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Abu Ghraib Is Not Old News: Aaron Glantz
Don't Facilitate Murder: Lawrence Samuels
Dubai Ports World: Ivan Eland
March Madness: Gordon Prather
Blaming Whistleblowers: William Fisher

It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.
Robert H. Jackson
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Updated February 21, 2006 - 10:57 PM EST
Iraq PM to US: Butt Out
Iraqi Province Cuts Off US Forces
US Threatens to Cut Aid to Iraq

22 Killed in Baghdad Market Car Bombing

Three Ohio Men Indicted in Alleged Iraq Plot

Belgrade Denies Mladic Arrest Reports

US Accuses Iran of Arming Iraqi Militia
Policy Clash Blocks Iraq Unity Government
US Experts Explore Iraq Exit Strategies
Israel's Hamas Policy Could Boost Iran
Military Sees '12 Million Muslims' as Supporters of Terror
Georgia Denies US 'Putting Out Feelers' for Attack on Iran
At Spy Agencies, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Report: Pentagon Ignored Repeated Warnings on Torture and Abuse
A Byzantine Empire of the West?
by Frank Chodorov
Abu Ghraib Is Not Old News
by Aaron Glantz
All Weapons of Mass Destruction Are Not Equal  by Allison Macfarlane
An Upside-Down Media  by Robert Parry
Don't Be an Accessory to Murder
by Lawrence Samuels
March Madness  by Gordon Prather

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Democrats May Unite on Plan to Pull Troops
War Costs Irk Congress
Google Rejects US Data Demand
NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative
Controversy Deepens Over Iraq Prewar Intelligence
Abbas Hints Fatah Might Join Hamas Government
Taiwan Report Blames Chiang Kai-shek for Deaths of Thousands
Rice Threatens Norway as Minister Supports Boycott of Israel
A Dozen Baghdad Commuters Burn in Minibus Bombing
Today in Iraq
US Envoy Warns Iraq Over Sectarian Govt
US Ambassador Criticizes Iran's Role in Iraq
Documents Boost Case Against Saddam, but No 'Smoking Gun'
Soldiers at Iraqi Base See It All Go Up in Smoke
UK Foreign Secretary in Surprise Iraq Visit
Two Kidnapped Macedonians Released in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Attacks Kill 26 in Iraq
20 Hurt in Attack on Iraq Workers
The Iraqis Go Too Slowly. Then a Bomb Explodes and They Flee
Desperate Iraq Workers Can Only Wait for Next Bomb

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 21

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 20
Global Iraq Fallout
Afghanistan, Iraq Share Military Intelligence
Australia Loses Another Wheat Contract to Iraq: Reports
Iraq Shops Around to Find Wheat Supplier
Afghan FM: Al-Qaeda Leaders Not in Afghanistan
Security Barriers Reflect Karzai's Inability to Control Streets of Kabul
Bush to Visit Afghanistan Along With Pakistan and India
Some See Hand of Former Governor Behind Muslim Clash in Afghanistan
The West Pushes to Reform Traditionalist Afghan Courts
NATO Troops Came Under Attack in West Afghanistan
Four Suspected Muslim Rebels Shot Dead in Indian Kashmir
Landmark Kashmir Bridge Reopens
North Korean Envoy Threatened Japan With Missile Launches Over Sanctions
Koreas to Hold High-Level Military Talks
Philippine Military Group Says Responsible for Presidential Compound Blast
Five Islamists Die in Philippines
Chinese Bloggers Find Promise, Peril
Dalai Lama Followers Clash With Chinese
Nepalese Parties Reject Talks With King
Sri Lanka, Tigers to Talk Peace in Geneva
Vietnam, US Resume Human Rights Talks
Serbs Caught in the Middle of Kosovo Tug-of-War
Kosovo Pushes for Independence as Talks Begin
Argentina Sends Bosnian Serb War Criminal to Hague
Bosnia Memorial Plan Halted
Haiti Election Chief Flees Country
Challenges Loom for Preval in Haiti
Venezuela's Unrealized Revolution
Ecuadorian Troops Clash With Colombian FARC Rebels
Bolivia Takes First Step to Warm Chile Relations
US, Canada to Update Defense Treaty
Nigerian Militants Step Up Attacks and Threaten President
Militants in Nigeria's Oil Region Claim New Strike
Nigerian Militant Attacks Push Up Oil Price
Iran Toughens Stance in Russian Nuke Talks
Iran to Pursue Atomic Research Despite Russian Plan
Iranian FM Denies Wanting to 'Wipe Israel Off the Map'
US Ambassador Says Iran Meddling in Iraq
Cartoon Fallout
Afghan Cartoon Protesters Threaten to Join al-Qaeda
Denmark: Bounty on Cartoonist Is Terrorism
Danish FM: Al-Qaeda Will Exploit Uproar
Cartoon Protests Continue in Afghanistan and Indonesia
Iran, Malaysia Call for Ending Riots
Islamic Groups Plan More Protests
Report: Gitmo Detainees 'Knew London Bombers'
US Envoy Defends Guantánamo Conditions
EU Trio Join UN Call for Closing Guantánamo Camp
Kuala Lumpur Tells US to Close Guantánamo
War on Terror
How an Internal Effort to Ban the Torture of Detainees Was Thwarted
Officials Investigate Germany's Role in US Detention of Citizen
Privacy Guardian Is Still a Paper Tiger
Tampa Rally Calls for Freeing al-Arian
US Port Controversy
White House Defends Ports Takeover Stance
GOP Governors Question Port Turnover
Congressmen Threaten Probe of US Seaports Deal
The War at Home
US Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review
Administration Critics Chafe at State Dept. Shuffle
'President's Gone Insane' – 9/11 Dad
Soldiers Return From War Only to Die at Home
Hamas Takes Power
Hamas Seeks Coalition Government
Hamas' Choice for PM Seen as Pragmatist
Islamic Jihad Declines to Join Hamas-Led Government
Iranian Leader Praises Hamas
Aid or Sanctions
Israel Moves to Cut Off Hamas' Air Supply
US Mum on Israeli Move to Withhold Palestinian Payments
Arab, Muslim Leaders Rally to Offset PA Funds Withheld by Israel
UN Criticizes Israel's Move to Withhold Palestinian Cash
US Dilemma: Dealing With Hamas
Hamas Dismisses Israeli Sanctions
Russia's Hamas Gambit
Don't Punish the Palestinians: Carter
Egypt's Islamists Call for Donations to Assist Hamas
Egypt to Tell Rice to Give Hamas Time
Deep-Rooted Militancy Shadows Yemen
Yemen's Trial of 17 al-Qaeda Suspects Postponed
Kuwaiti MPs Confirm Crown Prince
New Kuwaiti Cabinet Vows to Continue 'March of Reform'
Police, Protesters Clash in Uganda
On the Eve of Elections, Uganda Is a Tale of Two Countries
Sudan Opposes UN Troops in Darfur
Rebirth, Fear on Ruined Ethiopia-Eritrea Frontier
Rogue Militia Terrorizes Southeast Congo

Justin Raimondo
The Provocateurs

Ivan Eland
Dubai Ports World: Commercial Racial Profiling

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Alan Bock
Diagnosing Decline

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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