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The NSA's Political Fiction: Annalee Newitz
Making Hay(den) While Shun Signs: Ramakrishnan
Kudos to Congress From Israel: Gordon Prather
Suffering in Haditha: Katrina vanden Heuvel
Secular Iraqis Unimpressed by New Govt: A. Glantz

What political leaders decide, intelligence services tend to seek to justify.
Henry Kissinger
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Updated May 28, 2006 - 11:27 PM EDT

How US Marines Murdered 24 Civilians

Photos Indicate Civilians Slain Execution-Style
Evidence Looks Bad for Marines, Official Says
Iraqi PM Again Fails to Name Security Ministers
Bush Promises to Finish Mission in Iraq
US Uncertain on Direct Iran Nuke Talks
Senate Panel Requires Annual Disclosure of Intel Budget
US Sees Baghdad Police Taking Charge This Year
Israeli Jets Attacks Militant Bases in Lebanon
Making Hay(den) While They Shun Signs  by Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Ballistic Missile Defense: The New Cold War  by Martin Sieff
Blair's Crackdown on Freedom Is an Inspiration to Tyrants  by Boris Johnson, MP
Suffering in Haditha  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Wrongly Detained? Too Bad  by Marie Cocco
Kudos to Congress From Israel
by Gordon Prather

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Kissinger Papers: US Was Okay With Communist Takeover of Vietnam
Bush Likens War on Terrorism to Cold War
Vietnam War's Shadows Lengthen Over Iraq
Blair Beefed Up His Iran Speech to Please Bush
Investigation Reveals New Tillman Questions
Iran and Iraq to Join to Seal Border Against Insurgents
White House Invokes Privilege in Spy Cases
The Children of Guantanamo
Canada PM Backs Down on Policy for Fallen
Shi'ite Faction Threatens Iraq's Control of Basra Oil Exports
Massacre in Haditha
The Haditha Scandal's Other Casualty
Alleged Killing of Civilians by Marines Threatens Support for War
Marine Officer Being Investigated for Alleged Iraqi Murders Cover Up
Marine Scandal Could Roil Iraq
Four Marines Singled Out in Iraq Massacre Investigation
Fresh Evidence of 'Executions' by Rogue US Marines in Iraq
The Massacre and the Marines
US 'Winding Up' Iraq Deaths Probe
Best Friends
Iranian Minister Thanks Iraqi Cleric for Unity Efforts
Iranian Foreign Minister Meets With Iraqi Leaders in Baghdad
Iranian Foreign Minister Visits Holy City in Iraq
Iran's FM Vows $1bln Worth of Projects in Iraq
Iran Takes Court Action Against Saddam
Today in Iraq
Two Marines Missing After Copter Crash in Iraq
Local Iraqi Militias Guard Their Own
The Iraq Execution Video That Fooled Me
Attacks Continue
21 Killed as Iraqis Struggle to Pick Key Security Posts
US Marine Killed in Volatile Anbar Province
Four Dead in Car Bomb Blast
Iraqi Athletes Targeted for Wearing Shorts
Another Pakistani Driver Abducted in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on May 28
Developments in Iraq on May 27
Global Iraq Fallout
No Planes to Bring UK Troops Home From Iraq on Time
British Guards in Iraq May Quit Over Pay
World Is Blind to Real Situation in Iraq: Activists
Rice to Meet Italian Minister Ahead of Iraq Pullout
Americans Still Dying
Navy Medic (LA) Killed in Iraq
Marine (WV) Featured in News Story Dies From Injuries
Roadside Bomb Kills Sergeant (OH) During His 2nd Tour
NY Army Officer Killed in Iraq
Pleasant Hills (PA) Man Dies in Iraq
Phoenix (AZ) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Cause
Afghanistan Hero's Farewell; Father's Mission (NC)
Bomb Kills Gilmanton (NH) Soldier in Iraq
A Courageous and Generous Soldier (NE)
Soldier's Bluegrass Banjo Falls Silent (IL)
Edinburg (TX) Marine Killed in Iraq

