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Your Netroots Are Showing: Justin Raimondo
The New Zarqawi Myth: Loretta Napoleoni
Will Bolton Bring On Armageddon?: Paul C. Roberts
Courage to Face the Consequences: Ray McGovern
Bush Iran Strategy Suffers Diplomatic Defeat: Porter

Quotable harmful, not only to the conquered but to the conqueror.
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Updated June 12, 2006 - 11:13 PM EDT
50,000 GIs in Iraq 'for Many Years'
US Condemns Gitmo Suicides as 'PR Stunt'
Iraq: US Raid Kills 'Militants,' Women, Children
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Picks 'Dark Horse' as New Leader
Fear of Big Battle Panics Iraqi City
Iran Accepts Parts of Western Nuke Offer
Bush Iran Strategy Suffers Major Diplomatic Defeat
Al-Zarqawi Lived for 52 Minutes After Bombing
Questions Remain About Zarqawi's Final Minutes
Contractors Cleared in Videotaped Iraq Car Attacks
UN Report Accuses Afghan MPs of Torture and Massacres
Afghanistan Considers Rearming Warlords
The Courage to Face the Consequences  by Ray McGovern
Will the White House Moron Bring On Armageddon?  by Paul Craig Roberts
With Zarqawi's Death, US Should Exit Iraq  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The New Zarqawi Myth  by Loretta Napoleoni
The Incredible Shrinking US
by Helena Cobban
The Cost of Killing Civilians in Iraq
by Greg Mitchell

