraqi Emergency Workers Have Little Time for the Living
German FM Appeals on Al-Jazeera to Iraq Hostage-Takers
Tamiflu Supplies on Way to Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 4
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 3
Iraq Occupation
Americans Forced to Supply Iraqi Military
Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb
UK Soldier Dies in Basra Accident
Soldier Says He Thought Woodruff Was Dead
Global Iraq Fallout
German Spy Scandal Heats Up
Aussies Blackmailed Iraqi Govt to Continue Kickbacks
Howard Demands 'Bribes' Apology
Foreign Companies Eye Oil Reserves in Iraq
Cartoon Row
Demonstrators Set Fire to Danish Embassy in Damascus
State Dept Backs Muslims in Protest of Cartoon
Iraq Christians on Edge as Cartoon Row Escalates
Iraqis Protest Danish Cartoons
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Condemns Drawings
Envoys Meet Over Growing Cartoon Row
Indonesian Muslims Storm Danish Embassy
Muslim Outrage Gathers Pace
Nigeria's Christians Back Muslims on Cartoon
Pakistan Parliament Slams Cartoons
Tens of Thousands Protest Cartoon in Gaza
Netherlands Confirms Sending 1,200 Troops to Afghanistan
General: Canadian Troops Can Take Pre-Emptive Action in Afghanistan
Afghan Militants Getting Sophisticated Arms
Afghans Greet Govt's Newly Launched Anti-Corruption Drive With Skepticism
Fears for British Troops as Taliban Launch New Attack
India Says Latest Nuclear Missile Ready for Launch
Former Indian FM: War Is No Solution
Musharraf: Private Balochistan Militia Must Disarm
Over 270 Rockets Hit Pakistani Town
Pro-Government Candidate Killed in Nepal
Nepal Mayoral Candidates' Homes Bombed
Maoists Clash With Police in Western Nepal
Sri Lanka
Tamil Rebels May Reconsider Peace Talks With Sri Lanka
Two Sri Lankan Aid Workers Resurface
Koreas Agree to Hold Rare Military Talks
China's Influence in North Korea Limited: Report
South Korea Says North Not Forging US Dollars
Massacre of 6 Moves Sulu Villagers to Tears
Director Warns of Japan Military Resurgence
Bhutan Astrologers Rule Democracy Must Wait Until 2008
'Crackdown' Ahead of Dhaka Rally
US Condemns Myanmar Court's Refusal to Hear Activist's Appeal Case
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia Withdrawing From Russian CIS Defense Council
Bomb Attacks Kill Two at North Ossetia Casinos
Putin Calls for Greater Protection of Human Rights in Russian Military
Editor Convicted for Chechen Text
Rumsfeld Seeks US Troop Cuts in Kosovo
Bosnia War Crimes Suspect Walks on Technicality
The Camp Where Balkan Leaders Await Their Trial
US Ups Pressure on Serbia to Nab War Criminals
Belarus Bans Two Top EU, US Envoys
Anti-Euro Rhetoric Takes Hold in Italy, Poll Signals
U.S. Hopes for Smooth Elections in Haiti
OAS Human Rights Arm Requests Probe of US Role in Haiti
Security Fears Grow as Haiti Election Nears
Haiti Bans Alcohol Sales, Closes Schools Ahead of Elections
Flights to and From Haiti Canceled
US Rejects Request for Choppers in Haiti
Venezuela to Expel US Naval Attache on Spying Allegation
US Expels Venezuelan Diplomat in Tit-for-Tat Move
US-Venezuela Ties Tested After Diplomats Expelled
Rumsfeld Likens Chavez's Rise to Hitler's
Spying on Americans
Senate Intelligence Chair Endorses Domestic Spying
Sen. Sessions: Spying Without Warrants 'Reasonable'
Intense Debate Over Domestic Surveillance Goes Back to Ford Admin
War on Terror
Homeland Security Warns 8-To-12-Year-Olds to Prepare for Terror Attacks
Navy Commissions Active-Duty Anti-Terror Squadron
Potent Firepower for Weapons Lab
Judge Sentences Yemeni in Money Transfer Case
Phones of Greek, US, Officals Tapped
Judge Orders Padilla's Shackles Removed
Ministers Accused of Distortion Over ID Card Study
UK Considers Curbing Citizens' Right to Arrest Alleged War Criminals
US Military
US Plans to Beef Up Special Operations
Army National Guard Won't Be Cut in Size
Pdf of Defense Review Report
Reports Cast Doubt Over VA's Federal Budget
Judge Nixes Army Training in Hawaii Valley
Political Cartoon About Iraq War Sparks Pentagon Outrage
The War at Home
Mom Blames Military for Son's Death in Iraq
Gallup: More Than Half of Americans Feel Bush Deliberately Misled Country on Iraq WMD
Iraq War Vets Enter US Political Fray
Iraq War Sign Next to Army Office Removed
Iran: Russia Deal Off if Sent to UN
US Using 'Backdoor Diplomacy' to Push for Iran's Referral to UN Security Council
Report: Iran Launched 'Secret' Rocket Test
Oil Prices Climb on Iran-Related Fears
Tehran Urged to Agree to 10-Year Nuclear Freeze
Lebanon Compromise Avoids Showdown With UN
Lebanon Shi'ite Ministers End Boycott
Body Found in Lebanon Near Israel Border
Palestinian Government
Hamas 'Set for Government Talks'
Hamas Ponders Truce With Israel
Hamas Vows It Will Never Recognize Israel
Abbas Says It Is Too Early to Talk About Formation of Next Govt
New Palestinian Government Should Respect Past Deals: Abbas
15 Prisoners Have Been Elected to the Palestinian Parliament
Hamas Rise to Power Produces Anxiety Inside and Outside Security Forces
UN Security Council Presses Palestinians on Hamas
Women, Secret Hamas Strength, Win Votes at Polls and New Role
Funding Palestine
Money Woes May Force Hamas to Ease Stance on Israel
US Authorities Suspend Some Palestinian Aid Projects
Israel to Unfreeze Palestinian Funds Next Week
Israel Tab for West Bank Settlements $14 Billion
Israelis Exchange Fire With Hezbollah in Disputed Area
Rocket Attack on Israeli House, Injuring Three
Israel Building Underwater Wall
Israeli Warplanes Attack Southern Lebanon
Gunmen in Gaza Close EU Office
Palestinians Seized With Bombs
Rockets Hit Israeli Army Post
Al-Qaeda Suspects Escape From Yemen Prison
Entire Darfur Village of 55,000 Flees After Raids by Janjaweed Gunmen
AU 'Losing Patience' With Darfur Rebels
Darfur Violence Worsening
US: Darfur Not 'Genocide'
Unrest in Nigeria's Delta Region Could Fuel Rise in Oil Prices

Zambia Expels Opposition Leader, Others

Cuba Invites US Firms to Fight Embargo
Top General Says US Can Work With Morales
Colombia Apologizes Over Ecuador Border Incident
Weekend Reviews
America's Democracy Dementia
The Assassins' Gate: a Conflicted New Yorker Writer Struggles With the Iraq Conflict
Excerpt From The Assassins' Gate
Connect the Dots: Total the Meaning
How the US Military Hijacked the CIA
Voices of the New Arab Public

Justin Raimondo
A Treasonous Camarilla

Alan Bock
Dreary Old Clichés

Charles Peña
Going Old School on al-Qaeda

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Ivan Eland
Political Earthquake in Palestine

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

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Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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