Army Veterinarian From San Antonio (TX) Dies in Iraq

Iowa Marine Killed Near Baghdad
Ohio Soldier Killed in Iraq
Army Captain (NH), West Point Grad, Killed in Iraq
Army Was Lifelong Dream (PA)
A Last Son Lost in Iraq (MN)
Friends Remember Slain Solder (ND) Was 'Great to Have Around'
Pennsylvania Marine Killed in Iraq
Afghanistan War Claims New Jersey Soldier
Soldier From Fort Leonard Wood (IL) Dies
Troops' Afghanistan Aid 'Not Helpful'
US Says Taliban Leaders Among 5 Killed in Attack
US to Stay in Afghanistan, Says Top General
Upsurge of Violence Reflects New Taliban Tactics
Surge in Afghan Violence Result of 'al-Qaeda Pressure on Taliban'
Resurgent Taliban Becomes a Big Problem
Springtime for Killing in Afghanistan
Afghan Lawmakers Nix Supreme Court Nominee
British Troops in 5-Day Chase of Taliban
Father Chastises Canada PM in Eulogy to Dead Soldier
German Army Concerned Over Afghanistan's Worsening Security Situation
Pakistan Battles Ethnic Guerrillas
Militants Kill Suspected Government Spy in Pakistani Tribal Area
US Diplomat Urges India to Reduce Troops in Kashmir
Kashmir Rebels See No Value in India Talks, Panels
Nepal Government and Rebels Begin Peace Talks
Burma Ignores UN Plea to Free Pro-Democracy Leader
Another Philippines Activist Murdered
As Ever, the Last Word in Thailand
Iran Open to Enrichment Cap
US Urges Russia to Reconsider Missile Sales to Iran
Russian Envoy to Visit Iran for Nuclear Talks
Iranian Politician Urges US-Iran Ties
Iran Chief Eclipses Clerics as He Consolidates Power
OPEC Unlikely to Lower Output Ceiling: Iran
Pakistan Frets Over Iran Standoff
Afghanistan's Karzai Heads for Tehran
'Bahman' to the Rescue in Iran's Anti-US Video Game
Sharp Divisions Over Los Angeles Iranians' Influence in Homeland
'War on Terror'
AT&T Leaks Sensitive Info in NSA Suit
UK Attacked Over CIA Rendition Claims
Gonzales Pressures ISPs on Data Retention
7/7 Revealed: the Missing Kit and Poor Planning That Put Lives at Risk
UK to Extradite 9/11 Suspect to Spain
The War at Home
Bloggers Can Shield Sources, Court Rules
Fallen Troops' Families Split on Bush Talk
At West Point, Bush Draws Parallels With Truman
Approval for Bush Stands at 32% in US
Politics Is New Battlefield for Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan
US Military
Defense Rests for Army Dog Handler in Iraq
A Union Tested by War
Missouri Lobbies Pentagon for 'Military Friendly' Designation
Hamas Militia Returns to Streets of Gaza
Hamas Rejects Deadline on Israel Recognition Plan
Abbas Loyalists Threaten Hamas With Civil War
Israeli Official Meets With Abbas on Palestinian 'Prisoner Proposal'
Israel: 486 Km of Fence to Be Completed by Jan. '07
Gazans Killed Dismantling Shells
Bomb Kills Two Islamic Jihad Officials in Lebanon
NATO Official Says Syria Is 'Still Controlling Border Areas'
Egypt Alarmed by Growing Fatah-Hamas Conflict
Egypt Activists Accuse Police of Torture
Sudan Undecided on UN Troops in Darfur
Rebel Troops to Sign Sudan Peace Deal by Wednesday
Sudan's Foes Hold Joint Political Talks
Sudan to Let in International Assessment Team
Sudan Urges Court to Dismiss Lawsuit Over Cole Bombing
Mugabe Seizes Black Farms to Drive His Maize Economy
'Terrified' Mugabe Tightens His Grip
20 Die in Battle for Mogadishu
330 Islamists Held in Morocco Crackdown
Terror Alert as Caspian Oil Pipeline Opens
EU Chiefs Say Constitution Must Wait
More US, Brit Military Ties Tipped
SouthCom General: Cuba Policy Needs Fresh Look
Chavez Pledges to Spread His Oil Wealth in Bolivia
China Drops Out of Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise
The Chinese Are Coming ... to Russia
Two Chinese Activists Detained in Shanghai
East Timor
Residents Flee Violence in East Timor Capital
Militias Join Rebels in East Timor Violence
UN Pulls Staff From East Timor Chaos
Gangs Torch Homes in East Timor
Rebel Leader Offers East Timor Surrender Deal

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