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Olmert Says 'Deep Sorrow' at Beach Deaths, Launches Air Strike on Gaza
Olmert: Talks With PA 'Will Probably Fail'
Israeli DM Suggests Palestinians to Blame for Beach Deaths
US, EU Spar Over Plan to Pay Palestinian Health Workers
Smoke of Iraq War 'Drifting Over Lebanon'
Bush Gathers Advisers to Plot Strategy in Iraq
Germany Says No to Rumsfeld Request for Help
Iraq Province Cuts Links With British Army After Deadly Clashes
The Zarqawi Hit
Military Revises Zarqawi Report as Witness Claims Beating
US Military Rejects Reports Zarqawi May Have Been Beaten
Iraqi Official Says Penetration of al-Qaeda Led to Zarqawi Hit
Zarqawi's Hideout: Bombed, Bulldozed
Iran Denies Helping US Find Zarqawi
Iran Says It's Happy Zarqawi Is Dead
Zarqawi's Legacy
Iraq al-Qaeda Vows to Carry Out 'Major Attacks'
Violence Persists After al-Zarqawi's Death
Fighting Zarqawi's Legacy
Al-Zarqawi's Death May Not Stop Civil War
Today in Iraq
US 'Ready' for al-Qaeda Retaliation
Iraqi Intelligence Warns Against Militias Merger
Iraqi, US Troops Plan Baghdad Crackdown
Iraq: Need for Public First-Aid Training as Violence Continues
Iraq Releases 230 More Abu Ghraib Detainees
Attacks Continue
35 Die in Sunday Iraq Violence
Car Bomb Kills Six, Wounds 42 in Baghdad
British Soldier Wounded in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on June 12
Developments in Iraq on June 11
Iraq Occupation
US Commander in Iraq Doesn't Plan to Ask for More Troops This Week
General Sees Slow Reduction of US Forces in Iraq
British Troops Kill Five in Iraq as Hopes of Handover Recede
Iraqi Gunmen Started Fire to Lure British Forces
Report: Heavy Armor Causing Military Humvees to Roll Over
Getting Desperate; Afghanistan Mulls Forming Militias
Karzai: Tribesmen Will Help Fight Taliban
Heavy Fighting in Afghanistan Stokes Suspicions About Taliban in Pakistan
US Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Kidnapped Road Workers in Afghanistan Found Dead
Canadian Troops Open Base in Taliban Territory
Toll Rises to 30 in Waziristan Camp Raid
Coalition Air Strike Kills Two in South Waziristan
Stolen American Goods Bound for GIs in Afghanistan Fill Bazaars in Pakistan
India Successfully Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile
India, US to Work Out Details of Nuclear Energy Trade This Week
Rebels Kill Two in India
Nepal Parliament Formally Approves Royal Power Curb
Without an Army, Nepal King Loses Parliament Roles
North Korea Threatens to 'Punish' US Over Spy Flights
US Fears Imminent North Korea Missile Test
Sabotage Fear as China's Secret Weapon Crashes
US Coast Guard Ship in China for Joint Training
Activists Say Chinese Arms Fuel Conflicts
Protesters Call for President of Taiwan to Step Down
East Timor
East Timor Rebels Plan Power Summit
East Timor Wants UN Inquiry Into Violence
Aung San Suu Kyi Feeling Better After Illness: Party
Burma Army Displaces 4,100
Burmese Woman Can Stay in US
Attacks to Intensify, Sri Lanka Rebel Front Warns
New Indonesian Terrorism Warning
200 Injured as Police, Protesters Clash in Dhaka
US Reservists Begin Leaving Ukraine After Anti-NATO Protests
Coalition Govt Talks Stall in Ukraine
Basque Separatists
200,000 Spaniards Reject Peace With Basques
Spanish PM to Hold ETA Talks in June
Venezuela Spends Week Preparing for US Invasion
Chavez Demands Apology From Peru's Garcia
US Image Plummets in Latin America
'Hateful' Attack at Canadian Mosque
Across the Rio Grande, Quaint Village a Victim of War on Terror
Iran Urges Calm IAEA Debate With Nuclear Offer
Negotiator: Iran Wants Unconditional Talks
Iran Sees Problems in Atomic Offer From Six Powers
Iran's Judiciary Frees Two Journalists on Bail
Gitmo Commander: Suicides 'Acts of War'
Prisoners' Ruse Is Inquiry Focus at Guantánamo
Saudis Doubt Nationals' Deaths Were Suicides at Camp
Saudi Arabia Identifies Two Dead Guantánamo Detainees
Bush 'Concerned' About Gitmo Suicides
Gitmo Suicides Spark New Pleas for Trials
Former Guantanamo Detainees Recall Despair
Lawyer Slams Solitary Confinement at Gitmo
Many Perils at Guantánamo – for Bush, Too
Spying on Americans
Judge to Decide if NSA Eavesdropping Is Legal
Sen. Specter Ready for Fight Over Spy Program
The War at Home
US House Approves $21 Billion in Foreign Aid
Adviser Has President's Ear as She Keeps Eyes on Iraq
Bush's Approval Up on Zarqawi's Death, but It May Not Last
'Good Week' in Iraq, Bush Says
Dem. Leader Reid Calls for More Intelligence Oversight
Slain Marine's Father at Center of Dispute
Civilian Contractors the Forgotten Victims of Iraq Stress Disorder
Texas Democrats Urge Withdrawal From Iraq
Parents Fear Marine's Case Tainted by Haditha Killings
UK 'War on Terror'
Police and MI5 Playing Blame Game for Bungled Terror Raid
Men Held in Raid May Sue London Police
Support for Scotland Yard Head Vanishes Over Shooting Blunders
Top British Police Officer Under Fire Again Over Brazilian Shooting
Muslims Call on London Police Chief to Resign Over Forest Gate Terror Raid
UK Army
British AG Defends Prosecution of Soldiers for Offenses
RAF Seeks to Become 'Airborne Artillery'
Gaza: Death on the Beach
For Girl Orphaned in Israeli Attack, Day at Beach Turned Into Nightmare
Israel Faces International Condemnation for Civilian Deaths
Gaza Deaths Dominate Israeli Premier's UK Visit
Palestinians in Crisis
Hamas to Challenge Abbas Referendum in Parliament
In Gaza, Palestinians Face Two-Front Battle
Who's Running Hamas?
Jailed Hamas Men Retract Support of Prisoners' Plan
Zarqawi Shadow Looms at Hamas Appointee Funeral
Palestinian Strongman Heads Back to School
Israel: Final Peace Talks Unrealistic
Olmert Pressures Abbas to Disarm Militants
Israeli President Condemns Hamas
Poll: Israelis Reject Olmert's West Bank Plan
Three Palestinian Militants Die as Rocket Attacks Escalate
Palestinian Gunmen Hand Over Abducted American Citizen to Israeli Army
Middle East
Jordan Detains MPs for Pro-Zarqawi Sentiment
UN Inquiry Into Hariri Killing in Beirut Notes Progress
Somali Islamists Demand Surrender of Warlords
Warlord Says Battle for Mogadishu Not Over
Somali Exiles Hope Warlord Rule in Last Throes
Somali 'Government' May Seek African Union Troops
Somali Islamists Ban Watching World Cup, Two Killed in Protests
Peace Deal Splits Darfur Rebels Who Are Suspicious of UN Motives
Sudan Accused of 'Exporting War'
Chad to Bring Sudan to UN Security Council for Backing Rebels
Sudan Govt: Talks With Rebels in Eritrea Will Cement Peace
Over Tea, Sheik Denies Stirring Darfur's Torment
DR Congo
Elections Approach in Democratic Republic of Congo
DR Congo's Opposition to Stage March Over Delayed Elections
In Other News
Kalashnikov Inventor Laments Proliferation

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Iranian Nukes: US Denies Reality

David R. Henderson
Reflections on Memorial Day, 2006

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India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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