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Rationalizing Haditha: Justin Raimondo
Holding the War Parties Accountable: Joshua Frank
Serbia's Turn: Nebojsa Malic
'US Hides Many More Hadithas': Glantz/Hassan
It's More Than a 'Legal Matter': Peter Casey

The State acquires power... and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates.
Frank Chodorov
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Updated June 7, 2006 - 11:19 PM EDT
New US Strategy in Iraq: Staying Put
US Heartened by Iranian Response to Offer
Somalia: Bush Hawks Down
Iraq Calls for UN Probe Into US Killings
US Troops Accused of New Murders in Iraq

Marines May Have Staged Iraq Killing

US Official Plays Down Iraq PM Comments on Haditha
British Military Justice in the Dock After Acquittals
Taliban Regaining Influence, Report Warns
Iraqi Death by Political Abstraction
by Sheldon Richman
It's About Time for Ethics Training – for Bush and Cheney  by Georgie Anne Geyer
Holding the War Parties Accountable  by Joshua Frank
Creating the Inevitable  by Ken Silverstein
Heeding British Ghosts  by H.D.S. Greenway
It's More Than a 'Legal Matter'
by Peter M. Casey

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US Officials Predict Domestic Terrorist Attack This Year
'US Military Hides Many More Hadithas'
How Haditha Helps Iran
Iraq to Free 2,500 Prisoners
Iraq's Tougher Stance Toward US
Police Find 9 Severed Heads in Iraq
Britons Begin to Turn Away From Alliance With America
'Yankees Go Home!': Ukrainians Protest US Military Presence
Is It Over for Somalia's
US-Backed Warlords?
Today in Iraq
US Super-Embassy Emerges in the Heart of Baghdad
Donors Accused of Spending Aid Outside Iraq
Iraq PM's Worst Enemies Could Be Shi'ite Allies
Iraqi Army Takes Over From US in Rebellious Area
Iraq's Diyala Region Could Be Spark for Civil War
Developments in Iraq on June 7
Developments in Iraq on June 6
The New Iraq
Iraq Oil Production Rises 15 Percent in Southern Fields
World Cup Relief for War-Torn Iraq
Baghdad's Wealthy Are Careful to Hide Their Riches
PM Vows Baghdad Security Crackdown
Global Iraq Fallout
Pressure on Prodi After Italian Soldier Killed in Iraq
Italy: Attack Won't Affect Iraq Pullout
British Iraq Inquests Will Be Delayed
South Africa's Security Mission in Iraq Queried
Afghanistan: Countdown to Civil War?
Blast Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan
Kabul Unrest Damaged Afghanistan's Reputation: UN
US Offers to Command NATO in Afghanistan
'Bike Bomb' Kills Three Afghans, Suicide Blast Hurts Three US Troops
Afghanistan Wants More Pakistan Help on Terrorism
Afghan Mosque Blast Kills Four
Shoddy Reconstruction Angers Afghans
Canada in Afghanistan
Canada's Ongoing Missions Stretching Military's Limit: Ombudsman
Canada FM: Can't Predict Termination Date for Afghan Mission
Russia Tries to Sell Military Aircraft to Canada
Pakistan Denies Role in Indian Terror
Massive Arms, Explosives Haul in Kashmir
India, US Pledge to Fight Terror
Sikhs Demand Separate Nation Status in India
US, NATO, Pakistani, Afghan Envoys Talk
Sri Lanka
Bomb Blasts Rock Sri Lanka Navy Base Despite Peace Moves
Eight Die in Sri Lanka Attacks
Nepal's Maoist Leader Warns of War if No Republic
No End in Sight for Displaced of Nepal
China Says US Military Criticism Unacceptable
Reports: Crashed Chinese Craft a Spy Plane

