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Our Terrorism, and Theirs: Justin Raimondo
Reflections on Memorial Day: David R. Henderson
Persecution of the Palestinians: Pat Buchanan
The Dujail Principle: Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Dying for Peace and Freedom?: Charley Reese

War in the end is always about betrayal, betrayal of the young by the old, of soldiers by politicians, and of idealists by cynics.
Chris Hedges
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Updated June 5, 2006 - 11:17 PM EDT
Baghdad Suffers Deadliest Month
Probing a Bloodbath in Haditha
Islamic Militia Says It Captured Somalia Capital
Scores Die as Iraq Again Postpones Key Posts
50 Kidnapped in Baghdad as 17 Others Killed
US Probe of Ishaqi Killings No Surprise for Iraqis
Rice: Iran Deal Needs Quick Timeline
Sting: Canadian Cops Delivered Explosives to Suspects
London Police Not Sure Where Suspected Bomb Is
British Officials Admit Doubts Over Chemical Plot
The Persecution of the Palestinians
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Dying for Peace and Freedom?
by Charley Reese
Attention Deficit Democracy
by James Bovard (video)
The Dujail Principle  by Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Vietnam Revisited  by Derrick Z. Jackson
The Bush-Olmert Axis  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Three Iraqi Civilians Die in 'US Accident'
Iraqis Accuse Marines in April Killing of Disabled Man
US Complains Their Call for Iraqi Police in Haditha Goes Unanswered
Alleged US Misconduct Adds to Iraqi Woes
Security Comes at a Cost in Iraq's South
Analysts: Somalia Warlords 'Vital' to US Foreign Policy
Amid New Scandals, Heat Grows on Rumsfeld
NATO to Double Troop Numbers in South Afghanistan
Oil Jumps to Nearly $74 on Iran Worries
Iraqi Police Accused of Killing 12 Sunnis in Mosque
Massacre in Haditha
Marine's Wife Paints Portrait of US Troops Out of Control in Haditha
Probe of Haditha Massacre Must Go to Top: US Lawmakers
The Ghosts of Haditha
US Military Reacts
Gen. Pace Pledges Thorough Probe Into Killings
Commander Cleared in Deadly Raid in Iraq
Investigations Lead to More Scrutiny of Civilian Deaths
Killing of Civilians in Iraq Highlights Stress on Troops
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Shi'ites Murdered in Sectarian Massacre
US Soldier Killed in Anbar Province in Iraq
As Sectarian Violence Continues, So Does Displacement
Daily Attacks and Abuse – the New Reality for British Troops
Developments in Iraq on June 5
Developments in Iraq on June 4
Today in Iraq
Rice: Iraq Needs to Fill Security Posts
The Talibanization of Iraq: Falafel Vendors Ordered to Close
Iraq Court Exhumes Shi'ite Uprising Mass Graves
Saddam Defense Lawyer Accuses Court of Bullying
Iraqi Official Denies Four Russians Released
Global Iraq Fallout
Hassan Family Blames Blair as Abduction Trial Begins in Iraq
Shot Reporter on Iraq 'Failures'
Taliban Violence Sweeps Afghanistan
Karzai Losing Popularity in Afghanistan: Report
Taliban Gaining Strength in Afghanistan – Commander
Blame Game Consumes Afghanistan in Wake of Riots
US Troops Help Afghan Force Retake Town From Taliban
Most Canadians Oppose Govt on Afghanistan
Bomber Targets Governor, Canadians; Kills 4 Afghans
Coalition Captures Bomb Maker in Afghanistan
Pakistan Army Chief Defends Country's Efforts in Afghanistan
Pakistan MPs Slam US Demand to Hand Over Scientist
Pakistan to Increase Defense Spending 11%
Three Pakistani Soldiers Killed in North Waziristan
Indian-Americans Test Their Clout on Atom Pact
India's Islamic Law Challenged by Women
Gunfight in Kashmir: Arms Seized
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger Rebels in Jailbreak
Sri Lanka Warring Parties Head for Oslo Talks
Maoists Fear King Gyanendra Might Take Over Again
Nepal High Court Frees Three Former Ministers
East Timor
Gangs Burn Buildings Near East Timor Airport
Foreign Troops Crack Down on East Timor Gangs
MPs Meet in Troubled East Timor
Thousands Mourn Tiananmen 17th Anniversary
