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Updated May 12, 2006 - 8:54 PM EDT

NSA Kills Domestic Spying Inquiry

Both Parties Decry NSA Spying

Bush Says US Spying Is Not Widespread

Iran: No Military Purpose to Nuclear Program

Russia: Iran Attack Could Make Region 'Explode'

8 American Troops Killed in Iraq

WSJ Poll: Bush Approval Hits 29%

Federal Agents Raid Home of CIA's Former No. 3 Boss
April 18, 2006: America's Step Off the Nuclear Edge  by Jorge Hirsch
How Iran Will Win a Sanctions War
by Jephraim P. Gundzik
Israel's Road to 'Convergence' Began With Rabin  by Jonathan Cook
The New 9/11 Psyche  by Terence Samuel
Iran Nuclear Conflict Is About US Dominance  by Gareth Porter
The Spook in Your Phone  by Robert Scheer

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CIA Pick Says He May Quit Military

Murtha Predicts US Pullout From Iraq

Poll: No Real Progress in Iraq, Say Americans

Poll: Support for Iraq War Hits Lowest Point in US

Jailed Hamas, Fatah Leaders Make Overture to Israelis

US Lawmakers Threaten to Block Russia's WTO Bid

Israel DM: Boycotting PA Only Strengthens Hamas

US in Secret Gun Deal

OPEC 'Will Not Increase Production'

Sistani Orders Mosques Closed After Killing of Sunni Leader
The War Goes On

23 Killed in Iraq Clashes

Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

GIs Help Rescue 7 Kidnapped Sunnis in Iraq

Iraq TV Reporter Gunned Down in Baghdad

Iraq War Refugees Trapped in Limbo Between Countries

Developments in Iraq on May 12

Developments in Iraq on May 11

Building Up on the Border

US Army Troop Build Up on Iraq-Iran Borders

Turkey, Iran Send Troops, Artillery to Border With Iraq

Iraqi Politics

Iran-Iraq Ties Improve as Envoy Is Promoted

Shi'ite In-Fighting Delays Iraq Govt

Baghdad Clerics Must Be Approved by Iraqi Govt

Iraq Today

Iraq Nears Consolidation of Paramilitary Units

May a Deadly Month for Iraqi Reporters

Baghdad Artists Say Brush Mightier Than Bombs

Baghdad Street Cleaners Face Lethal Garbage

Iraqi Kurds Look to Iran for Electricity Needs

Occupying Iraq

US Troops Search for Iraqis Who Escaped Military Jail

British Troops Renew Contact With Basra Police


US General Warns of Taliban Resurgence

Taliban Film Shows Last Words of Suicide Bombers


Blasts Hit Pakistan Police School

NATO to Establish Military Liaison Office in Pakistan


Nepal's PM Favors Retaining Monarch

Nepalese Maoist Leaders to Walk Free

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a Cease-Fire Without Peace

Tamils Sink Navy Gunboats

Nearly 70 Killed as Sri Lanka Battles Rebels

South Asia

Kashmir Fighting Kills Five as Police Foil Rebel Raid

Democrat Proposes India Nuclear Deal Compromise


Syria Awards Oil Contract to US Firm

Syria Agrees to Remove Border Posts Inside Lebanon

Lebanon, Syria on Menu as Top US, French Diplomats Meet

UN Concerned With Israeli Flights Into Lebanon


Egypt Police Beat Pro-Democracy Marchers

US Rebukes Egypt for Crackdown on Protesters


122 People Killed in US-Funded Somalia Violence

Somalia: From Clan Fighting to Ideological Battleground


Specter of Civil War Haunts Congo

PM: Canada May Send Troops to Sudan Despite DM's Denials

Two Oil Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria


Bolivia 'Won't Pay Compensation'

