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What Victory Lost: Wayne Merry
A 'Humbled' News Media?: Robert Parry
Getting a Piece of the Pie: Sascha Matuszak
Evangelicals Rally Behind Israel: Bill Berkowitz
Dutch Islands Caught in US-Ven Friction: H. Márquez

Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
James Madison
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Updated April 6, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT
Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks
Congress Debate on Iraq Grows Louder

Hopes for Iraq Parliament Announcement Dashed

Nobel Economist: The War Is Bad for the Economy

Iraqis: Rice Trip Stiffens PM's Resolve to Stay

Iran: Military Threats Not in US Interests

Bombing Near Najaf Shrine Kills 10

CIA Leak Judge Says No to Secret Arguments

Iran Following Israel's Lead
by David Hirst
A Silver Bullet Aimed at Iraq's Head  by Ehsan Ahrari
Words for Pro-War Pundits to Choke On  by Dave Zweifel
What Victory Lost  by Wayne Merry
Getting Closer to the Plame Truth
by Greg Sargent
In the Dark on Wiretaps  by Aziz Huq

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Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq

Spate of Violence Kills 6 Across Iraq

Official's Arrest Prompts Probe by House Panel Into DHS Hiring

Iranian Democrats Tell US Where to Stick Its $85m

Rice Urges US-India Nuclear Deal in Congress

Dutch Islands Caught Up in US-Venezuela Friction
Evangelicals Rally Their Flocks Behind Israel

Hamas Minister Denies Two-State Solution Reference

Saddam Is Cross-Examined for First Time
Iraq Today

Hostages Freed in Northern Iraq

Case Against Iraqi Cameraman Dropped

US Outraged by Insurgent Video of Apache Pilot's Burning Corpse

Uprooted Shi'ites Flood Into Kut

Patients Pay Heavy Price as War Guts Iraqi Healthcare System

Iraqis Struggle to Cope With Lower Food Rations

A Rare Trip Into Baghdad's Sadr City

In Bid to Rebuild Razed Bridge, Recovery and War Vie in Iraq

Royalty for a Year: Iraq Elects a Beauty Queen (Discreetly)

Developments in Iraq on April 6

Developments in Iraq on April 5

Trying to Try Saddam

Farce and Gravity at Saddam Trial

Saddam Says Shi'ite-Run Ministry Kills Thousands

Saddam Dismisses Charge He Approved Child Executions

Iraq Fallout

Russia Eyes Lost Oil Contract in Iraq

US Still Checking Russia Role in Iraq Intelligence

Briton Vows to Go to Prison Rather Than Pay Taxes to Fund War


Iran Commander: US Must Accept Iran as a Regional Power

Germany Urges Direct US-Iran Talks on Nuclear Dispute

Iran Raises Specter of Damage to World's Oil Shipping


UK Troops Ill-Prepared for Risky Afghan Mission, MPs Warn

MPs Fear for British Forces in Battle With Afghan Opium Gangs

Tories Allow Debate on Afghanistan Mission

UK Police Predict Huge Heroin Influx From Afghanistan

Taliban Kill Afghan District Spy Chief, Coalition Soldier Wounded


US to Push for Indo-Pak Moratorium on Nukes

India Arrests Mastermind of Last Month's Bombings


Politician Shot Dead in Kashmir

A Year On, Kashmir Bus Service Works as Symbol, Not in Practice


20 Killed in More Pakistan Clashes

US Seeks Stronger Civilian Control in Pakistan


Nepal Police Detain Dozens Before Protest

Has Nepal's Orange Revolution Begun?

Maoist Rebels in Nepal Kill Six Police, Soldiers in Ambush


UN: Somali 'Government' Will Collapse Without Millions in Aid

AU's Darfur Troops in Abuse Probe

South Africa Gets Tough on 'Mercenaries'

Report: US Used Djibouti in Rendition

Gambia's 'Coup Plotters' Escape


Colombia: FARC Rebels Launch Attacks

Colombia: Drug Wars Force Forest Nomads to Flee

Colombia Suffers Highest Level of Armed Violence

Colombian Rebels Free Hotelier Held Captive for Five Years


Laws Keep Morales From Socializing Bolivia

Debating Iraq

Several House Republicans Call for Debate on Iraq War

Congress Selective on Funding for Iraq


Moussaoui Trial to Bring Attacks Back for Jury

Moussaoui Curses Jury

War on Terror

'Big-Mouth' bin Laden Angered His Lieutenants

Has al-Qaeda Demoted Zarqawi?

British Grannies Face Terrorism Charges for Peaceful Protest

Pentagon: Peace Activists' Data Shouldn't Have Been Kept in Terrorist Database


Latest Guantánamo Documents Shed Light on Proceedings Against Detainees

Gitmo Canadian Vows to Boycott Tribunal

Canada Protests Gitmo Detention of Teen

Rendition and Detention

Amnesty International Links 'Rendition' Flights With Torture

Shadow Falls Over US Military Tribunals

US Quietly Releases Yemenis After Over a Year Held in Secret Prisons

War at Home

'Grandma in Iraq' Blog Failed to Mention It Was Written by Army PR Officer

Stricter Rules Good for Mexican Smugglers

Palestinian Govt

Hamas Government Starts Work

US Looks to Increase Palestinian Humanitarian Aid

Palestinian Government Broke: Hamas PM

Fatah Legacy Puts Hamas Under Financial Pressure

Abbas Assumes Control of Borders

Jailed MPs a Symbol for Palestinians

Hamas Foreign Minister Invited to China


One Palestinian Killed, Israel Steps Up Shelling of Gaza

Israelis Uncover al-Qaeda in Gaza

Israel’s Largest Bank Severs Ties With Palestine

Sappers Detonate Bomb in West Bank

Israeli Arabs Demand Update on Probe Into October 2000 Riots

Middle East

Kuwait Woman Candidate 'Proud' Despite Second Placing

Jordan to Host Muslim Summit Aimed at Iraq Reconciliation

Bomb Targets PM's Party as Turkey Struggles With Kurdish Separatists

Syria Imposing Stronger Curbs on Opposition

Rice Defends US Aid to Egypt


Envoy: US Losing Patience on N. Korea

New Calls for Philippines Leader to Quit

Japan Eyes Huge Asia Free Trade Bloc

Russia Watches Growing US Interests in Central Asia


EU to Keep Up Pressure on Belarus

'No Foul Play' in Milosevic Death

Ex-IRA Man's Murder Hits New Peace Bid

Overboard: In Germany, Israelis Arrested for Saying 'Nazi'


Justin Raimondo
Go See V for Vendetta

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Ivan Eland
Wanted: A Freer Market in U.S. Politics

David R. Henderson
Conversation With a Few Good Men (and Women)

Alan Bock
Acknowledging the Rush to War

Charles Peña
The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

Nebojsa Malic
City on the Edge of Forever

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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