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Updated February 10, 2006 - 11:08 PM EST
Libby: My 'Superiors' Authorized Leaks

Defense Spending Nears Cold War High

Ex-CIA Official: Iraq Intel 'Misused' to Justify War

Polls: Anti-Iran Propaganda Working

PATRIOT Compromise Clears Way for Senate Vote

Shin Bet Chief: Israel May Regret Saddam Overthrow
Blasts Kill 2 US Marines, 11 Iraqis

Bomb Blasts Kill 8 Afghan Soliders

The Gas-Line Quagmire in Iraq
by Robert Murphy
Using – and Abusing – the Troops
by William Norman Grigg
The President, the Stripper, and the Attorney General  by Sidney Blumenthal
The Right to Be Offended  by Gary Younge
Trust Busted  by Sen. Russ Feingold
Gonzales Channels Mark Twain
by Niranjan Ramakrishnan

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Bush: Terror Leader Plotted Raid on Los Angeles

LA Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement

Iraq Election Results Get Final Certification

US-Led Coalition Shrinking This Year

State Dept Spent Half of Iraq Recontruction Funds on Security

Suicide Bombing Kills 35 in Pakistan

Italy May Put CIA Agents on Trial in Absentia

Report: Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak

Lawyers Block US Citizen's Transfer to Iraqi Custody

Even With a Troop Reduction, US Military Appears Headed for a Long Stay in Iraq
Iraq Today

US, Iraqi Officials Woo Sunnis

Secular Faction Joins Iraq's Sunni Alliance

More Than 1 Million Iraqi Shi'ites March, Beat Selves in Religious Ceremonies

Iraqis Cope With Life Without Lights

In Iraq's Sectarian Strife, Funerals Can Be Risky

Iraq Occupation

Even With a Troop Reduction, US Military Appears Headed for a Long Stay in Iraq

Flagging Morale Among Coalition Forces as Iraq War Drags On

British Soldiers 'in Fear of Front Line Prosecution'

Doubts Over Withdrawal of UK Troops From Iraq

The War Goes On

Report Says Number of Attacks by Insurgents in Iraq Increases

Iraqi Army Units Pursue al-Qaeda Fugitives

US Officials Report Contact With Insurgents

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 10

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 9

Jill Carroll

Kidnapped US Reporter Appeals for Help

Timeline of Events Involving Jill Carroll

Iraq Hostage's Parents Speak Out


UK's Straw: Military Action on a Nuclear Iran 'Not Inevitable'

Riyadh Slams Iran, US Nuclear Policies

Iran Dismisses US Warning Over Nuclear Weapons

US, Britain Discuss Promoting Democracy in Iran

For Americans, It Can Pay to Play in Iran's Court


NATO to Send 6,000 Troops to Afghanistan

Rumsfeld Says NATO Expansion in Afghanistan Does Not Mean US Withdrawal

At Least Five Killed in Afghan Sunni-Shi'ite Clash

Canadians Suffer Minor Wounds in Afghanistan

A 'Half Full' Afghan Army

Afghan Police Crack Down on Kabul Prostitutes


Nepal Protesters Oppose King's Victory

Hundreds in Nepal Protest Army Killing of Demonstrator

Failed Elections Pile Problems on Nepal's King

India Condemns Nepal Polls

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Seeks Changes to Truce With Tigers

Middle East

One Dead, 15 Injured in Istanbul Cafe Blast

Shi'ites Test Religious Freedoms in Saudi Arabia


Islamists Make Strong Showing in New Kuwait Cabinet

Will Kuwait Now Be More Liberal Like Dubai?


Amnesty: Diamond Trade Funding Civil Wars in Africa

EU May Offer Standby Force for Congo

Leaders of Sudan, Chad OK Peace Agreement


Bolivia Promotes Market for 'Legal' Coca Products

US Cutting Military Aid to Bolivia 96 Percent


Venezuela Orders US Missionaries Out of Jungle

US 'Open to a Positive Relation' With Venezuela

Chávez Says UK Should Give Falklands to Argentina


Spain Nabs Argentine 'Dirty War' Suspect

Communists Kidnap British, Dutch Aid Workers in Colombia


Front-Runner Takes Early Lead in Haiti Vote

Haitians Patiently Await Final Election Results

Delays Slow Haiti Vote Count

Observers: 'Voting Irregularities' in Haitian Election

A Cartoon Issue

Hezbollah Tells Bush, Rice to 'Shut Up' Over Cartoon Issue

Taliban Say 100 Enlist for Suicide Attacks Over Cartoons

Hamas Joins Call for Calm in Cartoon Row

How a Meeting of Leaders in Mecca Set Off the Cartoon Wars Around the World

UN Condemns Cartoon Violence

Euro Cartoon Fallout

Danish Premier Faults Iran, Syria

Norway and Syria Try to Mend Relations

European Papers Benefit in Cartoon Uproar

Danish Aid Workers Told to Stay Away From Muslim Ceremonies

French Comic Ribs Islamists and Wins Muslim Praise

British Police Warn Cartoon Protesters They Face Arrest

Yemen Jailbreak

US Ships Block Yemen Coast After al-Qaeda Prisoners Escape

Yemen al-Qaeda Debacle Worries US and Europeans


Military Steps Up Gitmo Force-Feedings

Afghans Released From Guantánamo

War on Terror

Blair Will Invoke Terrorism in Effort to Save ID Card From Defeat

Passenger Security Check Program Scrapped

US Military

Military Role in Space Said Set to Expand

Army Focuses on Recruitment of Latinos

Air Force Eases Rules on Religion

Spying on Americans

Bill Would Allow Court to Supervise Warrantless Wiretaps

US Plans Massive Data Sweep

White House Provides Eavesdropping Details

Judge Gives US Wiretap Response Deadline

Cheney: NSA Spying Should Be an Election Issue

War at Home

Sheehan Will Not Run for Senate

Oakland Settles Antiwar Protest Lawsuit

US Charges Taiwanese Over China Jet, Missile Deal

Putin Opens to Hamas

Putin to Invite Hamas to Moscow

US Says Russia Must Stand Firm on Hamas

Israel Surprised by Putin's Plans to Invite Hamas


Palestinian Envoy: Don't Demonize Hamas

Day-to-Day Politics Could Chart New Course for Hamas

Palestinian Corruption Probe Underway

Rocket Strikes Punctuate Gaza Life

Palestinian Militants Ransack Gaza Greenhouses

Egyptian Diplomat Kidnapped by Masked Gunmen in Gaza


Israel Plays Down Talk of Rift With US

Former Israel Allies in Lebanon Seeking Amnesty

British Architects Threaten Boycott of Israel Construction Industry Over Barrier

Italian DM Calls for Israel to Join NATO

Sharon Remains Stable After CT Scan


North Korea Softens Tones but Still Blames US for Snag

South Korea Banks Back US on North Korea Sanctions


Japan PM Woes Could Stall Agreement on US Bases

Koizumi Defends War Shrine Visits


Yahoo Accused in Jailing of China Internet User

Beijing's Wrath Finds Little Echo in Taiwan

Manila Sees Peace Deal With Rebels by September


Serbia Arrests Mladic Aide

Yushchenko Urges New Constitution

In Other News

'New Populists' vs. the West

Australian Wheat Board Chief Quits Over Iraq Probe


Justin Raimondo
Scooter's Choice

Alan Bock
Another Stellar Week in the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why Libertarians Should be Critical of War

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's Choice

Ivan Eland
More Defense Dollars, Less Security

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Charles Peρa
Going Old School on al-Qaeda

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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