Bolivia and Venezuela Deepen Ties

Venezuela Suggests Control of Oil Projects


UK Court Rules Chagos Islanders Were Illegally Removed for US Airbase

UN Agency to Resume North Korean Aid

West Urged to Punish Uzbekistan


China and US May Establish Military Hotline

Beijing Fumes as Libya Hosts Taiwanese Leader


Merkel Defends US Links as Iraq Spy Probe Starts

NATO: Missile Threat to Europe Warrants Shield

Italy Probes Agency's Link to CIA in Cleric's Abduction

Italy Rejects CIA 'Aid' Claim

Latvia to Expose Names of 4,500 Former KGB Agents in Country


US Military, Intelligence Officials Raise Concern About Possible Preparations for Iran Strike

Iranian Leader Ramps Up Anti-Western Rhetoric

ElBaradei 'Optimistic' on Iran Crisis

China Sticks to Diplomacy Call in Iran Dispute

Iran Finds an Ally in Indonesia

Ahmadinejad a New Hero Among Indonesians

Spying on Americans

New Phone-Tap Scandal Threatens President's Nominee for CIA

Government Monitoring About 200 Million Americans' Calls

Bush Defends Spying on Millions of Americans

Sen. Specter Wants to Know About NSA Phone Database

Senator Won't Confirm NSA Program

Gonzales: NSA Might 'Inadvertantly' Tap Innocent Americans' E-Mail

Report on NSA Brings Surveillance in Focus

Quotes About the NSA Collecting Data

US Military

US Clears $663 Billion for Defense Programs

Army to Miss Chemical Weapons Deadline

New Pentagon Interrogation Rules on Hold Over Fear It Violates Torture Ban

SOCom Witness Changes Story

Pentagon Funding Shark Brain Implants

War on Terror

One Juror Between Moussaoui and Death

US Law Confuses Refugees With Terrorists

Yemen Protecting Radical Islamic Cleric on Washington's Terror List

In Poetry-Loving Yemen, Tribal Bard Takes on al-Qaeda With His Verse

Yuma, Ariz., Bought Q-Tips and a Rake With Anti-Terror Funds

Six Anti-Terrorism Police Killed in Pakistan

Madrid Bombing Suspect Released


US Rejects UK Call to Shut Guantánamo

Australian PM Supports Guantánamo

UK War on Terror

Bombers Were Known to UK Security

Limited Resources Let London Bombers Slip Through the Net

The Final Hours of the London Suicide Bombers


Jordan Says Hamas Trains Recruits in Syria and Iran

Jordanian Television Airs Confessions of Three 'Hamas Plotters'

Jordan Female Bomber 'Confessed Under Torture'

Jordan Arrests 11 Muslim Brotherhood Members

Jordan Islamists Stir Tensions by Displaying Election Skills

Aiding Palestinians

Quartet Plans to Help Palestinians

US Freeze on Medical Aid to Palestinian Hospitals Takes Its Toll

Emergency Aid May Be Too Little Too Late for Palestinians

Arab League Unable to Transfer Funds to Palestinians

Islamic Leaders Call for Aid to Palestinians


Hamas Official Heads for Norway Amid Controversy

Oslo Walks Thin Line on Controversial Visit by Hamas Official

US Wary of New Mechanism for Bankrolling PA Salaries

West Bank Travel Restrictions Make Life Difficult for Palestinians

Israeli Firm to Resume Fuel Supply to Palestinians

Talk Radio Gives Palestinians a Voice

With Aid Cut Off, Palestinians Turn to Each Other to Get By


Israeli General Skips UK Trip Over Arrest Fears

Israeli Rabbis Awarded Japan Peace Prize


US Missile Plan Alarms Kremlin

Kin of Rebel in Chechnya Seek Asylum in Finland


Justin Raimondo
American Dominatrix

Charles Peña
Collision Course With Iran

Nebojsa Malic

Ivan Eland
The Intelligence Reorganization Needs Reorganizing

Praful Bidwai
Iran Won't Be Bullied

Alan Bock
Cold Assumptions

David R. Henderson
Gasoline Prices and Energy Policy, True and False

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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