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War Against Iran, April 2006: Jorge Hirsch
Acknowledging the Rush to War: Alan Bock
Bolton Really Is Bonkers: Gordon Prather
Keeping It Quiet: Charley Reese
Bush Policies Stoke Anti-Yanqui Sentiment: Lobe

I've been immersed in it too long. My spirit is wobbly and my mind is confused. The hurt has become too great.
Ernie Pyle
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Updated April 1, 2006 - 8:59 PM EST
US Helicopter Down Near Baghdad
Iraq Moves Ever-Closer to Civil War
Shi'ites Break Ranks, Urge Jaafari to Quit as PM
Iraq Conflict Grows Even More Confusing
Russian Official Contradicts West on Tehran
Brits Brought Iranian Militiamen Into Iraqi Security Forces
Convoys Will Now Stand and Fight When Attacked in Iraq
Bush Pledges More Mayhem in the Middle East  by Sheldon Richman
Keeping It Quiet: The Israel Lobby's Crushing of Dissent  by Charley Reese
What About Richard Cohen's Reputation?  by Greg Mitchell
The Age of Jackson  by Daniel McCarthy
Bolton Really Is Bonkers  by Gordon Prather
'Saddam Chose to Deny Inspectors'
by Joe Conason

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US: Iranian Missile Test Proves Aggressive Posture
Rice Denies US Is World's Jailer
UN Investigator Demands Access to Secret US Jails
'Big Steve' and Abu Ghraib
Sistani Wants US Envoy Sacked
Italian Prosecutors: Phone Records Support CIA Kidnapping Case
Hamas Vows to Remove Arms From Streets of Gaza
US Cuts All Contact With Hamas-Led Government
Bush Policies Stoke Anti-Yanqui Sentiment
Rice Admits 'Thousands' of Errors in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Many Iraqis Rely on Neighborhood Watches
Religious Leaders Support Resistance to Foreign Troops in Iraq
Iraq Hostage Believes Ransom Paid
Tough Talks Resume to Form New Iraq Government
US: Detainee Dies at Abu Ghraib of 'Heart Attack'
Carroll Release Aftermath
Captors Reportedly Warned Carroll Not to Cooperate With US
US Hostage Interviewed by Iraq Captors Before Release
Carroll: Insurgents Will Win in the End
Blogger Accuses Carroll of Arranging Her Own Kidnapping to Help Insurgency
Interview: Washington Post Correspondent Responds to Carroll Critics
Reporters in Iraq Work Around the Limits of Safety Measures
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Civilian Deaths Soar as GI Deaths Drop
Mortar Shell Kills Three Women in Baghdad
Tens of Thousands Flee Conflict in Iraq
Kidnappings Forecast to Rise in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on April 1
Developments in Iraq on March 31
The New Iraq
Garbage Dump Second Home for Iraqi Children
Special Needs School Welcomes War-Scarred Iraqi Children
Radio Show Helps Iraqis Air Their Grievances
Global Iraq Fallout
Rice Shrugs Off Antiwar Protests
Polish Troops Will Remain in Iraq Until Year's End
Bulgaria Sends First Group of Guard Troops to Iraq
Battles of Britain
Deaths of UK Military Police in Iraq Ruled 'Unlawful'
Soldiers' Families Demand Officers Face Probe
Criticism Over Red Caps' Deaths
Court: UK Antiwar Protesters Can't Use War's Illegality as a Defense
Inquiry Into UK's Secret Guns-for-Iraq Deal
BBC Faces Protests Over 'Iraq Bias'
Converting in Afghanistan
Convert Case Damages Karzai's Standing With Fundamentalists
Afghan Convert Says He Would Have Been Killed if He Had Stayed
Hopes and Fears of Afghan Christians
Taliban Seize Three Villages; Seven Insurgents Killed Elsewhere
Afghan Police Chief Accused of Killing 16
NATO Could Cover All Afghanistan by August: General
British Minister Warns Against Taliban Afghan Comeback
More Doubts Over Pakistani Deaths
Pakistan Cleric Radio Station Hit
Balochistan Plunges Into Darkness as Four Pylons Blown Up
Pakistan Bets on Barbar Cruise Missile
India's Training of Iranian Military Could Dampen Nuclear Deal: US Lawmaker
Three Militants and Folk Singer Killed in Kashmir Attacks
Indian Premier to Head Talks to Check Maoist Insurgency
India's Maoist Woes
South Asia
Sri Lanka's Ruling Party Heads for Victory in Local Elections
Twelve Hurt in Rebel Attack on Nepal School
Fake Email Topples Japan's Opposition Party
China's Hu Offers Japan a Way to Ease Tensions
Taiwan Rejects China's Offer of Pandas
North Korea: More Than 180 US Spy Flights in March
Swiss Company Rejects US Accusations They Sold Military Tech to North Korea
More North Koreans Defect to South
Thai PM Survives Election Disqualification Bid
