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Arianna Huffington, Racial Profiler: Justin Raimondo
War Complicates Everything: Alan Bock
Taking Pakistan's Temperature: William S. Lind
How Costly Is Too Costly? Engler/Engelhardt
Brutal Christ of the Armageddonites: JB Utley

"My country right or wrong" is like saying, "My mother drunk or sober."
G. K. Chesterton
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Updated February 24, 2006 - 10:50 PM EST
Iraq FM: Rebels Try to Spark Civil War

Violent Cycle of Revenge Stuns Iraqis

Top Shi'ites Call for End to Revenge

Saudis: Oil Refinery Attack Foiled

US Military Denies Iraq on Brink of Civil War

Dubai Firm Offers to Delay Seaports Deal

Iran Offers IAEA Secret Nuclear Info

Germany Admits Its Spies Helped US in Iraq War

Five Days of Violence Kill 150 Nigerians

Libby Lawyers: Special Counsel in Plame Case Invalid

Coup Emergency Declared in Philippines

Condi's Baffling New Iran
 by Fred Kaplan
Secrecy Fetish Hampers Real Security  by Jim Harper
The Brutal Christ of the Armageddonites  by Jon Basil Utley
Taking Pakistan's Temperature
by William S. Lind
Making a Meth of the PATRIOT Act
by John Berlau
Who Elected Hamas?  by M.J. Rosenberg

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Foes and Even Friends in Mideast Say 'America Is to Blame' for Mosque Bombing

Iraq Militants Blame Govt, Iran for Shrine Attack

Americans Unhappy With World Status

White House Distancing Itself From Port Deal

On Security Issue, Bush Is Only One Leaning Left

In Beirut, Rice Snubs Lebanese President


Iraq Sectarian Conflict Reverberates Beyond Borders

Brink of Civil War?

Iraq Sunni Clerics Blame Shi'ite Clerics for Violence

Ten Imams Murdered in Iraq as Sectarian Killings Intensify

Iraq Implements Curfew to Stem Violence

Revenge Squads Stalk Streets as War of the Mosques Tears Iraq Apart

Samarra Gripped by Fury, Fear, and Wild Search for a Scapegoat

Iraq Starts to Spiral Out of Control in a Day of Vengeance and Hatred

Askariya Shine: A Focus of Pilgrimage

Roadside Bombs Kill Seven US Soldiers in Iraq

US Looks to Baghdad to Deal With Violence

Developments in Iraq, Feb. 24

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 23

Arabiya Journalists

Three Arabiya TV Journalists Kidnapped, Killed in Iraq

Arabiya Journalist a Target for Everyone

Shock Over Iraqi Reporter's Death

Iraqi Politics

Sunni Party Quits Iraq Government Talks After Mosque Bombing

Jaafari Faces Tougher Fight for Cabinet Than in Election

Iraq's Kingmaker Is No Bush Pawn

Iraq Today

Defense Team May Meet With Saddam Sunday

The Ratings War, Iraq-Style

Iraq: Farmers Skeptical About Compensation Promises

Al-Jazeera Reporters Give Bloody First Hand Account of 2004 US Siege of Fallujah


Iran Still Mulling Russia Uranium Proposal

Iran Wants More Done in Nuclear Talks

China Joins Russia in Iran Diplomacy


Suicide Attacker Killed in Failed Afghanistan Attack

Government Official Shot Dead in South Afghanistan

Canadian Military Chief: NATO Will Be in Afghanistan for Years

Afghanistan Urges Pakistan to Stop Naming Missiles After Its Heroes


Four Killed, Several Injured in Pakistan Clash

Pakistani Govt Pulls Out of North Waziristan

India-Pakistan Rail Link Reunites


Thousands Protest Indian Shooting of Boys in Kashmir

Nine Killed Ahead of Talks on Kashmir


Raid on Copts Exposes Egypt's Secular Paradox

Media Watchdog Urges Mubarak to Keep Press Law Pledge

Can Winds of Change Still Be Heard in Egypt?


