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They're at it again: a Middle Eastern country is accused of having, aspiring to have, and wishing they had "weapons of mass destruction." Its leader is demonized as worse than Hitler. Its ambitions are described as virtually unlimited. And it is said to be threatening its neighbors – and the United States.

The same gang that lied us into war last time is preparing a rerun of the same nightmarish movie, only this time in a new location: Iran. Starring many of the same actors, this story line should sound eerily familiar to anyone who hasn't been under a rock somewhere. The same lies, mouthed by the same crew of warmongers, are uncritically broadcast by the "mainstream" media.

At, our job is to stay at least a step ahead of the War Party: we debunk their lies almost as fast as they can think up new ones. And we do a pretty good job of it.

But we can't continue to do our job without your support. The price of peace, as well as liberty, is eternal vigilance: and that is what is all about. We're standing sentinel on the ramparts of our old Republic as the War Party gathers below, waiting for their chance.

Help us keep them at bay – contribute today.

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Updated February 8, 2006 - 11:26 PM EST
War Costs, Pentagon Budget Rising
Exxon: US Will Always Rely on Foreign Oil
Olmert: We Must Separate From the Palestinians
Analysts: Fear of US Drove Iran's Nuclear Policy
White House Hawks Oust Key State Dept WMD Experts
Afghans Storm US Base Over Cartoons, Several Killed
Special Forces, Big-Ticket Weapons Dominate Defense Plans
FBI 'Gave Prior Warning to Britain About 7/7 Bomber'
Republican Who Oversees NSA Calls for Wiretap Inquiry
Juggernaut Gathering Momentum: Next Stop, Iran  by Ray McGovern
Who's the Bigger Hawk, George or Hillary?  by Joshua Frank
The Senate's Cowardly Lions
by Emily Bazelon
Gonzo's Bluff on Eavesdropping
by Julian Sanchez
How Conservatives Went Crazy
by Paul Craig Roberts
Seeking Truth on Wiretaps  by Aziz Huq