Arms Deals Impact Thai Elections
Vietnam Rejects US Call to Free Political Prisoners
Agent Orange: The Legacy of a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Bolivia Backs Off US-Funded Killing of Crops
Students Get Rare Look at Cuba as US Tightens Travel Ban
Colombia: Troops Defuse Massive Bomb
Three More Members of Muslim Prayer Group Charged as Terrorists in Australia
'Jihad Jack' Given Five-Year Prison Term
In Other News
NATO Commander Says Nations Slow to Commit
Christians Deal With Language of Martyrdom
Samoan PM Eyes Election Victory
War on Terror
Moussaoui Judge Tells Jury: Airplane Qualifies as WMD
Bill Seeks to End Color-Coded Terror Alert
TSA Sure Reports of Roughing Up 83-Year-Old a 'Misunderstanding'
80 Eyes on 2,400 People
The War at Home
William F. Buckley: Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a 'Failure'
Libby Says Prosecutor Trying to Keep Post
Former US Presidential Advisor Brzezinski Presents Plan to Quit Iraq
Testimony of John Dean on Censure
Dean Adds Spice to Senate Censure Hearing
Statement of Senator Feingold of Censure
More White House Staff Changes Coming
US Auditors Fault Pentagon on Bang for Buck
NYC Releases 9/11 WTC Emergency Calls
Parents Maintain Vigil for Lone Soldier Missing in Iraq
Antiwar Group Wants Helena, Montana to Draft Resolution
Wisconsin Communities Will Vote on Whether to Get Out of Iraq
'Hair' the Musical Returns With Hints of Iraq War
Iran Test-Fires Missile Able to Duck Radar
Iran Says It Won't Use Oil as Weapon in Nuclear Row
UN Security Council Should Consider Sanctions Against Iran: US Ambassador
US Secretary Rice Offers Humanitarian Aid to Quake-Hit Iran
Lebanon Sinks Into Crisis After Cabinet Walkout
Lebanon Welcomes UN Call for Hariri Murder Court, Vows Funding
Israeli Politics
Israel's New Winners and Losers
Likud Tries to Regroup After Election Losses
Likud May Recommend That Amir Peretz Form Next Government
Olmert Insists He Will Be Israel's Next Prime Minister
West Bank Settlers Vow to Resist Pullout
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Defends Suicide Bombing
Killing of Militant Triggers Hamas-Fatah Clashes in Gaza
Hamas Offered Israel 30-Year Truce in 1997
Israel Expects Fatah to Increase Suicide Blasts
Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza
Israeli Aircraft Destroys North Gaza Building
Slain Militant's Followers Blame Fatah for Assassination
Gaza Blast Kills Militant Commander
Three Die at Palestinian Funeral
Toddler Killed in Southeast Turkey, Bomb in Istanbul
Istanbul Bomb Blast Amid Kurd Tension
Kurdish Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Istanbul Blast
Toll Rises to Seven in Kurdish Riots in East Turkey
Yemen Opposition Condemns Govt for Resisting Reform
Orange Forces May Not Support Yushchenko
Yuschenko Hopes Pro-Western Allies Can Reunite
Russia: Withdrawing From Georgian Bases
Territorial Tensions Build Between Russia and Georgia
Serb Hopes of Own Entity in Kosovo Dashed
EU Pleased With Serbia 'Progress'
Berlusconi Supporters Braced for Poll Defeat
Denmark Hopes Campaign Helps Improve Image

Croat Gunman Won't Face Torture Charges

Rebels Kill Chad Army Chief
Chad Accuses Sudan of Violating Truce
UN Urges Chad to End Forced Conscription of Refugees
Ugandan Army Kills 13 Rebels
Ugandan Rights Official: Army, Police Still Torturing 'Suspects'
DR Congo
UN to Shift More Troops to Congo Before Election
UN Denounces Treatment of Child Soldiers in Congo
Nigeria Militants: Hostages' Release Not Due to Military Pressure
Sudan Sued by US Families for Sponsoring Terrorism
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Threatens Rival Over Protests
Ivory Coast University Reopens Three Years After War Forced It Closed
Weekend Reviews
On Second Thoughts: Fukuyama
Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal
Walter Cronkite: Documentary Sends Warning to Congress
After the Neocons: America at the Crossroads

Justin Raimondo
The Lobby Strikes Back

Alan Bock
Acknowledging the Rush to War

Charles Peņa
The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

Nebojsa Malic
City on the Edge of Forever

Ivan Eland
Top Ten Mistakes the Bush Administration Is Repeating from Vietnam

David R. Henderson
The Myth of US Prosperity During World War II

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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