Rice on Surprise Trip to Back Lebanon Against Syria

Hariri Probe Head Meets Syria FM

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Reformers Give Up on US Help


Appointment of Idi Amin's Son Stirs Unease in Uganda

Uganda Goes to the Polls Amid Claims of Rigging


Nigerian Christians Set Fire to Corpses

UN: Congo Civilians Flee to Islands to Escape Murder, Rape

Arrests at Mugabe Birthday Demo

Sudan Rejects Non-African Troops in Darfur

Ethiopian PM Defends Jailing Opposition

Somali Warlords Join Forces to Combat 'al-Qaeda Linked' Groups

Mladic Hunt

EU Urges Serbia to Grab 'Cornered' Fugitive Mladic

Crunch Time for Serbia in Hunt for Mladic

New Urgency Hangs Over Mladic Arrest

War on Terror

UK Archbishop: Blair Helping US Run 'Idi Amin-Style' Terror War

FBI: No Proof of California Terror Suspect's Training in Pakistan

US Asks Yemen to Arrest Radical Cleric

UN Slams Turkey's Anti-Terrorism Laws, Urges Reform

'Big Brother' Watching E-Mail, Computer Data: US Report

Henry Rollins Reported to Aussie Terror Authorities for Reading Book About Terrorists


Detainee Deaths in US Custody in Iraq and Afghanistan [.pdf]

Army Reservist Acquitted in Last Trial in Afghanistan Abuse Case

Italy Denies Interrogating Prisoners at Abu Ghraib


FBI: Interrogation Techniques at Gitmo Illegal and Ineffective

Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts

War at Home

One by One, Towns Are Urging Peace

California Is the Latest State to Pass a Resolution Against the PATRIOT Act

US Military

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

Bush Budget Targets Military Health Costs

Marine Acquitted in Drowning of Recruit

Defense Contractor Plans Guilty Plea for Bribe-Case Role

US Port Controversy

Bush Seeks to Calm Port Uproar, Vows Secure Ports

Uproar Surprised Dubai Firm

Dubai Backlash 'Will Deter Foreign Investors’

Senator Challenges Ports Deal Procedure

Difficult to Discern Who Runs US Ports

Port Problems Said to Dwarf New Fears


Israeli Troops Kill Five Palestinians in Militant Arrest Sweep

Ten Hurt as Israeli Troops Crack Down on Anti-Barrier Protesters

Israel Plans West Bank Roads Just for Palestinians

Rice Met With Arab Refusal to Isolate Hamas

Israeli General Apologizes to Jordan for Overthrow Comment

Netanyahu 'Concerned' Over Olmert's Position on Hamas

United Kingdom

Blair Faces Torrent of Criticism on Human Rights

War, Bullying Creating Recruitment Shortfall in Britain


Freed Tiananmen Protester Now Mentally Ill

China's Media Censorship Rattling World Image

China Warns Taiwan to Stay Course on Unification

Taiwan's Leader Labels Unification Body 'Absurd'


Japanese Paratrooper Shoplifts to Avoid Going to Iraq

Japan, US Plan March Missile Defense Test


North Korean Diplomat to Meet US Officials

South Korea to Compensate WWII Forced Laborers


Philippines Arrests Senior Military Officer for 'Anti-Arroyo Activities'

In 20 Years Since Marcos, Little Stability for Philippines


Swiss Talks Expose Gulf in Sri Lanka Conflict

US Approves Visa for Indian Scientist


UN Pledges to Remain in Haiti

Pulling Colombia's Coca by Hand

Bolivia's 'Death to Yankees' Senator Loses US Visa

Self-Styled Justice in Guatemala


Justin Raimondo
Arianna Huffington, Racial Profiler

Alan Bock
War Complicates Everything

Ivan Eland
Dubai Ports World: Commercial Racial Profiling

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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