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On the Border: Charles Peņa
The Power of Weakness: William S. Lind
The War They Wanted: Craig Unger
US/EU Covert Rendition Network: Jim Lobe
Iraq's UN Position Criticized: Thalif Deen

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Updated June 8, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT

US Airstrike Kills Zarqawi

General: Tip Came From Zarqawi's Own Network

Bombs Kill 30; Iraqi Ministers Sworn In

UN: Iran Slowing Enrichment, Ready to Talk

House Approves $50 Billion More for War

Baghdad's Bloodiest Month: 1,400 Killings

Iran Expresses Guarded Optimism

Photos Contradict Marine Version of Haditha

US Airstrikes on Afghanistan Top 750 for May

Report Traces US/EU Covert Rendition Network

Why Iraq's Unity Government Is Failing  by Martin Sieff
Conservatives Need 'Healthy Skepticism'  by Gene Healy and Timothy Lynch
Bad Iran Policy Is a Bipartisan Affair  by Robert Jensen
Our Rocky 'Engagement' in Iraq
by Derrick Z. Jackson
The Power of Weakness, Again
by William S. Lind
Rose-Colored View of History
by Paul Campos

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The Zarqawi Files

Poll: Iraq War Remains Top Concern for Americans

Military Officer Would Choose Jail Over a Stint in Iraq

Senators Write Bush After Classified Iraq Briefing Is Cancelled

Iraq's Chairing of UN Rights Committee Faulted

Bolton Rebukes UN Official for Criticism of US

Lebanon Mass Grave Blamed on Syria Actually a 17th Century Cemetery

President Urges Patience on War - But It's Lyndon Johnson, and It's 1965

Baghdad Morgue Tells Story Statistics Can't
Attacks Continue

Gunmen Kill 3 Students, Four Policemen in Iraq

Four Iraqi Oil Employees Kidnapped

Seventeen Iraqi Kidnap Victims Freed

Developments in Iraq on June 7

Murdering Iraqis

No Retreat, No Retraction, No Comment From Marines

US Marines Chief 'Gravely Concerned' by Iraq Killings

Senate Plans Haditha Hearing

Haditha Probe Raises Accountability Questions

Haditha Case Puts 'Strained' Marines in Spotlight

Photographer Confronted Marines With Haditha Dead Images

Marines May Face Murder, Kidnapping Charges

Officer Cites 'Moral Compass' of US Unit in Haditha

Iraq Today

Baghdad Clinic Battles Epidemic of Missing Limbs

Need Is Greater Than Supply When It Comes to Getting a New Limb in Iraq

Ban the Falafel?

For the Women of Iraq, the War Is Just Beginning

Rumsfeld Painting in Iraq Art Exhibit

Iraqi Govt

Iraqi Army Takes Over in Anbar

Iraq Frees Sunni Prisoners in Reconciliation Bid

Failure to Appoint Key Iraq Ministers Hurts Maliki

Global Iraq Fallout

Blair Rejects Legal Bid for Public Inquiry on Iraq War

Italian Foreign Minister Confirms Iraq Troop Withdrawal


48 Taliban Killed in Fresh Afghan Violence

Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by Roadside Bomb

Roadside Bomb Kills Three Afghan Troops

Official: 250 Afghans Arrested After Riot

Encounter With an Afghan Suicide Bomber

Afghan Defense Minister to Address NATO

Occupying Afghanistan

Canada to Spend Over $3.5 Billion in Afghanistan

Canada Dismisses Troop Abduction Reports

South Asia

9 Killed in Sri Lanka Violence

Pro-Govt Tribal Elder in Pakistan Escapes Attempt on Life


Indonesia Says US Alienates Muslims

Indonesian Playboy Defies Militants, Unveils Second Issue

Middle East

Turkish Journalist in Court for 'Undermining Armed Forces'

