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Downplaying the Dead: Dahr Jamail
Iraqi Govt Is the Iraqis' Business: Aaron Glantz
Al-Qaeda's Code: Loretta Napoleoni
Bull in a China Shop: Eric Margolis
Once More Unto the Breach: Scott Ritter

History has witnessed the failure of many endeavors to impose peace by war, cooperation by coercion, unanimity by slaughtering dissidents…. A lasting order cannot be established by bayonets.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated May 4, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT

Draft UN Resolution Pressures Iran

Baghdad Anger at Bush's Undiplomatic Palace
GOP Senator Alone Against Wiretapping

13 Killed in US Airstrike on Ramadi

Bomb Kills Nine Near Baghdad Courthouse

General: Zarqawi 'Bloopers' Tape Found

Iraqi General Warns Recruits Against Protests
Jurors Reject Death Penalty for Moussaoui
Mexico's Fox Won't Sign Drug Law
Rumsfeld Awaits Iraq Cabinet Before Troop Decision
The Iraqi Government Is the Iraqis' Business  by Aaron Glantz
Al-Qaeda's Code  by Loretta Napoleoni
Invisible in Plain Sight: CIA Torture Techniques Go Mainstream  by Alfred W. McCoy
Bull in a China Shop  by Eric Margolis
Downplaying the Dead  by Dahr Jamail
A New Weapon in the 'War of Ideas'  by Ehsan Ahrari

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Bush Continues to Insist Iran Wants Nukes

Talabani: US Not Occupiers, Iran a Great Threat

Iranian Military Denies Israel Would Be First Target if US Attacks

UN Powers Divided Over Iran

Dems Back Off Biden's Call to Divide Iraq

Bush Rating on Iraq Falls to 30%

Groups Urge Overhaul of Pentagon Budget

US to Step Up Disassembly of Older Nuclear Warheads

UK Expects to Finish Paying World War II Debts to US This Year

Lockheed's Flying Dud:
The Self-Locking F-22
Iraq Today

Iraq's 'Brain Drain' Continues

Iraqi Kurd Journalists Convicted for 'Defaming' Governor

Night on Guard With the Neighborhood Watch of Baghdad

In Baghdad, Frequent Power Cuts Inconvenience Thousands

Iraqi Universities Get Access to US-Provided Virtual Science Library

Violence Continues

Suicide Bomber Kills 17; 37 Bodies Found in Baghdad

Defense Ministry: Iraqi Forces Arrest 176 'Terrorists'

US Civilian Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq Road Bombing

War in Iraq an Echo From Beyond Green Zone Walls

Developments in Iraq on May 4

Developments in Iraq on May 3

Iraqi Politics

Dozens of Bodies Surface as Iraq Parliament Meets

Iraq Rebels Need More Than Invitation to Democracy

Sadr Loyalists Want to Run 5 Ministries

Iraq Occupation

Japan to Go Ahead With Iraq Exit

UK Soldiers 'Beat Iraqi Looters'

General Says Iraq Army Is 'Willing,' but Not Ready

US Calls for Respecting Iraq's Sovereignty

Humvee Deaths From Roadside Bombs on the Rise Despite Armor Upgrades

Iranian Border Attack

Iraqi MPs Want Report on Iranian Shelling of Kurdish Rebels

Iraq Accuses Iran of Border Violations

Global Iraq Fallout

Iraq Veterans Suffer Huge Toll of Mental Health Disorders

A Sergeant's Death in Iraq Follows His Fiancee's

Envoy: Germany Likely Paid Ransom for Hostages


Afghan Police Kill Four Taliban, Militants Gun Down Court Official

Taliban Steps Up Attacks in Afghanistan

Afghan Governor Escapes Assassination

Iran, US Share Afghan Goals

New to Afghanistan: Western-Style Beauty Parlors

Afghanistan, Inc.: Big Bucks for Bad Work [.pdf]