Aircraft Crash Sets Back China's Military Efforts

Japan-China Trade Feels Political Strain
Indonesia: US Risks Angering 'Many Groups Across the World'
Anti-Government Protesters Let Into Dili
South Korea Refusing Return of US Bases 'As-Is'
Seoul Links North Korea Aid to Cross-Border Railway Tests
US Efforts in Asia Viewed With Skepticism
IMF to Give More Weight to Asian Vote
Malaysia Denies Harboring Thai Rebels
Bush, Blair Urge Democracy for Azerbaijan
'Marathon' Talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
Singapore Opposition Summoned for Speaking Without Permit
US Upbeat After Vietnam Talks
UN Plays Down Kosovo Serb Talk of Cutting Ties
UN Trying to Stem Ethnic Violence in Kosovo
Will Islam à la Française Take Hold?
Relations Between Russia and US Improving: Putin
German Chancellor Wants to Revive EU Constitution
Chávez in Russia Deal to Build Gun Factory
Peru's García Proposes Thaw With Chávez
In Chávez Country, US Ambassador Tries Baseball Diplomacy
Drug Warriors Push Eye-Eating Fungus
Colombia 'Most Dangerous' Place for Trade Unionists
Bolivian Land Plan Pits Farmers Against State
Haiti's President Appoints Coalition
US Cries 'Terrorism' as Somali Militias Rout US-Backed Warlords
US Cash Support for Somali Warlords 'Destabilizing Nation'
Somalia's Islamic Leaders Deny a Link to Terror
Islamic Judges: Somalia Will Not Be Talibanized
Somali Clan Threatens Attack on Islamic Militia
Congo President Assails US Backing for Somali Warlords
Mogadishu Protesters Urge Islamist Militia to Withdraw
US Offers to Give Iran Nuclear Technology
Iran Incentives to Include Boeing Parts: Report
Iran ‘Will Study’ EU Proposals on Nuclear Issue
US to Give Iran Time on Nuclear Package
Iranian Oil Bourse Nearly Ready to Open
How Europe Persuaded the US to Temper Its Hostility to Tehran
'War on Terror': Canada
Canada Says Terrorists Planned to Behead Harper, Defense Says
US Links to Canadian Plot Probed
Canadian Muslim Leaders Divided Over Existence of Extremism in Their Communities
Feds Want Ottawa Terror Suspect's Bail Revoked
Canadian Muslim Experts Warn About Drawing Conclusions
British Columbian Muslims: Don't Blame Islam for Terror
Canada Confronts Its Shadows Within
'War on Terror': Britain
UK Raid Finds No Trace of Bomb
UK Anti-Terror Police Face Scrutiny After Shooting
Blair Backs Terror Raids Against Rising Muslim Anger
British Internet 'Terror Network'
London Community Reacts to Terror Raid
'War on Terror': US
Counterterror Exemption Proposed for Privacy Act
Virginia Muslim Teacher Accused of Aiding Terror Group
Final Defendant Guilty in 'Virginia Jihad'
New US Rules Allow Gitmo Force-Feeding
Troops Start Mexico Border Duty
The War at Home
Senate to Hold Hearings on Iraq Massacre
Bush's Troubles Shake the GOP Base
Senators Question Bush Administration's Openness
Energy Secretary: US Can Handle Oil Disruption
Antiwar Candidates Challenge Incumbent Democrats in House and Senate Races
Anguish Continues for Family of Man Kidnapped in Iraq
Britain's Guardian Targets American Audience
US Military
Officer to Refuse Deployment to Iraq
Dead in Iraq: It's No Game
Active-Duty Troops' Data Stolen From VA
Veterans Groups Sue Over Data Theft
Defense in Iraq Death Case Criticizes 'Rush to Justice'
Abbas Extends Hamas Deadline on Israel
Israel Keeps Low Profile Over Palestinian Referendum
Israeli Intel: Gaza Arms Smuggling on the Rise
US-Born Israeli Soldier Shoots Up Mosque, Commits Suicide
Israel Says Airstrike Targets Rocket Plant
Israel Shrinking Its Citizens' Army
Olmert, King Abdullah to Discuss Mideast Peace
Syria 'Cautiously Optimistic' on Next Hariri Report
Syrian Opposition Urges Regime's Ouster
Egypt Tells US NGO to Halt Work
Egypt Extends Jail Time for Protesters
Middle East
Gulf Widens Between US and Sheikhdoms
NATO Plans Camp to Train Arab Officers
Bahrain Appoints First Woman Judge
Women Will Vote for the First Time - Kuwait
UN Worried as Darfur Strife Spills Into Chad
Sudan Postpones Decision on UN Force for Darfur
Jailing of Darfur Refugees Spurs Moral Issue for Israel
US to Introduce Resolution to Lift Liberia Arms Embargo
UN Tries to Free Abducted Peacekeepers in Congo
Ivory Coast Seals Peace Accord
Gambia Releases Detained BBC Journalist, Media Watchdog Says
Learning from Wars Past
Documents Show Postwar CIA Covered Up Nazi War Crimes
CIA Knew Where Eichmann Was Two Years Before He Was Caught
Documents Shed Light on CIA's Use of Ex-Nazis
We Must Learn From Past, Says Japanese Emperor
Ex-Soldier Fights to Make Japan Remember Its Past
Diary of North Vietnam Doctor Killed in US Attack Makes War Real

Justin Raimondo
Rationalizing Haditha

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Turn

Ivan Eland
Iranian Nukes: US Denies Reality

David R. Henderson
Reflections on Memorial Day, 2006

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Praful Bidwai
India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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