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The NSA's Political Fiction: Annalee Newitz
Making Hay(den) While Shun Signs: Ramakrishnan
Kudos to Congress From Israel: Gordon Prather
Suffering in Haditha: Katrina vanden Heuvel
Secular Iraqis Unimpressed by New Govt: A. Glantz

The best defense is no offense.
Dr. Ivan Eland
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Updated May 27, 2006 - 10:58 PM EDT

US Debating Nuclear Talks With Iran

In Haditha, Memories of a Massacre by Marines

Marines Accused of Cover-Up After Killings

Iraq Backs Iran on Nuclear Program

Iraqis Struggle to Pick Security Posts as 21 Killed
Two Marines Missing After Copter Crash in Iraq

Bush Says He Regrets 'Tough Talk'

Hayden Confirmed as CIA Chief

Making Hay(den) While They Shun Signs  by Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Ballistic Missile Defense: The New Cold War  by Martin Sieff
Blair's Crackdown on Freedom Is an Inspiration to Tyrants  by Boris Johnson, MP
Suffering in Haditha  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Wrongly Detained? Too Bad  by Marie Cocco
Kudos to Congress From Israel
by Gordon Prather

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US Envoy Pledges Full Probe of Mercenary Videos
Secular Iraqis Unimpressed by New Government

Americans Pessimistic About Iraq

Blair's New World Vision: 'Progressive Pre-Emption'

Time Ordered to Give Internal Documents to Libby

Libby 'Forgot' He Told Seven About Plame

Former Mossad Chief Calls for Long-Term Deal With Hamas

US to Give Refunds for Abolished War Phone Tax

Iraq, Vietnam Have Parallels

Israel a Winner Again in US
Shi'ite Faction Threatens Iraq's Control of Basra Oil Exports
Attacks Continue

Violence Claims 19 Lives in Iraq

Iraq Hostages Watch Executions Before Release

Iraqi Tennis Coach Killed for Wearing Shorts

Developments in Iraq on May 27

Developments in Iraq on May 26

Massacre in Iraq

Investigation Expected to Find US Troops Guilty of Massacring 24 Iraqis

The Marines and a Massacre in Iraq

Iraq Today

Maliki to Name Security Chiefs

More Secure, but Hemmed In

Just Another Day in Baghdad

Iraq Occupation

Defense Rests in Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Abuse Case

Italy to Pull 1,100 Troops From Iraq

Japan: Too Soon to Discuss Iraq Pullout

UK Diplomatic Guards May Quit in Baghdad Pay Row

US Troops From Kuwait to Shore Up Baghdad

Bush Says Early Iraq Troop Cuts Unlikely


Afghan Police, Taliban Clash, Killing 11

Insurgents Step Up Violence in Afghanistan

Civilians Face Dilemma as Violence Rises in Afghanistan

More Afghan Women Studying in US

South Asia

Nepal Maoists Begin Peace Talks

Pakistan, Afghanistan Launch Bus Service

Sri Lanka on Brink of 'Full-Scale War'


Pakistani Group Threatens Protests as FBI, CIA Set Up Shop in Northern Pakistan

US Lawmakers Call for Probe Against Pakistani Scientist to Be Reopened

Explosives Seized in Karachi Raid


Pakistan Hails Indian PM's Statement

Kashmir Militant Vows to Fight Until Secession

Kashmir Rebels See No Value in India Talks, Panels


Japan Makes UN Pitch

Six Countries to Simulate Asian Naval Security Drill

Ivory Coast

French Military Helicopter Crashes in Ivory Coast

Military Abuse of Civilians Threatens Ivory Coast Elections


Hundreds of Residents Flee Somali Capital

Sudan, East Rebels to Start Peace Talks in Eritrea


Colombia's President Wins Himself Four More Years

A Latin Leader Set to Defy Leftist Trend

Peru Candidates Struggle on Human Rights


Venezuela 'Playing Economic Role' in Bolivia

Russia Willing to Supply Arms to Chávez


Kosovo to Be Independent in Months: Ex-NATO General

Serbs Unhappy With Mediator's Efforts on Kosovo

Russia Advocates Kosovo Talks Compromise

Bulgaria to Allow US Troops at Military Facilities

The Lingering Death of Yugoslavia


Iran Says Ready to Retaliate Against Any US Strike

Tehran Says US Offer of Iraq Talks Was Propaganda

US Envoy: Iran Unlikely to Give Up Nuclear Program

Standoff Leaves Iran Clerics on Sidelines

Iran Warns Against Foreign Attack

'Guests of the Ayatollah': 1979 Hostage-Takers Explain Their Actions

Iran's Martyrs Line Up for Suicide School

War on Terror

Saudi Arabia: Guantánamo Detainees Return to Legal Limbo

US, Turkey Practice Seizing WMDs on Ships

Jordan Steps Up Anti-Terror Propaganda War by Broadcasting Confessions

Expert: US Encouraged Islamists in 1980s

War at Home

Construction Work Sounds Set Off Huge US Capitol Alert

Bush Seals FBI-Seized Files in Bribery Probe

Judge Tells Feds to Expedite Info on California Antiwar Protest

One War. Two Deaths. One Year Later.

Test Explosion in Nevada Put on Indefinite Hold

US Military

Troops' Reaction to Bush-Blair Meeting

Iraq, Afghanistan Conflicts Swell Numbers of Veterans

Senator Moves to Block Air Force Space Command Cuts

DoD Disappointed by Lack of Funding Bill

Judge Orders DoD to Speed Up FOIA Request on Monitoring of Student Protesters

Recognizing Israel

Abbas Urges Hamas to Back Two-State Plan

Hamas Wary of Abbas Proposal

Hamas Leaders in Syria Reject Abbas Referendum

Abbas Enlists Prisoners to Unsettle Hamas

Palestinians Referendum Text


Hamas Planning to Move Militia in Bid to Undermine Fatah

Palestinian Groups to Discuss New Plan for Dialogue

In Gaza, Palestinians See Fruits of Labor Die

South Lebanon Blast Kills Two Islamic Jihad Officials

Palestinians Face Currency Crisis

Egypt Alarmed by Growing Fatah-Hamas Conflict

Indonesia Pledges Medicine and Food to Palestinians


Egypt Activists Accuse Police of Torture

Congress Told to Maintain Aid to Egypt

Lawyer: Egypt Police Beat, Sexually Abused Activist

East Timor

Troops Pour Into Unstable East Timor

200 More New Zealand Troops Fly Out to Violence-Torn Timor

Chinese in East Timor Fear Being Targeted


Burma Locks Door on Suu Kyi's Hopes of Freedom

Villagers Flee Burmese Army's Jungle Rampage

Russia and Her Neighbors

Is Russia Trying to Buy Off Beslan?

Only Surviving Beslan Attacker Gets Life

Belarus Unveils Monument to Secret Police


Swiss Firm Pays $20 Million Oil Fine

Italy to Speed Closure of US Sub Base in Sardinia


Justin Raimondo
Enough Is Enough

Doug Bandow
Searching for the Next Enemy

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Nebojsa Malic
Claiming the Black Mountain

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

Praful Bidwai
Iran's Snub Calls for New EU Offer

Ivan Eland
Abolish Both the Hayden Nomination and NSA

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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