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NATO Troops, Protesters Trade Shots During Afghanistan Protest
British Hit Squad Sent in to Quell Riot in Afghanistan
Controversy May Affect US Efforts in Muslim World
US Official: Iran Can Make Atomic Arms
Iran Wants Nuclear Independence, Rejects Russian Offer
Saudi Minister Takes Swipe at Bush Over Oil Plans
Radical Cleric Sentenced to Seven Years in Britain
Iraq Braces for Sectarian Attacks as Major Shi'ite Feast Approaches
Today in Iraq
UK Defense Secretary: Peace in Iraq Isn't a Condition for Pullout
Rumsfeld: Corruption Could Hold Iraq Back
Foreign Contractors Kill Two Iraqis in Kirkuk
US Urging Iraq to Develop Oil 'Roadmap'
Waxing on About Iraq: Saddam Pens a Poem
Attacks Continue
Nine Iraqis, Four US Marines Killed in Attacks
Head of Fallujah City Council Killed by Masked Gunmen
Ransom Kidnappings Growth Industry in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 7
Iraq Occupation
Soldier Pays for Armor Blown Up in Attack
Embedded in Iraq With US Forces
US to Reduce Reserve Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan
Poland May Extend Its Mission in Iraq
Minnesota Lawmaker Cuts Short Iraq Trip After US Officials Criticize Visit
The New Iraq
Possible Third Bird Flu Death Eyed in Iraq
Iraq Culls Poultry as New Bird Flu Cases Feared
Iraq Specialists: Children's Mental Health Affected by Insecurity
Global Iraq Fallout
Planes in Air Collision Were Going to Iraq
Saddam Helped Australian Company Paying Kickbacks, Inquiry Hears
French Rally for Jill Carroll
UN Security Council Gets Report on Iran
Cheney Says Iran Nuclear Situation 'Dangerous'
Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran
China Urges Further Talk to Resolve Iran Issue
Ancient Parallels Stir Iran Defiance
Poll: Growing Number of People Fear Iran
Iran's Powerful Bazaar Braced for Atomic Storm
Turk, Indian Among 17 Killed in Afghanistan
Indian Troops to Protect Workers in Afghanistan
Swedish Soldiers Attacked in Afghanistan
US Says Will Cancel Debt Owed by Afghanistan
NATO Vows Not to Be Knocked Off Course by Afghan Unrest
Oregon State Guardsmen Off on Biggest Deployment Since WWII
Red Alert as Lahore Fears Suicide Attacks
Three Militants Killed in Pakistan Blast
Tribal Militants Blow Up Gas Pipeline in Pakistan
India to Examine Release of Assam Rebel Leaders From Jail
House Arrest for Kashmir Leader
India's New Long-Range Missile Ready to Test
Eight Dead in Nepal Clashes; Maoists Call for Election Boycott
Nepal Army Told to Shoot Rebels
Maoists Call for Parallel Govt in Nepal
Conflict Dampens Nepal Vote
Nepal Election Written Off as a Sham
South Korean Envoy Says North Should End 'Illicit' Activity
Pyongyang Normalization Talks Deadlock
South Korea Ruling Party Lawmakers Visit North
Japan Says Little Progress in Talks With North Korea
Beijing Rejects Pentagon Report
China's Emergence as Military Power Splits Strategists on Threat to US
China Jails Tibetans for Railing at Olympics
China Editor 'Died After Beating'
Japan Demands Islands From Russia
Koizumi in Hot Soup With China Over War Shrine Visit
Thai Attacks Intensify in South
Thailand Facing Government Crisis
Tamil Tigers Reject Geneva Talks
Philippine Government, Muslim Rebels Reach Deal on Ancestral Lands
After Chaotic Start, Election in Haiti Lurches Forward
Haiti Election Off to Stumbling Start
Haiti: Angry Voters Storm Booths
Hitches Hinder Haitian Election
Poll Delays Leave Haitians Sweating in Landmark Vote
Vote Time Extended in Haiti Election
Haiti's Leading Presidential Candidates
A Look at Haiti's Troubled History
Mexico Complains as US Orders Mexico City Sheraton to Expel Cuban Officials
Cuba Raises Protest Flags Outside US Mission
South American Indians Seek New Nation
Key Colombian Paramilitary Leader Disarms
Ecuador Accepts Colombian Apology
Venezuela Welcomes Ousted Diplomat
El Salvador’s FMLN Surges After Leader’s Death
Russia Pushes Nuclear Development Plan Without Military Implications
Russian NGO Director Convicted of 'Inciting Hatred'
Tortured Soldier Flown to Moscow
A Cartoon Issue?
Islamic States Call for Calm Over Cartoons
Muslims Rally to Condemn Cartoons and Extremists
Cleric: Protests Express General Frustration With the West
Pakistan's Mild Reaction to Cartoons
UN Staff Flee Afghan Cartoon Riots
Cartoon Crisis: Iran Renames Danish Pastries
Denmark Warns Cartoon Row Could Spin Out of Control
Denmark Worried About Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
Lebanese Coalition Pins Syria With Blame for Cartoon Riots
More on Cartoons
Cartoon Furor Began Quietly Among Danes
Denmark Split Over Muhammad Cartoons
EU Urges Arab, Muslim Leaders to Help Contain Protests Over Cartoons
Free Speech in Europe: Mixed Rules
Saudi Teacher Counsels Calm to Angry Students
Mandelson Warns Iran Against Danish Trade Boycott
Student Paper That Dared to Publish Is Pulped
Danish PM Slams Violent Protests
5,000 in Pakistan Protest Prophet Cartoons
Drug Dealer Brit Who Dressed as Bomber Is Sent Back to Jail
Nigerian MPs Burn Denmark's Flag
Moscow Museum to Exhibit Muhammad Cartoons
Artists Confront Issue of How to Address Protests Sparked by Muhammad's Image
Hamza Goes to Jail in UK
Kill and Be Killed: How 'The Claw' Raised Generation of Terrorists
US Eager to Start Hamza Extradition Process
UK Cleric Had Textbook on Terror
Abu Hamza and the 7/7 Bombers
Hamza's Web of Terror in Heart of London
Pantomime Villain, Political Pawn, or Key Terrorist Player?
Nightclub Bouncer Who Became the Cleric of Hate
Weapons Cache Seized During Raid on London Mosque
Spying on Americans
'Enemy Is Listening,' Gonzales Warns
Gonzales: NSA May Tap 'Ordinary' Americans' E-Mail
Senate Toughens Scrutiny of Wiretapping
Gonzales' Testimony on NSA Spying
Ex-President Carter: Eavesdropping Illegal
Some Companies Helped the NSA, but Which?
War on Terror
Germany Frees Friend of 9/11 Hijackers
War Plan 'Targets Terrorist Resources'
Al-Qaeda's Terror Training Manual Drawn From US Sources
Weapons Dealer Caught in FBI Sting
Terror Hoax Suspect Extradited to California
The War at Home
The Man Behind Bush's Messianic Speeches
US Senators Rap White House on Iraq's Economy
Senators to Probe Abu Ghraib Testimony
How Many Time Reporters Knew They Were Deceiving Readers About Rove's Role in Plamegate?
US Proposes Global Nuclear Power 'Partnership'
Iraq War Draws Veterans Into Politics
US Military
Rumsfeld Defends Planned Pentagon Changes
Same 2.2% Raise Proposed for Civilians and Military
Congress Gives $150m Boost to Alaska ABM Deployment
Hamas Ready for Power?
Hamas Confident It Can Form Government, Control Security
Hamas Demands Control Over Palestinian Security
Palestinians Seek $300m in Emergency Aid
Israeli Economy Unrattled by Hamas Electoral Win
Hamas Supremo Pledges Realism
Olmert Intends to Hold on to Israel's Major West Bank Settlement Blocs
Israel Kills Local Islamic Jihad Chief
Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad Step Up Attack Attempts
Three Palestinians Killed, Israel Vows to Target Militants
Israel Kills Jihad Leader in Onslaught Against Militants
Was al-Qaeda Escape an Inside Job?
Yemen Hunts Qaeda Fugitives in Capital, Remote Areas
Yemen-Saudi Talks in Aftermath of Qaeda Prison Break
Middle East
Lebanon Arrests Five for Army Barracks Attack
Kuwaiti Emir Appoints Crown Prince
Priest’s Killer Arrested in Turkey
Sudan Objects to UN Force in Darfur
East Sudan Rebels Postpone Talks With Khartoum
1,400 Insurgents Surrender in DR Congo
Ivorian Militants Under Sanctions
Moroccan King, FBI Chief Discuss War on Terror
Nigeria Braces for Outbreaks of Unrest
Zimbabwe to Probe Opposition Leader Over US Meeting
In Other News
Serbs Told Kosovo Will Be Independent: Negotiators
Wolfowitz's Appointment of Loyalists Disturbs Some at World Bank

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Going Old School on al-Qaeda

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Conversation with a US Military Officer

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Drums in the Streets

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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