Rumsfeld Says China Is on the Right Path
Japan Defense Chief Eyes Talks With China
China Defends Africa Policy
Forty Killed in China Military Plane Crash
North Korea Criticizes US Over Refugee Killings
Rumsfeld Calls for Stronger Military Ties With Vietnam
Maldives - Reform or Autocracy?
Robot Spyplanes to Guard Europe's Borders
Czech PM Concedes Defeat in 'Dirty Tricks' Election
Montenegro Celebrates Split
Swedish Web Site Attacks Spark Crisis Agency Worry
Bolivian Indians Celebrate Start of Big Land Giveaway
Bolivia Landowners Vow Self-Defense as Talks Fail
Exit Polls Favor Peru's Ex-President
US, Cuba Accuse Each Other of Harboring Fugitive Terrorists
Terror in Canada?
Terror Arrests Politically Helpful for Canadian Ruling Party
Details Emerge About Suspects in Canada Bomb Plot
Canada's al-Qaeda Franchise?
Rice: No Indication Canada Terror Suspects Were Planning US Attack
Toronto Mosque Vandalized After Terrorism Arrests
Police Reassure Muslim Canadians
Terror in Britain?
A Raid That Raised More Questions Than Answers
British Press Question Terror Raid as Police Grill Two Suspects
UK Terror Raid Police Assaulted Family, Claim Neighbors
UK Terror Raid Shooting Accidental, Say Police
UK Tactics 'Led to Hassan Death'
London Bombing Report Monday
Iran Keeps Door Open to Nuclear Talks
Rice Says 'Wait and See' on Iran Oil-Threat Hint
US Sweetens Offer to Iran: Diplomats
Iran: US Attack Would Disrupt Energy Supplies
72% of Americans Say UN Should Deal With Iran
Iran Must Not Give in to 'Threats and Bribes': Supreme Leader
Iran's Religious Leader Renews Anti-US Rhetoric
Iran Dissident Allowed to Russia
The War at Home
Iraq News Gets Short Shrift as a Weary US Tunes Out
Parents of Casualties in Marine Unit Torn on US Role in Iraq
GOP Congressman Says He Could Have Been More Aggressive in War Oversight
IDs of Active Personnel Also on Stolen VA Laptop
Few Americans Think Iraq War Was Right
Bar Group Will Review Bush's Legal Challenges
US: Number of Gitmo Hunger Strikers Declines
US Military
First National Guard Arrive at US-Mexico Border
Soldier: 'Iraq War Drove Me to Theft'
Olmert Vows to Meet With Abbas
Armed Groups Threaten Palestinian Banks
Palestinian Civil Servants Begin to Get Salaries: Bank
Fatah Adds New Force to Volatile Mix
Five Bystanders Killed in Gaza Shootings
Palestinian PM Rejects Referendum Call
Deadline Looms for Abbas' Threat to Call Two-State Poll
Egypt Cracks Down on Political Bloggers
Raids in Northern Sinai Will Create Hub of Terrorism, Residents Say
Israeli PM Says Wants to Strengthen Ties With Egypt
Paper: Foreign Powers Plotted 'Terror' in Syria
Syrian Exiles Kick Off London Talks With Demand for Regime Change
Hezbollah Says Lebanon Majority MPs Feeding Sectarianism
Middle East
Saudi Arabia, Yemen Says Focus Should Be on Israel, Not Iran
Jordan Opposition, Rights Groups Blast Draft Anti-Terror Bill
Muslims Craft Their Own Video Games
Islamic Militia Capture Key Somalia Town, 18 Killed
Rival Somali Militia Deploy for New Battle
Islamist-Warlord Clashes Hinder Somalia's New Government
Darfur Rebels: AU Mediation Has Failed
AU Rejects Call for UN to Take Over Darfur Peace Efforts
Zimbabwe's Army Takes Over Black Farms
Government Policies Lead to Collapse of Zimbabwe Economy
Eight Oil Workers Released in Nigeria
Chad Army and Rebels Clash
New Mayor of Cape Town Takes ANC by Storm
Morocco Wants UN to Probe Violence in Sahara Camps
In Other News
The Coming of the Micro-States
How to Slow the Spread of the Bomb

Justin Raimondo
Our Terrorism, and Theirs

David R. Henderson
Reflections on Memorial Day, 2006

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Readings in the Age of Empire

Ivan Eland
Honor the War Dead but Question America's Wars

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India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Nebojsa Malic
Claiming the Black Mountain

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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