US Commander in Afghanistan Thinks Locally

South Asia

Centcom Chief Arrives in Pakistan for Anti-Terror Talks

Pakistan to Sell Arms to Sri Lanka

Fear Stalks Sri Lanka’s North After Attack on Paper

'Failed State' Tag Riles Pakistan

Indian Opposition Official Dies of Gunshot Wounds


Trade Link Across Kashmir Agreed

Indian PM, Kashmir Separatists to Meet Again After 'Fruitful' Talks

India to Pakistan: Curb Cross-Border Terror

Indian Military Rehearses Pakistan's Dissection in Mock Battles


Nepal's Maoists Write Off New Leaders and Refuse to Disarm

Nepalese Cabinet, Rebels Declare Cease-Fire

Nepal Rules Elections Invalid

Nepal Monarchy 'Out of Politics'


Bolivian Nationalization May Spur Andean Leftists

Indians Cheer Bolivia Nationalization

Brazil Challenges Bolivia Nationalization

South American Presidents to Meet Over Gas Crisis in Bolivia

Chávez Goes to Bolivia Over Nationalization Plan

Energy Proves a Volatile Weapon


Canadian PM Defends Missile Defense

Entire Colombian City Council Resigns, Flees to Avoid Murder by Communists


Iran's Nuclear Aims Top Bush-Germany Talks

Iran Enriches Uranium to Level Needed for Reactors

US Allies Urge Direct Dialogue With Iran

Arab Distrust of Iran Gains Momentum

Germany Not Sure They Can Keep Ahmadinejad Out for World Cup


For Victims' Families, Verdict Elicits Mix of Shock, Relief

Moussaoui's Mother: Son Was Jailed for What He Said, Not What He Did

War on Terror

General Claims US Foiled al-Qaeda's WMD Efforts

Secrecy Fight Delays Detainee Rules

Report Blames Top US Officials for Alleged Torture of Detainees

Gitmo Aussie Put in Solitary After Complaining He Wanted a Second Towel

Indonesia Says Terror Threat Still Real

Three Plead Not Guilty to Terror in Bosnia

Yemeni With al-Qaeda Ties Gets Three Years

War at Home

Libby's Latest Filing Puts Judith Miller on the Spot

Montana to Pardon 78 Convicted of Sedition During WWI

'Missing' Anthrax Vials Simply Mislabeled at NJ Lab

Contracting Probe Could Extend to CIA

US Military

House Bill Would Give Military Pay Raise

Amnesty: US Hasn't Stopped Torture

Army Approves Conscientious Objector Discharge

Report: SOCom Budget Is Legal

US Special Forces Can't Communicate With Locals


Friction Growing Between Hamas, Abbas

Fatah Creates Militia to Counter New Hamas Forces

Hamas Chief Says Suicide Bombings 'A Natural Right'

Hamas Officials Barred From Sweden and France

Palestinian Banks Aid Cash-Strapped Workers

France Refuses Entry to Hamas Members

Palestinian Blames US for Lack of Money

Middle East

Bahrain's Dawn of Democracy Proves False for Shi'ites

Saudi Fears Over Attacks Drive Oil Prices Higher

Jordanian Bar Refuses to Name Defense Lawyer in Hotel Bombings

Troops Gone but Syria a Lifeline for Lebanon Border

Yemen Papers Regain Licenses

US Commission: Saudi Arabia, Iran Violate Religious Freedom

US 'Disappointed' at Egypt's Extension of Emergency Law


15 Die in Rwandan Rebel Attacks in Congo

Congo Vote Aims to Unify Country


Rebels Stall Again on Sudan Deal

Darfur Accord Deadline Extended

Sudan May Make Concessions on Darfur


Somali 'Govt' Leader: US Backing Warlords

Chadians Trickle to Vote in Polls

Zimbabwe: Little to Cheer on Press Freedom Day


Falun Gong Protester in Court Over White House Incident

Washington Snubs Taiwan President in a Move Sure to Please China

Officials Target Hong Kong Public Radio
East Asia

Japanese Fear US Bases Will Bring Crime

South Korea Police Storm US Base Protest

US: North Korea Loses $20 Million Each Week by Avoiding Nuclear Talks


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Iran Defiant, but Ready to Deal

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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