Kuwait Sidesteps Tiff With Iran Over Gas Field

Saudi Arabia Blasts US Over Human Trafficking Report

US Values Push Alienates Muslim Women


Sudan Inclined to Reject UN Peacekeeping Offer

African Union Seeks to Beef Up Military Force for Darfur


$250 Million Arms Deal With Israel Causes Crisis in Nigeria

Five Killed in Nigeria Oil Raid


Pentagon Announces Missile Sale to Japan

Japan Shrine Seeks Understanding


Prosecutors Say US Embassy in Philippines Obstructing Rape Trial of 4 Marines

Burmese Dissident Fights On

China 'Blocks' Main Google Site

Wargames: Taiwan Could Fend Off Chinese Invasion for Two Weeks


Latvia Parliament to Unmask KGB Tippers

Hijacker Sought by US Released

EU: Only Bulgaria, Romania to Join by 2010

UN to Deploy 500 Police in Kosovo

Kosovo Albanians Given 'Targets' to Help Serbs


Russia Protests US Missile-Deployment Plans

US-Russia Relations Deteriorating Sharply, Experts Warn


US Trying to Keep Venezuela Off UN Security Council

Chávez Accused of Meddling in Neighbors' Elections


Oil May Grease Attitudes Toward Cuba Trade Policy


US Defends Backing Somali Warlords

Somalia's Clerics Vow to Resist America

Bush Will Not Allow Somalia to Become 'al-Qaeda Haven'

Somalis Rally for and Against Islamic Militia

Kenya Expels Somali Warlord From Nairobi Hotel

Islamic Militia Flaunts Its Ammunition as US-Backed Alliance Tries to Regroup


Iran Offered Possibility of Enriching Uranium

US: Iran Must Suspend Enrichment Throughout Any Talks

Russia: Sanctions Against Iran Only Possible if They Break Nuclear Treaty

Iran Accuses US, Israel of Ramping Up Tension With Azeri Minority

Iran Against Playing Oil Card

Oil Prices Drop on Iran Incentives

Iranian Oil Bourse Nearly Ready to Open

'War on Terror': Canada

Lawyers: Canadian Accused Denied Rights

Terror Suspect Served in Canadian Military

The Allegations: Shocking Revelations as Terror Suspects Appear in Court

Canadian Terror Suspect 'Ran Terror Training Camp'

Canadian Terror Suspects Seem Strictly Second-Rate

British Arrests May Be Tied to Canada Plot

Mounties Foiled a Dozen Terror Plots in Two Years

'War on Terror': Britain

Activist: UK Muslims Terrorized by Police, Should Stop Cooperating

British MPs Fear Police Terror Raid Will Hit Community Relations

UK Police Get More Time to Quiz Terror Suspects

Global War on Terror

Pakistan Denies Reports of bin Laden Manhunt

Lawyer: Terrorist Infiltration Threat Via Canada 'Real'

US Accused of 'Judicial Apartheid' in Anti-Terror Fight

US Student Indicted on Terror Charges

Paintball Case Hailed as Great Victory in War on Terror


Probe: 14 Nations Aided US on Secret Flights

Secret CIA Jail Claims Rejected

UK Official: Support of Renditions Damages Anti-Terror Campaign

Little Light Is Shed on Rendition Question

Cleric Abducted in Italy by CIA Was 'Tortured From Moment of Seizure'

Poland, Romania Reject Secret CIA Jail Claims

War at Home

US Lawmakers Concerned About FBI Probes of Journalists

Grieving Dad of Newsman Condemns War

Wounded CBS Journalist Flies Home to United States

Senator Slams Cheney for Lobbying Congress on Wiretaps

US Military

Delayed US Army Brigade May Go to Iraq After All

Marines Open Islamic Prayer Center at Virginia Base

Army Has to Turn Over Halliburton Docs

Pentagon Withholds Brain Injury Data

Boeing Plays a Recurring Role in US Diplomacy

Army Effort Treats Psychological Trauma at Source

Hating NATO

Russia Criticizes Neighbors' NATO Plans

Russia Warns Kiev Over NATO

Anti-NATO Protests Threaten Eastward Expansion

Israel-Jordan Talks

King Abdullah: Jordan No Substitute for Palestinian State

Jordan's King Warns Israel to Negotiate, Not Dictate

Jordan Says Israel's West Bank Moves Could Harm Ties

Palestinian Politics

Abbas Pushes on With Referendum Despite Hamas Protests

Rival Palestinian Factions Agree to End Clashes

Pan-Palestinian Meeting to Be Held in Syria on Reforming PLO

Paying Palestinians

Pakistan Gives Hamas-Led Govt $3 Million in Aid

EU Proposes Monthly Payments to Some Palestinians

Bombing Gaza

Israel Fires Missiles Into Gaza

Israel to Pay for Treatment of Palestinian Girl Hurt in Air Force Attack

PA: Israeli Shell Kills Three Palestinian Security Men

Israel Threatens to Hit Hamas Over Qassam Attacks

Gaza Family Ruined by Israeli Air Strike


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India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

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Spooks and Libya

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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