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On the Road to Empire: Justin Raimondo
Insult to Injury: Nebojsa Malic
Bush Lost the Troops: Kevin B. Zeese
The Democrats' Daddy Warbucks: Joshua Frank
Mahatma Bush: Norman Solomon

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
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Updated March 1, 2006 - 11:21 PM EST

At Least 30 Killed in New Iraq Violence

At Least 75 Killed Yesterday in Iraq Attacks

Negroponte: Iraq May Spark Regional Battle

Iraqi Shi'ites Told: Leave Home or Be Killed

Bush Faces GOP Revolt Over Security Issues

Iran Could Play Iraq Card in Nuclear Spat

DIA: Afghan Insurgency a Growing Threat

Bush on Iraq Civil War: I Don't Buy It

PATRIOT Act Renewal Clears Final Hurdle

30% of Americans Still Perceive Hussein-9/11 Link

The Commander in Chief Has Lost the Troops  by Kevin B. Zeese
Where Are the Good Americans?
by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith
A Closer Look at Collateral Damage  by Sally Kalson
The Democrats' Daddy Warbucks
by Joshua Frank
Is Bill Buckley Weak on Tyranny?
by David Corn
Mahatma Bush  by Norman Solomon

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Poll: 3/4 of Troops in Iraq Want US Exit

Bush Not Worried About Low Approval Ratings

Bush: Osama's Election Week Tape Helped Me Win

Sunnis Sneaking Weapons Into Baghdad to Defend Mosques

Iraq Violence Puts Troop Cuts in Doubt

Bagram: Son of Guantánamo

Libby Notes ID'd Plame

Gonzales: Extent of Eavesdropping May Go Beyond NSA Work

BBC Poll: Iraq War Makes Terror More Likely

Fighting Smell of Death, Iraqis Look Through Morgues for Relatives
Is It Civil War Yet?

Iraq's Leaders Squabble as Death Toll Mounts

Iraqi PM Says Sectarian Bloodshed Will Not Hit Political Process

Ten Arrested Over Shrine Bombing

Four Guarding Iraqi Shrine Are Suspects in Attack

Iraqis Moving Their Families to Escape Fighting

A Look at Deadliest Days in Iraq in 2006

Developments in Iraq, March 1

Developments in Iraq, Feb. 28

Today in Iraq
For Engineers, as the Railways Go, So Goes Iraq

Iraq: Local Journalists Call for Increased Protection

Kuwait Will Donate $10 Million to Repair Damaged Iraqi Mosques

Prosecutors Say Documents Tie Hussein to Killings

Hostage Crises

One Nepalese Hostage Dead, Second Released

US Envoy: Iraqi Interior Ministry Says Jill Carroll Is Still Alive

Occupying Iraq

US Seeks Funds to Build Prisons in Iraq

Two British Soldiers Killed in Iraq

US, Iraq Looking for a Few Good Firms Willing to Do Business in a War Zone

Intel Agencies Warned About Insurgency's Local Roots in 2003

US Postwar Planning for Iraq Almost Nonexistent

Australian PM Howard Has No Regrets About Iraq War


UN Report Only Confirms Nuclear Program, Not Weapons

Iran Says It Opposes Atomic Weapons

Nuclear Negotiator Says Tehran Would Mull Talks With US

Chirac: Iran Has a Right to Civil Nuclear Power


Bush to Visit Afghanistan Despite Taliban Attacks

US Soldier Killed, Two Wounded, in Afghan Clash

British Forces Stay Away as Afghan Opium War Begins

One Dead After Rioting Resumes at Afghan Prison

US Journalist Held in Afghan Prison Was Threatened With Beheading

Musharraf: Karzai's 'Wanted Terrorists' List Useless


Pakistan to Brief Bush on Role in War on Terror

5,000 Pakistani Children March to Demand Cartoonist's Death

Pakistan to Ask Bush for American Nuclear Investment


Indian Maoists' Landmine Attack Kills 55 Ahead of Bush Visit

Bush Calls for More Anti-Terror Action Ahead of Pakistan-India Visit

India Asserts Itself in Nuke Talks With US


21 Islamic Militants Sentenced to Death in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Hunts for Top Fugitive Islamist Leader


Rice Asks Lebanon to Extradite Missing Marine

Lebanon Factions Talk to End Political Crisis


Blair Is Ignoring Us, Grieving British Families Say

Sarajevo Finds Love After the War

Britain Warns Russian Tycoon to Stop Threatening Coup

War on Terror

FBI Expands Its List of Wanted Terrorists

US Settles Detainee Lawsuit in Post-9/11 Sweep

Saudis: Kingdom's Top Terrorist Among 5 Killed

Official Ties al-Qaeda to Indonesia Terror

France Terror Trial Shaken by Police Brutality

Port Controversy

ADL: Ports Deal Should Be Nixed to Punish UAE for Israel Boycott

Coast Guard Concerns Settled Before Port Deal, Official Says

Bush Again Defends Deal on US Seaports


Prosecutor Likens Gitmo Detainees to Vampires

Lawyer Seeks Halt to 'Aggressive Forced-Feedings' at Gitmo

Spying on Americans

More Pushback From Hill on Eavesdropping

Even Circuses Are Conducting Domestic Surveillance

NYT: Pentagon Violates FOIA by Refusing to Turn Over Spy Docs

War at Home

Sen. Byrd Regrets Voting for PATRIOT Act

Seven Arrested at White House Protest Against Iraq War

Dead Soldiers' Families Complain Govt Doesn't Send Representatives to Funerals

US Military

After Iraq, Many Soldiers Seek Counseling

Governors Lobby Bush About National Guard


Hamas Leader Is Stalling on Forming New PA Government

Ex World Bank Chief: PA Could Collapse Within a Month

UN Warns of Palestinian Financial Crisis

Israel Faces Challenge Stopping Hamas Cash

Israel Softens Criticism of Russia on Hamas Talks

Russia to Press Hamas to 'Moderate' Stand


Mofaz Details West Bank Settlements Israel Plans to Retain

Israeli Army Denies Herdsmen Access to Grazing Grounds

Arab Party Avoids Israel Elections Ban

Israeli Army Assumes Tens of Thousands of Expats Will Return for Next War

Netanyahu: Kadima Trying to Torpedo Likud Vote


North Korea Urges US to Lift Sanctions

US Intelligence Not Certain North Korea Has Nuclear Arms

China Changes Game in N. Korea

Seoul Seeks New Joint Military Structure With US


China Warns Taiwan Scrapping Unification Board Could Be 'Disaster'

Beijing Urges US to Rein in Taiwan

China to Ban Torture

Chinese Paper Allowed to Reopen


Japanese Ill Health Legacy of Atomic Bomb

Officials: Coup Threats Remain in Philippines


Chad Refugees Flee Into Darfur

UN to Sign Accord for Return of Sudan Refugees

Britain Pushes for Travel Ban on Sudan Leaders to Curb Killing in Darfur

UN Troops in 'Heavy Fighting' With Congo Militia

Nigeria Turns to China for Defense Aid

Burundi Admits Soldiers, Police Tortured Rebels, Civilians


Justin Raimondo
On the Road to Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Insult to Injury

Ivan Eland
Just Say 'No' to Israel in NATO

Alan Bock
War Complicates Everything

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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